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Teddies and Kitties

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This story is No. 2 in the series "True Legacy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Little Xander Harris, now Hitoshi Maxwell, is settling in to his new home. Having fun with his new uncles, but even he didn’t know how excited adults could get over teddies and kitties.

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Anime > Gundam WingJadeAislinFR1311,533172,77928 Jan 1028 Jan 10Yes
Disclaimer: Don’t own Buffy or Gundam Wing.
Beta: Eternity

AN: This side story may seem a lot like the beginning of part four of Legacy Project. In fact, this is how I wanted to do that chapter except that Hitoshi isn’t talking yet, so this had to be regulated to a side story.

~-~-~ indicates flashback ~-~-~

Quatre flipped through his magazine aimlessly. It was one of the most boring things he read, but it did let Quatre keep up with what his competitors were doing. He glanced at the door, waiting for either Heero or Duo to walk in. He had been watching Hitoshi since late last night and both were due to come home tonight. When Duo had been worried over who would watch the child, Quatre had immediately volunteered. Quatre didn’t see how it would be a problem to watch one little boy for one day and it would allow Quatre to take a break from work. He had been right, too. Hitoshi had been well behaved. They had colored together in the morning, had ‘PB n ‘nanners’ as Hitoshi called them, and watched cartoons from the collection of DVDs they had gotten the child until supper. Well there had been the brief nap Hitoshi had taken in the middle of the cartoons. One second the child had been avidly watching Diego and the next, he had been out like a light. Quatre had left him on the couch, simply placing a blanket over him, and he had woken up a half hour later to continue watching his Diego DVDs.

When the door swung open, Quatre couldn’t help but smile warmly, putting the magazine he had been reading to the side. "Welcome, home guys."

Both Heero and Duo froze as the door clicked shut behind them. Both had expected Quatre to be frazzled from a day chasing after a hyperactive child. Duo knew how active his son could be and he wasn't sure Quatre was prepared for the child. It was nothing like Quatre's normal day, doing paper work and sitting through business meetings. Not to mention, Hitoshi tended to have a fit when he didn't get a goodnight hug and kiss from Duo. He even insisted that he get one from Heero too since he lived there. Duo was startled to see Quatre sitting calmly on the couch. Duo raised his eyebrow at the calm blond. "Any problems with him?"

Quatre shook his head. "Not really. He was a little upset that you weren't there when he woke up yesterday."

Duo looked down at the floor in shame. He knew he should have said goodbye, but he was terrible at goodbyes. He never knew what to say. Not even to his three year old son. Duo blinked and looked up when he felt Heero's hand brush against his side, offering comfort the only way he knew how. Duo gave him a small smile before turning back to Quatre. "Anything else?"

Quatre smiled. "Oh no. At first he wanted to wait up until you got home, but I told him you’d be getting home late."

Heero frowned. "And he went to bed after that?"

Quatre nodded. "Yes. Oh he insisted on his Teddy Bear, so I told him to fetch it and get back to bed. He's been sleeping ever sin . . . something wrong guys?"

Heero and Duo exchanged a worried look. "Toshi-chan doesn't have a tedd-, shit!"

Heero rushed down the hallway to the child's room, Duo right behind him the two arguing softly.

Listening to the softly worded argument, Quatre followed them in confusion. What did Duo mean; Hitoshi didn't have a teddy bear? Then what had he seen the child cuddling?

Duo hissed quietly, "I thought you were gonna lock that thing up so he couldn’t get to it any more."

Heero growled just as soft. "I did. I left it at the office. Locked in my desk drawer."

With that the two were barging through the door.

Quatre snuck in behind them, his body freezing as he got a good look at the boy and what he had found to cuddle.

Heero had his eyes narrowed as he approached the bed. Hitoshi’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled sleepily up at the man. Hitoshi frowned as Heero gently took the nice shiny object from his arms. He let out a loud wail and reached for it. "Teddy!"

Heero stepped back, giving the child a sharp, "No."


“No, Toshi-chan,” Duo said gently as he picked up the distraught child. “That’s not something you should play with. If the social workers saw you with that, Daddy’d be in a lot of trouble.”

Hitoshi whimpered and looked up at Duo questioningly. "Teddy?"

Heero glared at the child, but the child merely gave him a sad puppy dog look, still reaching for his 'teddy'.

It took ten minutes to calm the child down, but both teens were finally out in the living room letting the frazzled Quatre know that things were fine and Hitoshi was back to sleep.

Quatre watched as the two sat down next to each other. “Well he’s certainly loud when he wants to be.”

Duo couldn’t help but snort. “Yep. That’s how we knew he could make sounds. He seems to be able to get a hold of that thing no matter what we do.”

Both Quatre and Duo looked over to the silent Heero who was meticulously going over his prized object.

Duo shook his head and sighed. “Toshi-chan seems to think it’s his teddy bear or something.”

Heero growled, showing that he was listening to the conversation, no matter how intense his focus. “My gun is not a teddy bear."

Duo had just returned from a trip out of town and he was just picking his son up from Wufei's place. After the last incident, Quatre refused to watch Hitoshi. When he went looking for a sitter for Toshi-chan, Quatre immediately said he had too many business meetings that week. Funny how Trowa mentioned to Heero how all those meetings came up all of a sudden.

Looking down fondly at his sleeping son, he asked Wufei, "How was he?"

Wufei's face started turning red in anger as he spluttered out, "That child! That . . . That . . . Do you know what he did today!?!"


Wufei sat by the vidphone, having a short chat with Quatre. He didn't have a chance to really talk with his friend lately and he wanted to make sure Quatre was doing okay with all the meetings he had that week. So Quatre had promised to be available for a lunch call that week and with Hitoshi down for his afternoon nap, this was the first chance Wufei had to call.

They talked about what was going on with each other's lives, but eventually the conversation came around to the little one Wufei was currently watching.

Quatre gazed at his stoic friend. "I heard you're watching Hitoshi today. What kinds of games have you two been doing?"

Wufei snorted. "The child has been doing more constructive things than playing mere games."

Quatre raised an eyebrow.

"I've purchased some children's books for the child and we started reading them after our morning workout."

Quatre blinked. "Our workout, Wufei?"

Wufei's cheeks tinted pink. "Yes, well . . . The child seemed interested when I was doing my routine this morning." Wufei shrugged his shoulders. "So, I started him on the basic forms. Besides, you can never start too early."

Quatre laughed lightly. "I'm sure, Wufei." He glanced down off the screen at his watch. "I hate to do this, Wufei, but I have a meeting soon and I have to prepare for it."

Wufei nodded. "Of course, Quatre I'll talk to you another time than."

Quatre nodded. "Goodbye, Wufei."

With that, Quatre shut off the connection. Wufei stared at the blank screen for a moment before turning around. He should probably check on the child, make sure he was still sleeping. Getting up, he headed for his bedroom, where he had put Hitoshi down for his nap.

He approached the barely cracked open door, thinking Hitoshi was probably still asleep. He opened the door slightly only to let it swing fully open as he stared in disbelief. What was that child doing?

Hitoshi looked up from his crouched position and grinned up at his uncle.

"Kitty,” He said happily and then turned back to pet said 'kitty'. It had been hard to find his uncle's 'kitty', but his uncle had been busy talking to the picture phone thingy, so he had decided to find something to do in there. He had decided to go on an adventure like Diego did and search for lost treasure. After digging through pairs of shoes, he had found 'kitty' buried at the back of the closet. Ever since, Hitoshi had been happily petting his knew found friend.

Wufei stared, dumbstruck. After blinking a few times he headed over to the child and grabbed the 'kitty'. "You . . . you give me that!"

"Kitty!" Hitoshi wailed, reaching up.

Shaking the object in his hand, Wufei growled out. "This. Is. Not. A. Kitty."

Hitoshi pouted. "Kitty."


Duo chuckled. “Yeah. I guess I shoulda told ya bout his affinity. . .”

Wufei snorted. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that boy was both yours and Heero’s.”

Duo blinked in surprise. “You think so?”

Wufei nodded. “Yes. Who else but a child of yours would treat my katana like it was some sort of pet?”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Teddies and Kitties". This story is complete.

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