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Croquet Without Hedgehog or Flamingo

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This story is No. 4 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the Second Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR1387,5154398,88630 Jan 106 Feb 10Yes

Acquaintance Old, but Not Forgot.

I adore parties, I always have, even the preparation. This one for my new housewarming was the no execution to that rule.

In the days leading up to it caterers needed to be hired, a menu decided, musicians to acquire, decorations to discuss, and temporary wards to be placed. Fortunately, I had Miss Emma and Clement to handle the daylight issues and what they could not decide upon, I sent to my solicitor for suggestions.

The party was set for a Saturday night, after sunset of course. The guest list apparently consisted of everyone who was anyone in Gotham as well as a number of those who wanted to be someone. I only recognized a few of the names, bit that really didn’t matter terribly much, as the majority of the guests merely wished to display their plumage and puff out their throat sacks with their exclusivity.

Part of the warding purchased was generalized non-suspicion glamour, to conceal CLement’s appearance and my lack of reflection mainly, but also to lull any questioning of assumed peerage that my have been spread about my title. The menu was buffet casual and I was told it would be delicious, and then to my surprise was the music.

It was the day of the party and I was dressed in trousers and shirtwaist as I was assisting in placing the last bits of the decorations. It was near near tea-time, when there was a sounding of the front gate’s buzzer. As I was closest I answered it myself. Upon the monitor was a young man who seemed familiar somehow, as if I had encountered him before.


“Is this the Lune estate?”

“Yes it is.”

“We’re the quartet.”

“Oh yes, let me let you in. I believe you should be able to park your conveyance alongside the garage. The scullery door should be open.”

“Got it.”

A short while later three young men and a young woman entered carrying instrument cases and garment bags with my Slayer in the lead giving instructions, “You’ll be setting up in the ballroom. No dancing at this party, so you play whatever you want to as long as its mellow.”

“Got it, ” the voice sounded familiar as well.

“Excuse me Miss Emma. Sir, have we met?”

The short green haired man carrying what appeared to be a guitar case looked over as if noticing me for the first time.

“Don’t know…You look kind of familiar, ” I noticed his nose wrinkle as though he was testing the air.

Then I was able to see him clearly, “You’re the little red tree’s beau!” I clapped my hands in delight.

“Oh Christ! You’re Drusilla, ” he dropped his guitar case on the floor and began slipping his jacket off, “Ollie, get Claire and Bill back to the van.”

“Oz, what’s going on?” the woman spoke up.

“Yeah Dru, you know this guy?”

“Mister Osbourne, please calm down. I mean you and yours no harm. In fact Miss Emma is the current Slayer.”

“Well damn, ” he looked over at my Slayer, “Can I see your teeth?”

She smiled at him.

“Huh. You don’t smell thralled.”

“She’s not, Mister Osbourne, ” I turned to Miss Emma, “My dear, Mister Osbourne and myself encountered first each other at a severely low point in my existence. His suspicions of me are fully justified according to my actions at that horrid time”

“Oz, ” the man addressed as Ollie spoke, “What the hell’s going on? Does this have to do with your ‘condition’?”

“Don’t know and kind of. Drusilla, Emma is a Slayer?”

“Oh yes. Mister Osbourne, have you ever heard of a prevarication ever leaving my lips?”

“Nope, only craziness. So this party is on the up and up?”

“I give my word. Miss Emma.”

“Yes Dru.”

“You have my permission to tell Mister Osbourne anything I have told you about my past and current condition, and if he needs any assistance with his hirsute condition, we will do our best to help, ” with that I walked away as the quartet picked up their instruments, still in some confusion, and followed after my Slayer.

Miss Emma caught up to me later as I was entering my room to get changed, “Dru, I told him what you asked and he just nodded a lot and said, Okay, and that he was cool and under control.”

“Oh that’s awfullywonderful, he’s a very clever man and a good ally. I’ll speak to him again later.”

“What did you mean by his condition?”

“Couldn’t you tell? Oh yes! I am such a ninny that sometimes it feels though spiders have knit beautiful shining webs in my brain. The wards for the party would have dulled your senses so you couldn’t. Well, he’ll tell you if he wants to. A person’s false face is only theirs to declare to others.”

“Like Renee and Kate?”

“Exactly. Now you should get yourself ready so you may greet the guests with me, “ with that I swept inside my chambers.
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