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Croquet Without Hedgehog or Flamingo

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This story is No. 4 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the Second Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR1387,5154398,90430 Jan 106 Feb 10Yes

Being a Scarred Juxtaposition

After guiding Renee and Kate towards the guest rooms, I went in search of my Slayer. I found her chatting with the musicians, who all, with the exception of Mister Osbourne, cringed away from me.

"My dear, " I whispered to her, "Apparently some hooligans are planning on interrupting my soiree. I find that horribly rude. Definitely two of our guests possibly three, are changing into their work clothes. but they may need some assistance. Surreptitiously of course."

"On it Dru, " she made her excuse for leaving and headed towards her room.

I paused beside Mister Osbourne and sotto voiced, "I am sure you heard that exchange." There was an faint nod of his head. "The adjunct constabulary is alerted, but should they need aid..."

"No problem."

"Excellent, and might I say, this style of music suits you very well. Your quartet is superb."

"Uh, thanks Drusilla."

"Not at all, " I walked away to chat with guests and, warn Clement.

It was about a quarter hour later when the uninvited ones made their appearance, bursting through the scullery, front, and the patio french doors simultaneously. I sighed thinking of the mess they were making of my brand new home. The leader of the group yelled out in a rich yet broken voice, "On the floor and give up the jewellery and cash!

Their leader was a tall man who appeared the breathing personification of Daddy's nature. Half scarred and hateful, and half beautiful and tormented. He wore a suit as divided as he and flipped a silver coin from one hand to the other.

I walked up to him and curtsied. As I approached I could see that his essence, as well his body and attire, was of an opposed duality. My tricks would probably only be half as effective as they normally were. "Good evening Mister Janus, I don't recall inviting you, but you and your friends are welcome to the punch and biscuits."

"I assume you're Lady Lune, " I nodded and smiled with closed lips, "That's a pleasant greeting, not what we're normally used to getting, so let me see if we'll take you up on it, " he flipped the coin and caught it then slapped it down on the back of his hand. Lifting the covering palm, he showed it to me. It was a large Liberty silver dollar, quite old, and it had rough gouges carved across the face.

"Scarred side up! Sorry Lady Lune, but the coin decides. Okay boys, we're here for the cash and prizes! Ricco! Les! Have the Lady show you where her safe is. The rest of you fan out and start the fundraising!"

There were various crude sounds of acknowledgement and two ruffians moved towards me with large pistols readied. I sighed a little in resignation, and began walking towards the main staircase, the ruffians escorting me.

When we reached the hall at the top of the stairs, I told them to fall asleep, then moved their bodies into one of the guest baths so that they would be out of the way. At that moment the lights went out so I hurriedly tiptoed down the stairs to see the fun.

When I got to the ballroom it was filled with shouts and yells. I could plainly see Renee and Kate in their false faces unleashing their wrath upon the awfully outclassed ruffians while Miss Emma, face well concealed, assisted.

The Dark One was also present in a one on one duel with Janus, in which he was clearly the overwhelming superior and drew it to a successful conclusion quite rapidly. After he was finished, he made his way over to the stairs, where he noticed me peering over the balustrade.

"Where are the two that were with you?" his true voice was gruff and full of implied retribution.

"Upstairs sir. They were oh so awfully tired and decided to nap in the guest bathroom. I came down to inform Mister Janus. Please sir don't hurt me, I'm only a small mouse..." I could tell he didn't quite believe me, but the wards performed their magic and even the Dark One's suspicion was dulled this once. He continued his way upstairs as Renee, Kate, Miss Emma, and even Mister Osbourne finished subduing the visually impaired interlopers. A few moments later the lights came back on revealing the wreckage of my party with bodies scattered willy-nilly throughout. A moment later Clement reappeared.

"I called the cops Dru."

"Thank you, have Miss Emma spin them a tale while I apologize to our guests. Renee and Kate should be able to help her with that. And Clement..."

"Yeah Dru?"

"Excellent work with the lights."

"I aim to please, " he sauntered off whistling, a pleased look upon his wrinkled face.
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