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Croquet Without Hedgehog or Flamingo

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This story is No. 4 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the Second Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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The Pain of Cleansing Truth.

My new home was an 18th century manse on 30 acres of lightly forested land. By its design I would have to say the architect was most likely German, for who else could make delicate filigree look dour? It was large rambling affair with three floors, an attic, and a large cellar, but the two things I absolutely adored were the widows walk upon the roof, and the large skylight above the ballroom.

It was located upon the coast, atop large rocky bluffs that cascaded down to the cruel sea. My nearest neighbour, as the fates would play with me, was the Dark One's false face. I had requested through my solicitor that news be spread that Lady Drusilla Lune, the new resident, was the slightly dotty widow of an even more dotty petty English Lord. Considering my solicitor's resources, it was a better than average chance that somehow this information would be considered as absolute vérité by any manner of investigation.

My supposed mental state needed no prevarication however. Even though internally I had gained great swathes of lucidity as my derangement was finding itself fully occupied pinning my beast in its internal confinement, any attempt I made to speak through to the outside world was unmistakeably tinged with my madness to a greater or lesser extant.

I found it easier to speak clearly with my Slayer than any other person, who had an almost equal chance of receiving a cogent thought or a statement on the feelings of clouds.

Still, I welcomed the lessing of my cravings for destruction and pain, and enjoyed the friendships I had recently made. That is not to say old friends were not welcomed as well; for two days after our rooftop chat, Clement arrived.

I had to prevent Miss Emma, on his arrival, from jamming a sword through him. But as Clement had always been good natured and had had experience with Slayers, he paid it no mind and gladly took position as cook and butler.

From Clement I received both horrible and wonderful news. Sunnydale, that blight on the land, had been totally destroyed thanks to the actions of the blond Slayer. She had in the process completely sealed the Hellmouth as well. I asked Clement as she had been slain and in doing so called Miss Emma to the fight, but he shook his head and stated that she was living in Cleveland now along with a number of other Slayers created by the Red Witch. So, the little tree had grown? I then asked about my William, had Clement seen him?

He nodded in assent, "Sure did Miss Dru, but I got some bad news about that. First he started dating Buffy, " If I wasn't already deceased I'm sure I would have perished right then and there, "He fell in love with her so bad, that he went to Africa to perform the Trials and get his soul back."
"And he did..." I saw it now, why the anger that flowed from his heart had ceased, my William had regained his soul and with his love, he had regained a large portion of his humanity.

"So where is William now? With his Buffy?"

"I'm sorry Miss Dru, he gave his life to save the world and close the Hellmouth from what I've heard."

"So he perished a hero?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, he would have liked that, " proudly smiling, I returned to my chambers and cried the night away.

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