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The Isn't List

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Summary: Short Xander-centric stories. Explanations for how various things got added to the 'Things Xander Harris Is No Longer Allowed To Do' list. Some will be crossovers, and others won't.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsGreywizardFR1534,63023012,09731 Jan 1013 Feb 10Yes

Chapter One: "My Gun Is –"

Disclaimer: The Scoobies all belong to Crack-Head Joss and ME. Deal with it. I have.


"Giles, I gotta tell you, this whole incident is so *totally* being blown out of proportion!" Xander declared indignantly the moment he saw the Scoobies' mentor enter the 'interview' room that he was currently ensconced in.

The current self-named Director of Field Equipment Procurement and Deployment was not at all reassured upon seeing that the older man was already in the process of sighing and cleaning his glasses as he did so. As Xander opened his mouth to elaborate further, Giles held up a hand to preemptively squelch his protest before shaking his head with resignation.

"While I can fully understand, a-and even applaud your zeal in attempting to prevent the possible injury or death of thousands of innocent people, Xander, I – I don't think that you're yelling 'Look out, buddy! Godzilla's uglier brother is looking to chow down on this place!' at the top of your lungs even begins to approach an adequate explanation, let alone provide sufficient justification, for your carrying an anti-tank weapon to the officers who stopped you and tried to interrogate you," Rupert said in a tone that somehow managed to combine mild despair with moderate disapproval.

"Well, excuse me, Miss Manners! But if you'll recall, I was in a bit of a hurry at the time," Xander pointed out, the least bit snarkily.

"While that might be correct, Xander, your later repeated insistence that the local authorities were simply jealous that – and I'm quoting your own words, here – 'my weapon is a lot bigger than yours is, guys,' did absolutely nothing to help improve the situation, either," the Chief Watcher noted reprovingly.


From the 'Things Xander Harris Is No Longer Allowed To Do' list, Item #:

60) The Singapore Police are not interested in my justification for carrying a loaded anti-tank weapon through public streets.
60a) Nor do they care that it's bigger than theirs.

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