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X-men and and X-man

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Summary: When Xander is possessed by the Hyena, what if it started a chain reaction he knew he wasn't ready for? What if to save his girls he had to leave Sunnydale? This is a story of Xander Harris battling his very mind trying to retain his sanity and humanity.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR1813,156143,9431 Feb 101 Feb 10No
I do not own Xander or "X-Men"; they belong to Joss Whedon and Stan Lee respectively.

Warning, this will be a harem, I promise it will make sense though and not be just a random stupid type of one. I’m currently thinking Xander/Rahne/Rogue maybe Storm, but probably not.

Xander Harris was in shock, a few weeks ago he’d been a normal human, now he was a nine foot tall Hyena man. His arms went down to his knees; his legs were crooked and bent outwards. Razor sharp claws came from his hands and feet, his body was covered in dark fur, black dots all over the fur and his snout was almost a foot long.

The worst part was, without a doubt, the primal brain; telling him to take, what he wanted, and to rip apart anyone who stood in his way apart.

Looking at his form in the mirror; Xander focused on the shape his body used to take, as he felt bones shorten, twist, and finally shifting back to normal. His eyes were still yellow and slanted and his eyesight was so sharp he had no doubt he could see someone a few blocks away. He pulled on a pair of baggy pants, a tight top, and his leather jacket and finally some driving gloves that were fingerless after the second knuckle.

He knew deep inside that he was stronger and faster since the primal possession had jump started his own X-gene, or at least that’s what he figured. He could turn into a seven foot long, eight to nine hundred pound wolf/hyena hybrid, or the half form he’d just turned into. Loading a duffel bag with his important things, he knew he had to get out of town. He jumped from his window, landing with an ease that even a Slayer would envy and headed to the bus depot.

A month later Xander Harris was finally at the school he’d heard about. Walking up the open driveway he knocked not to lightly on the door, he was starving and the pack mind was ordering him to find a mate and a feast. The worst parts of his human forms physical mutation were the razor sharp teeth, the claws, and the dark yellow eyes; luckily they were easy to hide as he had them hidden right now behind black glasses, but the teeth and extend-able claws were not as easily hidden.

As the door opened a sharp order from the pack brain had him shifting to the eight foot something wolf/hyena which growled at the large, but not overly so, wolf across from him.

Rahne wasn’t sure why she’d triggered her mutation the way she had, she thought she had better control over her primal brain, but as she growled at this thing she realized her animal form wanted to lay down and offer herself to it. As she took in its size she knew that was a bad idea but she knew her blood was begging her to submit before it killed her. When faced with the options of fight or flee Rahne was never a runner.

Xander had to admire the bitch's will, he knew when he had his teeth barred like this he was a monster, he slowly forced himself to relax and fight down the feelings of challenge the woman made him feel.

Rahne saw the thing slowly shift into a more human form, although his scent still warned of danger, and slowly she allowed herself to shift to her human form as well. Rahne saw how young and awkward the boy looked and could only smile. She knew her skin tight latex looking suit wasn’t helping. She also knew that the fact she’d just gotten out of a danger room session and was sweating, putting off enough pheromones to drive even her own sense of smell crazy, wasn't hurting either. It was sometimes a pain to have such a powerful sense of smell, she could smell the boy’s deep scent, ashes, blood, and sweat, and he probably hadn’t showered in awhile. As Rahne took a deep inhale of air the scent the boy put off, she tried to figure out what the ash was, it didn’t smell like cigarette smoke, but she couldn’t place it.

Xander was blushing slightly as he took in her form, but he smirked cockily as he noticed certain parts of her showed; she smelled the same thing from him that he was from her. Letting his eyes flash over what his primal side was telling him was too long for a quick glance, but not so long as to come across as a pervert he said, “I assume this is the Xavier School for the Gifted; unless your some kind of Were-Puppy.”

Rahne growled; how dare this pup treat her like that, she was a beta around here, well okay no she wasn’t, Storm was the Beta prime, and Jean was the beta below her, and she was a pretty low level beta, BUT he still didn’t have the right to treat her like some pup. His next comment just made her want to throw him down even harder.
Xander wasn’t sure why he was goading her, but from the way she held herself she was close to attacking him. Before he could stop it the primal brain spoke.

“So beta, can I speak to an Alpha, or what?” said Xander cockily.

Rahne growled jumping at him and transforming in the distance between them, however Xander had brought his arm up so that his coat was taking most of the bite even as he rolled on top of the angry transformed girl, putting his razor sharp teeth into her neck.

Mentally Xander marveled at what he’d done he hadn’t even though about moving before he’d already had the wolf down on the ground.

Rahne realizing she’d fallen for his trap hook, line, and sinker; though he didn’t remove his teeth and she felt something VERY hard grinding into her crotch. She realized what he was going to do and even before she’d realized what she was doing, she felt herself shifting back to her human form; her legs on either side of the Alpha’s body her hips rising to meet his.

Xander smirked at her submission, growling as he dry humped her hard, “Hm, you seem to want it badly don’t you?”

Rayne was panting now as she moaned and begged, “Don’t tease me, please just make me yours.”

Suddenly a VERY dangerous scent filled both their noses as a certain short, but still dangerous individual said, “Am I interrupting something?”

Both Xander and Rahne looked up, eyes wide, as a man some called Logan, others called James, one particular individual called Jimmy; but to the world at large was known only as Wolverine, stared down at both of them and he obviously wasn’t impressed.
A few seconds later after Xander and Rahne were separated (All it took was the sight of Logan’s three razor sharp metal claws), they both showed the young man towards Professor Xavier’s study.

Xander was more the impressed with the house, however, he could barely contain his need to fight the guy and he wanted to fuck the girl into the floor.

As they approached the door "Mr. Claws" went to knock, only for him to hear a voice in his head saying, “Come on in Logan, Rahne, and bring your guest in with you.”

As Xander entered he was impressed, he wasn’t sure how, but the man sitting behind the desk put off an unbelievable aura of alpha, even as he spoke, “Mr. Harris.”

This caused Xander to growl and look around, his claws instinctively popping out, even as he heard the “Snickt” of the dangerous man’s claws and the growl of the woman. This already confirmed what he’d already sensed these two were willing to die for this man, not that he didn’t seem more than strong enough to take care of himself. Xander felt a slight chill only for Xavier to say, “I’m sorry, Rahne, Logan no need for that; Xander I meant you.”

Xander looked at “Omega Alpha” and said, “It’s okay sir, I understand, I just hate my old Alpha, I mean father, god damn this pack mind is killing me.”

Xavier looked at him and nodded even as he said, “My name is Professor Charles Xavier, the man beside you is Logan, and the female to your left is named Rahne Sinclair. I believe your earlier reaction was due to Mrs. Sinclair’s mutation, you see she’s a primal mutant as well she shifts into a relatively large wolf.”

Xander nodded, “And me wanting to be the Alpha wants to kick "Mr. Claws'" ass even though I’m ninety percent sure he’d kick mine?”

Xavier nodded his head, “Very good Xander, however seeing as how you and Mrs. Sinclair are drawn towards one another and knowing what I do of animals, I can almost guarantee the need will get greater and greater until one or the other of you snaps. I would suggest you at least try to keep it private from the other students.”

Xander and Rahne both blushed and nodded even as he spoke, “What you two are dealing with is part of your mutations, and while I can honestly say I don’t approve I know neither of you chose for what is happening, to happen to you; I also acknowledge you two are close enough to adults for the law to allow it, and both of you mentally are older than most your ages could understand.”

He then glared icily at Xander who was barely fighting the urge to get on his back, “However Xander, I expect you to work on your control, and know that if you hurt one of my students in a way she, or he, doesn’t want I will make you think you’re a six year old girl for the rest of your life.”

Xander nodded, swallowing heavily.

Looking at Xander, Logan said, “So he’s got the same pack thing as me and the Kit, Charlie?”

Xavier nodded, “Yes Logan, only his is much stronger than yours.”

Both of the men in the room looked up at that with Logan saying, “What?”

Xavier clarified, “His alpha brain is much stronger than yours Logan; only the fact that he’s been working so hard to suppress it has stopped him from becoming like his father... a “friend” of yours.”

Logan turned on Xander as he said, “This is Victor’s runt?”

Xavier shook his head, “Not really, you and in turn Victor have been alive how many decades, old friend? Is it really hard to believe one of his victims or maybe even a willing one-night stand survived and produced her own child, then that child had a child and etc. etc. until Xander’s X-gene was activated by mysticism? The primal spirit must have liked this outcome, and in turn made Xander into who he is.”
Xander swore, “I fucking hope that son-of-a-whore zoo keeper got his bowels ripped out and had to watch as they ate him.”
Charles looked at Xander, “Calm Xander, control, you have to try to keep the beast under control even if it feels futile.”

Xander nodded even Logan did in understand both, even Xander said, “Hey "Claws", I want to fight you; I take it from the way Patrick Stewart here said “friend” you and my dad go way back, and while I smell a scent similar to mine on you but, it’s old; meaning I’m betting my old man is a huge bastard and that means I’ll fight him, but if I can’t take you then I most certainly can’t take him.”

Logan nodded his head as he said, “Rahne, take him to the Danger room; after you show him yours and Rogue's room.”

Rahne looked at him saying “Wait, what, why our room?”

Xavier replied, “Hopefully Rogue will be able to keep you apart until one of the two of you has tighter control over your primal minds.”

Xander looked up, “Wouldn’t putting us in separate rooms make that much less likely?”

Xavier replied, “Rahne, Where have you been in the mansion?”

Rahne shrugged as she said, “Pretty much everywhere professor, why?”
Xavier looked at Xander saying, “And Xander, how good exactly is your nose?”

Xander shrugged, “I can smell up to a mile away sometimes, but everything has to be just perfect.”

Xavier nodded again, “So exactly what good would it do to have you in separate rooms when smell is what’s driving your lust? However, if you two live together in a room not meant for three think about how cramped it will be, how little space you’ll have, you’ll see each other constantly and hopefully your minds will hate each other enough that you can ignore your body’s desire.”

They both nodded, it made sense, well not a lot, but the only other options were locking one of them up and they’d both hate that.

Xavier nodded, “Now Rahne shows him to his room, I need to talk to Logan about his last mission.”

Both the students turned and left the room, Rahne leading the way.

Logan turned to Charles and said, “I give them a month, at the max.”

Professor X sighed, “I would like to believe our students had a tighter control over their powers than that, unfortunately my friend I doubt they’ll last a week, now how did the hunt for Magnus go?”

Xander walked with Rahne fighting his pack mind but because he was focused on controlling it he said, “Sorry about earlier, but gods if you don’t smell amazing.”

Rahne blushed somewhat heavily as she said, “I should be apologizing; you’re the one who hasn’t had any formal training.”

Xander nodded lightly; he was going to control his beast, he was going to break his beast, and he would NOT become a monster.
Xander held out his hand, “Xander Harris, giant hyena freak.”
Rahne smiled lightly shaking his hand she said, “Rahne Sinclair, Irish, can shift into a wolf hound or hybrid at will.”
The two nodded as Rayne slowly opened the door the sight of a small, white pair of panties immediately made Rahne swear with a loud “FOCK!”
Even as the smell broke all control Xander had over the barely restrained pack mentality
Not that he could be blamed, very few animals could withstand the draw of a female in heat, and for the human female their's a particular time when she’s as “in heat” as the human body can get. Unfortunately Xander’s sweat as well as her trained filtering of such smell had been shielding the smell from Rahne before she’d opened the door, not realizing what her roommate was going through until she saw a harmless seeming pair of white panties but the red stain instantly sent her on the defensive. She still barely managed to tackle Xander before he got into the bathroom simply because she was on his right side.
The two hit the ground HARD Rahne already in her half transformed state Xander in his as well; a fierce back handed sweep with his claws cutting deep into the girls chest. Even as her blood filled the room Rahne was glad she’d been trained otherwise she’d have just had her torso separated from the rest of her body; instead she was just bleeding somewhat badly never one to waste a chance Rahne swung down with her own claws as she said her voice gruff, “Fight it Xander come on, your stronger than it!”
Xander took several deep breathes making Rahne wince the more he breathed the harder the impulse would get and in turn if he stopped breathing there was almost no way to control the primal brain. It was a vicious cycle and Rahne truly pitied the boy even as she made sure not to let her own primal brain be taken in by the smell of blood and sweat deciding to try and help Xander out as much as possible she keep going for a quick knock out but Xander caught her and slammed her body into the bed. Rahne couldn’t help but wince as her 400 pound form was slammed into the bed as easily as one might a child. As she felt his razor sharp teeth bite into her neck and felt something unbelievably big grinding into her crotch she begged her body to fight, as she demanded her body to fight ,she couldn’t help it with a growl she half heartedly threw a punch to Xander’s face even as his lip burst he shook his head making her whimper. His eyes suddenly cleared Xander Harris was a man, a warrior, not a rapist even as he forced himself to fight it back. The alpha wanted it so bad, he wanted to feel this bitch wreathing tossing and turning under him he wanted to make her scream in pleasure and pain.
With a yell he threw himself HARD into the bed side table sending it crashing to the floor even as he stood up and threw himself from the window impacting the ground hard he finally allowed himself to fade off into unconsciousness.

Slowly he came to breathing heavily a powerful pain shooting through his body even as he looked up at Rahne and the very pale girl next to her. He smirked lightly at Rahne saying, “Thanks for that.”
Rahne exploded into tears holding him close and sobbing begging for forgiveness, sobbing how she should have been able to fight it better, pleading with him to forgive her. Xander gently pet her head saying, “Don’t worry Rahne don’t worry sh-sh, it will be okay.”
Rahne nodded her head a bit even as Rogue felt her eyes glisten as the two seemed to bond on a level she couldn’t understand.
Logan and Xavier watched the three teens from behind a two way mirror, often used to watch patients that were unconscious as Logan said, “Your lucky you got through to him in time Chuck.”
Charles nodded his head obviously deep in thought as he said, “I know Logan, even I had a hard time getting through the lairs of mental work the boy’s alpha has done to him, we both need to keep an eye on him.”

Both men nodded their heads wondering about the future.
Hello all, that was the first chapter of "X-Men and the X-Man", this is sort of a “What if” I was originally planning to redo a story I’ve written before called "X-Man and the X-Men", but as I wrote more on this I realized why? Obviously this stories path and the other story will follow different paths since in this one he didn’t “Mark” Jean or Rogue or even Rahne really.

The End?

You have reached the end of "X-men and and X-man" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Feb 10.

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