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Under the Cover

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Summary: Cross with Dark Blue. Something Carter says makes Jaimie wonder what he's figured out. I know it's past the deadline, but this show seems like something everyone's at least seen commercials for.

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Television > Dark BlueBerserkerNWFR71429014661 Feb 101 Feb 10Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon. I'm not sure who owns Dark Blue, but it's not me. I am making nothing from this.

A/N: I just watched Dark Blue episodes 1-4 last night, and when Jaimie let Dean in without verbalizing a welcome, it made me think vampire-protection, and then Carter's comment to her in Purity came back to me, and this was created. As stated in the summary, I know this is past the deadline, but this had enough commercials for awhile there that I think it should probably count.

Spoilers: None really. Takes place after Chosen for Buffy, and Purity for Dark Blue.


"I'm not interested in who you were, or who you're pretending to be. I'm interested in who you are."

Jaimie Allen locked the door to her apartment, still thinking about Carter's words to her. Her first thought was that he had somehow learned the truth. Then she brushed that off as the thoughts of a guilty conscience. He had to still believe she was Jaimie Anderson/Allen. If he knew otherwise, there was no way he would leave her alone until she told all of her secrets. But then, he could be lulling her into a false sense of security, she thought.

She groaned as she realized she was convincing herself that he knew. She picked up the phone and dialed a long-distance number. After hearing the greeting on the other end, she smiled and asked for a good friend.

"Hey, Girl. What's up?" the husky voice greeted.

"Just needed another perspective. Carter said something earlier that threw me off."

"He doesn't know. If he did, that crystal Red's got would turn blue and start giving us a light show."

"So it's still just a crystal?"

"I'll call and let you know if it ever becomes a night light. You getting sloppy or something? How would he even know?"

"He's been a cop for years," Jaimie explained. "He's creates fake identities all the time. He can probably spot a fake from a mile off."

"Not one of this group's fakes."

"But nothing we created is real, aside from gender, height, and eye color."

"Hey, when you're good... That's why you're the head of our deception unit. Nothing about your cover is real, and yet you'd probably fool a telepath if you were trying. No worries."

"Yeah, thanks. I don't know why I let him get to me like that."

"Have you gone out lately? You could just be getting antsy."

"We've been pulling a lot of cases lately. I haven't had time."

"Well, go patrol then!"

"I will. Take care of yourself, Faith."

"You too, Clara."

The women hung up the phone, and Jaimie Allen, AKA Jaimie Anderson, AKA Clara Montgomery, grabbed a stake and headed for the door. She knew they needed an inside source to keep an eye on Robin's cousin Ty Curtis, but all this cop work without any time for slaying was beginning to grate. She just hoped the demon who was going after deceased Slayers' families was caught soon so she could go back to her real job. Carter was too perceptive for her to fool long, even if he wasn't a telepath.

The End

You have reached the end of "Under the Cover". This story is complete.

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