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Arcadian Buffy

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Summary: Crossover with Joan of Arcadia. Buffy, Dawn, and Willow move to Arcadia where they encounter a Being that claims to be God.

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Television > Joan of ArcadiaSamJamesFR1356,3490449,8685 Nov 039 Aug 05No


TITLE: Arcadian Buffy (1/?)

AUTHOR: Sam James


TYPE: Crossover - Buffy (post s7) and Joan of Arcadia (s1)

SUMMARY: Buffy's looking for a new life and new place to live.


ARCHIVING: Yes, just email to let me know where.

DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Giles, and the whole slayer mythos and associated characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. Joan of Arcadia, the Girardi family, and the town of Arcadia with its associated characters are property of Barbara Hall Productions, Inc. and CBS Productions, in association with Sony Pictures Television. The character of God belongs to God (as does everything else in the universe). Characters are used without permission and with no claim of ownership of anything other than plot.

"It was a generous settlement, all told," Buffy told Giles over the phone. "They obviously didn't want anyone looking into what happened so all I had to do was drop a few hints about how suspicious it was that everyone in town seemed to be notified in advance while Dawn and I had to outrace the sinkhole and pop, an additional $20 thousand in the settlement."

"Wonderful, Buffy," Giles answered. Buffy and Dawn had stayed behind in California to deal with the paperwork from their lost house while the other slayers had had decamped to Cleveland and other hot spots to continue slaying. Giles, Willow, and Robin were working to rebuild the watcher's council, find new slayers, and mentor the existing ones. "Have you decided on your course of action now?"

Buffy swallowed. "I'm sorry Giles. If it was just me..." she paused. "But there's Dawn to consider. I want, no, I need, to give her a normal life. She's been through so much already with everyone dying on her and everything." She drew a breath and tried not to sound like a girl begging her father for car keys. "It will just be a couple of years before she goes off to college and then I'll be all Slay Girl again. But for now, well, call it a sabbatical. I think that after saving the world so much I deserve a little time off."

Giles chuckled. "I should say so, yes. And we have, if anything, a surplus of slayers right now. In fact, what we need now are trainers. I saw when I came to Sunnydale and than later when Wesley, um, replaced me for that short period, the need for more field experience for watchers to learn how slayers operate and such."

Buffy's frown was not visible over the telephone. "You mean you want to assign me to a Wesley wanna-be trainee watcher?"

Giles laughed. "More the other way around. I want you to train a new watcher, oh, and work with one of our younger slayers as well, too young to go into a dangerous area when we have so many older slayers around." He paused. "This won't be a full time job so you'll have time to pursue a more mundane career. And the new council will, of course, pay for your time."

"So I'll be telling the watcher to do, how to work with his slayer, and such."


"Turnabout's fair play," Buffy muttered. "I could tell him to stop wearing tweed?"

"And he will, of course, pay at least as much attention as you did when your watcher advised on wardrobe choices."

The two laughed together remembering certain incidents when Giles had suggested outfits more suitable to patrolling.

"So now, where will you live?" Giles asked.

"I don't know. Someplace peaceful where everyone is nice. With good weather but no monsters or big bads. Oh, and it needs to have good schools for Dawn, plenty of jobs for me, and cute guys for both of us."

"You're looking for arcadia then." Giles joked.

"I am?" Buffy asked. "Where is that... oh, never mind, I'll find it on the Internet. Thanks Giles. Gotta run." She hung up and dialed the Internet.

Giles was left staring at the receiver.

"So how did she take it?" Willow walked in to Giles' sitting room.

"She actually liked the idea of training a watcher, although I fear she'll use the opportunity for petty revenge."

Willow smiled. "That's my Buffy. So what has you so puzzled then?"

"I fear that, for all our years together, Buffy and I still do not always fully communicate when we converse."

"So what's the sitch," Willow deliberately lapsed into slang.

"She gave the requirements for where she wants to live, and I happened to mention she was looking for arcadia. She seems to think I meant a real place. She'll be awfully disappointed."

Willow paled. "Giles. We're talking about a country that has a Hell, Texas and several towns called Paradise.

"My God."

Willow grabbed the phone and hit redial. But Buffy's phone was busy with her dialup account. It therefore was no great surprise when she called them to announce she had bought a house in Arcadia, California at 2322 Euclid Avenue.

Helen Girardi, forty-five-year-old mother of three, hung up the phone, puzzled. "Luke!" she yelled.

Luke looked up from his videogame. "I'm busy," the fifteen-year-old responded.

His mother entered the room. "Did you make a website to help Mrs. Finnolt with selling her house?"

Luke wondered what he had done wrong this time. "It was all Joan's idea. She wrote the site, I just did the programming for her. It was one of her projects."

Helen frowned. Lately her daughter seemed to get engrossed in one project after another, picking and dropping them seemingly at random. The strange thing was, Joan did not always seem to enjoy these projects but appeared to act under obligation, or orders. Of course, it seemed to end well in this case. But she still could not help trying to remember what Cousin Florine was like as a teenager.

Of course, if she even suspected that her daughter thought these projects were literally assignments direct from God, she would be far more worried.

"Anyway, that was Mrs. Finnolt on the phone," said the still-oblivious mother. "She wanted to thank you. Apparently the website worked. It sold the house for her."

"I guess that means we'll have new neighbors." Luke replied, idly hoping for a cute girl or two next door.

To be continued.
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