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Prophecy Childer

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Summary: Post OotP and Season 3 Buffy. Harry's having dreams. Buffy's having dreams. Buffy gets sent to Hogwarts to protects a certain wizard. What happens when the Prophecy Childer meet face to face instead of in their dreams?

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsChaosQueenFR15310,2250172,9995 Nov 031 Dec 03No

Prophecy Childer

Disclaimer: I own nothing! It’s all Joss and J.K.! I just warp their ideas to meet my fancy.

A.N.: Set post OotP HP and post Season 2 Buffy

Chapter One: His world

Harry Potter strained his eyes by the lamp light of his desk. His quill scratched out the very last of his potions essay. He re-read it and made a few adjustments. Finally he set it aside and trudged slowly to his dresser. Every single one of his muscles ached painfully. The summer had barely begun and the Dursleys had set him to work.

Ever since Harry had arrived back from the train, Harry had become the Dursleys’ very own personal landscaper, construction worker, and cook. On the bright side though, not even Harry, who had always been terribly modest, could deny that his work had had firmed him up in certain places. Also, because of Mad-Eye-Moody’s warning, they had paid him very well for fear of being hexed to death in their sleep. Harry smiled smugly as he walked to his dresser and pulled out his new black satin pajama pants.

Harry looked at his bed side clock while sliding between his sheets and saw that it read 12:05. He had been 16 now for five minutes. Harry let out a small dejected laugh. He was just about to close his eyes when he heard a soft tapping sound from just outside his room. Harry looked up towards his window and saw that his owl, Hedwig, was hovering just outside his window with about five other owls. ‘Birthday presents…’ Harry thought. Harry leapt, painfully, across the room and flung open the window.

All the owls flew in and seated themselves in an eerily straight line. All that is except Ron’s owl, Pig, who fluttered happily by a large tawny owl’s head, a long thin package weighing him down. On closer inspection Harry saw that there were eight owls not five.

Harry went to Hedwig, who was first in line and undid the parcels attached to her leg. Harry could tell by the penmanship that one was from Ron and the other was from Hermione. Harry quickly tore the wrapping off Ron’s present and read his note. It was short and read only:

“Dear Harry,

I found this the other day and had a good laugh. I thought you could use one too. Write back soon. ~ Ron”

Harry put down Ron’s note and removed the wrapping paper from the tiny package. A chocolate frog card landed in his hand face down. Harry brow wrinkled in confusion. What was Ron playing at? Harry flipped over the card and his jaw fell open. Harry saw himself staring, no winking back up at him. He had been made into a chocolate frog collectable card. The hilarity of this situation was just too much for Harry.

Harry collapsed in fits of silent laughter on the floor. His whole body shook with suppressed chuckles and tears of mirth slid freely down his face. Harry managed to control himself after a good five minutes and set the chocolate frog card down and reached for Hermione’s present. Her note was short as well.

“Dear Harry,

I found this in the Daily Prophet. I couldn’t believe it at first either. After you’ve read this you’ll see what I’m rambling about. All I can say is; Ron and I fought over who got to give you which gift. I won but I hear that Ron’s found something nearly as good. I can’t wait until till the school year begins, advanced courses and all. Love you to bits and pieces. ~ Hermione”

Harry unrolled Hermione’s gift and found a copy of the Daily Prophet. A note attached to the front told Harry to ‘go to page 10’. Harry found page ten and saw in bold print the highlighted story: “Former Inquisitor Now Turned Janitor”. Harry’s heart leapt ten feet in the air. Harry read the article and was almost in tears of happiness by the end.

“After a humiliating “dismissal” last year, Ms. Delores Umbridge (formerly the Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft Wizardry as well as High Inquisitor) was forced into a long and unfruitful search for jobs. After a long period as store clerks and shops girls, Ms. Umbridge has finally settled down as the care taker at Beauxbatons, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At first the headmistress, Madame Maxime, was reluctant to give her the position, due to her “incredibly childish and almost distorted” view of current politics. But after seeing Ms. Umbridge’s “pathetic and frankly laughable appearance and disposition” the kindly headmistress took her on as care taker of the grounds at Beauxbatons.”

Harry almost passed out with glee. It was interrupted however, by Pig flying straight into the side of his head and several owls hooting impatiently for him to relieve them of their parcels. Harry sighed and undid all their letters and packages one by one, leaving the letters and such in piles where their owls had been. Harry figured that those owls with instructions to take letters back would stay. In any case, Harry set Hermione’s fabulous present aside and reached for the pile where Pig had been.

Harry was slightly confused now. Ron and Hermione had sent him their presents via Hedwig. Whose present could this be? Then it hit him, Ginny. Harry was very curious as to what Ginny would have sent him. He hadn’t received any present from her what-so-ever until now. Harry read her note quickly.

“Dear Harry,

I found these lying around the Black estate a few days ago and knew they were for you. If you can believe it, they came in a set. Hope you like them. If you don’t, it’s okay. ~ Ginny”

Harry opened her gift carefully but quickly and found himself facing an emerald green velvet box. Harry was shocked. Ginny had sent him jewelry? He opened the box and instantly understood. In the box was a long silver chain with a silver griffin dangling proudly from the end. Its eyes were emeralds and its fur glowed softly in the moonlight. Harry stroked it softly with his index finger. Harry breathed an almost silent “Wow…”

No one had ever gotten him anything like this before. Harry was really touched that Ginny would think enough of him to get it for him. He happily swung the necklace over his head and examined himself in the mirror. It suited him. It hung just in the middle of his, now shapely, chest. The glittering emeralds matched his eyes spectacularly and Harry got the distinct impression that while wearing this amulet he looked taller and stronger, yes much stronger.

Harry looked back at the box and realized that Ginny had sent him something else. He tentatively picked up the box again and saw that on the other side lay a ring. The ring was made of gorgeous silver and held the form of a Basilisk. Harry slipped it on his ring finger and he realized that it fit perfectly. Harry smiled warmly and set the box down happily with Ginny’s letter.

The next pile had been delivered by an owl with which Harry was not familiar and who was now staring patiently at Harry from his window. Harry opened the letter first. Harry was very happy to find that this present was from Fred and George.

“Dear Harry,

We thought you’d appreciate these gifts. You can use them at the beginning of the new Hogwarts term. And just so you know, if you ever need anything, the joke shop will be more than happy to help out. You’ve done so much for us Harry. It’s high time we did something for you. ~Sincerely,

Forge Weasley”

Harry laughed softly when he found that they had sent him a Skiving Snack-box and a box of Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz bangs. Harry set down the letter feeling lighter than her had in weeks.

The next owl pile he reached for was surprisingly full. Then it clicked. Mrs. Weasley had sent him another magnificent care package filled to the brim with his favorite foods and sweets. He gratefully stashed it under his loose floorboard and reached for the next pile, only to find that it was not a pile. Just a single letter, delivered by an owl he did not know.

Harry picked it up and felt his stomach drop. Harry somehow knew that these were his O.W.L. results. He slowly opened the letter and began to read.

“Dear Mister Harry James Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that we have processed your Ordinary Wizarding Level exam results. The grading system is as follows. Below is listed the number of O.W.L. s that you attained and then after, is the grade you received with that O.W.L. Here are your exam results.

Charms: 01 O.W.L. ~ Exceeds Expectations

Transfiguration: 01 O.W.L. ~ Exceeds Expectations

D. A. D.A.: 01 O.W.L. ~ Outstanding

Herbology: 01 O.W.L. ~ Acceptable

Potions: 01 O.W.L. ~ Outstanding

Divination: 00 O.W.L. s ~ Acceptable

Care of Magical Creatures ~ 01 O.W.L. ~ Exceeds Expectations

Astronomy: 01 O.W.L. ~ Acceptable

History of Magic: 00 O.W.L. s ~ Acceptable

Total: Seven O.W.L s

You have preformed very well Mister Potter. Now you can start preparing for your N.E.W.T s. Congratulations on your results and may you have a wonderful rest of the holidays.

~the O.W.L. Head of Mailing”

Harry’s heart was soaring. He wasn’t quite sure whether he was dreaming either. Had he really just gotten 7 O.W.L s? He could barely contain his glee. Harry let out a great “Yes!” that resounded through his room. Harry quickly clamped his hand over his mouth when he heard Uncle Vernon cease momentarily from his elephant snores.

When Harry was sure his relations were sound asleep, he finished dancing gleefully around his room. 7 O.W.L. s was really good. Granted, Harry’s perfect score would have been 9 O.W.L. s but 2 off wasn’t bad at all!

He set down his letter beaming and reached for the next pile. A Hogwarts seal had been applied to the back of the letter. Harry opened it and for the second time this evening felt his jaw drop. Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had sent him, Harry Potter, a birthday present. Harry was a bit shocked but decided that Dumbledore was making up for how distant he had been during Harry’s fifth year. Dumbledore’s note was the shortest of all.

“Dear Harry,

This was your mother’s. ~Albus Dumbledore”

Harry felt his stomach do a back-flip. ‘My mother’s…’ Harry thought. Harry picked up the package as carefully as if it were made of glass and removed the brown paper that covered it. A forest green diary fell into his lap. The words ‘Lily Evans’ were etched in silver writing on the front and a tarnished lock was fastened to the right side. Harry laid his hand on top of the book, tracing the words ‘Lily Evans’ with his index finger. The second he took his finger away from the letter ‘s’ though, he heard a series of soft clicks and realized that the dairy was open. Harry took a deep breath and lifted the cover. A delicate table of contents came into view. It seemed that for every year his mother kept a diary there was a chapter. Harry was even more elated to see that she had written every year from the age of 5 to her last year, at the age of 37. Harry felt a tear drip silently down his left cheek. He hastily wiped it away with the back of his hand and stashed his presents under the loose floor board. He would start on reading the 32 chapters of her life that his mother had left him tomorrow. Now he was content to drift into a dreamless sleep.

** Harry was walking. He was walking fast. He felt rage coursing through him. ‘Oh no…’ Harry thought. ‘Please don’t let me be him!’ Harry checked his hands. They were not that of Lord Voldemort. They were his hands. Suddenly, Harry realized where he was. He was walking, no storming along the seventh floor corridor that led to the room of requirement. Harry reached the wall. He thought really hard. ‘I need answers… I need answers… I need bloody answers!’

A door appeared. Harry reached for the handle and pulled. The door swung open ominously. Harry stepped into what appeared to be an enchanted forest and calm washed over him. Tall willow trees were adorned with fairy lights. Gentle glowing light came from the trees and lighted a path. Soft grass grew slightly dewy beneath his feet. He began to walk. At some point Harry became aware that other than the fairy lights the room was entirely dark. But after about ten seconds of treading softly on the dirt path a white glow could be seen just beyond the nearest patch of trees.

Harry tip toed through them and stopped dead in his tracks. The sight before him was almost too much. There was a pond, shimmering with a pure white essence glistening off the surface. A starry night lay above, each star a diamond against the silky blue night sky. But above all there was a girl.

A beautiful, radiant, spectacular goddess lay on the shore by the pond. She seemed to give off a vibe that was composed of innocence and mischief. Her hair fell in silky, golden tresses to her shoulders. And her heavenly hazel eyes were glazed with sadness that for some unknown reason Harry longed to remove. Harry knew that sadness. He saw it everyday when he looked in the mirror. This girl knew. She knew what it was like to be out there, fighting. ‘That’s not fair,’ Harry thought ‘no-one should have to go through that’.

He walked very cautiously towards her and she turned quickly. Hazel eyes met their emerald counterparts. Her gaze was hard, like she suspected something. Then, unexpectedly, her gaze softened. She was looking at his clothes. Harry shot a cautious look down at his garments as well. He was wearing loose white pants and a tight white tank top with a transparent white jacket over his that. ‘Why am I dressed in white?’ Harry thought. “The same reason she is dressed in white…” a voice answered his question out loud. This made him and the girl jump.

“Why is that?” The girl asked out loud.

“You are both warriors of the light. You white clothes symbolize that. Those who enter this place and are not of the light will be adorned in black. Those who don’t know which side to take will appear in gray.” The voice answered from nowhere.

“Why are we here?” Harry asked.

“You both need answers. Only you can give each other the answers you crave. Good night young warriors…”

“What…” Harry said, confused.

“I think we’re stuck here until we get our answers.” The girl answered in an American accent.

“It would appear that way”

“Well, for starters my name’s…” She looked like she was mouthing something at that point. The girl took on a confused expression. “My name is…” she tried again. But it appeared her name wouldn’t come out. “Alright obviously whoever locked us in here doesn’t want our name revealed. You try.”

“My name’s…” Harry was trying so say his name but it was like he couldn’t make sound. Suddenly his voice was gone and he was mute for several seconds while trying to say his name. “No, it’s no use. No names I guess.”

“Why don’t we try writing it in the sand.” She gestured toward the shore.

“Good idea.” Harry bent down in the sand and wrote out a large H-A-R-R-Y.

“Done.” The girl said. Harry turned to see her name. What was there was something vaguely resembling a distorted form of Latin. “What language is yours in?” the girl asked.

“Something resembling Latin…yours?”


“Well, this is going no where.”

“Yeah, I guess.” There after was an awkward silence.

“I feel like I’m starting to wake up. You getting that?” Harry thought this was a bit of an odd thing to say until he realized that everything in his line of vision was softening. Not quite blurry yet, but he couldn’t make out the individual fairies in the trees anymore.

“Yeah, a bit.”

“Quick, before you go, tell me something about you. I have a strange feeling this dream will be a recurring one.” Harry thought for a second, and then said the first thing that came to his mind.

“I really hate prophecies.” He admitted. “That and destiny sucks.” The girl giggled.

“Same here, they must die!”

“Scattered to the wind, the lot of them!”

“Never to be seen again.” With that said the scenery started to fade faster. “I’ll see you soon, prophecy boy.”

“And the same to you, prophecy girl.”**

Harry’s eyes snapped open. What was that? Was Voldemort stooping to an all time low and trying to entrance him with beautiful girls? No, it didn’t feel the same. Voldemort’s “prophetic” dreams made him feel forced into the situation. Like Harry knew it was him but he couldn’t control his owl body. In this world he was safe. He could move where he wanted and do what he wanted, with the exception of saying his name of course. Who was she? A warrior of the light or just an illusion? Harry soon decided to write to Dumbledore. He wanted answers and he wanted them soon. He just hoped Dumbledore was smart enough not to keep things from him this time around. Harry began to write the letter to Dumbledore but thought better of it. ‘It could very well be intercepted and then the other side will know I’m having more dreams. Best wait until I see him. Damn.’

Harry sat back down on his bed, his mind reeling with recent events and berating himself for not having bought a penseive ahead of time. All he could think about was the girl in the dream. Her eyes, her hair, her. She was so beautiful. Harry found himself wishing terribly hard for her to be real. He glanced at his clock. It read 3:00 a.m.

Harry decided to go back to bed. In two hours time his Aunt Petunia would wake him with her hideous screeches from her bedroom, ordering him to make their breakfast. But in a way, Harry wouldn’t care. Tomorrow, or really today, was Sunday, also known as pay day. Harry would drift through his chores with practiced ease and be completely worn out at the end of the day. He’d finish his Transfiguration essay, as it was the last of his homework, and then he’d go to sleep. Harry found that he hoped dearly that he would dream tonight. After all, his prophecy girl would be waiting.

So, what do you think? Crap? Genius? Needs improvement? Either way reveiw please! I can't stop the madness or keep it going if I don't know what to do. ~Phia
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