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Xander the Sailor-Man?

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Summary: Set during Season Three. Xander is feeling down on his luck after one too many times being brushed aside, but everything looks up when he recieves a gift.

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Author's Notes: I'll be taking a bit longer on most of my in-progress projects. I've decided to shift focus onto a story that doesn't involve BtVS characters for a little while, I miss writing stuff that isn't all about Xander and the gang. That being said, I have dicided to post two stand alone ficlets today and I might get the chapter I started for Prince's Diaries finished and posted before the weekend before I dissapear for a month or two. Take heart, I SHALL return, in the meantime well hope these will tide you over.

Disclaimer: BtVS and all characters related to it belong to Joss and ME Productions. The current rights olders to Popeye the Sailor-Man are Warner Brothers studios if I'm not mistaken. I the author of this wacked out Fan-Fic make no claims otherwise, this is a non-profit work of fan fiction. It just struck me one day... The idea I mean. Anyway that is all, enjoy.

Xander was feeling particularly dejected – once again Buffy and Willow were trying too hard to protect him, he really could use a talent of some kind. Even Giles had the whole Watcher thing, and the knowledge, and… well, he could make a mean cup of tea.

“What’s wrong?”

Xander glanced up - he’d been sitting near a construction site and the sun was close to setting. The kindly looking foreman – who must have been in his sixties – had approached him. “Nothing. Well, nothing that would concern you. My friends are just bein’ way too overprotective and they won’t let me help.”

The one-eyed foreman nodded slightly and took a seat next to him. “Guessks it’s not easy, I think I got’s somethink that might be able to help,” he said. Reaching into his pocket he dug around and pulled out an unassuming can with a faded label on the side.

Xander eyed it warily. “What is it?” he asked.

“Just somethink I found durin’ a hurricane off the coast o’ Tripalee, it’s got me out o’ a few tough scrapes. I want you to have it.” The foreman passed it to Xander.

“You still didn’t explain what it is,” he pointed out.

The foreman smiled and plucked an old corncob pipe out of his upper shirt pocket. “Believe me it’ll help,” he said encouragingly as he lit the pipe. With a wink he got up and left.

Xander studied the can curiously, the label was impossible to read and the top looked as though it had been blown open. As though someone had applied enormous pressure to it, shaking it he heard a squelching sound.
Opening the lid he glanced inside and found a mess of green… well it looked almost like sludge. “What am I supposed to do with this?” he blurted.

“Taste it,” a voice whispered in his ear.

Jerking Xander glanced around trying to determine the source of the voice, but no one was there. Sticking his finger into the goop he pulled out a small clump – wondering privately to himself if he’d lost his mind. He stuck it in his mouth and began to chew.

A strange feeling began to run down his spine, it coursed through every muscle in his body – with a frown he tried to define it, but it was fleeting. He needed to eat more so he pulled out a larger handful and gulped it down.

The feeling was stronger this time, as though a surge of vitality had hit him. Xander felt like he could take on Larry or maybe even Angelus if he ever went back to the dark side. Smiling he got to his feet and headed towards the Bronze, reaching into the can to take another bite in the process.

The foreman watched him leave with a warm smile. “Good luck.”

“Popeye! You one-eyed fink, I thought we had to finish this project?” a big burly sixty-eight year old man demanded.

“We will, Bluto,” Popeye – the former sailor-man – stated.

“How are we supposed ta do that if you gave yer Spinach away?”

Popeye chuckled. “That’s what cranes are for, Bluto.”

Bluto eyed Popeye. “Oh yeah, well… why’d ya give that pipsqueak teenager yer Spinach anyway?”

“Because, Bluto, me grandson is goink to need it.”

Bluto stared after Xander in shock. “You mean that’s Swee’Pea’s kid?” he asked.

“I tracked him down, Bluto, Olive wanted me to… it was her last wish.”

Bluto grew somber and took his hat off.

Popeye shook off his melancholy. “Well come on, Bluto, we got’s a buildink tah finishk.”

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander the Sailor-Man?". This story is complete.

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