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An Incredible Day

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Summary: Xander's got a new job with the US Government, it's a real super duper job too.

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Movies > Surprise CrossoverSithicusFR1311,3791113,5624 Feb 104 Feb 10Yes
Author's Notes: This one hit me while re-watching the movie a few months ago. I really think it could pick up, but personally I don't have any plans to followup, so if anyone wants to Adopt this beauty, I mean I don't really see that many crossovers with this one.

Disclaimer Premiere Partie: All Things Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss and ME Productions, the author claims nothing otherwise. See below for Part Two.

Alexander Harris – Xander to his friends – had left the service of the New International Watcher’s Council on not altogether unfriendly terms. At first he’d been happy working with the Slayers, but as time wore on the good fight began to wear him down. It wasn’t that he wanted to stop – he really couldn’t if he wanted to, but he needed an escape before he lost his senses completely.

Approached by the United States government he’d been requested to take a position as part of a new branch, they trusted him with the well being of a unique group of people. Those – who not unlike the Council – saved the day on a regular basis.

He had eagerly accepted without realizing the massive headache he was getting himself into, par for the course for Xander.

Senator Ancell barged into his office, a large stack of papers on a cart, which she was pushing. “More complaints, Xander,” she informed in a weary tone.

“And law suits?” Xander glanced up from his desk.

“Thankfully not this time,” she replied.

Xander let out a sigh of relief. “Now I know why they wanted to foist this job on me,” he complained, “ordinary citizens have got to be the most unappreciative bunch of morons I’ve ever seen.” Xander rubbed at his eye – he was starting to prematurely grey thanks to all the stress. And he was barely thirty-two.

“What do you expect?” the senator asked. “So, how do you want to handle these ones? As if I didn’t know.”

Xander grinned and removed a flamethrower from under his desk. He proceeded to torch every single one. “Filed and indexed. I love being in charge.”

“Sooner or later they’re going to want to know what you’ve done with all of these,” the senator stated. “I can’t keep intercepting those interns forever, and when they find out I’m the one delivering these things to you… well I’d hate to think what would happen if we lost you.”

“For all I care they can stuff it,” Xander stated coldly. “It’s times like this I’m sorely tempted to hire demon enforcers to handle these complaints, I hear the Order of Terraka could use some good business after they failed on that contract to kill half a dozen Slayers.”

Senator Ancell shook her head and left his office – being on call in the Pentagon had its downsides, but it also had a very real upside. Especially when a woman like Ancell decided to help you out. What a babe.

Pushing the hidden thumb switch on his desk, Xander’s chair spun around and rolled through the wall, it traveled a considerable distance. His location was classified – Initiative level classified.

Senator Ancell was a godsend in certain respects – much like Xander – she had personal understanding of all the good these people did. So what if somebody suffered collateral damages? At least they were still alive to complain about it, not like the innocents who got in the way of demon fighting. It painted an entirely different perspective on things.

The chair arrived at its destination and the wall behind him slid shut – Xander always felt he was in an old episode of Get Smart when he finally got here. Climbing out of the chair, Xander began to ascend the steps. At several intersections he was forced to provide fingerprints, handprints, saliva and so on and so forth. Security was ludicrously tight.

“Good afternoon, Mister Harris,” his assistant greeted.

“I have asked that you stop calling me that,” he gently reminded. Taking the file in her hands he studied it carefully.

“I just can’t do that, sir,” she said.

Shaking his head with a laugh Xander passed through the large double doors leading into the room. It wasn’t as large as it could have been, and for good reason. This division of the government was more of a field branch as it were.

“Hey, Captain, great to see you on time for once.” The large and impressively muscled man to his right smirked slightly.

“Bob, you’ve got to stop it with the nickname, I seriously lost the whole pirate humor thing because of it,” Xander said.

“You started it,” Bob reminded with a winning smile.

“I know! And I’ve regretted it ever since,” Xander admitted. “Now I get why G-Man hates it when I use that name,” he added under his breath.

“Can we get on with this? Honey is already upset with me enough as it is.” The African-American let out a sigh.

Xander nodded and took his seat. “Great. First of all congratulations on that last mission, low casualties and a hell of a lot less property damage. Personally I don’t care, but it makes the politicians happy.”

“Yeah, anything to please them.” ‘Zone rolled his eyes.

“I know! Now on to the next problem which has cropped up.” Xander turned to his assistant who presented him with a small remote. “Syndrome’s entire operation has finally been dismantled, with one exception, a small off-shore drilling platform was recently discovered operating an illegal weapons manufacturing plant. All information seems to indicate that someone was able to resume the pipeline. We need you to put the kaibosh on it.”

“Any leads?” Mister Incredible demanded. It was obvious he still felt some animosity about the entire mess – and who could blame him? So many Supers were killed by the madman just so he could play at being a hero, it made Xander sick to his stomach just thinking about what would have happened if Syndrome had decided to target Buffy. Or Willow.

“Just one,” Xander replied. “Mirage.”

Nodding the white haired woman produced a picture of a man. “This is Harold, he was Syndrome’s head researcher, but he vanished shortly before our teams could reach the island. He is suspected of being the one behind the operations renewed manufacturing.”

The two heroes studied the image carefully. Mirage had proven herself in the eyes of Mister Incredible – which is why she was currently on Xander’s staff instead of occupying a cell. Xander knew she’d helped in the murders of quite a number of Supers, but second chances were encouraged in this line of work. Besides she had a really hot body and a talent for the paperwork side of things – not to mention she was good at getting his staff hopping.

“We’ll deal with this,” Mister Incredible declared.

“Great! I’ve asked Snugg for a ride,” Xander informed.

“Is Helen going to be joining us?” Frozone asked.

“Ordinarily yes, but under the circumstance I’m keeping Team Incredible out of it,” Xander told the two Supers. “Besides, Elastigirl is on recruitment. We finally located another second generation Super.”

“Really?” Frozone said in a curious tone. “Anybody we knew as the parents?”

“No. Now get out there you two, and let’s freeze Syndrome’s legacy in Carbonite,” Xander ordered.

Frozone shot him a look and rolled his eyes.

Mister Incredible chuckled. “Same old Xander.”

As the two Supers left Mirage shot Xander a knowing look. “Shouldn’t you have told them?”

“It was my call, Mirage, drop it.” Xander flipped through the pages of the file again revealing a young girl of African-American descent.

“Ok, sir. What about Underminer?” she asked.

Xander let out a tired sigh. “I’ll hear him out, but just this last time, I am so sick of coming home with dirt in my underwear,” he complained.

“I’ll ready the drilling machine,” Mirage said leaving the room.

Xander nodded and stared at the girl in the file. He knew that the shit would hit the fan once Frozone found out, but he was prepared to deal with that, provided this Super decided to join up. At least Violet would stop complaining about not having anybody her own age to talk to. “Guy should have kept it in his pants,” he muttered briefly.

The End

Discalimer Deuxiem Partie: All things The Incredibles belongs to Walt Disney Studios and Pixar respectively, the author also makes no claims otherwise in that regards. Tis a Work of Fan Fiction, and a little clever ficlet if I do say so meself. Ciao

The End

You have reached the end of "An Incredible Day". This story is complete.

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