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This story is No. 1 in the series "Adopted". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Buffy runs away, she literally runs into the Potters. After the Potters are gone, she takes Harry to South Dakota.

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SG-1 looked at her with varying degrees of concern. “Why would he want Harry?” Jack asked.

“Harry’s like Lindsey,” Buffy crossed her arms. “He’s also the supposed Savior of their world.”

“I thought the AMA had restrictions on who had access to that kind of information,” Jack said.

“They do. It was the AMA that told me who broke into my house the second time. Someone was looking for ‘special’ paraphernalia at the house, probably for some kind of testing. You’ve told me that these guys are bad news, but they have left all other ‘special’ people alone. Why would they come after Harry?” Buffy asked.

“I bet it’s Kinsey. He keeps trying to shut us down, or gain control of the Stargate. He’s most likely after all the ‘special’ people and artifacts that he can get his hands on.” Jack explained. “Not to mention he’s got a fixation on for me.”

General Hammond, who had been in his office when SG-1 beamed in, walked into the briefing room. “What the hell happened?” Spotting Buffy, he added, “Who is she?”

“We were abducted, Sir,” Jack said, “and Buffy came along for the ride.”

“What is this about Senator Kinsey?” Hammond asked next.

“He found out about something he shouldn’t have, and is now trying to get my grandnephew,” Jack said.

“Who?” Hammond asked.

“My son, General. He’s special, has some talents that others don’t. And, apparently, the Senator knows. My question is why.” Buffy crossed her arms and scowled at the five other people in the room.

“Buffy, it’s. . .” Jack started.

“If you say ‘classified’ Uncle Jack, I will hit you! Tyler told me everything already!” Buffy insisted.

“Tyler?” Jack asked.

“One of you has to go by another name, and since your clone is the younger of the two of you, I gave him your middle name. So what?” Buffy asked.

“What did he tell you?” Hammond asked.

“Everything starting from when Charlie died up to and including the year without Daniel. It’s nice to have you back, by the way,” Buffy nodded her head in Daniel’s direction.

“You’re going to have to. . .” Hammond started.

“I’m not signing anything until you tell me why the Senator’s after my son!” Buffy insisted.

“Buffy, Kinsey’s after anyone with powers that normal people don’t have. He’s all for trying to get those people to use their powers to protect the planet, or to find a way to harness those powers through scientific means. If he knows what Harry is, it’s not going to matter who or what Harry is. He’s just going to be after his abilities. We need to find his informant, and all his documentation, and get rid of both,” Jack explained.


Senator Robert Kinsey was quietly humming to himself. The Stargate program was going to be under his control soon enough. Henry Hays had chosen him to be his Vice President, and Hays was a pushover. With the support of The Trust, Hays would be dead three days into his third year, leaving him to be President for the rest of his term, and two terms of his own. His Deal would assure him of winning. He would use his time in office to place the Stargate where he wanted it, and those at the SGC would just have to live with it.

His contacts overseas would just have to wait to get their golden boy. Harry Potter wouldn’t be turning eleven for another five years, plenty of time to get everything to his best advantage. Kinsey took out a thin piece of wood and directed it to the fire.

“Snape,” he called out. The flames glowed green before a sallow skinned man appeared, greasy black hair framing his gaunt face.

“You rang, Senator?” Snape asked, a sneer barely detectable in his tone.

“I want you to tell your superiors that I have located the Potter child. Getting to him will be a bit more difficult, so you will have to wait for delivery, but I know where he is.” Kinsey reported.

“If you know where he is, tell me. We could retrieve him,” Snape reasoned.

“I don’t trust you. We will do this my way, or I will keep the Savior of the Wizarding World in my closet in a cage! Keep to your side of the Atlantic, and I’ll keep to mine when I become President!” Kinsey fumed. “You asked for an update this morning, and I just gave it to you. Tell your superiors that I will decide when to report next, or I will become your worst nightmare!”

“As you know, I have no authority to grant that. However, I will relay your ‘request’ to him. Until we speak again.” Snape left the fireplace with a pop.

Kinsey smiled to himself. Everything was falling into place.


The newly named Tyler appeared in Jack’s living room three days after Jack was safely returned. When asked, he decided that he liked the name, and agreed to switch his middle and first names. The matter of his last name was decided when Buffy offered to adopt him as either son or brother. Jack was a little nervous about leaving his clone with his niece, but he trusted her and eventually agreed.

Tyler agreed as well and soon became Tyler Johnathon Summers, with the help of the USAF, and Buffy’s adopted son. Dean and Sam took him aside and explained to him what to expect while on the road, and what they did for a living.

While waiting for Tyler to come back from the Asgard, Buffy had taken Sam and Dean to the AMA offices in Colorado Springs where they talked to several people about the jobs they had done and how much they were paid. Sam, to his surprise, found out that his full rides were actually the AMA paying for his college bills and tuition.

It turned out that they had around one hundred thousand each, that they had earned throughout their lives while hunting, and that their father’s account had been split between the two of them, bringing the balance to one hundred fifty thousand each. Dean and Sam had been pleasantly surprised that they had been paid each time, and that the AMA had been keeping tabs on them.

Buffy had a meeting with Diane Chambers while the boys were gaining access to their money. Ms. Chambers had handed Buffy a folder, which held an investigative report into who had broken into her house.

Buffy flipped through the report, pausing when she came across a page with Senator Kinsey’s name on it. “Who is this?” she asked, pointing to the name and accompanying picture.

“That is Senator Kinsey, Republican from Arizona. He’s the VP candidate for Hays, on the red ticket. He’s also on several committees, one of which is Magical Oversight,” Ms. Chambers answered.

“Magical Oversight?” Buffy asked.

“Yes. It’s one of the few committees that Congress has that applies to the Magical Community. Why?” Ms. Chambers asked.

“Why is he in this report?” Buffy asked.

Ms. Chambers looked over Buffy’s shoulder and looked over the report.

“He’s the one that ordered the break in,” Ms. Chambers answered, pointing to the passage.

“Do you know what he was after?” Buffy asked, flipping through the report.

“He was after Harry, to out best guess,” Ms. Chambers replied.


“I’m not sure.”


With the discovery that Kinsey was after Harry for reasons unknown, Dean had declared that it was time to leave to as remote a location as they could find. They had grown from four adults and one child to four adults, one child, and one teen. Having six in the Impala was pushing everyone closer than was comfortable and Dean refused to get rid of his car when Sirius brought it up. Buffy insisted that when they six of them split up that she would need a car.

Everything was settled when Buffy asked Jack to make sure that Tyler had his license and was legally able to drive a car. She bought a used car that Sirius, Sam and Dean were able to agree on, and the six of them decided who drove and who went with who.

Dean insisted that only he and Sam would drive the Impala, not trusting Sirius, Tyler or Buffy with his car. No one objected. Sirius decided that the second car was his, and started tinkering with it, giving it abilities that a normal car wouldn’t have. He had offered to place an expanding spell on the Impala, but Dean refused.

With the expanding spell, and a few others that Sirius had placed on his motorbike, the new car could now hold up to 20 people with room to spare, go as fast as one wanted it to, and fly.


Jack threw a barbeque as a send off the night before they were to leave. Daniel and Sirius, to everyone’s surprise, had hit it off and spent the entire evening talking about Ancient sites and their significance. Sam, Carter, Dean, and Teal’c had spent the evening talking about fighting strategies and techniques. Harry and Buffy had spent time with Jack and Tyler, to spend time with family.

It had been decided by Dean, Sam, Sirius, and Buffy that the best place to go would be a place in the middle of nowhere. Dean had brought up the other houses that Buffy had bought, but none of them satisfied their current requirements, so they decided on a farmhouse with 200 acres in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a tiny town where they could blend in and do their own thing. There was a small magical community across the valley that could cater to Harry and Sirius’s needs.

The AMA made the house and the surrounding property unplottable, and placed muggle repellant charms on and around the property, which allowed Buffy and Sirius to give Harry a broom and have him learn to fly.

Dean and Sam agreed to help get everyone there, and then they would go hunting again, picking up the search for the Yellow Eyed Demon that had taken their mother, father, and Sam’s girlfriend. Buffy made Dean promise to stop by every time they had a break.

Harry would have a chance to grow up like a normal kid, something that she wanted for him. Before he got accepted into a magical school, she would tell him about what happened to his parents again, and let him in on why everyone was after him. Harry would not be alone. He was the adopted nephew of Sam and Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer. He was the adopted brother of the newly named Tyler Summers, someone with Black Ops training.

Above all else, Harry had her. And she would not let go of him without a fight.

A/N: This is the end of the road for this one. I'm planning on starting a sequel relatively soon. If you have any ideas for it, let me know.

The End

You have reached the end of "Adopted". This story is complete.

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