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This story is No. 1 in the series "Adopted". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Buffy runs away, she literally runs into the Potters. After the Potters are gone, she takes Harry to South Dakota.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered
KrysstiniaFR151129,534712345,7064 Feb 1013 Mar 10Yes


Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Buffy, and Supernatural don't belong to me, it would be awesome if they did, but they don't. I'm just playing in their sandbox.

A/N: This is my first attempt at a Supernatural Cross. I hope I did the characters justice. The information I used for the characters in this story comes from

This story takes place Pre-series Harry Potter, Post season 2 BtVS and Post season 1 SPN. AU afterwards.

“She’s a member of this family. I just want to make it official,” James explained.

“Have you thought that she might not want to become a full fledged part of the family? Do you remember what her mother did to her?” Lily asked.

“I remember, but I’m not convinced that she wouldn’t want this. She’s already exposed herself to us, and we took everything in stride. She already knows about magic, so that’s not a big problem. Everyone loves her, even Harry,” James insisted.

“Let’s ask her, but everything should be up to her. I don’t want to pressure her into anything. She’s been forced into making choices before and I want her to know that there’s no pressure.” Lily adjusted the baby she held in her arms.

“It’s not our family I want to bring her into, Lily. It’s the Potter family. I want to make her a sister to me, not Harry.”


“The Dark Lord is out to get us, plain and simple. Harry’s in trouble. With her as his aunt instead of sister, it gives her additional rights to both Harry and the Potter money. I trust her, you trust her, everyone that knows her trusts her. If we don’t survive this, I want him raised by her.”

“You’ve really thought this through, haven’t you?” Lily asked.

“Yeah. I don’t trust others to make decisions regarding Harry’s welfare like she will. She’s got an instinct about people that I’ve begun to trust, which is why we didn’t tell Wormtail about her when we made him our secret keeper. We make her my sister and Harry will be well cared for if and when we can’t do it ourselves.”

“Let’s ask her tomorrow morning. She’s beat,” Lily said fondly, pointing with her chin to the body that had collapsed on the couch an hour earlier.

James picked up a blanket and wrapped the tiny body in it. He carefully picked her up and put his precious bundle in her bedroom. Lily followed with Harry. When each was in their beds, they said goodnight, then switched beds to say goodnight to the other before turning in themselves.


Anne had been with the Potter family for almost two years. She ran into them, literally, when she was on a hunt in Los Angeles. They were running away from the demon and she was running after it. After Anne disposed of the demon, she had walked over to Lily, who had fallen down, and asked her if she was alright.

Lily, who hadn’t known that she was pregnant, nodded and got up with the help of her husband. Anne had started to walk away, but James stopped her and had insisted on buying her a meal as a thank you.

Anne thought that he was trying to insult her, but Lily had managed to calm down the situation. She then took them up on the offer, and the three spent a long time getting to know each other. Anne learned that the two that she had rescued were wand users who didn’t know that much about demons and the rest of the local nightlife, but they had an interesting tale themselves.

An evil man was trying to gain power in England and they were here to try to persuade people and creatures to fight on their side, rather than the bad guy’s.

Anne immediately said that she would join, despite James trying to convince her otherwise. She let out that she was the Vampire Slayer in a moment of a heated debate, then cowered down as if expecting to be hit.

Lily instead gave her a hug, telling Anne that she knew a little about how she felt, because she had been in a few of the same positions herself.

Anne gained control of herself then insisted that she go with them.


Anne woke up to a baby gurgling and rattling the bars to his crib. Harry never cried when he woke up in the same room as Anne. It was something that Anne was grateful for. She got out of bed and picked up the baby and brought him to her bed. “Time to go back to sleep, little one,” she whispered, kissing him on the forehead.

Lily found them together in the morning, like usual. She knew then that asking Anne to join the family was a good decision. Everyone that mattered adored her, and Harry needed someone that he knew. She kissed Anne’s forehead and gently took the baby from her. “That’s your new auntie, Harry. You’re gonna have to take good care of her, you hear me?” Lily whispered, kissing her son.


“You want to do what?” Anne asked at breakfast.

“We want to make you an official part of our family. You are like a sister to me and I’d like to make you my sister. I love you, Anne. We all do, and we want to make you a part of out family, as my sister,” James pleaded.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt this accepted in my life. I’d love to become your sister,” Anne said.

“That’s great! Welcome to the family, Anne,” James said, sweeping Anne up in a hug.

“There’s just one thing that I think I should tell you before we make this official. My first name isn’t Anne. Anne is my middle name. I switched names when I ran away from my family. My real name is Buffy. I switched names because I wasn’t able to be Buffy anymore. Meeting you and becoming part of your family has helped me become ready to be Buffy again. I’m sorry I lied to you,” Anne, now Buffy, said with tears in her eyes.

“Buffy or Anne, you’re still loved and cared for. Thanks for telling us though. Do you still want to be Anne, or do you want to become Buffy again?” Lily asked.

“I think I want to become Buffy again,” she replied, hugging her soon to be sister-in-law.

Lily smiled and James hugged Buffy tight when it was his turn.

“Harry will be lucky to have you at his side. Will you become his primary guardian?” James asked.

“Yes!” Buffy exclaimed.


Buffy was a well-kept secret in the Potter family. Mr. and Mrs. Potter welcomed their new daughter with open arms and lavished her with care and love. They died shortly after they met Buffy, murdered by Voldemort. Buffy, Lily and Harry did their best to make James feel better, and they succeeded for the most part. James wasn’t as happy as he had been before the attack, but he put up a good front.

Buffy had adapted to being a Potter very well, though she didn’t give up her Summers heritage, or her duty as the Slayer. James and Lily expected the former, but were resigned about the latter. Buffy was a lot happier and continued to watch over Harry like he was hers, something that both Lily and James were happy about.


Halloween came up too quickly for Buffy’s liking. When she was adopted into the Potter family, she was told about the issues with Harry and why going into hiding was the best way to go. Buffy silently agreed with James that it was better to know what the enemy was doing then hiding and not knowing, but there wasn’t anything that she could do about it.

James wasn’t due home for a few hours, leaving Buffy cooking while Lily took care of Harry. Buffy’s cooking skills had improved a lot with the help of Lily, something which Buffy was grateful for. If she was going to take care of Harry at some point, she wanted something other than her skill in fighting to pass on to her pseudo son.

James arrived back home just as Buffy was taking the pot roast out of the oven. Shortly afterwards, the three of them dug in, with Lily cutting up some bite-sized pieces for Harry.

The biggest event of the night didn’t happen until bedtime. Lily and Buffy were tucking in Harry for the night when they heard James shouting. “Get out of my house, right now!”

“They’re here, Buffy!” Lily cried, terrified about what was going to happen. “Promise me that you will care for Harry. That you won’t leave him! Promise me!”

“I swear to you that Harry won’t be leaving my side until he can take care of himself. I’ll care for him as if he were my own,” Buffy promised, hugging Lily before turning to Harry.

Buffy picked him up and held him close to her, his back to her front. There was an agonizing scream, then bangs on the door in front of them.

“They’re here,” Lily whispered.

“Don’t worry, Lily. He’ll grow up, he’ll be so much like you and James that you won’t know what hit you,” Buffy whispered back.

The door banged open, and a tall man with flaming red eyes entered the room. “Give me the boy,” he hissed.

“I’d rather die then let you have him,” Lily answered calmly.

“So be it,” Voldemort hissed, waving his wand. He quickly whispered his incantation again, pointing his wand at Harry. There was a blinding light.

When the light vanished, Buffy and Harry were no where to be seen.


Buffy tucked her necklace back beneath her shirt. She was unsure if what she tried would actually work. She needed to stay long enough for Voldemort to be destroyed, but needed to be gone before anyone investigated. She adjusted Harry on her hip and entered the bank in front of her. She needed to be able to access the money that James set aside for her and Harry before she put her plan into action.


The goblins were very obliging. They had legally changed Harry’s name to Potter-Summers. She now had $90,000,000 in scattered banks across the world with the objects in the Potter vaults in a bank in the US, and she had a passport for both her and Harry. She was going home.


Buffy hesitated, looking at the house where her mother lived. She was scared to go in there, back to her old life. Looking back at Harry, Buffy made her decision. She drove past the house and out of Sunnydale.


A week later, Buffy had found a house in South Dakota that had everything that she was looking for. The house was large for two people, but had a huge backyard with a big swing set. She quickly bought it and she and Harry moved in within a few days.

The nearest neighbor was an old man down the road, Bobby Singer. He owned a garage where he fixed up cars. He was nice enough, and he knew about what went bump in the night. Buffy figured it out when she detected Holy water in the first drink he made her, as well as the Devil’s Trap on the ceiling of his living room. She didn’t ask him about it, but let him know that she knew what he had done and what was on his ceiling. He took it well, and helped her out when she needed a sitter or some work done around her house.


Buffy almost turned back when she pulled into Bobby’s driveway four years later. Harry was sitting in the back seat babbling to her about his day at day camp. The cars in the driveway didn’t look familiar, and she thought she might be getting into something that she should leave alone.

Her time was up, however, when she heard a gun cock and she turned to look into the war-ravaged eyes of one of the most handsome men she had seen in a while. “Get out of the car.”

His voice was gruff, and Buffy didn’t believe for a minute that he wouldn’t shoot her of given provocation.

Buffy slowly raised her hands so he could see them. Slowly, she unbuckled her seatbelt as he opened the door.

“Momma?” Harry asked, from his seat in the back.

The man looked into the back seat then looked at her. “Who the hell are you?”

“My name is Buffy Summers. I’m a friend of Bobby’s, his neighbor, in fact. I didn’t know he had visitors, or I wouldn’t have come.” Buffy thought it was best not to mention her other last name. Both she and Harry were under her first last name, and it would stay that way until she needed to change names again.

“Drink this,” the man handed her a flask. Buffy knew what it was, which gave her an idea as to who had her at gun point.

Without protest, Buffy took the flask and downed some Holy water then poured some into her hand and flicked it at Harry, who giggled. “Happy?”

“Grab the kid. We need to get inside,” the man growled, opening the door Harry was closest to. Buffy unbuckled Harry and the two of them entered the house, the man following behind.


“Bobby! We might have a problem!” Dean Winchester shouted as he entered the house behind the girl and her son.

“What did you manage to do this time?” Bobby muttered before turning the corner. In front of Dean was Buffy and Harry. Buffy looked mildly annoyed, while Harry was oblivious to was was going on.

“Buffy, what are you doing here?” Bobby asked.

“I was coming here because Harry wanted to spend some time with you, and my satellite broke again, but now I’m thinking that I just walked into something big and, with my luck, it’s either after you, or all of us at this point,” Buffy asked.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Harry asked very nervous.

“Don’t worry, Harry. Nothing’s going to get you. I promised your Mom that I would protect you,” Buffy said, hugging him and brushing a finger over the scar on the left side of his forehead.

“You’re not his mom?” Dean asked.

“I am in all ways but one. I’m an aunt of his,” Buffy answered, without giving away too much.

“You’re on the mark, Buffy,” Bobby interjected. “This is Dean, and the one in the corner is Sam. Boys, this is Buffy and her nephew Harry. She’s in the same business that we’re in,” Bobby made the introductions.

“You’re a hunter?” Dean asked.

“I don’t call myself a hunter. I prefer the term, Slayer, though I haven’t gone by it in a while. I’m out of practice,” Buffy answered.

“You’re not THE Slayer, are you?” Sam asked, speaking for the first time.

“Yeah, that’s me. Though there are two of us. Apparently, loosing conscience and being revived with CPR is enough to pass the baton,” Buffy answered.

“How old were you?” Sam asked, but Buffy was cut off answering by Dean.

“Not now. We’ve got to find Dad, Sam. Meg’s got him!” Dean said, trying to get back to the matter at hand.

“Does Meg have a red leather coat?” Buffy asked, stepping in front of Harry.

“Yeah, why?”

“I think it’s fair to say that she’s here, then,” Buffy answered, pointing with her chin at the blonde that just entered the house behind Dean.

Dean jumped away, spinning to face Meg. Sam put down his book and Bobby raised the gun he was holding. Buffy backed up, pressing Harry as close to the wall as she could without hurting him.

“I defiantly picked the wrong day for a visit,” Buffy said to herself.

Meg heard her. “Yeah, you did. It’s too bad. You’re now just as wrapped in everything as the rest of them, but you knew that already, Didn’t you?” Meg smirked. “The Dark Lord won’t stop trying to gain a foothold, and the only one that can stop him has run away.”

Buffy’s eyes glittered green with her anger.

“Did I hit a nerve? Poor Buffy, the runaway. Mother couldn’t deal, friends lied, lover killed. Angel sends his love by the way.” Meg’s voice was cold, eyes unblinking.

Dean sent Buffy a signal to keep her talking. Buffy glanced at the mirror behind Meg and saw that the Devil’s Trap was now between her and Meg, who was slowly advancing.

“Angel and I were over before we began. I’m over the tall, dark and dead, thank you,” Buffy taunted. “Besides, who says that he’s not going to be ready when the time comes?”

Meg was not too upset at Buffy’s insistences. “Sirius was accused of murder, did you know?”

Buffy hadn’t met Sirius, but had heard a lot about him from James and Lily. He was an honorable man who didn’t do anything serious without great provocation, and that included murder.

“I bet he just took the fall for you,” Buffy sneered. Meg tried to hit her, but her fist didn’t make it within a foot of Buffy’s face. Slowly Buffy looked up, causing Meg to as well. Seeing the Devil’s Trap, Meg rolled her eyes in disgust. Sam got a chair for Meg as Dean pulled Harry from behind Buffy and led the two of them to the entrance hall.

“You know, if we had met under different circumstances, I’d be flirting with you. From what I’ve seen, you’re an amazing woman, and I like to get to know you better,” Dean told her.

“Stop by when all of this is over, and I’ll consider it,” Buffy laughed.

She pushed Harry out the door and the two of them got into the car. The Winchesters were going to be good allies to have when Harry’s war heated up. With a grin on her face, Buffy turned on her car and started down the driveway to her house, Harry, quiet for once, in the back.
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