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Entangled Fangs

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Summary: Spn/Twilight Xover: Sam Black, a werewolf, has a problem. The human he imprinted has returned to Forks as a vampire. Slash, Incest (not bros)

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Chapter 11

"Oh yeah?" Dean moved to stand right in front of Sam, legs slightly apart. "I'll elongate alright... Zipper's getting cold," he smirked and took another drink.

Sam smiled as he sat forward, reaching up to grip his vampire's hips. "We can't have that now can we?" He asked softly before leaning in, his head dipping, mouth open at Dean's fly, hot breaths softly panting out against it as he rubbed his mouth over his cock through the denim.

"No... no we can't," Dean agreed, pleasure and heat coiling low in his stomach. As Sam's mouth pressed harder along his shaft, Dean groaned and pushed Sam back on the couch, climbing onto the couch with his knees on either side of Sam's thighs, straddling him. He had one hand on Sam's shoulder, the other on the back of the couch for support. "This mean we're not watching a show?" Oh, he had no problem with being 'the main attraction.'
Sam pulled his head back, a small naughty smirk pulling at his lips. "We could video tape it," he suggested, leaning back in as his hands slid around, nimble digits working the fastenings of Dean's jeans.

"Tape it, huh?" Biting his lower lip, Dean looked down at Sam's hands on his jeans, sucking his stomach in when Sam pressed against his cock. "So you can watch when I'm at work? Take care of yourself?" he asked, groaning as he imagined just that. "Only if you tape yourself too."

Jeans open, Sam tugged at the waistband, pulling it down Dean's hips until his vampire's cock sprang free. Moving one hand to wrap around his length, Sam dipping his head, tongue darting out to lick up the underside of his cock base to tip. "You wanna watch me jerk off?" Sam asked him softly, hot breath fanning against Dean's cock. Sam looked up at Dean's face as he ran his tongue around his crown, dipping it into the slit, pulsing his tongue there as he waited for the vampire's answer, the corners of his lips quirking upward slightly.

"Oh God... what?" His eyes fluttered open as he looked down, watching Sam's tongue on his dick, his fingers digging deeper into Sam's shoulder. "Do I ... yeah... course I wanna..." He gave a soft moan, licking his lips. "I wanna everything with you Sam. You know that," he forced the words out.

Sam gave a thoughtful frown as he pulled his tongue back into his mouth, his hand slowly pumping and squeezing Dean's cock, wrist pivoting as he stroked him. "Everything?" Sam asked him softly, tugging the vampire's jeans farther down with his free hand.

"Hell yeah," Dean answered.

Pulling his hand from Dean's cock, Sam pulled up just slightly as he wrapped his arms around Dean's waist, tackling him backward onto the floor, his body blanketing Dean's as Sam dipped his head, nibbling at Dean's neck, one hand reaching between them, returning to the vampire's cock, stroking him. Hard long pulls and slow teasing slides as his mouth worked at the vampire's neck, teeth scraping, biting, and tongue pulsing against the tender flesh.

"Whoa," Dean chuckled, just missing the coffee table and hitting the floor hard, then closing his arms around Sam. "You're very... enthusiastic today," he whispered thickly, thrusting lightly into Sam's fist and groaning at the little love bites at his throat. "Is this a night when we should have given the neighbors tickets to a show again?" Bringing one hand to Sam's face, he stroked his cheek and ran his thumb over Sam's mouth at his throat, dipping its tip inside, trying to distract Sam or to give himself another sensation to worry about.
Sam turned his head toward Dean's thumb, nipping it with his teeth. "Mmm, probably," he answered breathlessly. Turning his head again, Sam bit hard into Dean's neck, squeezing his cock at the same time, thumb rubbing across his tip. Releasing the vampire's skin, Sam ran his tongue over the abused flesh. "Even biting? You want to even do that with me?" Sam asked softly, hot breaths fanning Dean's neck.

"Stop!" The word came out as a command as he felt his teeth elongate... aching with lust for blood, Sam's. He pushed Sam up, letting him see his fangs trying to extend all the way. "Told you to warn me, Goddamit Sam. Because I do, yes... but it's not happening. We can tease, we can play, but THAT is not happening." Dropping his head down to the ground, he took a few unneeded breaths.

Sam pulled his hand from Dean's cock, cupping Dean's head in his hands, making him look back up at him, "Why?" Sam asked him softly, "Don't you want to be that close to me? Bond with me like that?" he leaned in, biting Dean's neck again, his hands sliding down from Dean's face, wrapping around him, trapping his arms against his sides. Sam's mouth worked at his throat, tongue pulsing against the abused flesh, teeth scraping, biting, and sucking the area of skin into his mouth hard. "Do it," Sam told him panting harder against the vampire's neck, "I want you to."

Hot puffs of air skimming over his erogenous zone had Dean's stomach clenching. "I... Sam, I'm already bonded with you. Fuck... you know that." He ran both of his hands over Sam's face, fingers moving past his hair line, clenching around silky soft hair. He pulled him back slightly, trying to maintain control over the situation. "Stop this madness... what has gotten into you? You used to tease but stop when..." yeah, he'd tell him his fangs were out and Sam would lighten up. But not lately, and Dean didn't understand it.

Sam gazed into Dean's eyes, his own searching them as he panted. "I talked to Jasper and Alice," he swallowed, giving a small nod, "Edward. I know how much you want this, Dean." He pleaded with his eyes, "I want you to feel free to be you. I bound us together," he licked his lips. "Now you do it." He leaned in, neck hovering and brushing over Dean's lips. "Do it, baby," Sam told him softly as he slid his hand down his lover's body, wrapping his hand back around his cock, stoking him, his head turning slightly to bite into Dean's neck hard.

"God..." Dean gave a pained sound, clenching his teeth, barraged by needs that were intensified by every suggestion falling from Sam's lips, and by every touch. It would be so easy... so fucking easy. The hard bite had Dean jackknifing up, a snarl working from the back of his throat.

Sam looked at Dean, eyes wide, brows furrowing in confusion. What was wrong?

Dean's eyes were dark, very dark as he stared at Sam, who he'd pushed off him. "How many times have you told me what a werewolf's job is, Sam?" he demanded? "I won't have you do the exact opposite... the exact opposite of what you think is your place in the world, not for anything, you got that?"

Sam opened his mouth, only to close it again, blowing out a breath of air as he reached up to run a hand through his hair.

Dean licked his lips. "Then there's the venom... and what about the danger? You don't think it will trigger a fight? I do not want to kill you... to change you... and I do not want to end up dead either." He put his face in his hands. "The moon is getting to you. Clearly."

"The moon is not getting to me!" Sam spat, sitting back on his ankles, hazel eyes locking with onyx. "I just thought," he huffed, "you know what? Never mind," he told him, tearing his gaze away, pulling to his feet and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Never mind what? You know I'm right, you know it." Dean nodded, eyes pleading with Sam to be reasonable. "We'll talk about it again, in a few days, when you're not so... excitable, alright? Sitting across the table from each other, we'll discuss it."

Sam narrowed his eyes. "I'm not excitable," he snapped, but the truth of the matter was he was drawn to the idea of going outside, shifting and running with the pack, mating. More tonight than any other. He hung his head, "I don't think the venom would bother me," he said softly, lifting his head as he gave a small shrug, "I'm not exactly your average human," his lips quirked slightly at the corners, though there was no amusement in the gesture.

Nodding, Dean gave a smile.

Sam sighed as he started to pace. "A fight is a very real concern, I'll give you that. And yes, it would go against what I am," he huffed, shaking his head, before looking over at Dean. "But then, doesn't loving a vampire?" Sam tore his gaze away, "Instinct would make me want to kill you," he paused in his pacing to look into Dean's face, "but I think my love for you is stronger than that." He offered a soft smile that quickly fell away as he resumed pacing.

Running a hand through his hair, Sam licked his lips, brows furrowed. "Dean, you've said yourself we're a couple that makes no sense, but," he paused again to look back at Dean. "I want you to be free to do what you want when we're together. I don't want you to feel like you have to hold back," he shook his head, "not with me."

"Couples fight about money, about places they want to go see, things they want to do, houses they want to buy. They fight about jobs, and family... why is it you and I fight about... sex?" he asked. "Our first fight... sex, or lack of it. Second fight... sex... with other people. And now..." Dean looked down, gathering his thoughts.

Sam's brows furrowed. "Huh... wow..." he tilted his head to the side.”Who's the horn dog now? Cause I don't see it that way. First fight was about how we each were so worried we might hurt the other person that we neglected to mention to said person exactly what we were refraining from - for them. Second fight," Sam hung his head, licking his lips, his voice softer as he spoke. "It was about feeling hurt and betrayed, misunderstandings and pain, fear," he said, slowly raising his head. "This one," he shook his head, "about me wanting you to be you instead of holding back!" his voice growing louder again with each word. Sam stormed over to the kitchen, grabbing a knife, "You want my blood?" he cut a small line across his forearm, holding it out afterward toward Dean, "take it."

Dean felt shame wash over him at Sam's recharacterizations of their fights in non-sexual terms. Before he could say anything, Sam was in front of him, arm out and Dean's started to scramble back, though his eyes were laser focused on the rivulets of scarlet running down tanned skin and he breathed in the scent of Sam's blood. His nostrils flared, his fang aching more than ever... elongating again. "That is not fair," he shouted, his chest heaving as he tried to fight the need. "Stop... for Christ's sakes Sam... stop..." A muscle pulsed in his jaw, and he was doing everything he could to keep from grabbing Sam's arm and forcing it to his mouth.

Sam took a step closer, teeth clenched together. "Stop trying to be the damn hero!" he ground out, closing the distance between them and dropping down onto his knees over Dean. "I don't need you to protect me from you," Sam told him, breaths panting out, chest rising and falling hard with each one, hazel eyes focused on Dean's fangs. "I need you to," Sam clenched his teeth as hard as he could, fighting the desire to shift, muscles tensing, "love me!" he growled out as he reached a hand out, gripping the back of Dean's head as he shoved his bleeding arm against his mouth.

"God..." Wet, sticky blood covered his mouth. Dean could almost taste it. "I do... I love you," he snarled. "This doesn't prove anything, it..." Unable to move away from temptation, his resolve cracked. His fangs extended. He tilted his head back, eyes tortured, fangs in full view. "Look... look what you've done," he whispered, raising both hands up, his fingers clamping around Sam's forearm on either side of the wound.

Sam squeezed his eyes closed, turning his head away from the sight of Dean's fully elongated fangs, his breaths panting hard, chest rising and falling fast. Sam grit his teeth, gasped in a breath through parted lips, and then grit them together again.

His eyes snapped open, gasping in a breath the moment he felt Dean's tongue against his arm, licking away the blood, felt his mouth against the wound. He wanted nothing more than to turn his head, to look, to watch, but he didn't know just how safe for either of them that would be, the want, the need to shift was so strong he was barely holding it back. Sam bit his lip, a soft whine tearing from his throat as he closed his eyes, "Don't stop."

As if he could just stop on a dime. Dean's grasp tightened as he licked the slightly spicy blood, recognized it as that of his mate... wanted ... wanted more... wanted if from an artery that would pump more into his mouth. Groaning, he dragged his fangs over Sam's skin, pressing lightly, wanting to break skin... fighting it... fighting hard, but sucking hard at the same time.

Suddenly, he tugged Sam down to the ground, snarling when he thought Sam was pulling his arm away. He wanted this... he was going to get this.

Sam sat on the floor next to Dean, a death grip on his arm. His breaths panted out hard through parted lips, hazel eyes flashed yellow as he watched his vampire's desperate actions.

Dean lifted his head, "don't say I didn't warn you," he ground out, leaning in and kissing Sam on the lips, spreading the blood over his lover's mouth, licking it off him, pushing it into his mouth with his tongue, groaning when Sam's tongue moved against his own.

Sam gasped in a breath at the feel of Dean's blood soaked lips against his own. He didn't flinch as Dean pushed his own blood into his mouth. Blood wasn't a new thing for a wolf, the taste of it, having it in his mouth. What was normally thought of as disgusting by a wolf was a vampire's desire to actually drink it, but so far, Sam wasn't finding anything about what Dean was doing disgusting. It was more, suggestive, sexual, erotic. Not at all what he had been lead to believe it was. But then, this was Dean and himself, not just a random vamp or a random victim.

Tangling his tongue around Dean's, Sam moaned softly, raising his free hand to cup his vampire's face as they kissed. His hand slid slowly upward, digits threading through Dean's short cropped hair, his hand curling into a fist, holding onto the vampire as the kiss grew deeper, more aggressive. By the time Sam pulled his head back, his eyes were passion glazed, breaths panting between parted lips for more reasons than just the want to shift.

Blood pounded at Dean's temples. He couldn't get the taste of Sam out of his mind and wanted more. Pulling Sam's arm up, he moved his mouth to where he'd squeezed out more blood, licking it off Sam, his cock getting hard... his fangs vibrating against soft skin. It wasn't enough. Pulling back, he grabbed Sam's shirt with both hands at the collar, and tore it into two, eyes latching onto the column of Sam's throat, heat washing though him at the sight of the pulse that was beating strongly.

Sam wasn't fighting him, but something primitive inside Dean's brain was triggered, and he expected a fight... expected Sam to try to stop him, to steal what was now his. Giving another warning snarl, he pushed Sam down onto his back, grabbing both wrists and bending them back, pinning them on the ground next to Sam's ears.

Half straddling Sam's body, pressing him down flat by using his knee and his hip, demanding complete submissiveness, he looked into hazel eyes... a warning lighting his own. "Don't move."

Sam's hands curled into fists where Dean held them against the floor. He gazed up at his vampire, hazel eyes flashing yellow with each beam of moon light that hit them, breaths panting out hard, chest heaving. At Dean's command, Sam's gaze darted down, almost as if he had no say in the matter, to his vampire's razor sharp fangs. Swallowing hard as he fought the want to change, to rip the vampire before him in half, Sam squeezed his eyes closed. "I love you," he whispered softly, turning his head to one side.

"You better. Or this isn't ending well," Dean answered, pulling his lips back to bare his fangs as he lowered his head. He sank his teeth deep into Sam's jugular, bringing his hips down at the same time, grinding against Sam, pressing him into the ground with his body, with his mouth at his throat, with his hands pinning him. Mine Sam's blood flooded his mouth, sweet and spicy, and fast like the wind, exciting, like running through the forest, like jumping off the highest trees... and hot, so fucking hot, like only his lover could be. Groaning, Dean started to fuck against Sam as he drank, taking from him, showing him who he belonged to, that he was a vampire's wolf... this vampire's wolf.

Sam's eyes snapped open as Dean's fangs sank into his neck, lips curling back in a snarl as survival instinct, the wolf's survival instinct against a long-time enemy kicked in hard and strong. The need to shift, the instinctual demand to do so, hung there at the edge, like a sneeze that didn't quite happen, as Sam fought against it, fought not to attack his vampire. Breaths panted through parted lips as narrowed hazel eyes darted about the room, his wolf's mind planning an attack, even as Sam tried to think of something else, of the feelings Dean's body stirred within his own as he ground against him, the feel of his lover's mouth against his neck, tried to tell himself that it was a kiss, just a kiss, but the wolf knew better. Ripping his wrist free of Dean's grasp, Sam wrapped his arms around the vampire as he dipped his head, lips parting, mouth opening, biting hard as he could into the vampire's neck, head shaking. A bite that had he shifted, would have been a death blow.

Anger roiled through Dean when Sam dared to break his hold, a snarl sounding. Before he could force him back, Sam's teeth closed over his own throat, sending blood and heat surging directly to his cock. Moaning with pleasure and pain, Dean came in his pants, hips rolling, pressing against Sam's as he drank, swallowing his lover's blood, mentally vowing this bond between them would never break... that he'd break anyone who tried.

Feeling Sam open his mouth to bite again, Dean moved his mouth off Sam's throat, to his mouth and kissed him hard. It was a fierce, bruising kiss, teeth clashing, tongues warring, pushing and pulling, battling for dominance. "Mine," he growled, "don't fucking move," he went back to Sam's throat, lapping up the rivulets of blood, before inserting his fangs through the original wounds and drinking again, slowly calming.

The kiss had distracted the wolf, even as it inflamed Sam, had him bucking up against Dean, grinding against him. Sam swallowed, lips parting on a groan as Dean's fangs slid back into his jugular vein, his hips thrusting hard upward, back arching, holding there a moment before slowly lowering back against the floor. His eyes squeezed tightly closed, hands sliding over Dean's back as he drank. "Oh God..." he panted out softly, hands sliding up to hook over his vampire's shoulders as Sam held onto him, hips rolling, thrusting, grinding hard against his lover.

It was good, so good. He could enjoy it now that the initial blood lust had been satisfied. Very aware of Sam's motions, his needs, Dean started to move over Sam, one hand sliding between them to undo Sam's jeans. Pushing his hand inside, he squeezed Sam, fucked against his thigh, and sucked, squeezed him again and thrust, setting a rhythm, and moaning against his throat. He could stay like this forever, forever...

He heard Sam's sigh, and a part of him knew he had to stop. Forcing his head up, he licked Sam's wound, then his lips. "You're mine. Always were, Sam. Always will be," he said, with finality, lowering his head and licking into Sam's mouth, tongues tangling wildly as they rolled across the floor, their bodies pressing, rubbing, trying to get closer.

Sam kissed Dean back, giving as good as he got, hands running over the vampire's body, gripping his ass and pressed him down harder against him as he thrust upward, grinding their bodies together before they rolled again and Sam tore his mouth from Dean's, hands going to the waistband of Dean's already unfastened pants, to tug them down, yanking them off as he pulled back for just a second, reclaiming his place. "Want you... need you," Sam panted softly, tugging down his own jeans as far as he could before lowering his body back down thrusting against Dean, making their cocks slide together.

"Hell yeah, need you," Dean answered, lifting up against Sam's warm body, groaning as their cock's collided. He used his legs to try to push Sam's jeans off, rolling them over in frustration so he could rock back, and peel the damned things off. His lover lay before him, legs wide open, bathed in moonlight, and wearing his mark on the side of his throat.

A deep groan broke from Dean, his heated gaze traveling over every inch of his werewolf before he crawled up his body, dropping kisses on his legs, his thighs, his cock. Licking his way up his flat belly, chest, throat and finding Sam's mouth, his tongue met Sam's as he welded their lips together.

Sam's hips bucked, thrusting his cock up against Dean's as their mouths met, tongues tangling. He wrapped a leg around the back of his vampire's leg, pinning him against his body, arms wrapped around him and sliding down from his back to his ass, pressing him down hard.

Tearing his lips away from Dean's, Sam lifted his head, dipping it, to run his tongue across the vampire's nipple, sucking it into his mouth, nipping at the hard nub. Running his tongue across it, Sam slowly pulled his head back, reaching with one hand to pull Dean closer. Leaning in Sam bit into the tender flesh of the vampire's neck as his hips bucked up hard against Dean's. Releasing the skin, Sam licked across the bite, hot breaths panting against sensitive flesh.

"Oh... God..." Dean groaned. "You're enough to give a vampire 'werewolf moon heat'," he muttered, closing his eyes as white hot heat lanced through his body. "Fangs..." he warned out of habit, as they extended. "Naughty... naughty puppy... need to be punished, hmm?" Pushing up, hands flat on either side of Sam's body, he started to fuck against him hard, eyes locked with his werewolf's, letting Sam's leg wrapped around his own set the pace.

They stayed like that for a while, locked in a rhythm, speaking with only their eyes, Sam's breaths panting out, skimming Dean's chest. "How does it feel? When you're in heat?" he asked, both needing to know, and trying to put off the moment when he would take Sam, take him hard.

Sam panted his breaths as he looked up at Dean, brows raising, "In heat?" he gave a breathy chuckle that quickly died away along with the smile. Sam's eyes took on a predatory glint as he stared up at his vampire. "It's an ache, like a fire on the inside. Makes a wolf want to do naughty bad things," the corners of his lips quirked into a wicked smirk as his gaze traveled over as much as Dean's body as he could see before returning to his eyes.

With a quick movement, Sam rolled them once then again, suddenly lifting Dean up onto his knees so that Dean was kneeling with his body against the wall, face pressed against it, Sam's own body pressed in close behind him. His cock slid against the cleft of Dean's ass as Sam bent his head, his mouth at Dean's throat, hot breaths panting out. "How does it feel to be the object of a wolf in heat's lust?" Sam panted the words softly, biting hard into Dean's neck at the same moment that he reached down, aligning his hard cock with Dean's tight hole, thrusting balls deep inside.

Hands flat on the wall, Dean arched back crying out his lover's name. "Picking up vampire speed?" he asked, through gritted teeth as waves of heat tore through him. Surprises like this... it’s what he lived for. With all the sex they had, neither one could ever predict what would come next. It was a good thing they were strong and flexible. "I pity Edward," he snorted at the thought of having to be careful with a human. And then Sam was moving, thrusting in him, and he could barely think. Laying his head back on Sam's shoulder as his lover nuzzled and nipped his throat, Dean's mouth parted, allowing the wolf to see his sharp fangs... to let him know what he was doing to him.

As the heat between them intensified, Dean used the wall to help him push back against Sam, riding his dick as much as Sam was riding him. "Doing things a bit backwards here... you're the naughty puppy. I was gonna... pun... ish... unh... God... you," he gasped, thoughts derailed as Sam's cock brushed against his prostate and drove him wilder with need.

Sam pulled his head up, moving to the other side, and leaning in, hot breaths panting against the vampire's neck. "You are punishing me," he told him softly, thrusting harder as he gripping Dean's hips in his large hands. "I'm a bad puppy," he smiled against the sensitive skin, tongue darting out to lick up the side. "I think you need to bite your puppy," Sam told him softly as he bit hard into Dean's neck, a low groan tearing from his throat. Releasing the abused flesh, Sam kissed it softly better. "Wanna watch you drink my blood as you come."

"Oh God... don't say that... don't fucking say that," Dean groaned, the image taking hold in his head as they fucked harder and harder. "If you saw me doing it, you'd wolf out... almost did... admit it..." he struggled to keep talking. "Tell me you didn't want to kill me, that the burn wasn't there in your gut," he demanded. It could have been a mess... Sam wolfing out, him protecting himself...

He grabbed Sam's hand off his hip, pulled it up in front of him and licked the wound that Sam had cut into his arm. Incredible heat raged through him at the first taste of Sam's blood. "This has to be enough, Sammy. Has to," he whispered hoarsely, pressing his teeth against Sam's flesh, but refusing to break new skin.
Dean was right, he had been close to shifting, had wanted nothing more than to destroy the vampire that was blatantly drinking blood, instinct had demanded it, but Sam had fought it with everything he had. He could do it again.

Breathing in slowly through his nose, his eyes closing Sam raised his head, shaking it. Slowly he opened his eyes, leaning in to press a kiss to Dean's temple, "I can fight it, I did before," he told him through gritted teeth, breaths panting out. "Fuck.... tie me up," Sam blurted, "the tie wraps from work, brought them from Forks. In drawer, with cuffs. Tie me up, Dean."

"So fucking dangerous in the moonlight. I think you need to go vampire hunting," Dean answered, groaning at the thought of stopping. Still... the thought of tasting Sam again, when he was coming... he couldn't quite get rid of it, couldn't banish it from his mind. "Okay... okay," he nodded, leaning his forehead against the wall as he waited for his werewolf to pull out of him.

A few moments later, he was getting up and pulling Sam up off the floor. Sam's flushed face, his hot breaths... they were like a drug to Dean. Pulling him into his arms, he gave him a bruising kiss, lips crushing as his tongue pushed inside Sam's mouth. He kissed him hard, owned him, then released him. "Go to the bathroom. Hands against the mirror, over the sink," he said, walking to the hallway that lead to their bedroom.

Sam took a step back and gave a nod, his gaze roaming over his vampire before he turned and headed up the hall to the bathroom. Walking into the bathroom, Sam left the light off as he stood before the sink, bracing one hand against the wall before him at one side of the mirror, reaching down with the other, wrapping it around his cock, stroking himself slowly, bottom lip caught between straight white teeth.

When Dean returned, he stood at the door and watched Sam in the mirror, occasionally letting his gaze skim over Sam's ass, clenching as he thrust into his fist, then back into the mirror, drinking in the sight of his lover turned on and stroking himself. His fingers bit into the door frame, his own need making his cock surge with blood and press up against his stomach. He must be a masochist, because he didn't move to touch his werewolf... he just stood there.
Sam's head fell back, lips parted as he panted, his vampire's scent strong in his nostrils, he knew Dean was standing there near him. Turning his head, hazel orbs locked on Dean's. His tongue darted out to lick his lips as he thrust his cock harder into his fisted hand. "You gonna just watch?" he panted, catching his bottom lip again between his teeth as his gaze slid over his vampire, "C'mere."

"I could watch you forever and never get tired," Dean answered thickly, taking one sluggish step after another until he was behind Sam, kissing the side of this throat. He wasn't sure about doing this, but knew his werewolf was going to be stubborn about it, and that if they were successful, nothing would ever be the same... that it would be an addiction neither would be able to resist.

He licked and kissed Sam's shoulder, then down his arm, taking his wrist and pushing Sam's hand flat against the mirror. He moved over to the other side, this time raking his sharp teeth down Sam's other arm, and licking him better, before slamming his other hand down onto the edge of the glass counter. The glass bowl and counter fixture sat on four chrome legs, and Dean took several of the tough plastic ties and used them to tie Sam's wrist to one of the legs of the counter. He secured them in a way that they would tighten with every movement or tug, so if his claws appeared or he started to shift, they would still hold him, at least long enough for Dean to have a chance to stop Sam... do whatever it took.

Sam's breaths panted out, soft moans breaking from his throat at the feel of Dean’s mouth against his flesh, kissing, licking, teasing him. His gaze intent on every move Dean made as he bound his wrist to the counter fixture.

Moving to the other side, he crouched down and tied Sam's opposite ankle to the leg of the counter. Sweeping his hand up Sam's inner legs and thighs, he leaned in and bit his calf hard. "Make you feel at home?" he teased, then kissing it better, started to lick his way up the same path as his palm.

Sam's leg muscle twitched and rippled as Dean's hand traveled up his leg, the bite making his muscles flex and tense, a low grunted groan leaving him, lips pressed together, nostrils flared as his head fell back. "Home?" Sam panted the word, giving his head a shake, "Nah, getting bit at home, doesn't make my cock throb."

"That's a good thing... or I might have to kill someone." Dean pressed a firm kiss against Sam's sack, then licked it. Inching his tongue around it, he pressed it against that sensitive area between Sam's sack and cock, mouth open and half sucking at the same time.

At the feel of Dean's lips against his sac, his cool wet tongue against his warm flesh, Sam groaned softly, breaths panting harder, chest rising and falling hard with each one. "Oh sweet God..."

He pulled back, his hands wandering up Sam's ass. "How's that throbbing going?" This time, he nipped Sam's ass, then grabbed the lube from the narrow glass drawer under the counter. "Touch yourself," he said, drizzling some of the lube down Sam's crack, and adding some to his finger tips, he started to push his finger inside Sam, watching him the mirror. "You're so fucking beautiful..."

Sam bit his lip, shifting his weight, tugging slightly at the wraps that held his wrist, "Fuck..." he hissed in a breath between his teeth. "It's bad, getting worse," his dick twitched as if to confirm his words. Sam moved his free hand to his cock, wrapping his large hand around its length and started to slowly stroke himself, hips thrusting his throbbing dick into his fisted hand, the muscles off his ass clenching and unclenching as he moved, head tilting back as he started to stroke himself harder, breaths panting out hard through parted lips.

Sam groaned as Dean pushed his fingers inside his tight hole, sliding them in and out with the rhythm he was pumping his shaft. "Heh," he swallowed, licking his lips, "Beautiful?" he arched back against his vampire's fingers, a cry of pleasure tearing from his lips, "Oh God... fuck me, drink my blood." Sam told him, pulling his head up, his gaze locking with Dean's in the mirror. "Need it, need you. Now."

The desperation in Sam's cry... the look in his eyes... it got rid of any notions Dean had of a slow burn. An inferno of heat stirred in his loins and there were no more second thoughts, just need... desire for Sam, to bring them together, to bind them in his way.

He slammed his body up against Sam's, skin slapping against skin, his hand shaking slightly as he aligned his blunt tip to Sam's hole, biting his lip in anticipation. "Gonna fuck you. Make you mine. Drink you," he promised against Sam's ear, eyes locked with his lovers in the mirror.

Sam moaned at the images Dean's words had swirling in his mind, the way they made his cock twitch and pulse with lust, his eyes fluttering slowly closed as he reached back with his free hand to grip Dean's hip behind him.

One hard thrust of his hips and every inch of his cock was buried deep inside Sam. "Holy fuck," he groaned as Sam's tight muscles clenched around him, sending renewed heat through his blood stream. "Fuck... fuck... fuck..." he grunted, thrusting again and again, one arm wrapped tight around Sam's center, pulling him close each time he thrust.

As Dean thrust hard into his tight hole, Sam's eyes shot open, muscles tensing and spasming around the deep invasion of his body. Deep long groans tore from Sam's throat as he rocked, pressing back against Dean's cock, his hips thrusting his hard length into his fisted hand. "Oh fuck..." Sam growl-groaned through clenched teeth, breaths panting out hard and heavy.

As intense waves of pleasure crashed over Dean, he ran his free hand over Sam's nipple, watching in the mirror as it pebbled, then pinching it. The way Sam banged into him at the sudden pain had Dean cursing again. He moved his mouth up and down the side of Sam's neck, baring his fangs... letting Sam see what he'd wanted. It hurt... fucking hurt to wait... fucking hurt to think how it would feel to be fucking his werewolf and drinking... forcing Sam to fight his nature in order to allow Dean's to surface. Could there be a greater sacrifice?

Sam's lips parted as he watched his vampire in the mirror, his gaze darting to the nipple that Dean teased relentlessly, sending waves of heat low to pool in his groin, his cock pulsing, thickening even more, growing even harder in his fisted hand. His nipple aching, somewhere between pleasure and pain, making Sam buck back against Dean harder, slamming himself back on his cock, his hips thrusting hard forward into his fisted hand. Breaths panted, chest heaving, eyes passion glazed and unfocused as they met Dean's once again in the mirror, watching as mouth, the fangs that his vampire bared to him as his mouth moved against his neck.

Sam's body jerked back, his wrist tugging at the bindings at the sight of Dean's fangs, the plastic wraps tightening against his wrist and ankle, breaths panting harder. Sam tore his gaze from the sight of Dean's fangs, staring intently into Dean's eyes. "Do it," he panted breathlessly, "oh God, just do it..."

Dean didn't need another invitation. Tonguing the shell of Sam's ear, he moved down to his throat, his tongue instinctively finding Sam's pulse point and a possessive snarl breaking from him... a primitive warning to anyone who tried to stop him. Eyes uncharacteristically dark and reflecting danger, he pressed his teeth firmly against Sam's tender flesh.

Sam's muscles tensed as he watched the vampire in the mirror, the instinct to shift warring with his will not to, with his need to submit to his vampire, to allow Dean to do what he needed, to stop holding back this part of him.

Heat from the blood rushing under Sam's skin emanated... resonated through Dean's teeth and body, triggering needs no non-vampire would understand. He moved his hand from Sam's nipple, to the other side of his throat, his thumb pulling Sam's chin to one side.

Sam's gaze remained locked on the sight of the vampire's fangs, even as his head was turned. Breaths panted out hard through parted lips, chest rising and falling rapidly.

Opening his mouth wider, Dean suddenly bit down, his fangs instantly piercing Sam's flesh in two deep puncture wounds. Holy fuck... Sam's blood rolled over his tongue, hot and spicy and sweet ... a thousand flavors all screaming of his lover. He started to fuck into Sam harder, blood lust making his mind haze... his body partly out of control with the need that drove him, rode him like a sonovabitch.

"Unaagh!" Sam panted, teeth clenching together, gaze laser focused on the vampire's mouth, muscles tensing, rippling, bulging, as he struggled against the wraps holding him, pulling back against them, his hips bucking his aching cock into his fist as he rammed himself back against Dean's dick lodged deep inside of him.

Eyes flashing yellow in the dark of the moon as a sliver of sliver moon light hit them, Sam arched his neck, his body back against Dean's, head laying against the vampire's shoulder. Sam turned his wrist this way and that as he tugged at the wrap, his free hand pulling away from Dean to slap hard against the wall in front of him, fingers curling as his short blunt nails grew into claws, clawing against the wall paper. "Nuugh! Don't stop! Fuck..." Sam growled out between gritted teeth.

There wasn't a chance of him stopping, not now, not even when he sensed the tension rise in Sam, not even when he realized the struggle now raging within his werewolf. His gaze flicked to Sam's claws, his teeth bit even more firmly down, establishing who was in control here. He moved his thumb slightly, now had it pressing against Sam's Adam’s apple... a clear threat if he tried to turn away or move.

Mine. My mark. My mate. As Dean drank deeply, he claimed Sam as his again, this time properly, branding him with his teeth, branding him from the inside with each hard thrust of his hips that had Sam slamming into the counter. He felt his love struggling, felt him move his free leg, and pressed into it, pinning Sam to the counter, using his body to prevent him from getting free... from changing.

Sam's head fell forward, teeth gritted together, breaths panting out hard and hot, chest heaving hard with each breath, his body shook, trembled, muscles tense as he fought off the strong desire, the instinctual need to change, to defend himself, to kill his natural enemy. "Oh... God..." The words groaned growls that tore from deep in Sam's throat, eyes squeezed tightly closed, hips bucking back against his vampire, his hand stroking faster, insistent tugs along his hard cock.

Pulling his head up, eyes predatory and shimmering yellow, teeth and mouth shifting, a show of the wolf within, only to shift back again, mouth open, breaths heaving, chest and stomach rising and falling with each gulp and release of air. Sam tugged, struggling against the wraps at his wrist, his bound leg jerking back from the sink leg, weight shifting as he fought his very nature.

Locked in his vampire's blood lust, Sam's struggles felt like the flutters of a bird... to be caged, to be held, to be controlled. Automatically, Dean's hand slapped onto the back of Sam's neck, forcing him down toward the sink, a part of him still conscious to Sam's desire to watch... allowing him to look in the mirror, though with more difficulty now. His mouth never left Sam's throat, his blood so fucking addictive... it would take a miracle for him to give it up now. Feeling Sam try to lift up, he shoved him down again, ramming his cock deeper into his werewolf. "Take it," he managed to snarl against his throat as he started to fuck Sam senseless.

Lips parted as he panted his breaths, his hand against the wall, sliding down to grip the edge of the sink in a tight grip, Sam looked up at their reflection as best as he could, pushing back against Dean's hold on him, face flushing a deep red as muscles tensed, his hand around his cock tightening as he stroked himself, bound arm tugging, struggling for freedom, the wraps digging into his skin. "Uungh!" he grit his teeth, grinding himself back against Dean, as he struggled, movements growing frantic, the sight of his own blood, thin scarlet ribbons running down from where his vampire's mouth was clamped firmly on his throat making it nearly impossible for him to bear.

Dean's body tensed. His balls drew up so tight against his body it fucking hurt. When he lifted his head and drew his fangs out of Sam's throat, he could see his irises had bled completely back. He pumped, thrusting hard once, twice, watching the blood roll down Sam's throat... seeing the wolf's struggle, and then he gave a loud snarl, gripping Sam's hip with one hand, and his chest with the other, fitting their bodies tight.

Sam groaned, breaths panting, eyes glazed and wild as Dean pulled him up, crushing his body back against Dean's, Sam's hips thrusting hard forward, his cock into his fist, back against the vampire's dick in his ass. A growled hiss of breath left him as he gritted his teeth, muscles flexing and rippling as he moved, struggled and writhed within Dean's arms.

Heat raced through Sam's veins, a tingling pleasure that pooled low in his belly, making his balls draw up tight, his head falling back against his vampire's shoulder. "Nuugh... fuck..."

As his climax started to rip through him, Dean tilted his head back, then struck again, his fangs sinking deep into Sam's throat, fresh blood gushing in his mouth as the first rope of cum left him, filling his werewolf.

Sam's body convulsed, back arching, hips thrusting forward, muscles tense and drawn tight, the tendon in his neck protruding, face flushed a deep scarlet, breaths panting through gritted teeth as Dean bit into his neck once more. "Unuugh!" Sam cried out as the first rope of spunk jetted from his cock, splattering onto the sink counter.

Dean groaned again, as another wave of heat ripped through him, forcing him to thrust against Sam's ass as he came again, a second time, taking his lover's blood... taking his essence in him, just as he was filling Sam with his own.

Sam groan growled through his teeth as another rope of cum left him, coating his hand, some splattering onto the sink. He struggled harder, yanking and jerking on the wraps, claw tipped fingers digging deep gouges into the sink where he held onto it.

Anchored deep inside Sam, Dean kept him in that position, holding him like a vice... his body pressing Sam's against the counter, refusing to allow room... any room between them. As another rope of cum left him, a thick, heavy feeling of satisfaction started to spread across Dean's belly. Slowly, he released Sam's throat, dipping his head down to lick him clean, again and again as the wound bled. Pulling back from Sam's body slightly, he took Sam's softening cock into his hand, squeezing it. "Vampire style... you satisfied?" he asked, his voice low and raspy. He put his other hand over Sam's on the sink, fingers sliding up and down the werewolf's claw tipped fingers... watching intently as they shifted back.

Sam's head fell back against Dean's shoulder, breaths panting out hard, chest rising and falling with each one. He swallowed, licking his lips, "Oh God... so good..." his eyes closed, then opened again. "Yeah, very satisfied." His gaze darted down to their joined hands, a small breathless chuckle working out of him. "We need a new sink," he panted softly.

"Oh yeah... or... new equipment... something," Dean answered with his own chuckle. He kissed Sam's throat, licking it free of the last signs of blood as the wound was already healing. "Love you. And now any vampire within a hundred feet of you will know you're owned." His eyes glittered with amusement and a hint of possessiveness, as they met Sam's in the mirror.
Sam returned Dean's intense stare in the mirror for a moment before his lips quirked upward once more into a smirk. "Yeah, because we all know that what every vampire secretly longs for is a werewolf of their very own." His free hand reached back, sliding along Dean's side, as his smile slowly fell away. "Was already owned a long time ago," he told him softly, "my heart anyway." Sam turned at the waist, turning his head as far as he could, reaching up to cup the back of Dean's neck, pulling him in. "I love you too," he said softly before his lips parted, slanting over the vampire's.

It was a long, lingering kiss... neither one rushing now. Dean just enjoyed Sam's taste, the way his tongue moved with his, the way his body reacted, slipped against his own... just like they were made for each other. Vampire and werewolf... go figure. When he could finally bear to be apart, he kissed Sam hard one last time and walked to the door. "I need a coke. Want one? And oh... last one in the Jacuzzi is a tiny little fluffy rabbit." He left with a grin on his face, sure that no matter how slow he got the drinks, he'd win.

Sam's mouth opened and closed as he watched Dean start to walk out, he jerked at the wraps holding his wrist and the ones holding his ankle. "Uh, yeah, but Dean-" Sam frowned as Dean walked away down the hall, his gaze going to the wraps as he tugged harder, the thick ties only tightening more on his wrist, his hand starting to turn purple, wrist chafing under the wrap as he turned his hand trying to break free. He could hear Dean laughing from the kitchen. Jerk.

Breaths coming faster, Sam shifted, easily snapping the wraps as if they were tissue paper as he did. Turning, the wolf raced down the hall toward the Jacuzzi, jumping up and over the side, not caring that his vampire was already there as his giant body splashed water all over the vampire, the walls, the floor, and himself.

Shifting back, Sam grinned at Dean. "Huh, I might be a fluffy rabbit, but you're a wet rat."

"Bitch!" Dean yelled, shaking the water out of his eyes and grimacing at the flood on the floor of their enclosed patio. "I don't have a tail... you on the other hand... fluffy... definitely fluffy." Grinning, Dean hooked an arm around his werewolf. "Come... let's make like rabbits..." He didn't have to ask twice, his horny werewolf was already on the same page and welding their mouths together.

* * *

[3 Months Later]

This night was the culmination of three weeks of hunting. Dean's werewolf hadn't been satisfied with life on the force and was moonlighting. And doing a damned good job of it without his pack. The citizens of Montreal and the surrounding areas ought to be thanking God for his presence... especially now, when the so called Night Time Killer was about to go down.

Dean didn't bother to try to muffle his footsteps as he followed deeper into the park. When the other man's footfalls stopped, so did Dean.

Three seconds later, a blond man with cruel thin lips, but an otherwise handsome face, appeared in front of him. "I think you are treading on my hunting grounds, boy. Go find your own prey," the vampire said, in a deep, richly accented voice.

Dean could feel the power coming off the vampire. Bet he was old... as old as Carlisle, or more. It too must have sensed that Dean was a fledgling still, less than a decade old. "Oh, I think I've found my prey," Dean answered, giving the other vampire a hard look.
The vampire smiled, a mere curving of his lips, fangs showing, eyes hard as granite. "I think you are getting in over your head here, boy." He gave a small chuckle, "I could snap you like a twig without even trying."

"Really? You think so?" Raising a brow, Dean crossed his arms over his chest. "You should say your prayers now. Call it instinct or whatever, but I think you're about to be... finished."

The vampire laughed. "Oh am I now? One puny fledgling?" he shook his head, "I think not."

Sam stood back a few hundred feet, downwind of the vampires, listening to their words, waiting for the right moment to strike. Breaths coming faster, he shifted, hidden in the darkness of the nearby woods.

Puny? Okay that almost made him want to attack the jerk. But Dean thought it would be more fun to introduce him to his surprise. "What about him?" Dean drawled, motioning toward the trees with a jerk of his chin. "Does that change your mind?"
Sam stepped out of the woods, lips curled back in a snarl, wolf eyes shining yellow in the moonlight as he crept slowly forward, his gaze intent on his prey.

"A vampire in league with a mutt?" the vampire asked, moving quickly, with vampire speed, around Dean, shoving him toward the werewolf, before turning and running off, the motions a blur of movement.

Sam growled a loud warning snarl tearing from his throat as he took off after the vampire, jumping up and over Dean as he ran, vicious snarls and growls filling the night.

"Ha... funny," Dean muttered, taking off after them and channeling Alice in vicious mode. Between himself and Sam... Bigmouth was going to find himself sliced and diced smaller than he had done to his victims.

As the vampire ran, Sam took off into the woods, the way Uley had taught the pack, head off the vampire in the direction he was going, double back and strike. Dean had, as Sam had told him, 'become a good wolf', chasing the vampires directly toward him, this becoming their classic move, meeting in the middle and tearing the rogue vampire to shreds. Tonight, was no different.

* * *

They had it down pat. They killed the vampire. Dug a pit, buried it, and headed for their car at the edge of the park. Dean went to the back of the car, grabbed fresh clothes for both of them and returned to the trees. Sam got dressed, and Dean wiped himself clean and changed out of his bloody clothes. One arm behind Sam's back, he headed back toward the car, this time joking around. "You're sexy when your little kitten claws come out," he said, leaning over and kissing him.
Sam grinned, chuckling softly. "Kitten claws," he rolled his eyes, "and you make a very good puppy. Who said vampire's were too dumb to learn new things?" he bit his lip, as he poked Dean in the side, jogging away from him a few steps and letting himself get caught, just so he could have another kiss, moaning softly as their lips met.

"Puppy..." Dean nodded, chuckling. "I'll show you puppy... He bared his teeth and forced his fangs to elongate. Hungry. You drink beer, I drink you..." he suggested, his hand sweeping down Sam's back to his ass. "Let's leave the car behind..."

Sam smiled. "Drink me, I'll make you do more than that." His gaze darkened with lust, tongue darting out to lick his lips as his gaze dropped to his vampire's. Sam jutted his head to the side. "There's a hotel over there with a bar on one of the top floors." He could hear the music in the breeze, "You wanna go there?"

Gripping a handful of Sam's shirt and pulling him close, he kissed Sam again. "That would be yes." Sucking Sam's lower lip into his mouth, he pulled away, the wet sound making his gut clench. Without another word, he started to race for the hotel, already thinking of the ways they'd have each other before the night was out.

Ten minutes later, they walked in and Sam headed to the bar to order a drink for himself and coke for Dean. Dean stood near the door, watching, a smile playing on his lips until a dark haired woman leaned across Sam and whispered in his ear. He could see her throat, he knew she'd brushed it against Sam. His eyes darkened as he fought against the need to rip her away, to remind her Sam was his. Remind... no, it wasn't Ruby, but that didn't mean his jaw wasn't clenched so hard it ached.

Sam smiled as the woman pulled away, reaching up to pull a leaf out of his hair that she had leaned in and whispered to him was there. Her dark gaze meeting his as she pulled back. "Just thought you might want to know before your girl got embarrassed," she told him with a wink, before turning and walking away.

Sam gave a small nod, tearing his gaze away to look back at the bartender as he brought over his drink and Dean's coke. Sam gave the man a nod, as he slid over his money. "Keep the change," he mumbled, turning to walk back over to Dean. Seeing Dean's expression, Sam frowned as he walked over, handing him his soda. Capturing one of Dean's hands within his own, Sam glanced back over his shoulder toward where Dean was staring with that venomous look in his eyes. "What? Someone mention a bloody deer?" he asked, noting how inky black Dean's eyes were. "What is it?"

"Nothing." Dean dragged his gaze off the woman, nostrils flaring. "Got the drinks... let's go." He just wanted to be as far away from her as possible, or his mood would be ruined. Fuck... he knew it wasn't logical, he knew it. Yet he still couldn't help it.
Sam's grip tightened on his hand, brow furrowing as he looked at Dean, then away again, only then realizing that the woman who had whispered in his ear about the leaf was a brunette... with dark eyes.

Sam sighed, raising his free hand to run through his hair. "Dean," he shifted his weight, hazel orbs intent on Dean's dark ones. "She told me I had a leaf in my hair, she," he smiled a small chuckle working out of him, "she didn't want 'my girl' to be embarrassed." He leaned in, his cheek against Dean's, head turning slightly, making his hot breaths ghost over his vampire's neck. "That's all."

"I know. It's fine." His voice was still clipped, even as Sam's warm breaths started to shake his mind free of his dark thoughts. "Sorry." He closed his eyes for a second then slanted his mouth over Sam's, lingering there before pulling away. "Did you just call me 'girl'?"

Sam's lips slowly curved into a wide smile before he chuckled softly, "Um, no, she did."

He finally chuckled, and nodded. "I'm an idiot sometimes, I know." He moved his hand up Sam's arm. "Vampire thing."

Sam sighed softly as he gave nod, muscle twitching in his jaw as his gaze searched Dean's face. "I know. It's," he shook his head, "I don't want her. I never wanted Ruby." Sam's hand squeezed Dean's, releasing it to cup his cheek, "I'm sorry," he sighed, "I only want you, then, now, always." His thumb ran slowly across Dean's cheekbone as he gazed intently into his eyes. "Marry me."

"I know that Sam, it's not tha-- wha... what?" Dean thought he hadn't heard right, but his chest was constricting and his eyes were searching Sam's to find truth. "What did you just say?" He turned his face slightly pressing his cheek into Sam's thumb.

Sam smiled. "I said, marry me," he told him, tearing his gaze away to look toward the floor. "Of course, it would be my luck to end up with the only vampire that was hard of hearing, so when I proposed I looked like an ass, because bat boy here needs a Miracle Ear to hear me," he rambled on sarcastically to no one, the smile on his face spreading wider making his dimples show.

"I don't need a Mirac... Sam!" Dean smiled suddenly. "Um... yeah... I mean 'yes,'" he nodded. "'Yes, I'll marry you. I mean... you're not asking me because," he nodded toward the woman he'd already forgotten about.

Sam's smile slid away as he gave a nod. "Yes, Dean, I'm asking you because I had to be told I had a leaf in my hair," he sighed, shaking his head. "No, I'm asking you because I want you to be the one who puts leaves in my hair for the rest of eternity. I want to wake up to you nudging me like the horn dog vampire you are, to bicker with you about who's stronger a vampire or a werewolf, to sit and talk to you, to watch crappy movies and listen to our families call each other names for the rest of my life... with you... just you... only you. Because I love you."

With each proclamation, warmth swept through Dean. His smile broadened as he reached out and put his arm around Sam's waist, pulling him closer. "I want to be the one who put leaves in your hair, the only one. I want to share your moonlight fever, I want to break more furniture with you," he nodded. "I want to listen to stories about your day putting the bad guys where they belong. Want you to keep turning up at the hospital and locking my office door so I can give you a ... consultation. Want to share my life... for all eternity, only with you. Now..." He kissed Sam's cheek and spoke hotly in his ear. "That box in your underwear drawer... is that my ring?" He'd been very close to opening it up when he'd seen Sam hide the box.

Sam's eyes narrowed, before he pulled his head back to look into the vampire's face. "Jacob always said you all were nosey," he sighed dramatically and nodded, "Yeah..." Sam's eyes widened, "you didn't look did you?"

"No! And I am not nosey, but I am impatient. You gonna give it to me when we get home?" He grabbed Sam's shirt and started walking backwards out the door. "I mean, we don't have to stay here to drink... we could go home."

Sam chuckled. "I dunno, maybe I should make you wait a few days," his eyes widened, a wicked gleam within their depths. "I could tease you with it," he grinned, "Orgasm or box, what would you chose?" he laughed wickedly.

"Cruel... you're really cruel," he answered, still dragging Sam out. "What kind of self respecting horndog of a werewolf passes up on sex after a hunt?" he asked. "Come on, don't you want me? Clothes off... on all fours... wiggling my ass at you... ring on my finger," he added for good measure.

Sam laughed, "Oh well, I guess I wouldn't want my horn dog status revoked, you might find a hornier wolf, and then there would be all the dead bodies from my killing spree," he sighed, chuckling. "Ass in the air, huh?" he asked brows raised, "I think we can work out a deal. Something that would appeal to both vampire and his werewolf," Sam told him softly, leaning in to slant his lips over Dean's, tongue delving deep into Dean's mouth.

"Yeah." They were still kissing and shoving against each other when they hit the street. Impatient to start their future, Dean twisted around. "On my back... now." The instant he felt Sam's arms go around him, Dean started to run at vampire speed, jumping on top of cars and launching from them, leaving alarms going off in his wake. "We're playing vampire first... then werewolf!"


The End

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