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Entangled Fangs

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Summary: Spn/Twilight Xover: Sam Black, a werewolf, has a problem. The human he imprinted has returned to Forks as a vampire. Slash, Incest (not bros)

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Chapter One

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Heartfelt thanks to smut_slut who made the wonderful manip

(Co-written with Fetish
Warnings: slash, incest (not really bec they're not brothers), vamp blood play
The characters are Kripke's and Stephenie Meyer’s, we're just playin' with 'em)

Dean silently made his way through the woods of the reservation, making sure he wasn't seen. It was three a.m. anyway, so there weren't people around, but it wasn't people he was worried about. It was werewolves. His now adoptive 'younger' brother, Carlisle Cullen, had explained about the treaty with the people who lived at the reservation. No vampire... none of the Cullens were to go onto reservation property, and if they complied with that rule and never bit anyone, there would be peace between the werewolves of the reservation and the Cullens.

Screw the agreement. Dean had grown up here. He may not have been born here, and he may never have been fully accepted, but grandma Sally was here, and a few old friends, and he was damned if any old treaty was going to stand in his way.

That didn't mean he wasn't gonna be careful. He jumped up high into a tree to get a birds eye view of the way to his grams house. Some distance away, he saw Jacob Black's place. A smile spread over his face, that was Sam's cousin. He remembered that kid well too. And Sam, he'd have to look him up very soon. He hadn't seen him since he'd left the reservation and gone to college and med school.

Jumping down, Dean ran silently, so fast the human eye would miss him. Then he was walking over the squeaky floor boards of the porch. Oddly, the lights were on in the bedroom. He listened but couldn't hear anyone moving around. Turning the handle, he walked inside... good to know some things hadn't changed, that people hadn't started locking their doors.

"Who is it, who's here?"

Frowning at the weak voice, Dean walked through the small dark livingroom, seeing every piece of furniture clearly, and headed to her small bedroom. Hovering inside the door frame for a moment, he spoke slightly above a whisper. "Grams." He gave her a small smile, trying to put this woman who looked thin and weak together with the picture of his grams who'd been a fearsome stand-in for his mother for all those years when she'd given him a home. The last time he'd written or called her was before he was changed, years ago. It had taken him a while to find himself, and he might never have if it hadn't been for Dr. Cullen.

"Dean? Is that really you?" she asked, trying to sit up more in the bed.

He immediately came to her and helped her up, and hugged her. At first, he felt her hugging him back, and then she stiffened and gave a cry. "What's the matter," he asked, sitting on the bed and searching her face. "Did I hurt you?" He'd been gentle, he knew his strength.

She looked down. "All these years, you stayed away. I thought something happened. I..."

"I know, I'm sorry. I can explain."

Looking back at him, she put her finger over her lips. "Shshsh, don't say it. You have to leave, right now. It's not safe here for you." Reaching out, she touched his cool cheek, her eyes filling with tears.


"Leave now. They'll kill you," she said, squeezing his hand lightly.

He thought he saw a slight flash of fear in her eyes, but wasn't sure it was on his behalf alone. Then it was gone. "Don't worry about that," he answered, realizing she knew what he was, what he'd been turned into. Had everyone on the res known about vampires but him? He licked his lips. "You're sick. I'm gonna help you. I should have been here a long time ago, but I'm going to help you now."

"No one can help me, I'm just... old," smiling, she squeezed his hand.

"I'm a doctor, I can help you."

"Your mother would have been so proud. It's not natural, you know, for a daughter to die before a mother, or a grandmother."

Technically Grandma Sally was his great grams. He nodded, she'd told him that many times over the years. Many. As they spoke, he leaned over to the nightstand and started reviewing all the medications she was on. Then he asked her some questions, but his suggestion that she come to town, or live with him was met with stubborn refusal. That's when he recognize his grams. He told her he'd get her medical records and talk to her more, that the topic was not closed, but the look in her eyes told him she meant it.

"Well, I'll just have to take care of you here, then," he said, an equally stubborn look entering his eyes when she flat out told him 'cold ones' were not welcome here, that he would only end up dying for a worthless cause. She wasn't sick, it was just time for her to pass.

When he started to ask about Sam Black, she shook her head. "Cherish your memories, but don't go see him." Squeezing his hand, she begged. "Please, promise me Dean."

Her panic was real and he didn't want to make her anxious, so he nodded his agreement. There were a lot of way to see someone without 'going over to see them.' He guessed she didn't want him on the res, and he understood her reasons.

In the next half hour, they caught up on each others' lives, and as he left, she told him once more never to step foot on the reservation.

"I've missed you," he flashed her a smile, then was gone, as if he'd never been there at all.

* * *

[3 Weeks Later]

Tires crunched on the loose gravel as the patrol car pulled up in front of the Forks Memorial Hospital. Turning off the engine, Sam slid from behind the wheel, closing the car door behind himself. The leather gunbelt slung around his hips gave a squeak and groan as he walked toward the hosiptal's glass doors. Sam Black had become a cop soon after Dean Winchester had left Forks, and the reservation, for college. It had been a hard time for Sam, and he'd eagerly thrown himself into becoming an officer of the law with Officer Swan's guidance and help.

Being Jacob's cousin hadn't hurt anything either, as it seemed that Charlie Swan seemed to really like his family. He was friend with a lot of other on the res too, often going hunting or fishing with Harry Clearwater and inviting Jacob, himself and uncle Billy over to watch ball games on his wide screen TV back in town. The only real problem with any of that of course was that, once in a while, Charlie Swan's daughter's bloodsucking boyfriend, Edward Cullen, would come by to get her. Jacob, uncle Billy and Sam would stand there at the door or window watching the cold one as he drove away with Officer Swan's daughter, the urge to kill the vampire never far from the surface. And they would have killed him too, because it was what his people, his breed were driven by instinct to do, if it weren't for the treaty between their clan and the Cullens.

Walking up to the front desk, Sam leaned a navy blue jacket covered arm on the counter as he flashed the nurse behind it a friendly smile, "I need to speak to Dr. Cullen, please."

She smiled at him. Everyone knew Sam but sometimes he liked to follow protocol very closely. "Just a moment," she said, and lifting the receiver, paging Dr. Cullen over the public announcement system. "Why don't you sit down, he should be here in a mo... oh there he is."

Dean was wiping his hand over his face and hoping for the best for the patient they'd worked on for 22 hours straight. Carlisle was still closing her up, and the page hadn't indicated which of them was needed. It would take a while for the staff to remember there were now two doctor Cullens at the hospital. He'd almost reached reception when he noticed the cop at reception.

He came to a sudden stand still and searched the officer's face. "Sam?" A grin broke across Dean's face even as strong warning bells rang in his head. Sam smelled wrong, all wrong. Uncaring, he took a giant step forward and gave him a hug. "How ya been? I've been meaning to come visit." His grandma's warnings about Sam made more sense to him now. He squelched them.

Sam had expected Dr. Cullen, doctor Carlisle Cullen. Instead, the sight of the man standing before him had Sam's stomach clenching for more than one reason. Dean. It was really him? After all this time? The pull was instantly there, right along with the revulsion that came with knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what Dean was now.

Instead of returning the hug, Sam stood stock still in the vampire's embrace. Hazel eyes regarded the man before him as Dean stepped back. "Better than you, it seems," Sam answered coldly, before he tore his gaze away to look past Dean. "Where is Dr. Cullen?" his gaze returned to Dean, "Carlisle," he bit out the name, muscle twitching in his jaw as he realized Winchester must have changed his name. "I need to speak with him," he narrowed his eyes, "official police business."

Dean's face jerked up, like he'd received a right hook to the jaw. It's what it felt like, especially when his mind insisted on flashing images of his childhood, of hanging out with Sam, of racing trucks and motorcycles with him, or learning to cliff dive. Of having Sam over all the time, to eat his grandma's cooking. He forced a fake, thin-lipped smile. "That all you have to say to an old friend?" So Sam had realized his dream of being a cop. A part of Dean was happy for him, despite the hurt at his reaction. "Then you'll have to wait until he's done with surgery. Make yourself comfortable, it should be another two or three hours."

The receptionist took a deep breath. "Sorry Sam, I didn't realize you wanted the other Dr. Cullen."

Sam spared Sandy Wentworth a glance, giving her a nod. "It's alright, Sandy," he told her softly, before looking back at Dean. "Yeah, sorry, for you, that's all I have now. It's all I can have." He glanced past Dean again before tearing his gaze away to look toward the doors, "I'll come back." He glanced at Dean, "some of us don't like the scent of blood," he said, voice low as his eyes narrowed.

Turning, Sam started for the hospital's front doors only to pause, though he didn't look back, "Oh and Dean, stay off the Res.," he turned his head then to look back at him, a hard look on his face. "you aren't welcome there anymore." With that, Sam walked out the hospital's glass double doors.

"Go screw yourself." Dean answered under his breath, his eyes drilling holes in that particular officer's ramrod straight back as he watched him get to the parking lot.

* * *

Walking into the local diner, a place that Officer Swan had gotten Sam into the habit of going to lunch to, Sam smiled as he saw Charlie seated at one of the tables in the corner and walked over to him.

"Mind if I join?" Sam asked him.

Charlie shook his head 'no' and nodded toward the chair across from him, "Have a seat, Sam. I was just about to leave actually," he quirked a brow, "did you need somethin'?"

Sam shook his head leaning back in his chair, "Nah, this case is annoying the hell outta me." He frowned, "I'd hoped to get to talk to Dr. Cullen about it, but uh," Sam shook his head, lips pressed firmly together as he remembered the shock he had gotten.

Not only had he seen Dean again, for the first time in nearly thirteen years, which he could have shouted for joy at, but then he'd had that joy dashed to bits as soon as his gaze had fallen on the guy. Vampire. It was written so plainly on Dean, it was nearly shocking that others didn't see it too. Sam often wondered if people were just that blind or if it really was the werewolf in him recognizing the enemy. In either case, it had been enough to nearly knock the wind from his lungs, making his chest ache.

Charlie frowned at Sam, shaking his head. "Didn't go well?"

Sam blinked at the elder officer, pulling himself out of his own thoughts, "No sir," Sam shook his head, "not well at all."

Charlie sighed as he nodded, "Yeah, well. My Bella likes those Cullens alright and Doc Cullen has always seemed okay, but the rest?" he huffed, giving Sam a pointed look, "I don't trust them any farther than I could toss the whole lot of 'em."

Sam gave a strained chuckle as he nodded, "Yes, sir. I can understand that."

Charlie reached a hand out, slapping Sam on the shoulder, "I better get," he told him, pulling to his feet, "you have a good lunch, son."

"Yeah, I'll see ya later," he answered, reaching for a menu as Charlie walked away and out the door.

"Scuse me," Dean said, bumping into Officer Swan. He remembered the guy from when he was a kid, but Swan didn't seem to recognize him, which was a good thing since he was a Cullen now. Passing through the door, Dean moved to the counter and asked for donuts. When he was told they were making them fresh, he ordered a half a dozen, took a paper and started heading for the tables to sit for a few moments. That's when he saw Sam again, ordering something from the waitress, and then she moved away and nothing stood between them. Dean didn't look away.

Sam replaced the menu between the sugar and napkin holders and laced his fingers together on the table top. It didn't take long, he knew one of them had walked in, but now, he was sure that the cold one was staring at him too. Slowly turning his head, narrowed hazel orbs fell on Dean. Definitely not the vamp he wanted to see.

Muscle twitching in Sam's jaw he stared back at the vampire for a long moment, unwilling to look away. Even for being a bloodsucker, Dean was still just as handsome as Sam remembered him to be. He wanted to just get up and go over to Dean, wanted... Well, it didn't really matter what he wanted, not now, not anymore. Sam cleared his throat, "Are you just gonna stand there staring at me all day?"

"You inviting me to sit down?" Dean countered, feeling definite waves of hate and mistrust coming from Sam. There was no 'invitation' in those eyes, not anymore.

Sam tore his gaze away to look down at the table before him. "For a minute," he shrugged a shoulder, even as he knew he shouldn't allow it. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt."

"Too late for that," Dean answered, pulling a chair out and sitting across from Sam. "Funny thing... you were the only kid who didn't treat me like an outcast... different. Guess you grew up into that biggot you called the others." He didn't pull his punches, never had. And he remembered so fucking well how it had been, those early months after he'd lost his parents and been sent to live with his great grandmother Sally at the res. Hardly any of the kids wanted to include him in anything... until Sam.

Sam frowned, his gaze still on the tables surface. You have no idea how I really feel. Sam lifted his head, hazel eyes intent on golden green. And I can't tell you. Definitely not now. Sam swallowed over the lump in his throat. "I grew up. I have responsibilities now," he told Dean, muscle twitching in his jaw. "I can't be the way I was. It's - it's better this way." Pressing his lips together, he gazed at Dean for a long moment. "When did it happen?" Sam asked softly, the look on his face leaving no doubt as to what he was asking about.

Better for who? Dean shook his head but was startled by the question. His hand gripped the edge of the table, the nail of his thumb sawing a thin line into its surface as he moved it back and forth and tried not to recall too closely the events of that night. "Five years after I left here... just at the beginning of my first year of med school." Shaking that dark time in his life off, he blinked. "What about you. When did it happen?"

Sam clenched his jaw as he listened to Dean's story. "Did it die?" he asked softly, venom in his words, "the bastard who did it, did it die?" Sam asked, needing to know and knowing that if it, he or she, hadn't been killed, that he would do it. He'd hunt the fucking bastard down and rip it apart for what it had done to Dean, to them. Dean's own question ha him frowning, though he supposed it was only natural that Dean would know what he was now too. "Just before you left for school."

"Oh." Than answer surprised Dean, but maybe it shouldn't have. He vaguely remembered thinking he'd seen a wolf around his gram's house a couple of times, and at the window. He'd shown Sam the paw prints but Sam told him it was nothing, racoons or some other little thing that Dean knew damned well didn't have big prints like that. But he'd thought he might have imagined it. It hadn't been that important and he'd accepted it.

"It? ... the vamp... no." Dean's jaw clenched tight for a moment. "No,he suggested I go eat my fiance'..." Unwanted images came to him, of walking into the apartment, of seeing Cassie on all fours, his room mate fucking her... remembered running from the scene and then being caught by the vampire. One minute he'd been struggling to get away from it, and the next his body was on fire, like acid burning through his veins, and when he woke, a hunger that felt like a second death. "I didn't understand." He licked his lips. "Don't want to talk about this, if you don't mind." His eyes searched Sam's, then he asked. "What about the bastard who turned you? Dead?" He hoped so, hoped like hell that Sam had torn it to shreds.

Sam gave a nod at Dean's request not to talk about it, though Sam would do whatever he could to find out who the vamp as and make sure he was the one to destroy the blood sucking sonofabitch. He couldn't help the small smirk that pulled at his lips, waiting as the waitress came over and placed his plate in front of him. He grabbed an onion ring and took a bite as he shook his head, chewed and swallowed, reaching for the soda she had placed down along with his food. Taking a drink Sam raised a brow as he looked up at Dean from under his brows. "Yeah, the one who made me what I am died a long time ago." The corner of his lips quirked more, "it's why I live with Uncle Billy and Jacob now." Sam let his words sink in a few moments as he placed his soda back on the table. "What -" he sighed, "we don't get 'changed', it's a gene. I got it from my father and he got it from his father and so on. It's in my blood."

"Oh... I see. You never told me." Dean forced his fingers to release the table before it shattered under his strength. "We were friends. Best friends." Okay, maybe at the time, Sam had been his only real friend, which is why it hurt more.

Sam frowned as he looked down at his food. "Sometimes there are things you aren't allowed to..." he looked up, "I had my reasons," he shook his head, "I couldn't tell you or anyone else."

"Guess you did." Dean gave a sniff and looked over his shoulder to see if they were ready with the donuts yet, then looked back. "How are Billy and Jake? Tell 'em I'll come by to see them some time."

Sam glared at Dean, "I told you NOT to come back to the Res, Dean." Sam ground out between clenched teeth. "You - your kind aren't welcome there." A muscle twitched in Sam's jaw. "If you come out there," he shook his head, "I can't vouch for your safety." His gaze hardened, "they might even make me be the one to do it."

This time gripping both edges of the table, Dean stood up, leaning in and bringing his face into Sam's space, his fangs aching to elongate. "I didn't ASK you for permission or protection. I think you made yourself pretty damned clear over at the hospital. Now be nice, and apologize." His gaze drilled into Sam, demanding he obey.

Sam's breaths were coming harder as he glared at Dean, the need to morph, to change into wolf form clawing it's way closer to the surface and he wasn't sure just how well, or even how much longer he could hold it back. "Don't piss me off, Dean. Your kind wouldn't like it when I get pissed," Sam told him, voice low and threatening, even as Dean continued to speak right over him. The anger, the hostility, the instinct, the overwhelming and absolute need to change, suddenly left Sam. "I'm sorry about that. I don't know what came over me, why I said that to you."

Sam sat blinking at Dean in shock. Where the hell had thatcome from? And how, why was he suddenly so calm? Even his breaths weren't as heavy as they had been. Sam licked his lips as he looked at Dean, "What the hell did you just do to me?"

"Told you off?" Dean shrugged and pulled back, though he was puzzled by the fact Sam felt or understood something had happened. "I gotta get those donuts to a special patient. You know where to find me if you get over your 'grown up' bigotry." He went to the counter and grabbed the box of donuts, then left the restaurant. Though he never turned back, his mind was still working on Sam. Not just his resistance to compulsion, but... yeah, sometimes old feelings never quite died. He couldn't help wondering how a kissing session between them would go now that they were men and not boys.

* * *

[One Day Later]

Dean headed out of the hospital lobby doors only to nearly come face to face with Sam. Before he said anything, Sam seemed to ignore him and head for the lobby door. Dean turned and watched him, then called out right as Sam reached for the push bar on the doors. "Hey. What's going on?"

Sam turned his attention to Dean, having been lost in thought, though he'd noticed him there on some level even then. Frowning, he shook his head, "I need to speak to Carlisle," he sighed, running a hand through his hair, "there is... something in the woods. I need Carlisle's opinion on some samples I found."

"He's not here. Not in town." Dean locked gazes with Sam, waiting to be asked for help. The moment stretched and Dean lost his patience. "There's no such thing as degrees of vampire, you know? He's one too. And my ... ah... brother ... now."

Sam gave a small nod, "He's just more... accepted as such." Hazel orbs darted, searching Dean's face. You don't know how hard it is for me to know what you are. How hard it is to know that if it wasn't for the treaty, if you weren't a Cullen now, that I would be expected to kill you. Sam cleared his throat, "Uh, I guess I can show you," he frowned looking around them, before his gaze returned to Dean's. "Is there somewhere private we can go?"

"Well lucky him," Dean groused, walking back to the doors, opening them and walking inside. "My office." He wasn't wearing his white coat since he was off duty. Heading down the hall, he reached his office, unlocked it and walked inside. Instead of sitting behind the desk, he stood in front of it, sitting casually on its edge. "What do you need to show me?"

Sam sighed as he unzipped his blue uniform jacket and reached into the inside pocket, pulling out a plastic baggie. He handed over what looked like a long eyetooth, then crossing his arms quirked a brow, "Got any ideas?"

Dean glanced at the long tooth, held the baggie up to the light and saw the pin prick hole at the tip of the razor sharp fang, which would allow for the injection of venom into prey. When he looked up and noted Sam's stance, it pissed him off. "Werewolf fang." They both knew otherwise, and their clashing gazes made it obvious. "Fine... you know what it belongs to, what's your question?" He had to believe it had to do with the mysterious killings up and down the coast that had been the headlining news for a while now.

Sam sighed as he reached for the baggie, taking it from Dean and stashing it away once more in the inside pocket of his jacket. Returning his gaze to Dean, Sam pressed his lips together as he looked at him, narrowing his eyes. "Have you heard anything? Any new vamps around? Smile for me."

Without thought, Dean grabbed Sam's shirt and pushed him clear up against the wall, his face inches from Sam's. "You got something you want to accuse me of? Do it? But don't play games with me, not now," he practically snarled, showing Sam the very fangs he'd asked to see. Not that it meant anything. A vampire who lost his tooth would regenerate it.

Sam stared into Dean's eyes unflinchingly, though his breaths came faster through flared nostrils as he pressed his lips together, jaw clenched. "I told you, don't piss me off." Sam told him softly, hazel searching golden green. Sam jerked himself out of Dean's grip. "When Carlisle comes back into town, tell him I need to talk to him. I can sit on this until then," Sam mumbled as he reached for the office door.

"I'm not afraid of you." The silence bugged him again, so Dean grabbed Sam's arm and whirled him around. "What are you gonna do, Sam? Rip my face off? What? What's gonna happen if I fucking piss you off? Cause dude... you keep pissing me off, let's make it even." He pushed Sam as he let go of him, the knowledge that he couldn't hurt him easily was freeing in the same way that roughhousing with the Cullens was freeing. Everyone else... humans... had to be treated with kid gloves.

Sam narrowed his eyes at Dean, moving quickly to grab the front of his shirt, slamming his back against the wall as he leaned in, his face in Dean's. "What's gonna happen?" Sam asked him softly, "Have you ever seen a wolf tear apart a vampire, Dean? It's bloody and it's savage. And I enjoy every fucking minute of it," he told him in a low hiss. "DON'T make me do that to you!" he released Dean with a shove, "I already killed someone I cared about once. I don't want to ever do it again," he added softly, reaching out to yank the door open and storming out.

Dean followed, hard on Sam's heels, and caught up. "A werewolf can't. You got that Sam... you can't hurt me. And if you so fucking enjoyed it like you claim, then why is there regret in your voice?" He didn't know why he had this driving need to know more about Sam, this Sam. It was stupid, he should let him go. Should stop trying to engage him... stop looking for that bond they'd shared as kids. Sam had forgotten it the instant he found out Dean was 'just' a vampire.

Sam stood staring at Dean for a long moment there in the empty hallway that lead to this Dr. Cullen's office, his jaw clenched, his gaze shooting daggers into the vampire before him. The werewolf moved suddenly, taking the step forward that separated them and leaned in, slanting his mouth over Dean's, kissing him hard, not touching him anywhere else, just their mouths.

His tongue pressed against Dean's lips, sliding into his mouth for a moment as the tip ran over the roof of Dean's mouth. Pulling slowly back, Sam sucked on Dean's bottom lip before finally releasing him. "That's why," Sam answered softly before turning and walking away.

A low moan tore from Dean's throat. His lips ached... burned. He found himself staring once again at Sam's ramrod back as he strode away like he was running from the devil himself. "Wait!" He started to follow, but someone came into the corridor, and by the time he reached the lobby, the front doors were swinging shut. "Jerk." Dean touched his mouth, closing his eyes for a moment. He hadn't wanted a kiss to last like he'd wanted it to now since... since forever. Since he'd been human and he'd hidden from Sam behind trees in the forest, always surprised when Sam found him, and then that time, they'd gotten physical... just out of the blue. Kissing, touching, swearing it couldn't happen again... and then it would. Over and over until he'd left for college.

Lips pressed into a thin line, he walked outside. He'd go visit with his family tonight, he didn't want to be alone with his thoughts. Sam Black had apparently always been a mystery to him, and would stay that way.

* * *

Dean pulled up to the Cullen residence and parked his classic Impala up right behind the fastest and the newest cars on the market, without feeling the least bit deprived. There was nothing more relaxing than working on your car, keeping it running, having to figure out how make it run smooth... that hadn't changed for him after he was vamped or got his degrees. A vampire didn't sleep, so he had lots of hours to kill.

As he walked up the drive, he saw Alice open the door and come bouncing out toward him, a ready smile on her lips. He couldn't help grinning back, she seemed to have that effect on him. "Hey Alice."

She hadn't even had to look out one of the tall windows of the Cullen's modern spacious home to know who it was pulling into the driveway, the engine of Dean's Impala making some of the pictures lining the walls vibrate.

Bounding down the few steps out of the house, Alice hurried toward the newest member of the Cullen family. It was rather funny that he was actually the youngest vampire amongst them and yet, at the age he had been turned, he had needed to play the part of Carlisle's older brother. So odd to call Dean 'Uncle'. But, it mattered little really, she and Dean had formed a fast bond as soon as Carlisle had brought him home.

Wrapping her arms around her 'uncle', Alice hugged him tightly. "Dean, it's so good to see -" she wrinkled her nose, pulling back slightly, "what is that smell!?" she sniffed, "smells like, wet dog." She took a step back from him letting her arms fall to her sides as she fanned the air before her, blinking up at him, brows furrowed.

At first he looked puzzled, then he gave a self conscious laugh. "I was kissed. By a werewolf."

Alice made a face, "Ew! Really?" she frowned, "Why?"

"I'm that irresistible?" he shrugged, then pulled her along, back to the stairs and sat down. Releasing a breath he didn't need, he looked over at her. "Someone I knew... when I was human." He licked his lips and wiped a hand over his face. "Used to be friends. Now he says we're enemies, but then he kisses me." He wished he could find answers in her eyes.

Alice pressed her lips together as she looked at Dean and gave a small nod. "You know about the wolves, Dean." She shook her head, "you're a vamp now," she licked her bow shaped lips. "He's right. For better or worse, you are enemies." Her golden hued orbs searched Dean's face. "I'm sorry," she told him almost sadly as she took his hand in hers, offering a smile, "but now you have other friends," she wrinkled her tiny button nose, "ones that don't make you smell like wet dog." She bumped her shoulder against his, "and we love you."

"I dunno, I think I'm getting used to the smell. Starting to smell like rain to me," he said, bumping her back and closing his hand around hers. "I didn't say anything about love," he said, sniffing. "Just... he helped me through a bad time, when I was a kid. I'm having a hard time believing he's everything that he wasn't back then... like the opposite." Shrugging, he turned her hand over and stared at her perfectly manicured nails. "I didn't have any family to lose when I... you know. Other than grams and... nevermind. It's all good."

Alice took a deep breath, that she didn't need and offered a smile. "I know it's hard. But, at least, you know," she shrugged her slim shoulders, "you didn't say love. So, be thankful for that." She smiled wider, "speaking of love matches," she rolled her eyes, grinning, "guess who are upstairs together? Edward just needs to turn Bella and get it over with. He'd be a lot happier."

"She'd be a lot happier," he said. "He still doesn't seem convinced." Dean wiped his hand on his jeans and looked out at the dark forest, wondering who Sam played hide and seek with these days, then suddenly got up to lean against the banister along the stairs. "But it sure would make things less complicated for them, for everyone." He knew the whole family walked on eggshells when Bella was around. The scent of her blood put her in danger, and she had to be one of the clumsiest people he'd ever met. Only he and Carlisle weren't affected by the scent, at least not to the point of needing to drain her dry.


Sam stood with other members of the tribe, all males, all ones who had the werewolf gene. They stood at the edge of the forest near the cliffs, dressed in only jeans, barefoot and shirtless as they talked about the creature that was littering the coast with bodies. The very vampire-like creature.

Sam frowned as he listened to the others guess as to what it could be and who, shaking his head to each theory. When the Cullens were brought up, Sam's gaze rose from the ground where he had been staring to glare at the guy who had suggested it. "It wasn't a Cullen." Sam told him, shaking his head, "No way. They wouldn't risk breaking the treaty, you know that as well as I do. They have too much to lose if they did."

"Maybe. Maybe not," Uley, the alpha leader of the pack, spoke up. "They haven't so far, but one of them is about to..." his dark gaze fell on Jacob, who predictably tensed at the notion that Bella might be changed to vampire. "And... they've brought a new one. Another Cullen. We'll need to check him out. Right now... I want you to spread out down the coastal forrest, call out if anything... anything moves wrong."

"No!" Sam suddenly spoke up, then took a step back, tearing his gaze from Uley, glancing at Jacob before he hung his head. "I mean, I've talked to the new Cullen," he frowned, "at the hospital. He's suppose to be Carlisle's brother or something." Sam shook his head as he raised it, looking over at Uley, "He's nothing. A no one."

"He's a cold one... don't forget that, Sam." Uley watched him for a long moment. Of all the wolves, Sam was the one who was still a little more friendly with people than others. There was a reason he was the one that they sent to speak to Dr. Cullen... Dr. Carlisle Cullen... when necessary, even when it had nothing to do with his police business, and more to do with their own. "Don't ever forget that. You know as well as the rest of us that their faces are not real. Nothing about them is real."

Jacob was the first to agree, and walk up to Sam and slugged him on the back, hard. "Come on, let's hunt vampire."

A muscle in Sam's jaw twitched as Uley spoke, though Sam said nothing. He had to play along or else Dean would be in even more danger than he might be already. At Jacob's slug, Sam turned, running after his cousin, somewhere along the way, morphing into a werewolf as they ran.

While most of the others headed off in the direction that Uley had commanded as pack leader. Sam lingered back, waiting until the others were well out of sight, before turning to head in the opposite direction, toward the out skirts of town. Half way there, he picked up his scent and it wasn't coming from the hospital. Cullens' house. Running through the woods, jumping over steams and fallen trees, Sam made it to the edge of the forest lining the Cullen property in no time flat, staying to the edges of the dark forest, hazel wolf eyes gazed intently at the two vampires on the staris in front of the house.

"I think I'll stay here tonight, watcha think? Will Ros let Emett play games for a couple hours?" He felt a strange tug, and turned his head, his gaze sweeping along the edge of the forest. Searching... seeking something. Something forbidden, a voice whispered in his head, and he looked down at the ground. But the urge was still there... sharpening.

Alice smiled as she stood, "I think that is a great idea and I'm sure that if you can sweet talk a dog into a kiss, you can sweet talk Ros into letting Emmett play games for a while." She smirked and started to turn toward the door, only to pause as she looked at Dean, seeing where he was looking so intently. "What is it? What's the matter, Dean?" she asked him softly, laying a hand on his back as she looked toward the edge of the forest too. She glanced over at him as he hung his head, then glanced at toward the woods once more before pulling him toward the house. "Come on, I think all this talk of werewolves is starting to make us both paranoid."

Sam paced along the edge of the forrest, his gaze never wavering as he stared at Dean, watching him. Listening to the far away sounds of the rest of the pack, determined to stay there and keep watch over the vampire who was so much more than that to him.

"Okay." Reluctantly, he let go of the banister and thought he saw the flicker of yellow eyes before he turned away and walked inside. If it wasn't Sam, he'd just look foolish. And if it was, what then? Would it be the Cullens versus a wolf? Yeah... probably a war of words. As he closed the door, he couldn't help thinking of that brief kiss again... and then his peace was shattered by loud calls of 'ewww' and 'go take a shower.'

* * *

[3 Days Later]

Dean's white tee and over shirt were soaked clear through with blood, though it was almost dry now. He'd thought it best to just get the hell out of the Cullen house rather than change, though in the closed confines of his car, he had to admit that fighting the dark hunger could be challenging even to him at times.

Pulling up onto the gravel drive in front of his small rustic cabin on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, he go out and shut the door. On his way to the small porch, he started to peel the bloody clothes off, tossing the over shirt onto the porch, then dropping the tee shirt near the door.

Drawn to this place almost against his will, Sam watched from the edge of the forest. He'd spent the better part of three hours arguing with Uley and the rest of the pack over the origins of this creature that was still leaving bodies along the coast, a new one every day it seemed, and Sam wasn't in the best of moods.Beside, the tribe had learned Dean Cullen was Dean Winchester, and there was speculation that he'd been on res territory. After the meeting, Sam's refusal to joined in with the others for cliff diving had put Uley in a dark mood. Things had only gone down hill fast after that. Even Jacob had looked at him like he had just sold out his 'own kind' as he defended the damn Cullens and especially the newest of them.

Sam didn't need to be up close to know what was on Dean's clothes, the scent of blood carried on the breeze, right to him. Glancing over his shoulder back toward the res and the area of Uley's house, Sam was thankful that the pack leaders house was a way off and that he was probably still brooding after their arguments. Running toward Dean, not caring that his bare feet were crashing down against coarse pebbles and sea shells, Sam clenched his jaw, eyes narrowed on the vampire before him. If he had been wrong about Dean, if he was the one... Sam didn't even want to think about it.

Stepping up behind the vampire, Sam reached out, grabbing the vampire's arm, and spinning him around. "What the hell did you do!?" Sam yelled at him angrily. Glancing back again over his shoulder, back the way he had come, Sam shoved Dean toward the door. "Get inside before they see you!"

"What are you talking about?" A second nudge had Dean opening the door, though he had half a mind to go at it with Sam and maybe a good fight would simmer his ass down. Striding inside, he turned, eyes sliding down long limbs, a tawny muscular chest and down to Sam's narrow waist. He snapped his gaze back up. "Before who sees me?"

Sam was still frowning at Dean when he turned around to face him. "The pack, Dean." Sam ran a hand through his hair. "You think I'm the only werewolf out here?" he huffed. "Now tell me what the hell all this blood is from," he leaned in closer, eyes narrowed, "and don't lie."

He had no idea why, but Sam seemed to have a God given talent... getting him angry in two seconds flat. Blood shot up to Dean's temples, throbbing right there. "This an investigation, Officer Black?" he demanded. "And do you think you can arrest me? You have cuffs strong enough?" Yeah, he was pushing him, but Sam had been on his mind for days... and so had that kiss... and it was all just... just fucking tangling him up on the inside.

Sam shoved Dean, until his back hit the wall. He glared at him. "If I think I need to do something about you, believe me, I won't need to arrest you. Now answer the damn question! Who's blood is that and why is it all over you!?" Sam demanded, his face in Dean's, muscle in his jaw twitching.

Dean put his hands up, between them, his fingers pressing into Sam's chest, ready to shove him the hell off if he needed. He focused on hazel eyes glittering with anger and Sam's implacable and serious features. Running his tongue along his lower lip, he smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes, then he suddenly leaned in, slanting his mouth over Sam's. It was meant to be a hard, angry kiss... one meant to punish, but his body had other ideas. The instant his tongue slipped between Sam's lips, all he could think about was how good his tongue felt inside the warm cavern of Sam's mouth, that the werewolf did smell and taste like rain... sweet rain falling on flowers and releasing their scent.

Sam moaned into the kiss, leaning into Dean as he opened up to him, his hands lifting to cup the vampire's face in a gentle embrace, holding him as he returned the kiss.

Dean pushed his tongue deeper into Sam's mouth, tangling their tongues and exploring every corner, before he pulled back. One of his hands had slid to Sam's hip, and was gripping it. "Ask me a gain. Nicely," he demanding, his gaze drilling into Sam's.

By the time Dean pulled back, Sam's breaths were coming harder, eyelids heavy as he gazed at the vampire in front of him, licking his lips and tasting Dean there. A soft sigh escaping as hazel orbs gazed into golden green. "How did the blood get on you? I need to know to protect -" you.

"That's... better," Dean agreed, swallowing, wanting to pull Sam up against him, to...

Sam pressed his lips together and dropped his hands away from Dean's face taking a step back. He wasn't allowed to say anything about what the others suspected, wasn't allowed to tell a Cullen, wasn't allowed to tell anyone. "What - how do you do that?" Sam asked him instead, brow furrowed as he eyed Dean warily.

He was disappointed, but should have expected it. "How? I pucker up and ..." he made a loud kissing sound, then deliberately wiped his thumb over his wet lips. "Now... you have questions, I'll answer them. But is this your official uniform... or is this an unofficial visit?" He knew damned well Sam wasn't here on police business.

Sam frowned as he glanced down at himself, his lack of dress and the jeans with holes in the knees. Looking back up he pressed his lips together. "No uniform, but you know that. Not police business, no." Uley would say tribal. I say it's something altogether different.

Dean nodded. "I'm a doctor. I was sewing someone up... got her blood on me. See... no deep dark secret. I am not that creature you're hunting, Sam. I help people, I keep them alive. A pair of fangs hasn't changed that. Not like you don't have them yourself," he said a little bitterly.

Sam pressed his lips together as he eyed Dean. "You always operate in your street clothes? I'm gonna have to have her name. Sorry, but if they saw, I am going to need to know." He shifted his weight as he crossed his arms over his chest and gave a nod. "Yeah, I'm a werewolf. We keep the area safe from vampires, Dean. Vampires who hunt and kill humans. I think if you want to compare fangs, I just one upped you."

"And vampires who don't kill humans, isn't that why you keep warning me off?" He raised a brow, but knew that round had gone to Sam. "Her name is Bella Swan. I believe you know her. She slipped and broke through a glass shower enclosure at the Cullens. I took care of it." He calmed himself then looked toward the kitchen and back. "Do you want a soda?" That was pretty much all he had in the fridge, because he had a thing for it.

Sam's eyes widened slightly hearing Bella's name. "Bella? She's alright!? The others, they didn't," he pressed his lips together, "I mean..." Sam sighed and shook his head. "Sorry. Jacob... he'd got a thing for her. She just needs to be careful around..," he huffed and ran a hand through his hair. "A soda?" he raised his brows, "I didn't think that you guys," he waved a hand, "you know what. Skip it," he nodded, "sure, a soda sounds good."

Between the half accusations, the attempts to dig himself out of a hole, and the surprise on Sam's face, Dean was swinging back and forth between 'angry' and 'amused'. As he walked to the kitchen, he wasn's really sure which emotion was predominant. All he did know was that Sam somehow managed to get a rise out of him, over and over, and it bugged him to hell.

He returned with two cokes, and passed one to Sam. Just as the wolf was taking a sip, he asked the question that had been bubbling up inside him. "Why are you following me?"

Sam slowly lowered the soda, swallowing hard, nearly choking on the carbonated beverage. "What? Following you?" he shook his head, "I wasn't following you, I told you, I just came from Uley's house."

"On the res... I am nowhere near his place." Dean stared at him as he took a sip. "What about yesterday, and the night before? You are following me. Is it 'business' or... something else?" he demanded, his chest constricting slightly. If Sam was following him to make sure he killed no one...

Sam frowned, tearing his gaze away to look at the floor. "For me it's close enough to the Res." He sighed, lifting a hand to run it through his hair as he looked up at Dean. "I just," he pressed his lips together, "I feel compelled to look after you, protect you, alright?" he huffed and shook his head, tearing his gaze away again to stare at the floor. "We kill all vampires," he began, voice so soft if Dean hadn't been a vamp he likely wouldn't have heard him, "the only reason we don't kill the Cullens is because of the treaty, but one slip up, one thing done out of line and they're gone. Uley, he -" Sam shook his head, taking a drink of the soda. It's like he's looking for a reason to kill them - to kill you. He looked back at Dean, "I just couldn't take it if anything happened to you."

Dean cocked his head, digesting Sam's words. He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it. "I don't understand." He didn't believe, that was part of it. "So what... at the hospital I revolted you and now... now suddenly you give a flying fuck? I may be new at this Sam, but I wasn't born yesterday." He drank the rest of the soda, then easily crushed the can into a pulp in his fist, never taking his eyes off Sam. Betrayal was not a stranger to Dean, and their first encounter had been nothing short of it... based on their history.

"I can't -" he sighed, "you being a vampire surprised me. Shocked me, I -" he closed his mouth and blew out a breath as he looked at the floor, "hurt me." He looked back up at Dean, "I can't be with you," he swallowed, "especially now...because you're a vamp. And in town, someone could see me with you, tell the others." He shook his head, "I can't - I'm not allowed to do certain things anymore, Dean. You wouldn't understand," he mumbled softly and shook his head. "Doesn't change my feelings though," he took a deep breath. "It's one of the reasons that I'm almost half certain the pack leader hates my guts," he huffed and rolled his eyes toward the ceiling, running a hand through his hair.

Dean's eyes grew stormy. "Can't do what things? You mean the kisses? Fine... I didn't start that," he shrugged, though it had meant more to him than he let on. "They were nice, but I don't do long term anyway. Or do you mean there can't be anything... nothing, no friendship?" he asked. He didn't need Sam's answer, he saw it in his face and gave a bitter laugh, raising his hand as he turned away and as far away across the room as he could. "Makes sense... I mean with my history, absfuckinglutely makes sense. Aside from you, I made two real friends... after I left here," he said, his mind going back once more to the day he'd been turned. The turning had hurt less than the sight of his fiance' and his room mate. "They betrayed me..." he felt tears roll down his cheek and impatiently brushed them away. "So you see... makes sense you'd pick them over me... even though it makes no sense when, back then, you picked me over them. He sniffed. "You know where the door is. And for the record... I don't need your protection."

"Yeah, I do know where it is, and I'll go in a minute." Sam told him, setting the soda can down, his gaze intent on Dean's back. "I won't ask you to turn around and look at me, I won't even ask you to respond, I just want you to know that I would chose you a hundred times over them if I could. I would never betray you or turn my back on you if I was given the option, Dean! Dammit, I can't help what I am any more than you can." He sighed, "but at least you can -" Sam gave a pained groan. "I can't say anything else. I'm sorry, I just can't." He tugged the door open, "Bye, Dean. Thanks for the soda."

"Sure." Dean's voice was thick with emotion, but he didn't turn around, not until he heard it shut again. Maybe it wasn't fair, lumping Sam in with Cassie and Zach. Maybe it was. Hell, he didn't know anymore. And why the fuck couldn't Sam just come clean and tell him? One minute he was spewing about protecting and choosing him over his new pals, his pack, and the next he couldn't say anything.
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