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The Web of Xander

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cartoon Heroes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to my story Cartoon Heroes, where Xander starts his life in Sunnydale again.

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Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Xander and Giles walked up to the small villa and they knocked. Finally an English man, not that many years older than Xander, opened the door.

"Mr. Giles," he said moving to the side and as Giles walked inside he looked at Xander. "Who is that?" he asked.

"A friend, he knows about the real world," Giles replied.

Xander walked carefully in, hiding a surprise inside his long jacket. A short moment later they were standing in the living room surrounded by Watchers.

"Really Giles, bringing a child here? That’s really dumb of you," Quentin said as he walked over to Giles and looked at Xander with distaste.

Xander ignored it as he studied the others in the room. None of them had searched him or they knew, but considered him defenseless. There were six 'strong guys', probably watchers, assassins or guards. He could see the hidden guns by the way the pants were folded over to hide them. They were standing spread out a bit, but not to faraway.

Quentin just shook his head, Americans… no discipline. The kid just stared like an idiot at nothing. "You know we have started to believe that you are trying to stop us from doing the sacred Cruciamentum test on the slayer. I was just about to catch the slayer’s mother in case we need something to motivate you and her to follow your duty."

Giles’ eyes were almost glowing in fury, but he held his tongue and Quentin walked a bit, standing directly in front of Xander. "But I think this young fool would be just as useful. What’s your name boy?" he asked in a rude tone.

Xander blinked. "My name is not boy. My name is Alexander Parker and this is a bat," he said, pulling the small steel baseball bat he had hidden under the jacket free and without stopping he gave the shocked Quentin a hard smash on the head.

Quentin fell like a domino down and was unconscious and Xander attacked the 'strong guys'. He was swinging the baseball bat like a sword as he broke bones and knocking them out. He could see the female mumbling and magical power was building itself up.
His danger sense was screaming, but he was ready and with one silk smooth move he pulled out a dagger and let it fly.

The female watcher screamed in pain as the dagger staked her arm and she lost control over her magic and fire burst out, burning her.

Giles swallowed as he rushed over to stop the witch from burning up.

Xander grinned as he jumped and attacked the rest of the male watchers knocking them down slow and painful.



Quentin woke up and found that he was gagged and tied. Looking around the room he could see the others tied up like a Christmas present to chairs just outside the cellar where they had the vampire.

Xander spoke, "I freely wrestle the vampire Angelus and pushed him and myself inside hell. I got out thanks to real angels. They saved me and have given me a choice. Go to heaven or come back to protect my friends." He leaned over Quentin and continued. "I came back. Do you believe I walked down in hell to stop the slayer from dying? Do you believe that I said no to heaven just to keep them safe? Do you really think I would allow you and your ape friends to steal her strength and murder her now?"

"Not bloody likely," Giles said ironically.

Xander stood up. "Now all of you consider it fair to take away the slayers strength and make her fight a vampire. Now without her strength she can only rely on skill, but as the slayer is used to work her skills in combination to her strength her skills are almost useless.

In fact a normal human would have greater abilities to defend him or herself then the slayer. Turning her human and forcing her to fight demons is nothing except murder or a way to force control over a independent slayer by making a new one," he growled and then pulled the gags from the watchers one by one. "Now do any of you have an opinion on this?" he asked them and then looked at the Witch. "Don’t try anything. Your power is locked away I took the precaution to give you a potion. It will be gone in a year or two."

The witch paled in fear and shock and Giles laughed at seeing her face.

Quentin sneered, "You will regret this boy. It’s a sacred test and you have no right to interrupt it," he said.

Xander looked them over. "And just because Quentin here look like a petty man that likes to make life difficult I say let’s do the ritual. Let’s even the odds. The witch and you Quentin VS one vampire. I’m sure both of you will survive what you are trying to force my friend to do"

With that he pulled the two up, removing the bindings and pushed them down the stairs. The others watchers paled in shock.

From downstairs they could hear begging and screaming.

"No… not me… take her… take her. Goddess noo…"

Xander grinned. "Maybe I should help them? But then on the other hand they are trying to murder a human. Buffy the slayer is human."

The other watcher swallowed their fear and one of the older ones spoke "Could you please save them?"

Xander sighed as he grabbed the baseball bat. "No rest for the good guys," he said while walking down the stairs.

Down there he could see the vampire draining the older Watcher and saving the female Witch for some later fun.

"Overbite," he screamed, making the vampire drop Travers.

The vampire turned around growling as he attacked the foolish human who forgot to lock the door after him. As the vampire attacked he suddenly could see a movement and then everything was dark.

Xander rolled his eyes. One hit by his bat and that pathetic excuse of an undead was sleeping. "Hi there. Still think this sick ritual is a good idea?" he asked the witch.

She shook her head and Xander smiled. "And I think you friendly boss and friend Quentin Travers actually offered you to the vampire as lunch. He really is a bad boy."

The witch swallowed looking at him still bleeding. "Is he alive?"

Xander shrugged. "I’m a bit overprotective when it comes to friends and family. I really don’t care," he said, but he did give the older asshole first aid. Just his luck the idiot was still alive.

Standing up he lifted Travers and the vampire in a fireman carry. "He is alive for now," he said and started to walk up.

The other watchers blinked as they could see the young man carrying both the unconscious Travers and a vampire.

He put the vampire down by dumping him and then did the same to Travers.

Seeing them flinch he looked at them. "Don’t worry, Travers only landed on his head and there is nothing of value inside anyway.”

Giles grinned. "My young friend is a bit protective of his friends and the slayers. If you are smart, run."

One of the strong guys sneered. "You ain’t getting away with this."

Xander grinned and the yelled, "Riley… nothing bad or illegal is going on. You can come in now."

Riley walked in and looked around "Good, if you were feeding a human to a vamp I would have to stop you," he said with a smile.

Xander nodded. "English meet Riley. Riley meet the English. English he is CIA-dude. CIA-dude they are watchers."

Riley nodded showing the watchers his ID. "Normally we only work inside America, but vampire and demons they are not humans so it falls to us"

The watchers blinked and Xander grinned "You see. Buffy has CIA and NSA connections. You idiots ever get near her or even come to the USA without asking Giles they are going to fry you assholes. If you hire an assassin I will personally hire the Terakans to destroy you. Riley, you’re CIA tell them that I’m not joking."

Riley nodded. "He isn’t joking. If one of the slayers, his friends or he are assassinated he already made a preemptive payment to the Terakans and your heads are the targets."

Xander grinned it was a lie, but they didn’t know that and Riley was Initiative, even blacker then CIA and a rouge, but the Initiative didn’t know that. "I will go before I kill somebody," he said walking away.

Giles looked at Riley. "Will you be alright?"

Riley nodded. "Yes, Agent Jarod will be over soon. We will question them before we send them home."

With that they left the Watchers alone.

The watchers relaxed finally the dangerous guys were gone then the other Agent walked in and something in his smile made them afraid again.


(Later in the Mayor’s mansion)

Xander grinned as he walked in. "Look out. Look out… hero coming with popcorn," he yelled. Currently he was balancing a large ball with popcorn on his head and two smaller ones in each of his hands.

Lily grinned and said, "You are my hero."

"Now that is a creative use of your mutant ability," Ander said with a huge smile.

Richard Wilkins the 3 frowned. "You do have time to go twice young man," he said.

Xander rolled his eyes. "Yeah right, then you would have eaten all the popcorn."

Richard blinked. "I would do no such thing. Whatever makes you suspect that?"

May grinned. "Well you are a former Big Bad and eating all the popcorn is an act of perfect evil according to X."

Richard smiled "Well darn it, you got me now," he said smiling.

Giles sighed. "Now be quiet the launch starts."

And on the TV they could see as the atomic bombs and fleets of space rockets were launched up into space. Carrying missiles and laser shooting satellites Earth was defending itself from the asteroids.

Xander smiled grimly, it was a wonder full thing to see. The sad part was that humanity wouldn’t be able to stop the alien fleet until after they had landed.

He already had some plans, but they would take time and he really wished his sisters had stayed away, but it was a magnificent show.


Morning comes differently to different individuals and differently depending on what you did the other day.

Quentin Travers didn’t wake when the other Watchers did, he slept longer and was up only after dinner, but then he had been sucked almost dry by a vampire. And questioned by a Pretender that actively tried to find every single of his and the others secrets.

Giles woke up with a grin on his face, as he could feel the heart beat from Miss Catharine Parker and his head was resting between the most perfect pair of pillows in the world.

So he was happy and only a bit irritated that morning would come so fast.

Joyce woke up and decided it was too early and for once in her life she would over sleep.

Buffy continued to sleep as Joyce forgot to wake her. The alarm clock was helpless to wake the sleeping slayer.

Willow rushed up then blinked seeing that her alarm was set to ring an hour later than normal. She frowned before she remembered the school was off this day. She wandered around a bit before smiling and turning on her computer. It was a long time since she had a chance to surf the web.

Mayor Wilkins was the first one up as usual, he woke up long before the sun even showed it face.

Some standard paper contact with demon clans were read and written, strange things to buy like heavy industrial materials and other more illegal things, the jet fighter was depressingly easy to buy.

Hours later he would go to breakfast. It was actually fun to have house guest and the Parker family was a riot. He just had to remember not to let young Alexander anywhere near his coffee or let young Hope anywhere near Coca Cola or Coffee. Something that was actually harder than you would expect. Luckily May was actively helping him.

Jarod woke up and he felt tired and sad, nothing really new to him. He had seen the best of life and the worst of life, his ability as a Pretender made it possible for him to actually understand the reason somebody did something. Doing that made it sometimes hard for him to hate anybody. He only hated the act of evil humans, not the evil humans themselves. But demons now those he could hate. And the actions of the head of the watchers made him tired and sad. He hated what they had done to young girls and whole families just to keep control over the slayer.

Being a genius was the worst curse a human could live under. Jarod knew that first hand. No pain, no brain.

His friend Angelo smiled as he woke up. "Jarod sad. I wish I could help him," he said. Lately his mind had become faster again. The healing potions made by Jarod and May and Alexander Parker were healing him.

Xander woke up in a situation that normally would be strange or freaky, he was hanging from his feet stuck on the roof and he was sleeping upside down. But he just knew that his spider instincts had brought him up there to hide from a nightmare. He sighed as he walked down the wall.

May slowly growled as she sat up. She was scratching her head, something was wrong and something was missing and her legs felt heavy.

She grinned as she noticed Tara-M was sleeping beside here. Somehow during the night her love interest must have hidden herself under the blanket.

She looked so cute May thought as she let herself back down just looking at the blond girl.

Hope woke up exactly two seconds before the alarm clock managed to wake her. That was something she always did and so she turned off the alarm before it managed to make any noise.

She stood up and started to dress herself time for breakfast, but first she looked around, not seeing May or any other stupid adult she picked up what she had managed to buy yesterday.

A whole can of Coca Cola. Grinning like a maniac she drank the holy drink and felt the power of caffeine waking every cell in her almost 15 year old body.

"Im.alive… new day," she said feeling a bit hyperactive. Time to eat breakfast now.

Outside the room Xander frowned. Hope managed to find some caffeine. That’s was so unfair and he wished he had some as well.

Well it was time for breakfast and if he was lucky he might be able to steal from Richard again. He grinned. But first he had to wake up Tara-F and see how she was healing. After that he had to wakeup Wasp and bring some breakfast to her. He was planning on spending some time with her after breakfast to make her part of the family.

Sometimes Hope and May could be far too judgmental.

Inside the dining room Richard’s well trained mage ability warned him, he turned to his Butler and said, "Hide all the coffee, NOW."

The half demon nodded and hurried out.

Wasp had woken up quite early and was sitting in her bed. Her broken bones made it hard for her to move, but with her strength and endurance a bit of pain could be ignored. She was confused. The younger sister, Scarlet-Spider, had visited her last night and given her some presents, a new T-shirt and some books. She could sense that the girl Hope was trying to become her friend and that confused her. After all she had tried to murder Hope and her family and yet the girl was trying to be a friend and Spider-Man, Alexander, she understood about protecting the family that was a reason to help her, otherwise the military might use her. Now she was safe with the family and they could use her in the future. But then why did Hope tried to be her friend? She had no reason to be friendly with her.

Wasp carefully picked up one of the books, moving fast hurt the broken bones in her arms, and started to read. It was CW Lewis the Witch and the lion.

A Narnia book Hope had said. Her first gift she ever had in her life, but she wondered what Hope wanted from her.

Then the door opened and Alexander walked in with food and they talked. She said that she rather read then talk and he nodded and walked out promising to come back later.


Junior Jarod woke up and sighed as he wandered into the kitchen. It was strange, Joyce wasn’t there, she probably decided to sleep late.

He decided to make breakfast, after all he was shorter and younger, but still a pretender, a universal genius, how hard could it be to make breakfast?

As he cocked the oriental breakfast, Misou soup and other fantastic things, he found on Internet two days ago his mind calculated the consequences of what he did yesterday. He had posted the link to the Spiders homepage to every larger Newspaper and News show in the USA and one in England and even in France.

That would probably make it impossible to hide it and that he had more than one backup page on different webservers one of those was a 'home-made' webserver that 'Old-Jarod' had made. Nobody except him and Jarod knew where it was located.

He continued thinking as he mixed the mixtures and made small bread that he put in the oven.

Making breakfast sure was fun and he did like the sugar, it kind of gave him a rush.

He knew that he was not coffee allergic as Hope and the other super powered Parkers where.

Now Hope was something he started to think a lot about. She was cute and sexy. He really liked her and in a way she was just like him a clone. The bad part was that he was only 11 years old, even if he was mentally older.

She was physically and mentally 15. Junior sighed as he hoped it was only puppy love he suffered from.


In the Wilkins mansion they had gather to eat Breakfast in the dining room. Richard being a working politician did have a TV so that he could watch the News.

A tired but smiling Xander walked in rolling a wheelchair where Tara-F was sitting. "Hi Richard, how are you doing?" they both said.

Richard nodded and replied, "Well thanks you two."

Xander smiled. "Got Wasp something to eat and she seem interested in the books," he said, thinking it was good of Richard to give the girl something to do.

Richard nodded wondering what books, but food was more important.

Tara-F smiled. "I’m better. Jarod said that I would be able to walk in a week or so."

Richard nodded. "It’s only because of the cut that you not walking now?"

Tara-F nodded. "They are afraid that if I walk around that the cut might reopen. So I have to rest in bed or roll around."

Then Hope walked in or rather skipped in with a big smile on her face as she sat down, then stood up to sit in another chair, you got to find the perfect sitting place after all. "HI,Its,a,wonder,full,day,could,i,have,the,pancakes i.really,o,donuts, whats,on,TV,What,ever,i,read,the paper,instead," she said before grabbing some donuts and started reading the newspaper.

Richard’s eye twitched as he tried to figure out what the hyperactive girl had said.

Xander sighed it was so unfair that she got caffeine and he didn’t. "Don’t worry she will work it off."

He started to read the paper and watch the news. Then he froze what the hell did the TV say right now? He put the newspaper down and watched the TV. Beside him the Mayor had frozen in shock.

Tara-F blinked, that wasn’t possible.

On the TV they could see a picture of Spider-Girl wearing only the famous Spider-Girl Bikini as she stood waving at the camera on top of the Statue of Liberty posing.

Xander blinked that picture was after May had lost a bet against Tara-F.

How the hell did that come out? He hoped they didn’t have the picture on him wearing a spider mask and a Speedo, a picture Tara-F had convinced him to make.

Then the News anchors came back.

TV-News anchors Bill Murry said, "Well there you have one of many pictures found on the -Amazing Spiders- Homepage. A web page made by the super-heroes themself and a really funny place to visit. They even have some movies and music. Some sung by Scarlet Spider herself or what do you say?" he asked his colleague.

TV-News Anchor Britt Baker replied, "I loved it. It even has some Beef cake pictures of Spider-Man posing, and I do love that Speedo."

A picture came up of Spider-Man dressing only in his Spider-Man Mask and a Speedo.

Tara-F grinned as she said, "I love that picture." Inside she was planning on making a Charger Bikini suit or maybe she used the Play-boy Charger design, after all she was his Energizer bunny of love and luck.

Xander groaned that was so embarrassing.

TV-News Anchor Bill Murry laughed. "Well shocking now, not only that but it also has a long background story where they came from. It’s incredible, children, mutant children born in this world, but spend time growing up in an alternate world swarming with super heroes and villains."

TV-News Anchor Britt Baker smiled. "Well not swarming. There is also lots of interesting information on it, even how you can make your own cloak with gliding flight ability. And believe it or not the blue prints of a laser gun."

TV-News Anchor Bill Murry continued. "We had our expert trying to build that Cloak and now give over to the test place. Remember do not try this at home, the one wearing the cloak is a trained stunt-man."

The picture faded and a live transmission came from over the bay. TV-News Anchor Carlos Rodan grinned. "Well I’m at the Los Angeles Bay our test personal is just about the test the flight cloak. If this works an alternate form of hang gliding will be possible and Scarlet-Spider? Thanks for sending us the information about the cloak in advance."

The camera zoomed in as the stunt-man jumped and tried to get lift in the cloak.

A moment he fell down, then suddenly the cloak stiffened and like a pair of wings he was gliding away catching the winds and gaining altitude.

TV-New Anchor Carlos smiled. "It’s incredible. He is flying, just watch."

They could see the stunt-man flying in small circles before gliding to land and landing clumsy.

Xander sighed that was too much. The he could see May and Tara-M walking into the room while Hope was jumping up and down in her chair, smiling happy.

Xander growled. "The Bikini photos and me in the Spider Speedo? How could you," he almost yelled.

Richard frowned and asked, "What about the laser gun?"

Xander shrugged. "It’s not that effective and beside it might be needed in the future. But May you where almost NUDE in that picture and my Speedo picture? We said nobody would ever see that one," he said in his best big-brother being annoyed tone.

"Ops," Hope said.


(Rosenberg home)

Willow sat by her computer and she didn’t believe her eyes. A homepage made by the Spiders.

She just knew it had to be May or Hope that did it and the pictures? Most were harmless fun like those of Scarlet Spider training or webswinging or reading upside down. But the ones with May in a Spider-Bikini were hot, really hot and so were the pictures of Spider-Man in a Speedo, clearly a improvement from when he had one on him as Harris.

And the information? Willow mind was drooling as she read facts and the Breakfast was completely forgotten.
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