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The Web of Xander

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cartoon Heroes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to my story Cartoon Heroes, where Xander starts his life in Sunnydale again.

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Chapter 3

Giles was just about to knock on the door, when he saw that it was open. Seeing that, he walked inside and stopped in surprise. The last days Xander or Alex had started to repair and store his equipment in Giles home while sleeping in the Summers home. What Giles saw in the spare bed room named the 'Spider cave' by Buffy and Faith surprised him, chemical burners boiling something and distilling it into small containers. Giles had no idea what that was, but the smell was confusing, not bad just strange. On the wall hung a pair of wrist gauntlets, Giles knew that they were called web shooters.

In the middle of the room stood Xander himself and apparently was repairing or cleaning his suit.

Giles said, "I'm sorry, did I interrupt anything? I can go, if you want."

Xander grinned, "It is your home, just be careful with the burners. What can I help you with?"

"Well I was just wondering if you could help me program the video. Seeing that you obvious know advanced things like that I'm sure you could help me," Giles answered Xander's question.

Xander blushed a bit and then replied, "Actually I tried yesterday to do that and kind of erased everything programmed inside, but Faith can work the video."

Giles blinked, "Well, may I ask what that is in your suit?"

Xander hold up his 'Spiderman' uniform. It was dark black with a red spider web pattern. It looked intimidating. "In the hood I have a small spy glass, with zoom factor up to 15 and night goggles with an inbuilt camera and radio. My sister and I used that to keep in contact during fights," he said looking down and a bit depressed. "I miss May. Dad, May and I designed our uniforms with some help from old friends," he said with a sad tone of voice.

"Well you have us and I hope that helps a bit. What else do you have in their?" Giles said quickly, comforting a crying boy or young man was nothing he was planning on doing.

Perking up Xander started to explain. "The belt, I have some web-grenades and other tools like keys and break-in equipment," he looked up. "It's much safer to sneak inside a evil overlords HQ, then to fight your way inside."

Giles blinked, "I'm sure you right," he said in a dry tone of voice.

Xander grinned, "Well the web-shooters over there are capable of firing web-lines to hang and swing from or sticky web-glue to capture somebody inside. They can also shoot stingers, small arrows made of hard web. The stingers are dipped in a neuro toxin that putts you to sleep, normally for around 2-3 hours."

Giles blinked, "I have never seen you use those before."

Xander shrugged, "I only use them when outnumbered and out of time. Besides the sleep toxin can kill a human if you are unlucky."

"Well what are we going to do about Angel?" Giles asked Xander in a curious tone.

Xander thought about what to say for a moment and then said, "The PtB have ordered him to move to LA. I'm going to help him move over. Drive during the day and such things."

Giles nodded in relive. He really did not like to have the vampire nearby, even if it was innocent of the crime Angelus did. Angel was still only a vampire. "I have to go now. I must find Faith and get her to reprogram the VCR."

In the bed room or spider-cave, Xander looked at the boiling water above the burners. He had used holy water instead of normal water in the web fluid and soon he would have a chance to test it on a vampire.


Outside he could hear Faith yell, "I'm a Vampire Slayer, not a Video Slayer. You program it yourself or let web head do it."

Xander carefully sneaked out of the house, it was time to test the web fluid or trying to explain why he was unable to program the video.



The young scientist blinked and then he walked up to one of his bosses "Mr. David the radio-telescope detected an abnormality near Pluto. Should I ask for more time to scan that area of space or just let the computer investigate the info it has on the abnormality and continue scanning other parts of space?"

David blinked. "Let me see," he said and read the information. Then he looked up, "That's most likely a pair of passing asteroids colliding in space. Let the computer investigate other areas. Pluto is always a dead end. Uranus always gives us a surprise."

The young man nodded, "Sure Mr. David," he said rushing over and letting the computer slowly start to work on the information, putting the priority on information near Uranus.


Space near Pluto

The armada slowly moved towards Earth a bit surprised that nobody had seen them yet.


The Marvel universe

May 'Mayday' Parker, also known as Spider-girl, was listing things to do.

1. Prepare equipment for a one way journey. Computer, portable lab/work shop, repair equipment, the usual things a girl needs.

2. Say goodbye to my friends

3. Ask mom and dad if I can move to another universe and fight the forces of hell just so that I can be beside my brother.

May sighed number 3 would be the most difficult Dad would ground her and Mom would kill her. "I wonder how Tara is doing."


In the X-Men mansion Tara was opening a door. Inside of the cabinet were gadgets and a lot of equipment. She was a mutant, but compared to others her powers were weak, but still impressive. From her mother she had inherited a probability changing ability. She could give somebody good or bad luck. A power she had no control over and luckily it was not a strong power. Make her angry and you suddenly got bad luck, make her happy and good luck would come your way. From her father, whoever he was, she had gotten other powers. As she grabbed the uniform small bolts of electric lightning were seen. Tara grinned, her mother never told her, that her real father was Eletrco, but her powers were to similar to his. The uniform was dark green with a yellow lighting over the chest.

A gruff voice interrupted her pondering, "Are you sure you know what you doing kid?" Logan asked.

She turned around, "I'm going after my boyfriend."

Logan sighed, "Web-head knows what he is doing kid. If you go you would be alone without help or support. Who knows what they think about mutants over there."

Tara frowned, "I know, but I will still go. I love and hate Alex. He is always about duty, but living without him? Logan, I rather die than doing that."

Logan nodded, "You are grown up kid and you are old enough to make your own mistakes," he said, as he walked out.

Tara sneered,"Then why are you calling me kid then?"

Logan grinned, "Because you are a kid. All of you are children compared to me."



"I'm the King of the road," Xander was singing as he drove to LA.

Angel sighed, "I know god that I have been a bad vampire, but could you stop him from singing that song again and again before I stake myself?"

The car suddenly stopped. They were there, at an old abandoned hotel that Angel/Angelus had bought.

Xander said grinning, "Oh grow up dead boy. We are here Hotel California or something. LA, smell the opportunities in this place. A place for heroes, just smell the future."

Angel sniffed for a moment and replied, "I only smell garbage."

Xander rolled his eyes, "The garbage men are on strike, so it's a bit dirty. Ignore that smell and in this place anything could and will happen, Angel. I can just sense it. I know you will get your reward and become human again. I can smell hope in the air."

Angel growled, "It stinks. You are only happy just to irritate me, right?"

Xander grinned, "Yep, Dead Boy. Irritating you is what I consider fun. Now why don't we start working? This is my plan. The two of us kick out any intruder and as its day time you start indoors. Clean up while I get you some blood and scout the area."

Angel growled again, "Scouting? You are only trying to avoid clean up duty."

Xander nodded, "You know me to well and beside what can you do? I'm stronger then you."

Despaired Angel said, "It will be a long day for me right?"

Xander nodded again, "Probably and don't worry, the PtB said you would be human again, if you work for them and meanwhile I will be right there helping you being depressed, that's what friends are for."

"No chance of Angelus slipping out, while you are nearby," Angel said in a miserable tone of voice.

Xander just grinned as the two walked up to the hotel, with Angel hidden beneath a blanket.
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