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The Web of Xander

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cartoon Heroes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to my story Cartoon Heroes, where Xander starts his life in Sunnydale again.

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Chapter One

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson

Beta: Hawklan
Disclaimer: I do not own anything or so I claim. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Spiderman to Marvel.

Chapter 1

It was an early morning two weeks after Xander's return and two days after Angel's return.

"Xander, XANDER. Alexander," Joyce yelled from the kitchen.

"Huu. What's up?" Xander said rushing inside. "I'm sorry Joyce, but the last 17 years I was called Alex or X."

Joyce nodded, "I understand, thinking of your home again?"

Xander also nodded, "Yes and no Joyce. Sunnydale is my home, but the Parkers were also my home and I still miss it."

Joyce grinned happily, "Well you got a home with us. Have you thought about school lately?"

Xander nodded, "Yes, the ID as Alexander Parker is done and I will start next week. The vampires will give me money until I manage to sell a patent or something and I can find a good hotel."

Joyce frowned a bit, "You will stay with us, but what about that that vampire?"

"Angel. The PTB said he was once again in control. The demon is caged and they need him to keep the vampires away," Xander answered her.

Buffy, who had been listening frowned and walked into the kitchen. She wore a red eye patch shaped like a heart instead of her normal pink eye patch, but it was Valentine's Day after all. "But Xander your powers are stronger than that of a Slayer or a vampire. Why do they need Angel anyway?"

Her opinion off Angel and Angelus had become less then great after that night when he had ripped out her eye and both Angelus and Xander had been send to hell.

Xander nodded, "Yes, but Buffy GOD send me to be reborn in THAT world to give me the strength to fight what is coming. I think something worse than a vampire or a demon is coming our way. I can feel it, my danger sense is tingling."

Buffy swallowed, "Oh crap."

Joyce raised her eyebrows and asked, "Spidersense? Are you sure you are not hungry?"

Xander nodded, "Well I'm hungry, but I'm sure something bad is coming our way and my strength will be needed."

Buffy nodded, "Well I go and get Faith or we be late for school." She rushed up to wake her sister slayer, something that was harder to do then you could image.


Moments later

"Nooo, not morning, why, why are you torturing me? I was sleeping," Faith's voice was heard complaining from her room.

Xander turned to Joyce and said, "She really don't like waking up early in the morning."

"No, hate would be more like what she feels like," Joyce answered grinning.


Much later

Walking into Sunnydale high school was different for him now. As Alex Parker he was almost a genius and a child of a genius. His dad, the former Spider-Man, had given him a chance to learn from the best in the fields of science and in the art of fighting. He had the body of a gymnast with strong looking arms, but the one thing that made others stare at him was 'the scar' right under and over his right eye. It started above his lips and it continued under the hair and to the top of his skull. A result after Lady Magneto had tried slashing his head in half.

Somehow the scar was a blessing. Nobody messed with him even if he hung out with 'geeks and nerds'.

"Scar Face, oho man you do look ugly," one of the jocks said as he walked by them.

Xander blinked, obvious the idiots in Sunnydale were even bigger than the idiots he had known in the other world and he just ignored them.

The jock sneered, "Well well, I have seen that freak hang out with Buffy, no surprise. A one eyed freak going out with a scar faced one."

Xander frowned and shrugged it off. His spider strength which allowed him to lift almost 12 tons would make it a unfair fight.

The Jock laughed, "Yea chicken, as I said just another ugly pussy. Man we are going to have fun with that one later."

Xander grinned well if they started to fight, he would have no problem with finishing it and right now he really would like that, but now time to see the principal and be registered.


From the deep out of space, just outside Pluto, something was entering normal space, something not really friendly.
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