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Summary: A guilt stricken Xander finds himself hurled into the future, finding an unusual brother-in-arms in a Turian who just loves to cause the criminal underworld trouble. X/over with Mass Effect 2, spoliers for all of Buffy, ME1 and some of ME2

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect TrilogyTheHeartistFR1822,2791185,9106 Feb 1021 Feb 10No

Chapter One: Alpha and Omega

A/N: Bit of a gap, but I'm a lazy writer if I'm honest. I'll just be getting these to you when I can. Lots of reviews tend to spur me on ;)
See Prologue for disclaimers.

Chapter One: Alpha and Omega

Xander gasped as he fell to his knees in front of him. What in the hell?! The last thing he remembered was blowing a sizeable hole in Baron Shango with his SPAS 12...why couldn't he hear anything? Looking around, he could see that he was in what appeared to be a nicely furnished apartment, whoever lived here was incredibly rich. But at the same time, something was slightly off...the design style was...alien? Like something he'd never seen before. There were shutters down over the windows, only letting in a crack of red light from the outside. He spotted what looked like a metal tablet on the table. Walking over and picking it up, it appeared to be some sort of space age hi-tech newspaper. Looking quickly at the top, he read the date.

February 12th 2184 C.E.

What?! Before he could faint and render himself unconscious all over again, there was a bleep and a hiss as the metallic door opened behind him. Two demon-y looking guys walked in, dressed in some space age armour and packing some serious firepower. They entered without a word and stood either side of the door, before one put a finger to his earpiece and muttered an all clear.

That was when she walked in.

Now Xander had a history with sexually enticing demons, but this one took the cake. She was purple with what appeared to be short tentacles on her head, fashioned like a human would style their hair. And her body. Well, the girl clearly worked out. But given a closer inspection...

Xander had been hunting demons for years now and while he wouldn't quite call it Slayer senses, he was definitely attuned when it came to demonic presence and this woman or her two burly escorts were not giving off demonic vibes at all. Hell, Shango had been a human and he gave off more demonic juju than this...well, alien, he guessed. As she entered, the shutters over the windows opened fully and Xander could see for the first time outside. And what he saw certainly backed up his alien theory. It was like something out of Blade Runner, flying cars and neon lights everywhere.

“Where am I?” Xander asked, not taking his eyes from the windows.

“Omega,” the female alien replied.

“And you are?”

“Aria T'Loak. I run this place. Nothing official, per se, but...I'm holding all the keys at the moment. Which means everyone bows to me.”

“And if it doesn't offend you too much to ask...what are you? You're not a demon.”

“Demon? I'm an Asari. I don't usually let strangers fling insults at me like that,'re quite old, for a human.”

“Hey! I'm 29 for cryin' out loud.”

“Biologically, yes, you look amazing for your age.'ve missed a few birthdays.”

“I've many are we talking here?”

“Judging by our scans and analysis, I'd say around hundred and seventy four.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Omega...

The young Salarian ran. Panting his lungs out, he didn't dare look back. The deal has gone sour and now, just when he thought he had the upper hand, he was toast. The Turian, that bastard...he'd just pulled that gun out of nowhere, he'd never seen anybody shoot quite as fast and nowhere near as accurate. Seventeen shots. Seventeen of his fiercest bodyguards down. Seventeen! The Salarian had managed to get the hell out of there and now, as he rounded the corner, he saw the somewhat comforting and familiar lights of Afterlife, Omega's biggest nightclub and the location of Aria's 'throne', for lack of a better description. Aria would grant him sanctuary, he did too much good business for her, got her the best weapons for her men. The Salarian pushed his way past the bouncer, who knew to let him in straight away, as he went looking for Aria in her usual spot. All he got was a gruff looking Krogan merc telling him Aria was away on business and he should piss off. Terrified now, the Salarian fled through the back door of Afterlife into the back alley where aliens of all kinds, human, turian, vorscha, dug around in the trash and the filth for something to sell, just to eat.

That was when he heard a sharp click behind his head. The alley quickly cleared, nobody else was armed or willing to get involved. Or both.

“I'll have to thank you for this rather nice hand cannon I found in your stash. All those weapons should keep me going for a while.”

That calm, collected voice, it unnerved him before and it was unnerving the Salarian now. It was him. The Turian.

“Just, take it all. You can have it. I'm done. I'll be gone. You'll never see me again,” the Salarian stuttered.

“Well, usually, I'd be perfectly fine with the arrangement,” the Turian replied “, if you weren't rapist scum.”

How in the hell did he-


The Salarian's thoughts, and life, were cut short by the report of a single gunshot to the back of his head. The Turian named Garrus Vakarian turned, headed back into Omega. Back to the hunt.

Five minutes later, Omega marketplace

“So you say you found me in some kind of a stasis field?” Xander asked her, as the two of them walked through the marketplace escorted by several guards.

“Yes, on one of the larger asteroids surrounding Omega. A team of mine was doing some platinum mining when we found you, encased inside a field which itself was encased inside the center of the rock,” Aria explained “, the field wore off as soon as we got you into breathable atmosphere and you came to. Our sensors picked up a fair amount of biotic power...did you use some kind of enhanced biotics to put yourself in stasis?”

“Biotics? Huh?” Xander replied, confused as ever.

To demonstrate, Aria turned to a Vorscha who was in the middle shaking down an elderly woman, and shouted at him. The vorscha turned, growling, before seeing who had called him out and suddenly screamed in fear. Well, scream for about half a second before Aria began to glow with blue energy and the vorscha flew into the air and had his brains dashed against the ceiling.

“Teach the little bastard to shake people down in my marketplace,” Aria said “, that was somewhat fulfilling. I usually have these guys do the work, I haven't cut loose in a while.”

“So those were...biotics?” Xander asked.

“Yes. They're quite commonplace in this galaxy, although you act as if you don't know what they are,” Aria replied.

“I've seen mystics and psychics do similar things, but they aren't commonplace back...well, back in my time. I'm gonna have to get used to saying that,” Xander said, shaking his head.

“I can teach you how to use your biotics. I can put clothes on your back, food in your mouth and a gun in your hand. But you work for me,” Aria said.

“And if I turn your offer down?” Xander asked.

The guards around him started to get twitchy.

“You're free to go. With no money, no weapon, no training, no decent won't last five minutes here on Omega,” Aria said, levelling with him.

Xander looked straight into her eyes and thought for a moment. Wasn't much of a choice really. And she DID dig him out, plus the fact that she was making this a choice at all told him she wasn't of the bad. Grey maybe...something he was familiar with. But not bad.

“You have a deal,” Xander said, sticking out his hand, to which Aria shook it.

“Just one rule while you're here and we'll get along nicely,” Aria said as they left the marketplace headed for an apartment building “, and it's a rule a bunch of newcomers we're about to visit have broken.”

They got into an elevator which quickly sped them to their destination.

“Don't fuck with Aria,” Aria told him, as they rounded the corner and one of her guards swiped a keycard through the reader on one of the apartment doors.

“I like it, short, easy to remember,” Xander said grinning as the guards in front of them parted so Aria could enter the apartment.

As she did, a black clad figure jumped out to the side of the pair and Xander turned, diving at the figure and tackling him down.

“Get off me you sod!” the attacker yelled, as Xander got up off of him and the guards all pointed their rifles at his face.

“Ah god, Aria...I told you I'd have the money in three days...there's this Batarian bastard who after me and thought you were...hold on a sec...Droopy?!” said the familiar figure lying in front of Xander and Aria.

“You know him?” Aria said.

Xander just stood there slack jawed. Apparently, even stasis for a hundred and seventy four years wasn't long enough to get away from him.


Meanwhile, elsewhere on Omega...

She twitched.

“Not now,” she muttered to herself “, I'm still shopping.”

“But we must return. He is in trouble.”

“Oh, fine! But I get to finish up tomorrow!”

“That is...acceptable.”

As she finished those words, her hair change from a dark brown to a light blue and her clothes morphed into a skintight red armoured catsuit.

“I shall take their spines as trophies!”

A/N: So....yeah :) Lemme know what you think guys :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Archangel" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Feb 10.

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