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Summary: A guilt stricken Xander finds himself hurled into the future, finding an unusual brother-in-arms in a Turian who just loves to cause the criminal underworld trouble. X/over with Mass Effect 2, spoliers for all of Buffy, ME1 and some of ME2

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Disclaimer: Buffy and related characters belong to Joss, the Mass Effect franchise and related characters belong to BioWare. Enjoy.



Somewhere in Africa, Earth, 2010 A.D.

Xander always found himself coming back here. Africa. The cradle of civilisation. The funny part there being that the people he dealt with here were far from civilised. Or people, more often than not. Sure, his years of service on the forgotten continent to the New Watchers Council had somewhat changed his outlook on the supernatural from when he was a teenager in Sunnydale, but he still knew evil when he saw it. Unfortunately, that was rarely, especially here in Africa where it was usually more shades of grey.

So this was the mission. A small tactical team comprised of two Slayers named Marsha and Sofia, an ex-Mossad by the name of Rafiq and a French sorcerer named Ducant would help him infiltrate the home of a local crime boss who was going by the name of Baron Shango. Publicly, he was was lauded in the press for his charitable contributions to schools, shelters and private sector business. Unfortunately for him, his wealth and power came from several virgin sacrifices to the voodoo gods once a month upon an ancient altar located somewhere within the depths of his home. In this case, the end did not justify the means and Andrew had flagged up details of child abductions in Rome where he operated and they lead back to Shango and Africa, Xander's turf. Giles okayed the kill order, Shango was to be put down. Slayers to avoid the taking of human life if possible, as per the modus operandi for the New Council. It didn't mean it didn't happen, but most Slayers' consciences were clear, as Slayers killing humans was usually in self defence. Xander however, his kill history since leaving Sunnydale had been...colourful. Black ops, Giles had called them, left out of the official New Council records. When the dirtiest deeds needed to be was left to one of five people: Giles, Spike, Illirya (the only surviving members of the Fang Gang after Angel royally pissed of the Senior Partners in L.A.) Faith or himself. They all had their own jurisdictions and they dealt with any off the books operations within them. As Illirya quite bluntly put it when Giles suggested such activities “, sometimes words will not do and the spines of rotten fiends need to be ripped from their insignificant carcasses.”

And now Xander stood above the corpse of one Baron Shango, known murderer, drug trafficker, rapist and all round supernatural menace. Marsha and Sofia were dead, battling Shango's many demon bodyguards. Ducant was dead, victim of an anti-magic ward placed around Shango's private quarters. Rafiq was bleeding out on the floor behind him, caught by a stray shot from Shango's pistol before Xander had shot Shango down. They'd walked in about ten seconds too late to prevent Shango's latest sacrifice, a young 17 year old girl who lie brutally slain on a truly hideous looking altar constructed from the bones of the dead. Xander turned and knelt by the dying Rafiq.

“Ah...just another day at the office Xander my friend...” Rafiq croaked.

“This is...this is my fault. I should have been more aware, more prepared, I got you all killed-” Xander began, before Rafiq held up a bloody hand to stop him.

“We have stopped this madman. Innocents will suffer no not fret, Xander my friend. I a better place,” Rafiq whispered, as the final strains of his life left his body.

Wearing a grim expression, Xander stood, furious. He had cost his team their lives because he hadn't been as good as he should have been.

He picked up a war club that was mounted on Shango's wall and walked over to the altar, before pausing. Then he took a giant swing.

As the club impacted on the altar, there was a flash of purple light, and time stood still for Xander.

Then there was darkness

And voices.

“Are you sure he's that old?”

“The scanner is not broken. And it doesn't lie.”

“Alright. Move him, before one of those merc group bastards comes in here and even thinks messing with him.

“As you wish, Mistress Aria.”


A/N: Reviews are nice, they spur me on. Until next time.
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