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Sic Itur Ad Astra

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Summary: After NFA, Connor suffers a lost that leaves him and his sister alone and hunted. Paying off a debt, the Powers sends them where the Partners won't follow.

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Disclaimer: Angel and the Stargate franchise does not belong to me.

‘Sic Itur Ad Astra’ is Latin for ‘thus you shall go to the stars’


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” Seneca

The beating of her heart echoes loudly in her ears. Everywhere she looks, light streaks down from the sky enveloping the villagers that have been her family these past years. The high pitch screeching in the sky fills her with both terror and anger. She wants to scream. She wants to fight and claw and bite but knows there is nothing she can do as long as they attack from the sky. It isn’t fair she thinks but she learned three years ago that life isn’t fair and doesn’t get better when you complain about it. So she does the only thing she can do—Kaitlyn runs.

She heads towards the forest; her current position is too open, where the villagers who have yet to be captured are going. This planet has not been Culled in over nine generation and while the people, the Qu’lan, can fight and have passed down stories of the Wraith and the horror they bring, they have not lived in constant terror of being culled like most other planets of this galaxy. This planet has been allowed to advance and its people have become soft. It’s a death sentence in a place like Pegasus. The villages further away from the Circle of the Ancestors will have a better chance at hiding, surviving.

Kaitlyn knows these woods like the back of her hand and takes the most direct route towards one of the underground havens from the Wraith the village has set up. It is nearly three miles away and she is grateful that while they haven’t been attacked in so long, every man, woman and child know the way there. She had been on the other side of the village when the circle activated and the darts attacked so she is part of the last trickle of people heading towards safety. She wasn’t sure if it was luck or if the Wraith knew where the other two hideaways are, but they somehow manage to block off all routes to them and she has to go to this last one. It is highly likely that the older villagers aren’t going to make it.

Jumping over a fallen log she nearly twists her ankle flinching away from a shadow to her right and she is positive that everyone in her group is slightly ahead of her and to her left. Her brother has taught her how to fight and how important it is to be aware of her surroundings. He has told her many times that she should always be aware of her allies’ position so she knows that nothing is there. She has heard the stories of her people and others who have survived a Culling. She knows that the Wraith are fast and strong. They healed fast and there are warnings about how they can distort your senses, making you see and hear things that aren’t there.

Kaitlyn smiles.

The Wraith are following them. It makes her angry and giddy because that means that they are on the ground. This she can do. She no longer feels helpless and hopes that they catch up to her. It’s not like her. She isn’t a violent person and only knows how to fight because her brother insisted but now? Now she was to destroy and hurt for what they have done to her people. She may not survive this but she’ll make sure the ones that cross her path don’t either. She’ll have to apologize to her brother for not taking him seriously. Kat now knows why he kept warning her that it was okay to get to know and understand the Commander but she should never forget that he and his race considers them prey. She prays for her brother’s sake that it was not the Commander’s hive attacking them.

There are twelve others with her. A few are her age and the rest have seen thirty or forty summers. The man closest to her is Tyven and owns the Tavern. He is quite handsome and possibly the oldest among them. She can see by the way he clenches his jaw and tightens his grip on the sword that he knows they are being followed. She hopes that that their training will come thru because learning how to fight the Wraith in a relatively safe environment is different than firsthand experience. They are at least a mile and a half away from safety and they know that they will have to head away from it. They cannot lead them to the remainder of their people. She doesn’t have to say anything because Alynna has deliberately taken a wrong turn and they obediently follow.

They are all armed, after all Qu’lang is one of the most respected weapon makers in Pegasus. The woods are too thick for the Wraith to use their darts and Kaitlyn and the others have the advantage of knowing the terrain. She jerked to her left as a blue light exploded on the tree next to her. They were fast but knew they wouldn’t be able to out run them. Alynna and those closest to her kept running but Kaitlyn, Tyven and Mayra were forced to take cover. They have no choice left but to fight. She is able peek behind the tree and sees that there were five Wraiths. She doesn’t bother looking for more. The bastards were so arrogant they wouldn’t think to hide. Four wore a strange mask thing, which caused her to identify them as Warriors, and the fifth wore a long leather jacket. It billows as he…struts and she wants to laugh.

They were outnumbered and had to occupy them long enough that the others could get away. If they wanted to have a chance they were going to have to take the bastards down fast and unfortunately none of them have energy weapons. If they were going to do this they were going to have to get up close and personal. She slides the dagger out of her belt and takes a calming breath. She has to be quick and she couldn’t miss. She throws the dagger not looking to see if it hit and runs, throwing her-self behind trees fifteen feet away from where she was and she hears the thud of a body hitting the ground. The Wraith opens fire and Mayra sneaks around trying to flank them. She needs to keep them off guard and when one the Warriors passes her tree, she tackles him. It surprises the thing long enough that Kaitlyn is able to pull one of her zai from her boot and drags the middle blade across his throat. She’s lucky when a weapon’s discharge misses her and hits the ground next to her.

Mayra had picked up the weapon of the first Wraith and was already shooting at another. Unfortunately it takes more than one shot to take one of them down. It is close enough to Mayra that it manages to knock the weapon from her hand and she is forced into close combat. Tyven is already fighting the last Warrior. Kaitlyn is unable to watch either fight because the last Wraith, who she decides to call Severus, is descending upon her. She drops to the ground as he aims a round kick at her head and swipes his legs out from under him. He is already getting up as she stands, drawing her other sai. The male is taller than her so she doesn’t waste energy aiming at his face and instead uses her thumb to flip the zai so that the blades are along her forearm and does two quick jabs to Severus’ solar plexus. After that they fall into a rhythm with the Wraith trying to break her defense.

Severus is fast and strong but her brother is faster and stronger. She knows she’ll be able to keep up with him and even kill him because she has spent three years fighting someone superior to him. She is no master but she is good and knows that since she lacks his speed and strength, she will have to fight smarter. She dodges and blocks and sometimes manages to thrust with her blade but his offence is pushing her to her limits and she doesn’t find any openings to make a fatal attack and the wounds she gives him are already healing. She has to be patient and prevent him from hitting her. She breaks her routine and hits Severus in the throat with the knuckle of her right sai. She can feel the bones of his trachea give way and her window of opportunity is small. She flips her left sai and brings the blade down towards his heart. The blade sinks through leather, flesh and bone and she feels a flash of frustration that the bastard managed to move. Her blade misses the heart but she plans to do as much damage as she can, so she drags the blade down to his stomach. He screams and Kaitlyn manages to think that her eardrums may burst before he flings his hand out striking her in the chest and sending both her and the sai in him a good ten feet away.

Kaitlyn can’t breathe. She lay on her back staring at the light that manages to penetrate the thick trees and thinks why can’t I breathe. Nothing hurts and the noise around her seems to vanish and she tries to make her lungs inflate. She does not know how long she laid there but she is finally able to breathe again and struggles to sit up. The noise comes rushing back and she wishes it didn’t because someone is screaming. She doesn’t turn to see who because Severus is coming towards her and his coat is billowing and she chokes out a laugh. He knocks her back down and straddles her hips. His smile is feral as he raises his hand. She thinks about her mother and how she told her that if any boys tried to get fresh with her she should go for the balls. She doesn’t know how the Wraith reproduce or if their reproductive organs are in the same place as humans but she brings her knee up. The noise Severus makes is worse than his scream from before and she decides that yes, male Wraith’s reproductive organs are in the same place as human males. Severus is curled up in a ball on his side and she grabs the knife from his belt and finishes him off.

Someone is still screaming and she figures that the fight did not last as long as she thought. She turns towards the screaming and a Wraith has Mayra pin to a tree. She sees Tyven landing his final blow and she stumbles forward to help Mayra. Something moves and then there is a man standing behind the wraith with a knife to its throat. The screaming stops and the silence rings harshly through the forest.

“Give it back and I’ll kill you,” the man’s voice is cold and it sends a shiver down her spine. She doesn’t hear what the Wraith says and doesn’t know if it’s even capable of speech but then the man is talking again.

“You will die right here, today, you don’t have a choice about that. You can, however, decide how you die. Give it back and I’ll break your neck. If you don’t I might just decide I want to play with you, ya know, figure out what makes you tick.”

She doesn’t know why it decides to believe the man but it places its hand on Mayra’s chest and suddenly the gray hair is turning black and wrinkles smooth. Kaitlyn suspects that the Wraith gave back more years than it took but it really doesn’t matter because Mayra will live. There is a quick flick of hands and a loud crack and then the man is turning towards her. She looks into blue eyes and feels relief.

“You alright Kat?” she can feel the pain now but its okay because both her and her brother survived another attack on their home.

She grins widely and maybe a bit manic and says, “I killed Professor Snape.”

He gives her an incredulous look and she points to Severus. He looks and she can tell he doesn’t get it. She walks over to the body and nudges the coat with her boot. He snorts and rolls his eyes.

“Congratulations Potter. Are you injured?”

“I think he cracked some ribs and I’m going to have one hell of a bruise later but I’m fine Connor.”

Connor looks at her like he thinks she may be hiding something and turns towards Mayra and Tyven and checks them.

“We have to go before any more come. I didn’t see any but I’m not sure if it’s over yet,” they could hear darts in the distance. They collected their weapons and that of the Wraith before following Connor deeper into the forest.

She glances at Mayra, “Are you alright,” and Mayra gives her a weak smile and nods. Even though she is no longer old, she still feels the effect. They had heard rumors that the Wraith are able to give back what they took but hadn’t known for sure. She could not imagine what it was like to be feed on.

She hopes she never finds out.



Dimension Prime

Carson City, Nevada

June 18, 2004

It wasn’t something that happened often but Connor found himself enjoying his time with his sister. He loves her, there’s no doubt about that, but he is a firm believer that the thing about time and hearts growing fonder totally applies to siblings. After everything that’s happened in the past month, Connor wants to spend time with the family he has left. He doesn’t want to feel the same regrets he feels about not knowing his Dad or his Dad’s friends. He finds himself thinking over all the choices he’s made from the moment he walks through that dimensional rip to the moment he walked into the elevator after leaving he regained his memories. His sister is-

“So College everything you thought it would be wonder boy? You gonna come to the mall with me and check out other guys’ asses?”

-a smug little shit. “I never should have told you,” he mumbled, sending her a dirty look.

“You talk a lot when you’re drink. Should I feel special that you drunk dialed me?”

Connor rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You ready to go now?” not waiting for an answer, he walks out of the ice cream store before Kaitlyn could con him into buying her something else.

She runs after him grinning. “We should do this more often.”

He snorts. “I’m a broke college student. I can’t support your eating habits. I’m surprise you can even move.”

“I work it off. There’s Soccer, Volley-ball, Cheerleading- I’m always active,” she turned to him with a sly look. “And then there’s the sex.”

Connor walks right into to a light pole. Kat doubles over in laughter. “You’re way too easy.”

Time. Heart. Fonder.

“That’s not funny.”

“Yes it was! You should’ve seen your face.” She wipes tears from her eyes and walked ahead of him.

“You’re fifteen,” he pauses, “and still a virgin, right?”

Kat keeps walking.

“Right?” Connor had seen a lot of boys sniffing around his sister. Since she won’t tell him which one she’s dating he thinks it’s only logical that he kills all of them. Starting with Gary or Larry or whatever his name is. He always gets this shifty look in his eyes when he sees Connor.

It isn’t a long walk back to the house and they take their time. It’s night and a part of Connor aches to go hunting but Angel wanted him to have a normal life. Connor thinks that the least he could is to try the whole normal thing. If he wants to hunt later he will but hunting doesn’t have to be his sole reason of living anymore. He slings an arm around his sister’s shoulder and draws her in. Connor regretted leaving Angel-

As long as you’re safe they can’t hurt me

-and not knowing what happened was killing him. Wesley was dead and so was that creepy ass demon. Lorne was alive but had made it clear he wanted nothing to do with him. Gunn, the blond vampire, Angel and the blue woman (who he’s pretty sure was Fred and wow) were nowhere to be found. The alley outside of the Hyperion showed signs of a battle but there were no bodies. Wolfram and Hart were rebuilding themselves a lot slower than they did after the Beast went on a rampage.

He wasn’t sure where he stood with the lawyers from hell but as long as they left him alone Connor had no reason to go near them.

They had just turned the corner of their block when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He stops abruptly and Kat frowns.

“Are you alright?” Connor is not alright. There is no reason why demons should be so close to his home and as much as he hopes he’s wrong, he knows that this has something to do with him. A part of him wants to grab his sister and run away. As long as he does not go into that house he can pretend that everything is okay.

“What’s wrong with you?”

He can pretend that he doesn’t smell the blood in the air.

“Connor!” she snaps at him and he turns to look at her. He doesn’t know what she sees in his eyes but she backs away. “Connor?” she mummers.

Connor swallows hard. “I need you to stay here,” Kaitlyn opens her mouth to argue but he continues, “No matter what you hear or see I need you to stay.”

He ushers her behind the trees near their house. “You have to trust me Kaitlyn. Please,” she gives him an odd look, obviously thinking that he’s crazy but she nods.

Connor turns and runs towards the house. He doesn’t want to do this, doesn’t want to see but he has to. He pauses in front of the house and knows exactly what he’ll find. The scent of blood is overpowering and he can’t believe that he didn’t smell it further away. Under that he can smell the stench of stomach acid and feces. He forces himself to listen and hears three heart beats. He takes out his keys and opens the door; let them think I don’t know and tries not to gag as the overpowering smell hits him.

The door shuts behind him and he dodges the demon that jumps at him. He grabs the demon (Fyarl demon he notes) by the horns and slammed its head repeatedly into the floor before breaking its neck. He moves in time to meet the next one by the kitchen door and hits it hard enough to send it crashing into the counter. He hears the pounding of steps heading towards them and grabs a knife from drawer and throws it at the one coming through the doorway. He turns around in time to walk into a punch thrown by the second demon and is sent slamming into a wall.

Connor grunts and stands. The demon aims a punch at his head and he side steps, grabs its arm and throws the demon over his shoulder. After that it’s a flurry of punches and kicks and Connor can’t understand why he’s having so much trouble with this fight. Fyarl demons are strong, aggressive as hell and prone to hyper-rages but it shouldn’t matter because Connor is always at his best when he’s angry. And he should be angry. He had gotten the name Destroyer because his rage was never ending and he decimated every creature in his path. So why couldn’t he manage a slip of anger at his parent’s murder?

He felt as though he was just going through the motions. Duck. Punch. Block. Kick. He felt as though he was dreaming, floating in a world filled with clouds and the steady beating of his heart. He dances out of the way of a blow that would have possibly sent him out of a window when he hears a piercing scream. No. He told her to stay outside. He knocks the demon away and heads towards her. Kaitlyn is standing across from the door of the den and Connor does not have to ask why she’s screaming.

He’s grabbed from behind and slammed head first into the wall. Then the floor. He groans and all he can hear is his sister’s screaming. He snaps out of his state of desolation. He’s off the floor and pummeling the demon without thought and before he knows it he has practically bended the demon in half when he breaks its spine. Connor turns to his sister and she stares at him in shock. Her mouth opens and closes and she finally says his name.

“We have to go,” he says before she can ask questions. “I need you to pack a bag, things you need and can’t live without,” she continues to stare at him. “Kat, please. We have to go before anymore show up,” that gets her moving. He follows her upstairs and checks her room before going into his. He throws a duffel bag on the bed and rampages through his room. He grabs enough clothes for a week, the chain his mother bought him and a few more odds and ends. He hesitant and heads to his parents’ room. He finds his dad’s wallet and the spot his mother keep the emergency cash.

He glances around the room, shudders and walks out. He can’t afford to break down now. He goes in to Kat’s room and finds her sitting on her bed, packed bag on the floor and her stuff rabbit in her lap.

“Kaitlyn, are you ready?” she looks at him and her eyes are blank. “Kat?”

He takes a step towards her and she flinches. “I’m…yes.”

Connor bits his bottom lip. “I’ll be down stairs,” He turns and walks away. He walks slowly down the stairs and back towards the den. There is something he has to see. He doesn’t want to and knows he is just punishing himself but it is something he feels he needs to do. He stands in the doorway and looks. It’s awful and he wants to scream. The walls are painted with blood and he has to wonder if he’s hallucinating because even though they are…were two adults there is no way there should be that much blood. Entrails are thrown everywhere and nothing about the remains look remotely human. He turns away when he hears footsteps coming down the stairs. He meets her at the bottom and guides her towards the door stopping to get the car keys and, after a moment’s hesitation, to shove a family photo from the wall into his bag.

They get into the car and Connor starts to drive. He doesn’t know where he’s going and can’t find it in himself to care as long as it’s away. Kaitlyn is quiet the entire ride and he eventually stops when he finds an out of the way motel. He gets them a room and they go inside. Kaitlyn stands in the middle of the room for a moment before heading towards the bed. He watches as she lies down on her side and curls up with her stuff rabbit. He pauses for a moment before lying down next to her. He put his arm around her waist and she starts to sob. She cries so hard it hurt and as much as his eyes burn and his chest feel as though caught in a vice, Connor can’t seem to shed any himself. He doesn’t sleep that night and when Kaitlyn falls asleep it is restless.

It wasn’t until the next day that Kat pulls herself together and asks the one thing Connor hoped she wouldn’t.

“Why?” Her voice is heavy with pain and Connor doesn’t know how to answer. “What were those things? Why did they- ” and her voice breaks. She doubles over making a sound that he thinks is maybe a sob and her shoulders start to shake. He places a hand on her back and starts to rub little circles as he remembers doing when she came home from school upset because she had just found out Santa Claus wasn’t real.

When she finally looks up her eyes are dry. Connor doesn’t think she has tears left to cry. When she starts to talk it sounds as though the words are being ripped from her very being but they are coherently and determined.

“Why were they trying to kill us? How did you kill it?”

“I don’t know why they were there,” and it’s true, he doesn’t know but he does has he guesses. “And I–adrenaline. You know that sometime when a person is in a really…” he bits the inside of his cheeks to stop the stupidity coming out of his mouth. Kaitlyn gives him a dark look.

“I am not stupid Connor. I saw what you did to that thing. I deserve to know the truth!” and she does, she really does. But Connor doesn’t want her to know. He doesn’t want to tell her that yes, vampires are real. He doesn’t want her to know that things really do go bump in the night and that she should be fucking terrified of the dark. He wants her oblivious and safe but he knows better than anyone that lying and keeping secrets from the people you love because you want them safe always back fires. He’s wondered many times about the way things would have played out if Angel had just told him that he was going to go visit Holtz. Connor tastes the familiar coppery tang of blood and makes his decision.

He tells her everything.

He tells her about growing up in Quor’toth with Daniel Holtz. He talks of the demons he encountered and of his training. He mentions Holtz’s hatred (and a part of him still calls him father) towards Angel and why he hated him so much. He tells her how much he hated Angel even though he hadn’t known him and how determined he was to make it back to Earth just to kill him. He describes following the Sluggoth demon back to the Hyperion lobby and attacking Angel and his friends. He tells her about Sunshine, the first time he killed a human and the many times he tried to kill Angel.

When his throat aches and his eyes burns he describes his last meeting with his father and how he was told to give Angel a chance. Then he describes finding his father’s body surrounded by Angel’s scent. He forces himself to tell her about how alone he felt burning his father’s body and his righteous anger at Angel. Then, filled with guilt, he tells her about his dad’s summer at the bottom of the ocean. He mentions his summer and how much he learned from Gunn and Fred; science, math, TV and tomatoes are just disgusting.

Then Angel came back.

He remembers his guilt and fear. Fear because it was the first time he’s every felt that his dad would hurt him. And guilt at the betrayed looks on Gunn’s and Fred’s faces. That was the moment he realized how much he liked them. He tells her how stunned he was when Angel kicked him out and later his confidence that he didn’t need anyone and he was just fine on his own.

Then Cordelia returned.

He talks about how nice it felt to be needed and knowing that Cordelia trusted him. He continues from living with Cordelia to when she gets her memories back. He tells Kaitlyn that Angel loved her…then he tells her about sleeping with Cordelia. He tells her about the pregnancy and the Beast and how he was convince that the Beast’s arrival was his fault. He explains the sun going dark, Angel losing his soul, the Beast’s death, his mother and the pregnant girl and then, finally, Jasmine’s birth.

He tries to explain that the only time they were all happy (Angel, Connor, Gunn, Fred, Wesley, Lorne) was when his daughter took away humanity’s free will. He tells her of the thousands Jasmine killed and knowing she was a lie. He explains how the gang, one by one, broke the spell and how disappointed they were when they realized he was able to see her face the whole time. He tells her that no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t feel the happiness that everyone else did and about his trip to find Cordelia. He tells her that Angel (always the hero) broke Jasmine’s control over the rest of the world.

He tells her about talking out loud to Cordelia and knowing now that it wasn’t Cordelia he’d slept with… who told him how much she loved him. Then the moment he decided that he’s had enough. Kaitlyn listens to his tale of running into Jasmine and Angel fighting and his telling her that he loves her. Then about how he kills her. He tells her about walking away from Angel and how he took a sporting goods store hostage the next day. He tells her about the bombs and Cordelia.

He tells her how much he wanted to die.

He mentions the fight between him and Angel-

I love you!

Prove it.

-and his death and rebirth. He tells her that Angel rewrote reality so that he could have a normal life. He brings up his trip to Wolfram and Hart, the fight with the weird genie guy and the return of his memories. He tells her of Angel’s visit to his school and how he knew something was wrong. Then he tells her of the last time he sees his dad.

By the time he’s done his voice is just about gone and he feels empty. Kaitlyn may not believe everything she’s heard but he knows that she understands that he played a part in their parents’ deaths. He doesn’t know what to do with the silence and she won’t even look at him anymore.

He swallows hard and tells her, “I-it’s okay to hate me. You have every right.”

“Well, as long as I have your fucking permission…”she snapped and Connor has never heard that level of disgust and anger in her voice before and wishes that he had kept silent. He doesn’t say anything as she makes her way back to the bed and curls up in a ball.

She doesn’t talk to him for two weeks. They make their way across the country and stay close to smaller towns. Connor doesn’t know where he’s going and doesn’t have any one to go to for help but he has a little sister to keep alive and he’ll do whatever he has to. He considered trying to contact the slayers at one point but didn’t know how they would react to anything he has to say. After all, the witch and Faith wouldn’t remember him.

They were in another motel room that he swears looks just like the others when things took a turn. Kaitlyn is ignoring him when he feels a stirring in the air. He was standing in front of her before he could think and they both stare at the intruder.

“What the hell are you wearing?” they both chorused. Connor doesn’t have the words to describe the man’s clothes and was kind of relieved that they weren’t in public.

The man glared for a moment. “Name’s Whistler, brats. Was sent by the Powers-That-Be to help.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure that’s the kind of help we need, thanks. The last time a Power-That-Be wanted to help a lot of people died.”

“Well, technically she was a Power-That-Was.”

Connor frowns. “Awesome. Get out.”

The man takes of his hat and sits on Connor bed. “Look kid, I ain’t here to hurt you or the girl. Your pops did lots of good down here when he destroyed Wolfram and Hart’s hold on this dimension. Since he ain’t around to collect, the big guys upstairs figured they might as well start paying of their debt with you. Angel wanted you safe and since the Wolf, Ram and Hart are a bunch of sore losers they decided to step in.

“It’s the first time they’ve ever broken a contract. First Cyvus Vail made contact with you to kill Sahjhan and you end up with your memories again. Then they went after your parents,” he paused and gave them a sympathetic look. “After Angel and the others took down the Circle of the Black Thorne we had a lot of cleaning up to do. Then the trouble with all those slayers…anyway I’m sorry; we didn’t realize what was happening until after.”

“How exactly are they going to help?” Connor asks after a moment. If they had a way to keep his sister safe…

“The Powers are cleaning shop. You see in the last decade or so the balance between good and evil got totally out of whack. We got demons going through time planting fake prophesies, Hell Gods ripping open dimensional tears, the First showing up, witches awakening thousands of slayers and a Power-That-Was planning an improbable birth so that she could walk this plane. You see, the Powers? They don’t care about Good and Evil or if little Timmy is torturing the cat next door, they just want balance. They can’t have all those slayers running around just like they can’t permit the First planting it’s feet onto this plane,” he paused and gave Connor and apologetic look.

“And they can’t have an impossible child here either. You shouldn’t have been born. We searched hundreds of realities and this is the only one where you exist. Your presence makes them blind. They want to kill two birds with one stone; get you away from the Partners and out of this dimension.”

Connor puts his arm around his sister and draws her closer. It’s the first time she’s allowed him to touch her and Connor is slightly relieved.

“You want to send me to another dimension? Like Quor’toth?”

“Yes and no. We want to send you to a dimension as for away from this one as we can. More like another reality. One where magic never took. You see, the Old Ones were able to exist in more than one dimension and on multiple Earths at the same time. When they went to sleep, some realities of Earth kept magic and demons and others didn’t. The one we chose is more scientifically inclined…and then there are the aliens.”

“…aliens?” Kaitlyn gives him a dubious look then looks to Connor as if to say is this guy for real?

“Yup, should appeal to your inner geeks. We aren’t going to drop you on Earth though. My bosses want you to go to the Pegasus Galaxy. Personally, I think they just want to piss off the Alterans but that’s just me. We think you’ll fit in just fine with the planet we chose.”

“You want to dump me on an alien planet? Won’t they be all…probie?”

Whistler gives him an odd look. “Well I guess if that’s what you’re into. There are thousands of people on the planet I’m sure you can find someone to…probe you. You mortals are so weird. Always choosing sex before safety…I just don’t get you.”

Kat snorts and Connor looks away blushing. “That wasn’t what I— what about my sister? I’m not leaving her behind.”

“I kind of figured that. She’ll go with.” Connor turns to his sister and their eyes met. He could see all the pain and the anger in her eyes and under it all, the exhaustion.

He turns back to the demon. “Yeah, yeah okay we’ll go.”

Whistler blinks. “You’re not going to think it over?”

“No,” they had nothing left here.

“You won’t find the comforts you’re used to on Qu’lang. The Pegasus Galaxy is both more and less advance than it is here but I’m sure you’ll do fine. Are you ready?”

Kat nods, “Yeah, let’s just go.”

Whistler stood and walked closer to them. Angel would be pissed off if he knew what happened to his son’s life. “It gets better, remember that. I know it seems like you’re under water and no matter how hard you swim you can’t reach the surface to take that breath of fresh air but thing will change. It’s the times when you’re at the lowest point in your lives that you find the strength to push on and you will find it.”

The siblings glanced at each other and looked away. “I’ll be watching.” There was a moment of vertigo before their worlds went blank. Whistler stared at the empty spot where they once stood. “Well Angel, your kid should be safe for now. I kind of feel sorry for the Wraith. Aliens that have a similar use for humans that vampires do, yeah, the kid’s gonna be all over that,” He cackled and put on his hat. He made a face as he thought about his next stop. Make one joke and they give him the homicidal blond slayer as a charge. No sense of humor what so ever.

Could she really make him wear his ribs as a hat?

The End?

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