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Second Interlude with a Hero

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This story is No. 5 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A different view

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR131945091,7397 Feb 107 Feb 10Yes
Drusilla is one of the most charming and driven women I have ever met, even surpassing Kate on occasion

Since her interrupted party, she had apparently made the decision that Emma needed more sophisticated training and she had drafted Kate, myself, and even Jason Blood to assist her. Kate for her knowledge of tech assisted mayhem, me for unarmed combat, and Jason for medieval weaponry. Dru herself showed three of us, she and Jason both smiled when Emma suggested he join in, methods to resist mental domination and illusion, And by the time Christmas rolled around, Emma was insanely competent. Probably almost up to Nightwing's level of skill and starting from a much stronger and tougher initial point. She wasn't able to pick up a car by herself, but a slender sixteen year old girl picking up and throwing a fair sized motorcycle at a fleeing car...She could do that, and yes, it is as impressive as it sounds.

I had been researching Dru, vampires, and this Slayer thing. It's what I do, ask questions. And everything Dru had said that I was able to find info on was true. She was almost two-hundred years old and had been part of a group that had terrorized large chunks of rural Europe. The other thing I found out, was that whoever had created the 'Lady Lune' cover story was a goddamn genius. It was backstopped to the limits. I even contacted Oracle to see if she had anything else. She told me the Bat had been asking about her too, but she couldn't find anything wrong with Dru's ID, and also how could this one woman could rattle the Bat so much?

I said she could get inside your head and see the truth and Oracle replied there was no way she'd want to look into the Bat's psyche. I had to agree with that.

I occasionally saw Dru with or without Emma patrolling the streets near the cemeteries. The only one she really avoided was Potter's Field and when I asked her why she simply said "Grundy." I had to agree with her on that. Usually one or two of the Bat's people, Robin, Batgirl, or Spoiler, would tail her. I'm sure she knew about it, but either she really didn't care or she didn't want the Bat to get twitchy, well more twitchy.

Sometimes she'd help me take down an InterGang warehouse, or help Kate rescue some hostages. She was almost as strong as Emma, considerably faster, and could take an incredible amount of punishment. Her eerie mind powers, as Kate put it, put her in a class of her own as you just could not sneak up on her and if she could catch your eye, she had you.

Off the heroing clock though, she loved the theater and concerts of all types of music Going out to dinner with Kate and Emma and I. And roaming the tops of the old buildings, just looking out over the city. I sometimes saw her standing on the cathedral's tower, staying up there almost till dawn.

In mid-November, she was happy and almost bubbling. I asked her about it and all she would say was "William's back. He's not mine anymore, but he's back." I asked her about William and she dragged me into the living room and pointed at the double portrait, "There he is."

He was a slender man with close cut brown hair and a distinctive scar above his left eye. His expression looked like a strange combination of surly and kind, and when I mentioned that to Dru, she giggled.

"That would be William."

"So he's not your William anymore?"

"Oh no, he's the Slayer's."


"No silly. Buffy's."

"But, how is Emma the Slayer, if this Buffy is still alive?"

"Oh that's simple, Buffy cheats. She's already died once you see. Possibly more..."

"So is she like a zombie or something?"

"No. She's just a girl...a woman rather. The longest surviving Slayer ever. Almost as stubborn as the Dark One." I had already learned of her term for the Bat and as it was pretty damn accurate I never corrected her.

"So is William with her?"

"I don't think so...Something is hiding the cause of his reappearance. All I can see is a shield of runes. Even the moths can't tell me."

"Well if this Buffy is an experienced Slayer..."

"The most experienced ever."

"Couldn't she help train Emma?"

Dru stopped and stared at me, her mouth a thin line, her eyes cold. For the first time, I started to truly see why she was considered one of the most dangerous vampires ever. Then her usual smile returned.

"I shall tell Mister Osbourne! He can arrange the initial meeting."


"The little red and white tree's musician silly, " she gave me that look of frustrated 'Well duh...' that she does so well.

"Great, I guess?"

"Of course it is! Thank you Renee, you're such a awfully good friend!" with that she wrapped her abnormally cool arms around me to give a hug strong enough to make my ribs creak. After hearing some of my gasping she let go, apology writ large. "Oh! I'm so terribly sorry."

"It's okay Dru, just remember I'm not an enhanced human or a meta."

"I will! Now what should I wear to the opera tonight?"

That's Dru. Evil desperately striving to be good. She doesn't hide her flaws, and seeks to help her friends. Sometimes I wish I was still single.

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The End

You have reached the end of "Second Interlude with a Hero". This story is complete.

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