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Marked, Stacked, and Falsely Shuffled

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This story is No. 6 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the Third Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR131613,66664816,5097 Feb 1015 Feb 10Yes

A Voyage Worth Taking.

Renee had left her motorcar stowed close to the cathedral. So she and I moved towards it as Kate winged her way ahead.

"What can you tell me of this Joker individual? He seems to have struck a chord."

"Everything you've told us of Angelus's cruelty?"


"Imagine a normal human with that level of cruelty without a beast needed to fuel it. And, he's the one individual I've ever met, that makes you look completely sane."

"Oh. I guess we had better do something then."

"You're right on that. Did you get anything else from your vision? Green, purple, white, and red are his colors."

"I also saw gold and black."

"Harley Quinn...She's his girlfriend slash henchman slash whipping boy. Real name is Doctor Harleen Quinzel. Used to be the Joker's psychiatrist, till she fell in love with him and he drove her mad. Now she's an enhanced human with augmented reflexes. She's not nearly as vicious or psychotic as her boyfriend though. Her cost...false face is red, black and white and she's a natural honey blonde."

"What about the Scottish play?"


"I watched the Bard's three witches stirring their brew of despair. The cauldron had black and gold vapours."

"You mean like in Macbeth?" I nodded.

"The crones were clad in purple and had locks of emerald."

"I think Harley's in real trouble, " she fumbled her small telephone out with one hand, "Press the asterisk then 1221."

I did so and the ringing ceased almost immediately.

"Yes Question?" it was a woman's voice, strong but resigned.

"I see Delphi? Am I mistaken? I believed you resided in the Mediterranean."

"Who is this?"

"Drusilla. The Question asked me to contact you."

There was a slight gasp, "The Drusilla...?"

"...That the Dark One has had you studying up on? Yes that is correct, and most of what you have discovered is both the truth, and the past."

"Oracle!" Renee yelled over at the phone, "Dru made the call because my hands are full. She's a seer and saw something extra nasty going down with Joker and Harley's escape. You should let the big man know."

I spoke up, "And Jason Blood. This feels like it is partially in his realm."


"Yes. I feel sorcery is involved, but the clouds are rushing back and forth so quickly. It blurs my view of the stars you see."

"Okayyy, I'll contact him and tell the Question the big man's on the way. Oracle out."

I looked at Renee inquiringly, she looked over and under her false face I could tell she was grinning, "Who was that?"

"Oracle. She uses technology to see almost everything and find out almost anything."

"She sounds nice. Are her injuries severe?"

Renee chuckled, "I really should get used to that, and yes they were as far as I know. What'd she say?"

"That the Dark One is moving, and that she will contact Blood for me."

"Are you sure this is in his expertise? It would be extremely bad if it was."

"Oh yes. Nothing else could cast such shadowy clouds. The stars are getting very annoyed with them."

We had arrived this time by the cold stone wall of the asylum. Renee handed me a large pair of sunglasses and a scarf. "Put these on."

"Must I?" she nodded firmly in assent and I knew there was no budging her. A moment later I felt the Dark One's presence atop the wall and then past it.

"He's arrived and is heading in."

"Let's see what we can find out here. Take a good look around Dru..."
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