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Marked, Stacked, and Falsely Shuffled

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This story is No. 6 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the Third Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR131613,66664816,4927 Feb 1015 Feb 10Yes

To Mouseholes We Flee.

I exited the Asylum grounds carrying Miss Quinn cradled in my arms. I had wrapped her in my jacket and was attempting to transport her as gently as possible. After we had made it past the constable's barricades, I stopped and called my home.

"Dru! Is that you?"

"How did you know? Are you a seer now as well?"

"Caller ID."

"Ah, I need you to wake Clement, get the motorcar, and make all haste to the intersection of Grimes Boulevard and Kirby Avenue. We are going to be having a wounded house guest."

"On it Dru, " there was a click as she ended the connection, so I concentrated on making us unnoticeable and inspected my patient's wounds.

She had been scored with surgically precise cuts approximately an eighth inch deep across her torso, arms, and legs. Her very pretty face had been spared cutting, to her great fortune, but it remained contorted in pain. On closer examination of some of her cuts, it appeared that blade had been coated with some caustic that had seared the edges, causing great anguish and almost guaranteeing that she would remain scarred for life. The only positives I could see were the lack of facial wounds and the fact that the caustic had slowed the bleeding and tainted the smell of her blood so it was not tantalizing me as I held her.

The wounds as I had noticed before were applied with great skill and artistic talent. They formed loops, geometric figures, and strange runic symbols that tickled awareness and fear in the most primordial parts of my brain. I looked deeper and saw Miss Quinn clad in gleaming black armor standing beside Miss Emma and I in the midst of a wild and unclear melee. I smiled. There was hope.

I continued smiling as I waited for our transportation and dabbed the drying blood away with Renee's scarf.

Miss Emma and Clement arrived quite soon after my vision. The headlamps were unlit which let me know my Slayer was the one driving. I released the shroud hiding us and waited until they pulled up.

Clement leaped out, "Dru, what happened? Who is this?"

"Less speech, more action Clement. Could you assist me in moving her to the back seat. Be gentle, she has been sorely mistreated and has lost a terribly large amount of blood."

"Got it Dru!" With Clement's aid I managed to arrange Miss Quinn on to the back seat with her head upon my lap, and then we were off. As Miss Emma drove, I gave a highly abridged version of the evening's events, and ended with a statement of apology to my Slayer for ruining her birthday.

"Don't even, Dru! We're supposed to stop bad things from happening. And what could of happened if you hadn't been there?"

"But my dear, it was your birthday. There was family and cake."

"Druuuuu, " she whinged in a frustrated and most put upon tone.

"Just drive my dear. Clement, contact Jason Blood and tell him to come to the mansion."

"Okay Dru, anything special he should know?"

"Yes, a primordial summoning in symbols long forgotten. One of the Old Ones has been woken."
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