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Marked, Stacked, and Falsely Shuffled

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This story is No. 6 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the Third Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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Cautionary Tale

"I was born near 1840, the daughter of a moderately successful family. My father died when I was in my young adult years, so there was my mother, my two sisters and I, as well as my Uncle who watched after us. When I was twenty or so, a mysterious man took an interest me and decided to create a work of art. A work unlike any other before or since. You see this man, was no man at all, but an actual demon bound into a pleasing human shape."

"Then terrible things started occurring. Ever since I was a small child I had had visions, views of people and events far away in both time and space. I had told my other about these visions and she being a decent God-fearing woman, told me that I should not mind them as they were temptations of Satan, sent to lead me astray. I of course became fearful of these visions and tried my best to keep from seeing them and they gradually faded away...mostly, by my late-teenage years."

"Then came the mine-disaster. I saw so clearly the last gasps of two hard-working men, choking on air laced with mine damp. Bones crushed, flesh torn. I watched them die."

"I headed straight to church to say confession and purge my soul of Satan's poison and the great and terrible sadness I felt for those poor souls that died alone in the cold and oppressing dark. When I arrived at the cathedral, I saw that one of the confessionals was open to give solace and I made my way inside. I gave the normal request for forgiveness and began to tell the Priest about my visions and how I feared that my soul was forfeit. He hemmed and hawed and than told me that I was doomed and damned forever more. That such sight bestowed upon a mortal was the surest sign of witchcraft, and that I was risking the sanctity of the church by even being present on its grounds with my unclean and cursed nature."

"I fled the church and returned home, my heart and soul in torment. I must truly be Satan's pawn for didn't a man of God tell me so, and with such vigour it was as if he was channelling the great Archangel Michael himself."

"I hid myself away in my room for a day, not speaking to any of my family for fear of what they would do if they realized my true nature. Then came a knock at our front door. I heard the voice of the priest that had heard my confession, but this time he was speaking as if he were a passer-by that had found a wounded pup on our front stoop. My uncle invited him in and then I heard wet and crunching sounds and a muffled scream. I burst from my room and looking down upon our front hall saw the beast known as Angelus for the first time. He looked up and saw me and dropped the husk of what had been my uncle to the floor. Then he smiled with his blood rimmed mouth sketched a courtly bow and left me alone with the broken shell of what had been a good, kind, and loving man."

"When my mother and sisters returned from their errands, they found me cradling my uncle's head in my bloodstained lap as I sat across the hall from his body. Whispering naught but nonsense to myself."

"He, Angelus returned to my sight three more times. Each time to kill, in as violent fashion as possible, another family member while leaving me untouched. Each time my mind crawled a little bit further away, especially when I saw the time and manner of my beloved sister Anne's death. And each time he made sure to inform me that my curse was responsible for this catastrophe upon our family."

"I decided to flee to a convent after my mother's death. Believing that taking God as my protector would counteract the Luciferian influence that tormented me so. When I arrived at the convent I found that Angelus had arrived before me, slain all the good Sisters residing there and was standing there waiting."

"I broke completely at that point, and he leaned in and granted me immortality with my madness."

"So Doctor Quinzel. I understand completely what can happen when pure evil decides to make you a plaything. I'll be in the room next door if you need anything at all. Now please, try to get some rest and we'll speak again later."
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