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Of Prophets and Powers that meddle

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Summary: When Willow casts the ensouling spell the PTBs make sure there is a price. But the Prophets mess them up and help Xander.

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Star Trek > Deep Space NineJacobPhoenixFR2123,4931223,5367 Feb 1012 Feb 10No

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Chapter One

A/N: In this fanfic the Star Trek series Does NOT exist in the Buffyverse, all of the series.

Disclaimer: I do not own either the Buffy series or the Star Trek series. Joss owns Buffy and co. and Paramount and the Roddenberry family own Star Trek. If I spelt that last name wrong then I am sorry.

Chapter 1

Xander was watching Willow cast the re-ensouling spell, Willow looked at Xander and said, “Okay Xander; you need to go find Buffy and tell her to stall,” Xander nodded and ran off to find Buffy.

As Willow chanted out the spell one of the Powers That Be decided to add a little clause to the original spell that would cause Xander to be sent away in order for Angel’s soul to return. As Willow continued she felt the magic working, it was going to re-ensoul Angel but she was unaware of the spell’s change.

Xander ran to where the mansion was as he couldn’t catch Buffy at the graveyard and as he ran after her he saw that she was heading to one of the mansions on Crawford Street.

‘WOW,’ Xander thought, ‘Buffy was like she was on a mission,’ he was about to talk when she cut him off.

“Xander, you have to find Giles now!!” Buffy ordered, “I gotta deal with Angel.”

He just nodded as Buffy ran off to fight Angel.

Xander shook his head as he ran off to find Giles.

He searched the mansion for Giles and managed to find the librarian in a room, suffering from his wounds.

“Oh god, Giles!!!” Xander almost screamed.

“No, you’re not Xander,” Giles muttered incoherently, “you’re Drusilla.”

“Damn it Giles, I am Xander!!” he screamed back.

Giles said, “Oh, Xander, it is you!!” as he took Xander’s hand and let the younger man lead him out of the mansion.

Xander looked back at the mansion and heard the fight, Giles whispered to Xander, “Buffy has to shed Angelus’s blood, please tell her.”

“Look Giles, you aren’t feeling well,” Xander said, worried for the Watcher’s health.

“Xander,” Giles nearly screamed, “please tell her.”

“Alright Giles but if this comes to bite us on the ass I will make you pay,” Xander said as he rushed to the mansion to tell Buffy.

Meanwhile, Willow’s spell was taking the effect and Angelus was feeling a twinge of something; he wasn’t feeling like himself and he began to panic. He felt something warm, it felt familiar like the night the gypsies cursed the soul back into him.

Buffy realized Angel’s soul was being forced back into him when he began to look confused and she saw his eyes flash yellow.

Angel looked at her and said, “Buffy, what’s happening?”

Xander came in and screamed, “Buffy, you need to shed his blood. That’s what Giles said to me.”

Buffy nodded when she heard Xander scream, Buffy and Angel looked at Xander in shock.

Oh god Xander screamed something’s tearing me apart as he felt his chest being torn apart

Angel noticed the portal close as Xander was being tormented by something and he collapsed in on himself.

Buffy ran to Xander and was trying to shake him awake but it looked like he was dead, his eyes were vacant and lifeless. She looked at Angel and said, “I think he’s dead.”

“No he’s not,” Angel said, “his heart is still beating.”

The PTB that influenced the changes the ensouling spell looked pleased with itself; Xander Harris was a problem and it was handling it now to affect the final change. It thought, ‘This would be a good way to handle Xander by causing all that he is to be consumed by the Borg Collective,’ it caused a wormhole to open under the boy and sent him on his way to the universe that would consume him, he had to promise the that boy would live but there was nothing saying how his life would be.

Buffy saw a green vortex open up under Xander’s body and draw him in and she attempted to pull Xander back but it wasn’t working; he was being drawn into the vortex. Angel went behind her and attempted to help her pull him back but it wasn’t working and Xander fell into the wormhole which closed after disappeared into it.

Xander felt himself falling; he looked around and saw nothing but ribbons of green energy. He kept falling and as he fell he felt a presence, he looked up and saw a sickly green energy being look down at him and it said, “Xander Harris, you were a thorn in our plans for far too long so we have decided to send you away so you won’t bother us anymore.”

Xander screamed, “What the HELL did I do to YOU?”

“You exist and right now that is enough and by your existence you broke a prophecy that had to come to pass,” the Power said.

Xander spat at the Power and said, “SO sorry about that!”

The Power smiled and said, “I had to promise the other powers that you wouldn’t die and I keep my promises that you will live, that is your punishment.”

“Damned good punishment,” Xander sneered at the Power, “because I WILL come after YOU.”

“You won’t be able to, trust me. Because you will be Borg,” it said joyfully.

“What the hell is a Borg?” Xander growled, “Sounds Swedish.”

“They are an alien race of cybernetic life forms linked together in an almost beautiful collective, it is almost beautiful in its harmony,” the Power said almost happily.

“What does that have to do with me!!?” Xander screamed at the Power.

“Ah, you will join them when the vortex opens up and you will land on one of their cubes,” the Power said.

Xander growled, “I will find you and kill you!!”

“No, you won’t,” it said as it left.

What the Power hadn’t realized that the beings native to that universe where it had sent Xander were watching the exchange and were horrified by what they heard, after the Power left Xander noticed blue energy swirling around him. Xander coughed out, “Who are you?”

He heard one being say, [It is corporal.]

“Is someone there?” Xander called out getting a bit nervous.

Xander got up and realized he was in a field of endless white; as he walked he suddenly saw that he was in the Library. He saw Giles looking at him curiously and then Giles said, [You are like the Sisko.]

“Giles? Are you alright?” Xander said a little bit afraid.

[For you time is linear; it ends and begins,] he heard Miss Calendar say.

“Miss Calendar? I thought you were dead!!!?” Xander said.

Buffy walked in and asked, [What is your name?]

“It’s Xander, you know that Buffy.”

[We are not your friends Xander, we only assumed their forms in order to communicate with you. We watched the other being trap you here,] he heard Willow say.

Xander said, “I thought it was too good to be true. So, are you these Borg the other being told me about?”

An image of Angel came in and said, [We are not the Borg, we saved you from that fate.]

“Why!!?” Xander screamed.

[Because we wanted to help you Xander,] he heard Giles say.

“So, what happens now?” Xander asked.

[You will end up on the world where we are worshipped there and you will make a new life for yourself,] Angel said.

“How the hell do I do that!!?” Xander screamed.

[In our universe your world is extremely advanced, your people have spread across the galaxy,] he heard Jenny say.

“So there are humans nearby?” Xander asked hopefully.

Xander sighed with relief when Buffy nodded.

[But we want to ask you some questions about the being that tried to destroy you,] Willow said.

Xander nodded and told the aliens what the Power had said to them, he noticed Giles nodded to Buffy and say, [We know who they are.]

“Who are they?” Xander asked, “I want them to pay.”

[They call themselves: the Powers That Be. They were part of our race once,] Giles said with cold voice.

[But they wanted too much control and so they were exiled from our home,] Buffy said.

[We were unaware of what happened to them,] Angel said coldly.

[Until now we thought they joined the Pah Wraiths,] Giles said again.

They sat talking and going through Xander’s memories and then they found one memory of Xander’s best friend being dusted accidentally by him. Xander said, “Don’t show me this again, please.”

[You do not understand, it is not us showing you this it is you who shows us this,] Giles said.

“So,” Xander said, “when you send me to where ever, what’s going to happen to me?”

[You will make a new life until we find a way to send you home,] Buffy said.

Xander sighed with relief at that he could go home, eventually.

[Do not be so relieved,] Giles spoke, [you may not want to return.]

Xander said, “Well, I don’t have much holding me here.”

[That may change someday,] Giles said as he gestured towards Xander and a blue light began to swirl around him and began to push him towards an opening, he saw a massive expanse of blackness and stars, and he realized he was going to be pushed out into space.

Xander looked at Giles and screamed out, “If they ask me who sent me to their world what the hell do I say sent me?”

Giles said, [They call us; the Prophets.]

Xander kept falling and falling, he could see that he was heading towards a beautiful planet and as he fell through the skies of that world he thought that he was going to crash into some sort of monastery, “Damn it, this is going to hurt!!!!” he screamed as he crashed into the wall.

The monk who was mediating on the Prophets saw a mass of blue energy fall through the wall, he looked surprised at the young man and called one of the Vedeks and said, “He fell through a wall.”

The old Vedek looked at the unconscious young man and said, “He seems alright, take him to a room and I shall talk to him in a bit.”

Xander opened his eyes and mumbled, “Where am I?”

The Vedek thanked the Prophets again for universal translators and said, “Welcome to Bajor young man.”

A/N: I always wanted to do a Star Trek crossover and I hope you guys like how Xander was transferred over there. There will be slash in this story but I’m not sure who would be going with Xander so any suggestions? Plus not sure how long he would be there. Did I give a good explanation on why the Prophets banished the PTBs? Or do you have an explanation why they were banished? Also Willow and co will not know of the changes to the spell until later and when they realize it, how will they respond? *evil cackle*


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