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Dreams of Angels

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Summary: Response to Quickie Challenge, W/Aragorn

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: AragonEenaAngelFR1311,985022,54914 Jan 0314 Jan 03Yes
Title: Dreams of Angels
Author: eena_angel2001
Rating: PG-13
Category: LOTR/BTVS
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns LOTR. Joss owns BTVS.
Spoilers: Season Six for BTVS. Two Towers for LOTR.
Notes: Trying my own hand at cheering up Jinni during this rather
difficult time of MATH! Bleech! I know exactly how you feel, hate
that stuff. So, anyway, this is a Quickie Challenge Response,
Pairing #131


"I think its time for me to hit the hay."

Buffy Summers looked up from polishing her axe, a sight that would make most people blink-or scream at the very least. But it was quite the average sight for the Summers home in good old Sunnydale, California. In this town, it was quite normal to see people brandishing rather sharp weapons of destruction. In fact, seeing the
slight blonde without a weapon would have been cause for concern. Welcome to the Hellmouth.

"So soon?" the blonde girl asked her friend. Willow Rosenburg offered her friend a wane little smile as she shuffled towards the staircase.

"It is ten o clock," the redhead reminded her friend with a laugh.

"But it's a Friday," Buffy continued to protest. "Way too early to be going to bed for a Friday night. What's the deal?"

Willow just gave another half smile, shaking her head slightly. Her red hair floated off her shoulders at the movement. It gave her a bit of an ethereal look, offset by the tired look on her face.

"I guess I'm just sleepy," she offered, shrugging her shoulders before making her way upstairs. "Goodnight."

Buffy watched her friend go with concerned eyes, turning to face her other best friend, Xander, once she heard Willow's bedroom door closed.

"What's wrong with Willow?" she asked in worry.

"What do you mean?" Xander asked, tearing his eyes off the television screen at Buffy's question. The blonde frowned again, setting her axe down on top of her weapons chest and joining her sister Dawn on the living room couch. She turned to face Xander, on the armchair, jerking her head in the motion of the staircase.

"Willow," she clarified. "She's been going to sleep real early for about a month now. She's been sleeping an awful lot. Like that's the only thing she likes doing."

"Maybe it's because she's tired," Dawn suggested with a roll of her eyes. "We're not all the Slayer, remember? It's probably just school and patrol catching up with her. I mean, it's bound to happen to the rest of us mere mortals."

"You think I've been running her ragged?" Buffy changed gears quickly, a guilty face turning to look up the staircase. Xander just laughed off her concern, returning his attention to the television.

"Don't worry Buffy," he assured his friend. "It most likely has nothing to do with you. You know how Wills can get, all work and no sleep. It's like Dawn said, all those sleepless nights are just catching up with her. She'll be fine."

Buffy continued to frown, not as comforted as she would like to feel. She couldn't help but think there was something else up with Willow, but she couldn't quite place it. And she seemed to be the only one noticing it.

Not that the changes were bad in any respect. In fact, Willow had been smiling and a lot more cheerful in the last few weeks. Her whole demeanour had been lightened, a welcome change from the broody Willow of past months.

But what was with the constant sleeping? There had to be something up with that. But Buffy just couldn't figure out what it was.


She felt herself slowly floating down into the state of sleep. Willow gave a soft sigh, turning in her bed, trying to find the most comfortable position to sleep in. She drew the covers up to her chin, snuggling down into her bed once more before stilling at last.

"Go to sleep."

The softly spoken words called to her, causing her to sigh in contentment. Willow moved once more, lying on her side, hugging her pillow to herself. And still the voice called to her.

"Go to sleep."

Her eyes were shut and she felt herself begin to drift. A soft smile curved her lips when her dream began to take shape in front of her. Eyes still closed, she listened carefully to the sounds of birds all around her. A sweet smell tickled her nose, a bit like perfume, but entirely more sweet than that.

"Go to sleep."

She smiled broadly, eyes still shut.

"I am asleep," she murmured in response. "This is a dream."

"Then in the words of a good friend of mine, it is a good dream."

She felt the slight caress of lips across her own, causing shivers to run down her spine. A slight bit of coarse hair tickled her chin, causing her to smile as those lips pressed against hers. She kissed back at the last second, arching up slightly to catch more contact of those lips. She pouted a bit when the lips finally left hers, drawing a chuckle from her companion. She loved that deep chuckle, so manly and so delightfully warm.

Her eyes finally opened, taking in the golden woods around her. There was a soft bed at her back, a silk pillow behind her head. She looked down at herself, hands running over the green silk dress she found herself in. It was a different dress every time, but all of them beautiful. They made her feel so regal.

She felt him at her side, hands resting on either side of her body. Smiling, she turned green eyes upward, catching his warm brown ones with her own. A smile split his handsome face, a hand going to trace her cheek so softly.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered. She blushed, rising up in her spot. He offered her his hand, which she accepted, and he pulled her to her feet. The movement was fast, the grip strong and firm. She all but flew to her feet, ending up in his arms rather suddenly.

She gave a delightful gasp, giggling at his display. His arms were wrapped right around her, his eyes dancing as he looked down upon her.

"You always bring such cheer to my heart," he murmured. She blushed again, sliding out of his embrace but taking him by the arm as they walked through the woods around them.

"It's always gold here," she whispered.

"That's because the sun is always setting," he answered. "It's my favourite time of day. Such colours flood into these trees, making them so bright and colourful. It warms my heart, even when it seems like nothing but darkness is on my tail."

She was concerned for him, turning to face him. She trailed a hand down the side of his face, sighing softly.

"You have so many worries to deal with," she lamented. "I wish I could help you with some of it."

"You help more than you know," he assured her, taking her by the hand. He rested her hand against his chest, giving a sigh of his own.

"I do not know if I can do this," he confided in her. She gave him a warm smile, coming closer to rest her head against his chest.

"You can do it," she told him. "You have a destiny so bright, and so clear, it amazes me. You will be the king of kings."

"But where will my queen be?" he asked her softly. That deflated her, causing her to pull back in resignation.

"I do not know," she replied finally. "I cannot even begin to tell you why not. I don't know what this is, these visits. I don't think it's supposed to happen."

"I cannot understand how you can think like that," he shook his head. "You are the light in my life right now, my solace when I can find no other. In these dark times, you allow me to maintain my calm. My hope."

"But we don't exist in the same world," she lamented softly, eyes going around her. "I'm not even sure where this place is, or what it is."

"Could it be where you belong?" he ventured softly. She smiled sadly, turning to look him in the eyes.

"If that were so, then wouldn't I be here for real?"

"Maybe you shall," he murmured, taking her in his arms once more. She leaned into him, sighing as he rested his chin on the top of her head.

"Perhaps when all this darkness fades from the land," he continued to muse. "When there is peace and good in Middle Earth once more, perhaps then you will be united with me."

"We can always pray," she nodded, squeezing him a bit tighter. She felt a tugging on her heart, pulling back from him. "What is happening?"

"We make for Helm's Deep," he sighed. "With innocents with us. I fear Saruman will send a terrible force to meet us there. One I am not certain we can last. Rohan has not the men to defend its people properly. I fear it is hopeless-"

"You shouldn't say that," she admonished him with a grin. "A smart man once told me that there is always hope."

"Really?" he laughed. "How can you be certain this man was wise at all?"

"I'm not," she shrugged, grinning at him mischievously. "But he was just so cute, I couldn't help but believe him."

A laughter burst out of him, a light-hearted note that was just music to her ears. He leaned down, giving her a quick but loving kiss before releasing her.

"I must go," he muttered wistfully. She only smiled, going up to her tiptoes to kiss him on the nose.

"And I will be here when you return," she promised before making a few shooing motions with her hands. "Now go, be brave and noble."

"Whatever my lady commands," he laughed, bowing dramatically before turning around to walk deeper into the woods. He turned at the last moment, seeing her standing there, her red hair like a flame in the fading light. She raised a hand, waving at him offhandedly. He returned the wave before feeling the tug of the waking world once more . . .


He woke to the crackling of fire. He started, rising up to stare in the flames. An image of redheaded beauty came to him, causing a peaceful smile to his face.

"You rested well?"

The question came from his left, from his long time friend. He nodded, settling down to stare up at the stars.

"I slept very well Legolas," he assured his friend. The Elf sighed, looking up the stars along with his friend.

"There is a deep despair growing in my heart, my friend," The Elf confided in him. "All these people, so defenceless against the monster coming for them. I fear it is hopeless."

Another smile came to his lips and he pushed himself up on his elbows. Aragorn of Gondor clapped his friend heartily on the shoulder, giving him a broad grin.

"There is always hope."


Willow woke to a lonely bed, sighing in sadness for just a brief second. Her dream love, so handsome and regal it made her heart hurt. They were so close, yet always so far away.

The redhead pushed herself up, leaning up against her headboard as she mulled it over. His words came back to her, the thought of being with him in the end. She honestly didn't see that happening. He was so far away, in a land she didn't even know of, and the chances were just so slim . . .

"But there is hope," she murmured softly, a smile blooming over her face. The redhead jumped out of bed, bounded down the stairs to make breakfast. Everyone else was still sleeping, but the smell of food would waken them. And then she would get them all hard at work on finding out all they could on this place, this Middle Earth.

She might get her king after all.

~*~The End~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Dreams of Angels". This story is complete.

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