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Summary: Sam isn't the only one with a secret.

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Supernatural > GeneraljacyevansFR1513182191410 Feb 1010 Feb 10No
Title: Beauty Untamed
Rating: FR-13
Pairings: Sam/Jess
Summary: Sam isn't the only one with a secret.
A/N: I've always thought it would be interesting if Jess was a hunter, too, and hiding that from Sam, so I thought hey - what if she wasn't just a hunter? Each "chapter" of this fic acts as a separate, completed ficlet, and can technically be read on it's own.
Disclaimer: None of this is mine. I'm just playing in Kripke and Whedon's sandboxes.

Jess finds the protection sigils hidden behind the window frames in the kitchen.

She isn't looking for them, was trying to get the goddamn blinds to stay up, and if she told Sam once, she told him a million times, the ones they bought were defective or he installed them wrong. She stands on a stool, Phillips screwdriver in her hand, and - there. In the place where the blinds meet the wall, a black spot that resolves itself into a familiar shape. Jess traces the rune with her fingers, puts down the screwdriver and peers around the window frame.

There are sigils drawn all over, some in black permanent marker, others inscribed straight into the wood. Jess' heart beats against her ribs as she drags the stool to the front windows, bites her lip when she sees the symbols there, too.

The problem is, she didn't put them there.

"Didn't know you were a New Age junkie, Sam," Jess says, slinging her arms about his waist as soon as her boyfriend walks in the door. Sam arches his eyebrow until she points to the sigils behind the closed door. He startles, catches himself in an instant, an easy smile crossing his face. Sam keeps his secrets locked up tight, behind a wall no man could penetrate, not even a slayer, and sometimes, Jess gets so frustrated, she wants to scream.

Then, she takes a deep breath, swallows her anger down; he isn't the only one keeping secrets.

Sam laughs, but the muscles in his back are tense, belying his unease. He shrugs, kisses the tip of her nose. "You can learn a lot at the library when you're bored."

Jess rolls her eyes, squeezes him tighter than necessary, reeling inside; she knows he lies.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Untamed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 10.

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