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Whoops, a little too far

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Summary: Dresden gets an unexpected visitor. He really should have gotten used to that by now.

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Literature > Dresden Files, ThejoshlamontFR1566,58197827,52412 Feb 101 Jan 11No

Magic and Romance

Back! And hopefully not worse. Geez, you'd think writing would be easier. Anyway!

I own nothing here and any characters you recognize are the products of their creators' imaginations.

“So, um…” Willow glanced around. “D’ya have some shelf of dusty ‘ol books we should be researching through, or should I try searching the internet for clues on interdimensional travel?”

“Oh, that’s right, you can use computers.” Molly sighed wistfully.

“What? Yeah, why shouldn’t I?”

“Magic tends to interfere with technology.” I said from the kitchen, putting the dishes in the sink. “The more complicated it is, the worse it gets. I’ve shorted out a vending machine just by walking past one.”

“What? Oh, no!” Willow’s eyes widened and she began frantically digging through her purse.

” she hissed, whipping out a gadget.

“Oh, wow, you’ve got one of those new touch-screen phones!” Molly exclaimed, admiring the device.

“That’s a phone?” I asked skeptically, drying my hands. A three-dimensional copy of the thing appeared in light above it.

Willow snorted. “And then some-Expand.” The copy broke up into individual parts and began highlighting different areas in letters and numbers.

“Oh, my God!” Molly burst out, “Forget Harry, you’re freaking Iron Man! Teach me, sensei!”

Willow was too absorbed to notice. “Oh, this isn’t good, my poor baby, what is this dimension doing to you?” Her phone sparked. “Eep! Stasis!” She touched several of the holograms and began moving things around. “These energy flows are all wrong. It’s like electricity is deliberately volatile around magic. What we need to do, I think, is replace it. You’re gonna get yourself a magical transfusion, honey!”

“And how exactly are you going to do that?”

Willow paused. “…your magic is different here, isn’t it? I mean, back home I’d kind of, y’know, um…” She waved her hand to make several complex glyphs appear in the air. “Right? But the magic here’s all… off. The diagnosis spell should have kicked off automatically instead of making me expand and scan manually. And I don’t even know if I can pull what I need! Come to think of it, I don’t know what I can pull, period. What if I need something huge? You said there’s ley lines, but didn’t Dawn say something about you pulling magic from the air, once?”

“You pull magic from everywhere, kid. It’s pretty much like the Force. ‘An energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and-‘“

“If you say penetrates us, Harry, I’m gonna start feeling hurt about my spurned advances.”

I growled at Molly. “Shut it, grasshopper.”

Willow wrinkled her nose. “But I don’t feel it everywhere. I mean, there’s those ley lines you talked about, but I can’t find anything else.”

“That makes sense.” Molly said, poking her finger through the holograms. “In the show you pulled your- well, when you weren’t calling on gods and powers or pulling from books or magic crack dealers-”

“Magic crack dealers?” I had to hear about that one.

Molly ignored me. “-you were doing Wiccan magic. Your connection was with the earth- you drew from the ground up, like tapping a water table. And here, the only water tables are the ley lines. Everything else is just floating around like mist.”

“Huh.” Willow cocked her head thoughtfully. “So… if I don’t want to draw on ley lines…”

She began gathering power. At first I was impressed- even part of the Council, most witches couldn't pull that much. Then I was concerned- she was getting close to holding a dangerous amount of power. From there we went to alarmed, when she held more than I'd ever seen any other wizard contain, and then stunned, when the air began to literally crackle from the power she was radiating alone.

“Oh, foo.” Willow pouted. I boggled. She was disappointed?

“What’s wrong?” I asked faintly.

“I can’t do anything. Your stuff really is like water in more ways than one. I can splash around with it, but now it’s like I’m holding a giant fish tank and my arms can’t do anything but hold it up.”

“Ah.” Maybe it was a little petty, but I was kind of relieved. The sheer density of the power in my living room was almost frightening. Molly was actually looking a bit green. I was honestly surprised she hadn’t fainted, as sensitive as she was.

I cleared my throat. “Uh, Willow, could you kind of let go? That much power, it’s like a giant bat-signal to, well, everyone, and as much as I enjoy a rousing bout of “Let’s Kill Harry”, I don’t really feel the need to redecorate right now.”

“Oh! Um, sorry, um…” she paused sheepishly. “This stuff is a lot denser than the power I’m used to using. Won’t it just keep hanging around here? I mean, I’m not exactly drawing it from the earth, so I can’t put it back in.”

I sighed. “Just let me handle it.”

“Okay.” She shrugged and just… dropped it. The magic fwumped like a water balloon hitting the deck, and I barely had time to catch it and pull the overflow through my staff and into the ground.

Oh!” Willow sat up straight. “So that’s why you guys carry around silly things like rods and staffs and wands!”

“That, and it looks darn badass with my outfit.”

She blushed. “Sorry. It’s just, it never made sense. I never needed it back home for anything ‘cause, well, our stuff just sinks back naturally into the earth. Um, so, what now? Hit those dusty ‘ol books until I can get a staff?”

Oh, I could just see me dropping her off at the Council Headquarters. Yes. That would go well.

“What about Bob?” Molly asked.


I groaned.

“Bob. He’s this spirit of knowledge bound to a skull in Harry’s basement. Total pervert. Keeps trying to get me to flash him-”

What?” I’d been blaming him for a lot of her sudden love of innuendo, but-

“-but he knows a lot.”

“Ohh, I think I remember him!” Willow said. “He’s the one that likes porn novels, right?”

“Yeah, Harry bribes him with ‘em.”

Willow grinned. “So, Harry, you have your own collection of romance?”

“Nah, he buys them from the- oh, my God, he’s been buying them from the bookstore!” Molly began cracking up. “I never thought about that! He’s gotta be getting them like every week!”

“What?” What was so funny about buying romance... novels... oh, hell. That would explain a few looks.

Molly glanced up at my face and began to laugh even harder. “Oh, my Gooood! I have to go down there sometime and-“

“Molly, so help me, if you-“

“No, better!” she gasped. “I should get Thomas to go down there and pick some books up for him! Oh, God, it hurts!”

Willow was watching the whole thing with a snicker. When I growled, she looked up at me with a mixture of sympathy and apology, but her eyes were dancing with laughter.

“I think I can save both of you the trouble.” She flashed me a quick smile. “I had a novel in my bag for later when the kids went off to watch something. How much is a romance from another world worth?”
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