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Whoops, a little too far

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Summary: Dresden gets an unexpected visitor. He really should have gotten used to that by now.

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Literature > Dresden Files, ThejoshlamontFR1566,58197827,52412 Feb 101 Jan 11No

Wake up and-

I'm sorry! My mind just seems to be a bit risque tonight. I meant to move the plot forward, really I did, but this happened. I promise, more later soon maybe hopefully!

As always, I own nothing.

I finally got the main door tugged open enough to poke my head out. Young kid, in his twenties, mop of red hair like a Weasley. It was one of those Wardens I’d never gotten around to naming. I decided on Ron.

“Morning, Ron! What’s up?”

The warden blinked and then grinned. “Didna think y’remembered my name, sir!” You’ve got to be kidding me. “Just a wee bit of concern. A lot o’ the hedge witches and such around here felt a massive power surge, and when they couldn’t contact you, well, the worst was feared. I’ve got to say, that Paranet of yours is amazing.” Like a grapevine on steroids. “They contacted us within ten minutes o’ the disturbance.” On steroids and caffeine. Who am I kidding? It probably ran on caffeine. Molly alone’s probably replaced her blood stream with mocha. Willow- my eyes widened in horror. I’d never seen her take a sip.

“Sir? Is everything all right?” Note to self, never let Willow near coffee. Ever.

“Nah, sorry, everything’s fine.” I’ve got someone who could power Manhattan hiding in my bedroom, and I think I just discovered how to power the rest of New York. “I was trying an experiment and forgot to let anyone know. Blew out my phone.”

Ron’s face became more concerned. “That’s a bit reckless, sir. D’ya mind if I come in to take a look? Several ley-lines shifted, and we don’t want a critical mass forming.”

“Ah… well, y’see…”

There was a yawn behind me.

“Who is it, darling?”

I froze. Ron blushed.

“Ah… well…”

I turned slowly. Willow was in what some refer to as “the altogether.” Molly, just out of sight from the doorway, wiggled her eyebrows mischievously at me. You didn’t…

“Willow, m’dear.” I drawled dryly. “Meet Ron, the Warden.”

Willow draped herself around my shoulders. “And what has the big bad wizard done now?” I am going to get you for this, Molly, I swear.

“Nothing, dear, I swear. They just noticed one of my experiments pulling in a lot of power.”

Willow’s eyes narrowed. “I thought you said you were done with that one.”


“You said you wouldn’t try it anymore!”

“I was going to-”

“Is that why you got out of bed early? You told me you were going making me breakfast!”

“Dammit, woman, let me-“

Willow poked me in the chest. “Oh, you are in so much trouble, mister! If you’ve screwed any of the local power over-“

Ronald coughed. “Ley lines.” Traitor. It took me a moment to realize I wasn’t actually in trouble.

“-I swear, I’m going to dismantle every project in your basement!” She turned to the boy with a gracious smile. “I’m sorry, Mr…?”

“Ah, Neil, ma’am.”

“Mr. Neil, I apologize for my Harry. He just gets a little out of hand, sometimes. He won’t be doing anything like that again, I can assure you!”

Mr. Neil tried very desperately not to look directly at Willow. “Ah, well… normally I’d have to- but I wouldn’t want to disturb- that is if you could-“

“Yes?” Willow asked sincerely.

“I’ll, I’ll take your word on it. Thankyouverymuchma’amgoodbye!” And with that, Ronald Neil made his escape.

Molly burst out laughing when I shoved the door closed. “Oh, my God! Did you see his face?”

Willow let out a hefty sigh of relief. “Whew! I’ve never done anything like that before! I thought I was going to die.”

Molly giggled. “I bet he thought he was going to-“

“What the hell?!” I hissed. “What part of hiding did you not understand?!”

Molly grinned. “Oh, come on. You know the best place to hide is plain sight. People see what they want to, right?”

“Entirely too well.” I growled.

Molly snickered. “Aw, are you actually jealous? Is the big bad wizard mad that someone saw his widdle Willow?”

Willow blushed.

“No!” I snapped. “And you! Put something on! I want to be gone before Ramirez catches wind of this.”

“Ah! I’m sorry!” Willow ran back into the bedroom.

“Now that was mean.” Molly glared at me.

“I’m mean! I’m a grouchy old wizard who’s suddenly the recruiting poster for every dark ritual ever! Do magic! Get hot babes! Do you realize how the kids are going to react when they hear about this?”

“Mm, yeah, maybe I could be Ramirez’s hot babe…”

“Children!” I groused. “Drenched in hormones! You stay away from that boy’s unmentionables or I’ll do something unmentionable to him!”

“Harry!” she cried in a scandalized voice.

“And I’ll help.” Willow said, coming back into the room looking a great deal more clothed. “You’re much too young to be playing around with wizards.”

“Like you can talk.” Molly shot back. “What about you and-“

“Thus putting her in the most knowledgeable position.” I interrupted. The look on Willow’s face hadn’t promised anything good coming out of Molly’s mouth. “Anyway, we need to get moving. You won’t be able to distract Ramirez that easily, virgin though he is.”

Virgin? Molly mouthed. I ignored her and began gathering materials together. “Molly, research. Willow, with me. We’re going to go see someone who understands these things.”

“Who?” Willow helped me pull the front door open.

“The Gatekeeper.”
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