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One Can Learn

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Summary: It's Harry's final year and Dumbledore's guest is going to make sure Hogwarts learns a thing or two about Dark Magic. NO Willow-Sue, NO mad Dawn/Harry snogging

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One Can Learn

A/n- I promised myself, I really, really, really did, that I wouldn't upload this until I finished it. See how well that worked out? I'm a slave for reviews.

This is set in the current season of Angel, though I'm probably taking liberties somewhere.
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter. It's a shame I even have to say it, but all I have is the DVDs of seasons one through five. *sigh*


Harry Potter adjusted his tie while his friend Hermione Granger glared darts at Ron Weasley. Ron looked at her, tilted his head, looked at his tie, adjusted it, tied his shoe and smoothed his hair. He gave Hermione a hopeful look but she was still glaring.

“Honestly, Ron!” she said in an annoyed tone, “Sometimes it’s like you’re still eleven years old!” She crossly pointed at his nose where a large clump of dirt was obscuring his freckles.

“Oh, sorry, Quidditch practice and all.” He rubbed his face with his robe sleeve while looking furtively out onto the lake. “Hmmm,” he said slowly, dropping his arm and placing it in his pocket. “Don’t you feel like you’ve done this before?” he asked hesitantly.

“What do you mean,” Harry said, kicking at the ground.

“I mean that French thing, ‘quelque-vous’.”

“You mean deja-vu,” Hermione said, looking expectantly at Ron.

“Yeah, Hermione, you took the words right out of his mouth,” Harry said, scowling at the lake.

“That’s it!” Ron said emphatically.

Hermione gave a full glance at Harry and turned back to Ron. “Oh, Ron, do you think it’s some sort of premonitory vision?”

Ron’s face fell. “No, and will you leave me alone about that stuff already?!”

Hermione wrapped her robes around her tighter, staring down the row of students and then turning back to Ron. “Ron, why do you always get like that? You start getting indignant whenever I mention it! You know what Trelawny said about you, she said that you had a vision! A real vision!”

“Hermione, just because that lunatic says that I had a vision doesn’t mean it’s true! I can’t believe you’re even taking her side after walking out of her class five years ago! She’s a complete fraud! She saw an acorn in Harry’s tea once,” he looked to Harry, who nodded in confirmation, and then he continued, “and that means he’d find a big bag of gold! What is he, a leprechaun? How can you claim to believe her over me!”

“Because, Ron, Harry won the Triwizard Tournament the next year, so the prediction was true!” She paused for a minute, glaring at Harry’s back. He had chosen to not take part in the familiar argument. “Look, I’m not saying that she is always right. But sometimes she is, and you can’t keep ignoring this, you know you can’t.”

“I can and I will. It was just deja-vu Hermione, nothing else.”

Harry snapped his fingers and turned back to his friends. “I remembered why you’re feeling deja-vu, Ron. This is just like in our fourth year when Beauxbatons and Durmstrang came to Hogwarts.”

Harry thought he could hear Ron grumbling the word “Krum” quietly under his breath, but he couldn’t be sure.

“But this year is much different,” Hermione pointed out with one finger in the air. “This year we’re just waiting for just one guest.”

“So why do we have to stand in the cold, then?” Ron asked cheekily.

“Dunno,” Harry said, looking towards the group of teachers. “Dumbledore mentioned something about having guests speakers in our classes. We must be waiting for one of them.”

Hermione nodded. “It is only appropriate to greet guests with kindness! Especially if they’re guest lecturers, like Professor Dumbledore hinted.”

“Oi!” Ron yelled as the two boys who were standing next to him on the line pushed him into Hermione. They were wrestling each other and Ron lifted them up by their collars, giving each boy a hard stare. “No pushing, or I’ll have the Head Girl here give you a detention!” He thumbed in the direction of Hermione, “Now stop fighting and act politely for our guest!”

“Gee Ron,” Harry said dryly, “you wield your girlfriend’s power with such force.”

“Nasty little buggers,” Ron said quietly, “they’re first years and have been at it since the second day of school.”

“Ron...” Harry began.

“Well, yes, it is only the fourth day, but you have to admit that they’re dead annoying.”

“Like a pack of ravenous pixies,” Hermione added in. Ron beamed at her for a minute, but a minute later he gave her a stern look.

“A pack of ‘pixies’ Hermione? That example really didn’t help at all. Calling first years ‘pixies?’! Oi, you’re so odd.” He grinned at her and she smiled back at him.

Harry stepped in between the two. “C’mon guys, don’t start that here.”

“Start what?” Hermione asked, a look of sincere puzzlement on her face.

“The snogging, of course! What else would I mean? You singing cocktail songs and Ron accompanying you on the piano?!”

Ron gave Harry a sideways look of pain but it was Hermione who responded. “Harry, that was low. You said you were okay with this.”

“This?” he responded slowly.

“Well, I mean ‘us.’ But you said you were okay with us being together. We came to you, because we care about you and we wanted ‘us’ to be okay with you. So stop being such a silly little boy and stop being so stupid about it.”

“I’m not being stupid. I just don’t like to see you two going at it all the time.”

“Even so,” Hermione began, but she stopped when she saw Harry’s face set in stone. “Fine,” she concluded haughtily, closing her eyes.

“You’re just jealous, mate,” Ron confided to Harry. “I can see it in your face sometimes, you want someone to snog also.”

“If I did have someone to snog, Ron, I wouldn’t do it in front of you or the whole school.” He turned his back to Ron and started scanning the other side of the line.

“Hmm. ‘Did’ now Harry?” Ron said smiling.

“That’s not what Myrtle says, Harry,” Hermione added. Her eyes flashed cheerily as she glanced in the same direction as Harry, down the line to the Ravenclaw students.

Hermione smiled a bit and Harry whipped around, glaring at her. “Myrtle can shove it. I’m sick of her watching us when we get changed for Quidditch.”

Hermione slowly raised an eyebrow, turning towars Ron. He shrugged helplessly. “She’s dead, why should I say that she can’t get her kicks?”

“Look,” Harry said quietly, pointing his arm towards the south end of the line, “someone’s sent up sparks, they must be trying to say something.”

“Attention!” the loud voice of Professor Dumbledore said down the line of students. “I am sure that some of you are wondering why we are all here. The others of you who are concerned with another subject, Mr. Calloway, I can assure you that your detention with Professor Snape will commence as planned tonight.” Harry thought he heard a small squeak from a few yards down the line.

“Today,” Dumbledore continued, “is a lucky day for all! We have a visitor coming to speak to all of you in your individual Defense Against the Dark Arts classes. And rest assured, those of you not taking Defense Against the Dark Arts will have the opportunity to hear our guest at a later time.” Dumbledore paused for a moment.

“Our guest will arrive in two minutes, so I suppose introductions are at hand. I want to leave some details as a surprise, but our guest lived on a Hellmouth for much of her life. She is knowledgeable in Dark creatures, and is currently working with a Champion to fight evil. She is going to tell her experiences living with the Dark Arts,” he paused again, “and she’ll be”

Harry heard a thump and saw a woman get up a few yards in front of him, obviously situated where everyone on the line could see her. She dropped a dirty plastic bag on the ground and wiped her shiny pink dress with a manicured hand. Harry noticed the bright blond hair that she had meticulously put in place.

Dumbledore walked forward to the woman. “May I introduce our guest, Harmony Kendall.”

“Like...” she paused, scanning the line of students, “It’s nice to be here. I think. But I’m cold. And eww. That plastic bag-time-space-whatever travel thingy is totally gross.”

Dumbledore smiled warmly at the woman. “I hope you all can learn from her.”

She looked at him in surprise and squeaked.

“Looks like the tradition of excellence in the field of Defense Against the Dark Arts continues,” remarked Ron out of the the corner of his mouth.

Harry shook his head. “She couldn’t really be that bad. Dumbledore’s not that crazy.”

Hermione raised her eyebrow again, giving him a look of deep suspicion.

Dumbledore placed a hand on Harmony’s arm. “Well, students, you all can return to your common rooms, and Mr. Calloway, please do not arrive late to your detention. Good night!” He began leading her into one of the side doors.

“Hey!” She yelled indignantly, “I don’t know what’s going on, but hello, what’s with the teaching and pushing?!”

“Ms. Kendall, I would appreciate if you would please come into Hogwarts with me and we can discuss this matter further in my office.”

“No!” she shrieked, attempting to pull at Dumbledore’s hand.

Harry stopped walking and quietly pulled Ron and Hermione to the side of the line of students. From this vantage point, Harry could see the Harmony woman scratching at Dumbledore’s robes.

“I’m a vampire, you know,” she shrieked, “I could suck your blood with my... um... evil demonic powers!”

Hermione gasped and Harry elbowed her in the side.

Dumbledore smiled again. “I am quite aware of that. I was also assured by your employers that you would understand that any one of these children could easily subdue you before you could cause any harm.”

“ employers?”

“Why, yes, Wolfram and Hart. You are indeed a secretary to the head of the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram and Hart?”

“The term is administrative assistant, you know!”

“Yes, well, your employers felt that your visit here would be a good way to increase knowledge about the Dark Arts, and would give you the opportunity to become... Well, less annoying, as one of your employers said.”

“Annoying?! I bet it was that Gunn guy who said that! He thinks that just because he gets a new suit he can start making fun of people!” She fumed loudly, gesticulating for emphasis. “I give the best years of my un-life to Angel and he calls me annoying?! Just because I missed a few calls! Just because I’m a little evil! Just because I'm prettier than him!?” She snapped her fingers. “That’s it! They’ve sent me away and they’re not going to let me come back! I knew all that ‘rooting evil out of the evil law firm’ wouldn’t be good for me! I should do something! Like... like... sue for discrimination!”

“Discrimination?” Dumbledore echoed hollowly.

“Discrimination of evilness! I mean, I’m not really, really evil. I’m not going around killing little babies or turning into a giant snake or anything. All I try to do is be a good administrative assistant. And they send me here! They told me I was going on vacation!”

“My dear!" Dumbledore smiled, “You are getting paid overtime for your visit here.”

She paused and took a breath, which was actually just a superficial action and did nothing to clear the color from her face either. “Oh,” she said happily. She let her hands fall and followed Dumbledore’s lead as he lead her into the building.

Harry turned to talk to Ron, but closed his mouth when he saw Ron’s face, which had turned curious color of parchment. Harry heard a loud noise above him and looked up to find the dark eyes of the Potions Master glaring at him.

“Potter....and his cohorts. Really now, Miss Granger, I would have expected better of you than eavesdropping on people, though, from what I gather, you three have had some practice. Get up to your common room and five points are deducted from each of you for eavesdropping.”

Ron shrugged slowly and began walking towards the door, behind the distant line of students.

“And don’t give me that impudent shrug, Mr. Weasley!” Snape called furiously after them.
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