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Whispers of Willow

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Summary: In response to Challenge 4633. Willow and Xander both discover their fathers aren't who they think they are.

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Digging Deeper

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Whispers of Willow


“So how did you go with your blood thing, Willow?” Buffy asked chirpily.

“Er...” Guiltily, Willow looked at Xander, wondering how to begin the conversation. “Xander and I are both the products of adultery or something like it, and my Dad and his brother are coming to Sunnydale, and Xander remembers being the Hyena,” she blurted out.

“Hey!” Xander protested.

“He what?” Buffy screeched. “Xander, you remember the, uh,” she stopped suddenly, looking around the school hallway.

Xander hunched his shoulders and hung his head. “Yeah, I remember. I just didn't want anything to come between us, and I was feeling really bad about everything, so I lied about remembering. I'm really sorry about it all. Do you forgive me?” he begged, with puppy eyes.

“Oh, Xander, of course I forgive you. We all know you couldn't help it,” she assured, patting his arm. “There's not really anything to forgive, after all, except the lying thing, and I'm kind of glad you did it, cause ew,” she shuddered.

“You're not the one going through a bottle of mouthwash a day,” he snorted.

“Okay, so it's over, and it wasn't your fault, and no more needs to be said. Moving on: your dads aren't your dads?” she added in a whisper.

“Yuh huh!” Xander assured. “And better news could not be had. On the worse news note, though, it should be noted that Will's real Dad and my half-brother, who are military detectives, and not the clueless type we have around here, are coming to town to meet and greet.”

“Oh,” Buffy grimaced. “That could be a problem. Have you told Giles?”

“Yep,” Willow nodded. “And we are part of a history and mythology study group that meets in the library. Complete with medieval weapons, 'cause Xander's a boy, and he likes that sort of thing.”

“Hm. I can work with that. So long as nothing Hellmouthy happens while they're here.”

Willow and Xander looked at Buffy for a moment, then looked at each other. Xander then walked to the wall, and started banging his head against it.

“You do know you just jinxed us, don't you Buffy,” Willow mourned.


“What have you got for me, Abs?”

She twisted her hands together and scuffed one toe. “You're not going to like this, Gibbs. I mean, really not going to like this.”

He sighed. “Talk to me, Abs.”

She took a deep breath. “Sunnydale is hinky. Really, really hinky. They have less than fifty thousand people, forty-three churches, and twelve cemeteries. They have an unbelievable mortality rate and people disappear all the time, Gibbs. I got in and looked at causes of death. People are dying of barbeque fork injuries to the neck, and bleeding out. Or animal attacks. More people die in Sunnydale of those two things than any other cause of death that I could find. And don't get me started about their investigations. They don't investigate. They just stick bbq fork on the file as cause of death, and that's it. There's nothing there! The only good thing I can say about the town is that the death rate is finally going down. It started last year, and is still continuing. Oh, and death rates are always lower in Summer than any other time, which is really weird, 'cause death rates usually go up over Summer, 'cause the heat gets to people. Did you know that in the Northern Territory in Australia, they have what they call the 'mango madness'? Every Summer, the heat and humidity combine to aggravate the general population to the point that there are more reports of violent crime than at any other time of year? They call it 'mango madness' 'cause that's it happens in mango season. It's a real phenomenon!”

“I'm sure it is, Abby. So Sunnydale is bad news?”

“Very,” she nodded vigorously.

“So what about the people I asked you about?”

“Oh, okay. First: Sheila Rosenberg, nee Myer. She is a psychologist specialising in child and adolescent development. She works with her husband, and spends much of the year on a lecture circuit around the world. As a matter of fact, they're in South America at the moment for a conference. No hospital records worth talking about, and no police records. Very normal”

“Willow Rosenberg, her daughter, is a student at the local Sunnydale High School, Junior Year, very smart, doing the higher level classes, and doing well, A average. Um. I checked her hospital records,” she added with a frown. “Everything was normal until about a year and a half ago, when she started turning up in the Emergency ward a lot. Every few weeks, nothing really serious, but,” she grimaced, “looks like she gets into fights, Gibbs. A lot of fights.”

She sighed. “Okay. Jessica Harris, nee Hayes. Works part-time at one of the local supermarkets. Lots of reports for domestic violence, but nothing ever happens. I'm not even sure anyone goes out to them, half the time. Lots of visits to the hospital, though that stopped, er, again, about a year and a half ago. A little less, I think. There were a couple of notations in the files that she's a drunk, and more about 'Tony'. I looked him up, too, even though you didn't ask. He's a drunk, and I think he's the one that's been beating up Jessica and Alexander. He doesn't work, hasn't for years. Really not a nice guy.”

“Okay. Last, but not least, Alexander Harris. I checked his school records and hospital records, just like with Willow. He does all the same classes as Willow, but only manages a C average. Still, these are pretty advanced classes, so a C average there would be an A average on a more normal class load. So he's pretty smart. Not as smart as Willow, but still...” She bit her lip. “Okay. His hospital records. Gibbs, his dad pretty much beat the shit out of him as a kid. Broken bones, and so on. The nurses must love him, though, 'cause the notes they write are really sweet. Um. Oh, yeah. He must have had a growth spurt last year, because the notes changed. No more notes about 'that bastard Harris.' But he's still getting into fights pretty regularly. He's had two recorded concussions this year.”

She fidgeted for a moment. “So. Yeah.” She handed over the files. “You going to go all 'Gunny Sergeant' on their asses?”

He took the files and frowned down at them. “I may just have to, Abby. Thanks for this,” he added, before dropping a kiss on the top of her head.


Gibbs walked up to Tony's desk, and tapped the surface with the files. “Office. Now.”

Surprised, Tony followed his boss to the lift. Once it was in motion, Gibbs hit the stop button. “Got Abby to look up the kids.”


“You're not going to like it.”
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