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Mort ou Vie

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Summary: While hunting Mr. Hyde in Paris Xander runs into another hunter, Van Helsing.

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Chapter Three: A Traditional Viserian Welcome

Mort ou Vie

Chapter Three: A Traditional Viserian Welcome

Disclaimer: I don’t own Van Helsing or Buffy any recognizable bits are from the Van Helsing movie.


The boat ride was long and difficult the sea plagued by small squalls and choppy waters, and the air freezing cold on top of which. Despite the discomfort however at least they were sleeping in warm dry beds. The beds were of course hard as rock and not big enough for anyone but Kit to sleep in comfortably but again they were war and dry which made up for most of their other deficiencies. The journey by horseback seemed even longer simply because they camped every night in the ankle deep snow and had to crowd together around a small fire for warmth as they made their way closer and closer to the gypsy village of Viseria.

Viseria was a small isolated village nestled in a valley deep in the Carpathians, a mountain range as unforgiving as the vampires and werewolves that infested them. Despite this the villagers were fairly numerous and some of them were even old, because of this they were all incredibly suspicious and when the four strangers rode into their town center they stopped and stared, all conversation ceasing and making the tension in the village palpable.

The village itself was fairly clean in spite of the muddy streets, the buildings were sturdy and wooden with obvious repairs in some places. They had their own bar, church, blacksmith, carpenter, clothier, tanner, name it they had it as far as the skilled trades went. The village would have been quite prosperous no doubt if it weren’t for the constant threat of the monsters living in the rich mountains with them.

The four hitched their horses to the public hitching post and moved towards the center square instinctively hiding their faces under hats and hoods, trying to look inconspicuous.

“Where’s Kit gone?” asked Carl alarmed as the group of four suddenly turned into a group of three.

Xander wasn’t worried about his apprentice’s sudden disappearance.

“Kit can disappear in any city, town, or village on Earth, likely she’d already come up with half-a-dozen ways to spring us from jail,” he reassured the Friar.

“A useful skill,” Van Helsing commented.

“Yeah, well she spent the first thirteen years of her life hiding in back alleys and disappearing under the noses of London’s finest, rival thieves and urchins, plain old perverts, and the occasional monster and that was before I gave her all the stealth training,”

“Oh,” said Carl subsiding.

Xander grinned to himself; he had to say he really enjoyed shocking the all-knowing Carl. Then he stiffened as the crowd of Viserian townspeople began to close in around them razor sharp farming tools in hand and hostility written on their pasty desperate faces.

“What are we doing here? Why is it so important that we kill this Dracula anyway?” asked Carl nervously under his breath.

“Because he’s the son of the Devil,” Van Helsing answered.

“I mean besides that,”

“Because if we kill him anything bitten by him or created by him will also die,”

“I mean besides that,”

“How about because if he gets too powerful he’ll overrun the world with vampires and we’ll all either be turned or rounded up in camps and forced to breed for the food supply,” Xander suggested baring his teeth in grim humor.

“Yes, that strikes me as a good reason,” Carl replied wide-eyed.

“Welcome to Transylvania,” said an accented voice in English.

Van Helsing sighed and they turned to face the assembled mob. Its leader seemed to be the man who had spoken, he was tall and broad shouldered dressed in a long black wool coat that was stained here and there with mud and he wore a battered looking silk top hat to cover his long ratty white hair.

“Is it always like this?” asked Carl regarding the mob fearfully.

“Pretty much,” Van Helsing replied resignedly.

“I think you’re taking too much credit, the guys who come to slay the monsters are never welcomed at first,” Xander said a disarming goofy grin in place, “But then there’s the grateful chefs with their gourmet meals, the grateful hosts with their feather beds and hot water, and the grateful girls with their...”

“I’ll ask you not to finish that sentence for poor Carl’s sake,” Van Helsing chuckled.

The sharp clack of boot heels on stone behind them put a stop to their banter.

“Turn around,” ordered an accented female voice.

The three men complied turning their back on the mob surrounding them reluctantly to face the long legged woman standing on the well behind them her hands on her hips. She was very beautiful with long dark curls and big brown eyes.

“Let me see your faces,”

“Why?” asked Van Helsing.

“Because we don’t trust strangers,” she answered.

“Not a bad plan all things considered but a little inconvenient for us,” Xander muttered his fingers itching for a weapon.

“Strangers don’t last long around here,” commented the leader of the mob gleefully.

He was also apparently the undertaker hereabouts because he began measuring them in a pointed manner grinning with all his yellowed crooked teeth and giving the three men a good whiff of his rank breath.

“Gentlemen, you will now be disarmed,” the woman ordered.

Apparently she was in some position of authority because the minute she spoke the members of the mob closest to the trio moved forward slowly.

“You can try,” growled Van Helsing putting a hand on one of the weapons in question and sending looks over his shoulders that were sufficiently murderous to send the men back to their original positions.

“You refuse to obey our laws?” queried the woman apparently amused.

“The laws of men mean little to me,” Van Helsing answered cheekily.

“Fine...kill them!”

"Okay that's a little harsh," Xander muttered to himself.

The whole mob moved forward as one their confidence restored and the undertaker looked like a kid who’d been told that Christmas, his birthday, and Halloween all came on the same day this year and that day was today.

“I can help you,” Van Helsing told the woman.

Apparently he knew who she was. That was news to Xander and Carl who had moved in closer to the leather clad hunter, Carl for the meager protection it offered and Xander to keep the mob of his back.

“I don’t need any help,” she answered cockily.

“Oh really?” he said sceptically.

AN: Well I think pretty much everyone knows what happens next, but how will the battle be different with Xander and the mysterious vanishing Kit involved. Stay tuned and please review!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Mort ou Vie" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Feb 10.

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