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Mort ou Vie

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Summary: While hunting Mr. Hyde in Paris Xander runs into another hunter, Van Helsing.

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Chapter One: Hunters

Mort ou Vie

Chapter One: Hunters

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Van Helsing any dialogue you recognize is from the Van Helsing movie and not mine.

Author’s Note:

I’ve moved the timeline up from the original timeline outlined in the movie because this is a series that will be crossing over multiple times. To fit with the next crossover fandom this story has to take place earlier. Please enjoy!

Paris 1712

“Do you really intend to go after Hyde by yourself?”


“You are insane!”

“Kit, you are not ready to face a creature this strong. You’ve done very well with ghosts and human muggers but this is not like that,”

Xander said trying to be patient as he glanced at the setting sun anxious to be off.

“How I’m I supposed to be ready if I don’t know what I’m dealing with?” scowled Kit.

Xander glanced out the window again.

“Fine you can come but strictly in an observatory capacity, I don’t want you fighting unless I’m about to die. Understood?”

“Very well,” she agreed.

“I mean it Katherine Marie!” he said sternly as she pulled on her toque and ratty wool coat becoming a unisex twelve year-old street urchin.

“Mmhm, get your weapons the sun is almost set,” she said impatiently.

Xander shook his head resignedly. Kit was his apprentice, she’d seen him take down a vampire one night in an alleyway when he was hunting in London and had followed him home like a lost kitten, hence the nickname, she’d then proceeded to hound him until he took her on as an apprentice. He had to admit, it felt better having a girl to care for after all the years he’d spent traveling the world alone. Kit was no Slayer, in fact if Xander wasn’t mistaken there was no Slayer in this dimension but she made a good substitute. She was an excellent thief and very observant having lived on the streets most of her life but she was still a young and delicately boned female, she needed a good bit more preparing before she was ready to hunt for real but she was so impatient and too curious by half.
He adjusted his eye patch to make sure it was secure and started strapping weapons onto his person, shotgun, hand guns, and knives disappeared into a roomy black wool coat.

“Alright let’s go,” he said finally.

“Where are we hunting?” asked Kit eagerly.

“We’ll start along the Seine, we don’t know where he goes to ground and his hunting range is all of Paris as far as I can tell,” shrugged

Xander locking the door of the safe house behind him and turning his collar up against the chilly night air.

Kit was unbothered by it.

“What is it?”

“I couldn’t tell you, I’ve been doing research on local legends as you know to find a likely candidate but so far nothing, it might be some creature visiting from another dimension or something entirely new to me. It’s hard to say,” Xander explained keeping his sharp eye and ears tuned for the slightest shadow or noise that did not belong.

“What’s a dimension?” asked Kit curiously.

“Don’t worry about it,” Xander said firmly.

Kit subsided.

“It’s so quiet,” she said a few minutes later.

“Hn,” Xander grunted in agreement, “These killings have scared all the usual revelers indoors after sunset,”

“Smart people,”

“Perhaps,” said Xander sceptically, “Or perhaps they don’t want to deal with the idea that a dangerous monster is living and hunting in their city. People are usually arrogant and stupid like that,”

“You really don’t like people do you?”

Luckily enough for Xander a woman’s scream saved him from having to answer that loaded question. His head snapped up and he caught sight of a shadowy figure climbing the side of the cathedral.

“It’s going into Notre Dame,” Xander snapped taking off at a run.

Kit kept up very well for her size. Another thing Xander liked about her. They found the whore not too far from the bridge across the Seine. Xander knelt down and checked for a pulse.

“Damn, she’s dead,” Xander growled unnecessarily, “Come on,”

They loped across the bridge and were just starting up the steps when Xander heard a guttural laugh. He looked up pushing Kit back into the shadows.

“Stay here, and keep an eye out,”

The church was dark all the priests having immured themselves in their quarters no doubt. Xander paused when he heard the creature shout au revoir and another man cry out. He left the church doors wide open and joined Kit in staring in horror at the man falling from the bell tower. There was a short pop and Xander heard the unmistakable sound of a propelled grappling hook. Sure enough the man in the dark coat halted a mere foot from the ground and kicked off from the wall. His grappling hook had embedded itself in the chest of the monster.

“NO, no, no, no, no!” the creature protested.

Not thinking about whether or not it was the smart thing to do Xander grabbed the man’s hands and added his own strength to the pull. The monster took two steps and then regained his balance. He laughed at them mockingly.

“My turn!” he shouted.

The man was dragged out of Xander’s grasp and went flying up the side of the church. Xander winced as he heard the crunching of stone and the shattering of glass coupled with guttural yells. He ducked instinctively as shards of stained glass rained all over him and a body came flying out through the rose window.

“Look Alexander!”

Xander looked up just in time to see what Kit was pointing at. Hyde was morphing into a man, a skinny old human man with one arm and several mortal wounds. He had just enough time to give a fearful cry before he hit the unforgiving pavement.

“Come on, we’ve got to get out of here before someone spots us,” Xander said dragging Kit down a back alleyway and out onto another narrow street.

Indeed a mob of shabby homeless onlookers and a group of three French policemen had gathered already.

“VAN HELSING! YOU MURDERER!” shouted the constable in heavily accented English.

Xander turned away from the gruesome scene and began to walk at a sedate pace his head down.

“What? What are you thinking?” Kit demanded quietly falling into step beside him.

“I think that the man we just saw kill Hyde, was a hunter, like us,” Xander said slowly.


“Well think about it Kit, he was dressed and armed like us, he wasn’t afraid of the monster. Everyone calls him a murderer, and there are a lot of things that revert to human form when killed or look human enough to be mistaken for one, that’s probably where he got his bad reputation,” Xander explained.

“That’s a very astute observation,”

Xander whipped around his hand going to his belt instinctively.

“There’s no need for that,”

A man in a long black leather duster and a wide brimmed black hat appeared from the shadows. He was young, probably 27 or so but his eyes were calm and predatory. He projected an air of danger and belligerent confidence. His eyes were dark and his hair was too, it was longer than was fashionable and like Xander he had a scruffy growth of stubble.

“What do you want?” Xander asked resting his hand on the weapon but not drawing it.

“Nothing in particular, I just wanted to know who and what you were, and to thank you for your help,”

“Any time,”

“Do you hunt these monsters often?”

“Every day that ends in Y,” Xander answered with a wry grin, “And you?”

“I work for the clergy in Rome, for an Order of those devoted to keeping the darker side of the world from overrunning the innocent bystanders. I hunt whatever they tell me too,”

Xander raised an eyebrow. The bitterness was well concealed but it was there none the less.

“Interesting, I’m freelance myself,” Xander said, “This is my apprentice, Kit,”

“Evenin’ guv’ner,” she said in her best male voice.

“A girl as an apprentice?”

“What can I say it takes too long to beat the stupidity out of and the obedience into boys,” shrugged Xander nonchalantly.

Van Helsing laughed a bit at that.

“Perhaps you both should accompany me to Rome, if you don’t have other plans. My Order is bound to have another assignment for me, I would welcome the help and the company,” he offered.

“And you want to see what I can do, and how well I protect Kit, you want to make sure you’re not setting dangerous or ignorant people on the world,” Xander said shrewdly.

Van Helsing narrowed his eyes.

“Perhaps, do you have a problem with that?”

Xander considered this and shrugged.

“We’ve got nothing else better to do,” he said casually.

“Speak for yourself, I was going to wash my hair,” said Kit with perfect sarcastic hauteur.

This caused them all to break into laughter, relieving the tension.

“Gabriel Van Helsing,”

Xander took his hand and shook it firmly.

“Alexander Harris,”

“A pleasure to meet you,” said Van Helsing squeezing back.

AN: Hope you enjoyed it, please review. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.
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