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Guardians of the Potential Reboot

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Summary: A re-envisioning of my original Guardians of the Potential story. This one will be vastly different.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Xander-CenteredSithicusFR1338,0790132,93615 Feb 1026 Feb 10No

Welcome to the Beast Wars

Author's Notes: The original Guardians of the Potential series was ambitious, the story featured some interesting scenes and had some future plans that were... FAR TOO GRANDIOS! I had way too much going on with that story, so I now consider it an unfinished possibly abandoned for good story. (I was getting a little sick of re-writing Buffyverse episodes in multiple stories anyway. My favorite fics are ones that don't re-write the series but that expand or offer creative means of crossing over.)

That being said I have decided to REBOOT the Guardians of the Potential story with this new version, so far the only thing shared between the two is the title. Hopefully this one will be funner and won't get out of control. My plans for the story at the moment are simple, a three or four part introduction to the new personalities and characteristics of our favorite Scoobies.

Disclaimer: All things Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of M.E. Productions. Joss Whedon's brainchild is this show. All things Beast Wars Transformers, belongs to Hasbro/Kenner and Mainframe Entertainment. The author makes no contradictory claims written in the above statement. This is a work of fan fiction. And one that should be finished rather quickly once I get the first four chapters finished.

As Buffy Summers’ heart stopped her life began to flash before her eyes. What she saw was a very pitiful existence indeed – up until meeting Merrick of course. The light faded from her very essence and her heartbeat stilled. She began to sense a dreaded slackening of her limbs and her body felt cold to her. Buffy Summers was dead.

Precious air, life giving oxygen – the Slayer gasped as she desperately drew in lungful after lungful of much needed air. She opened her eyes to see dark chocolate-honey eyes looking back at her, and she smiled. “Angel,” she said.

Helping her to her feet Angel shot Xander a brief apologetic look. Gratitude was there too. “Thanks,” he whispered careful to modulate his tone so only Xander could hear it.

“Don’t thank me, Deadboy,” he snapped.

Buffy shook off the fear and pain of her near death experience and led the way out of the Master’s lair – it was time to end this.

The Powers observing these events grew contemplative. They had witnessed a human break a prophecy managing to undo what others had written down as being fact – pure and simple. As one they reached a startling decision.

“We must see if he is capable of undoing others,” the male Power remarked.

“How can we test his mettle when he is needed here in this dimension?” the female Power asked.

“I have an obvious solution,” the male Power said. “Begin the procedure, Demon,” he ordered turning to a creature lying prone on the floor.

“It shall be done, Masssssssster,” the demon stated.

“Do not stop with him, we want to see the results of all of these players in a new light,” the female Power stated.

“Yesssssss, Misssssstressssss,” the demon returned with a bow – having climbed to his feet. Clasping his hands together he began to weave an intricate spell.

“Where will we send them to test them?” the male wondered thoughtfully.

“Send them to Nexus Earth,” she declared.

“Ah yessss, an excellent decision my dear,” the male remarked with a smile. “Our counterparts will be notified so that they may begin monitoring,” he said.

The opening of the Hellmouth facilitated the specific spell casting of the demon within the Powers’ realm. The proximity of the targeted souls made it equally simplistic – as Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles, Angel AKA Angelus, Cordelia Chase and Jenny Calendar were battling to save their world, their souls were being duplicated. Cloned by magic. As this occurred each one felt a brief surge of power which allowed them to overcome their enemies.

And in a different reality something stirred.

“I sense something. It is unfamiliar, and yet it strengthens my essence.” The Entity opened its senses and felt the forced insertion of new souls. “Ah! So they wish to test these newcomers… interesting. If it is a test they desire, then I shall provide them with one.” Intercepting the cloned souls of the humans the Entity began to modify their existence. Screaming in agony – the yet to be born souls began to shimmer and shift – changing from familiar human shapes into something alien. Something unnatural.

“STOP!” a voice shouted.

“Too late,” the Entity returned with a dark laugh.

“You can not do this! It will upset the balance,” the newcomer said.

“I have already done it.” The Entity smirked maliciously. “You can not undo what I have done… it would prove unwise.”

“They were human,” the Lightbringer said.

“They may have been human once, now they are greater. Their potential has been unleashed,” the Chaosbringer informed.

“Allow me to choose where they should go,” the Lightbringer pleaded.

Regarding the newly crafted essences the Chaosbringer agreed. “Very well! But this one shall be mine,” he declared holding up the essence of the former Slayer.

“I have the perfect moment in history for them,” the Lightbringer revealed. “Give them to me,” he ordered.

“Take them,” the Chaosbringer said disinterestedly.

Nodding the Lightbringer cradled the forms in his outstretched hand. Slowly – so as not to be detected – he inserted a tiny fragment of his essence into each of them to serve as their core. “Take heart my adoptive children. You shall not suffer.” Scattering them into the time stream the Lightbringer sped them on their journey – a journey of discovery, a journey of enlightenment, a journey no human had ever experienced before. A journey that would start and end in War.

In the beginning came the beasts – and all that creeps, crawls and flies, but nature lies… they're robots in disguise. BEAST WARS!

… “DNA scanners active. Searching for compatible life forms.”

“Blast, we must hurry if we are to overwrite the Maximal Program Chip,” Tarantulas stated rushing to the downed stasis pod.

“Well hurry up! Those Maximals weren’t far behind,” Terrorsaur complained. His pistol in hand the Predacon flyer began scanning the horizon for any possible threats.

“Wazzzzzpinator wants to select beast mode for new Predacon,” Waspinator said.

“Back off, bug-face!” Terrorsaur snapped. “If anybody gets to select the new Predacon’s beast mode, it’ll be me.”

“I think not, nooooo,” Megatron’s voice transmitted through all three Predacon’s comlines. “A suitable Beast Form for this unit shall be left up to the stasis pod’s internal computers,” he stated. “Is that clear, Tarantulas?”

Cackling slightly the Predacon spider gave a slight nod as he viciously tore the Maximal program chip from the stasis pod. “Crystal clear, Megatron,” he replied.

“Maximal Program Chip not responding. DNA Scan halted,” the computer informed.

“Unusual that so many stasis pods would crash land at once,” Megatron mused thoughtfully.

“Not entirely, according to our sensor nets these stasis pods were struck down by meteorites. I’m more surprised that they all survived planet fall intact,” Tarantulas commented as he inserted the Predacon Shell Program Chip.

“Hopefully Blackarachnia, Inferno and Scorponok will locate the others before Primal does,” Megatron stated.

“Didn’t one of them fall into the ocean?” Terrorsaur asked.

“Of course it did! Idiot,” Megatron snapped irritatedly. “That one may be a loss, but those which landed on the surface shall belong to the Predacons,” he declared.

“I’ve done it!” Tarantulas said. “Now we just need to wait for the DNA scanners to locate a suitable beast mode,” he added with a slight shudder. “Hopefully we don’t get anymore ants,” he muttered.

“Indeed,” Megatron agreed.

“Wazzzzzpinator want to know where the Maximals are,” Waspinator said. An energy blast broke out of the foliage surrounding them and struck the Predacon flyer. Waspinator exploded almost instantly. “Wazzzzzpinator should learn to keep Wazzzzzpinator’s thoughts to himself,” he complained.

“Get away from that pod, Predacon!” Rhinox demanded as he and Rattrap appeared.

“Suitable life form detected,” the pod announced.

“Too late, Maximals,” Tarantulas said with a laugh. “Welcome the new Predacon!” he shouted gleefully.

The pod flashed brightly as the formatting process completed and the lid cracked open as two large green insect arms pushed outward. A giant praying mantis burst out of the stasis pod – large red multifaceted eyes studied the area. “The Manterror Terrorizes!” he said transforming into his imposing looking robot mode.

“Welcome to the Beast Wars, Manterror, I am Tarantulas – your creator.” Tarantulas tapped his chest with one claw.

“The Manterror does not care! The Manterror wishes to destroy Maximals!” Manterror said loudly as he uncurled his massive green arms revealing two glowing blue saw-edged disks. Flicking his left claw forward he launched the disk at Rattrap.

The Maximal leapt aside and watched as the disk slammed into the trunk of a tree cutting it in half. “Oh great! Ya wanna tell me, why is it all these new Predacons have ta be psychos?” Rattrap demanded of Rhinox as he took aim with his pistol on the new Predacon.

Rhinox groaned slightly as he readied his weapons. “Not now, Rattrap,” he said.

Inside Manterror’s CPU memories of death and blood filled him overriding some of his higher reasoning protocols. The demon once known as Angelus reveled in the change to his physical form, he still wasn’t sure how he’d become this strange creature. But any chance to escape from that panty waist Angel was a good thing.

The Manterror personality was slowly beginning to overwhelm Angelus, making it difficult for him to remember the good times of being a vampire. But Angelus wasn’t really worried about it – all he wanted to do was kill these new enemies in front of him.

Spreading his large almost paper-thin wings Manterror began to flap. Rising up into the air Angelus’ personality let out a quiet shout of joy – he’d always wanted to fly. “The Manterror will kill you, Maximals!” he vowed launching disk after disk at his enemies.

“Ummm, Tarantulas, are you sure we want this one?” Terrorsaur asked nervously eyeing the maniacal looking insect as he zipped around the sky.

Tarantulas cackled madly. “What’s the matter, Terrorsaur? At least this one isn’t spewing flames everywhere like Inferno,” he said.

Terrorsaur shot Tarantulas a glare. “Yeah well… I’m not partnering up with that guy. And Megatron can shunt it if he thinks otherwise,” he grumbled.

Memories were strange, unnatural, she remembered being human. Being an organic biped with red hair. She also liked computers. Something wasn’t right though – she also had memories of another life. An alien world of mechanical beings and technologies surpassing all of those things that she’d experienced on Earth.

“Suitable life form detected,” a strange voice said.

Terrified Willow started to feel the urge to lash out. She felt like she was in a coffin. “Oh Primus! Did a vampire get me? Wait who’s Primus?” she asked herself.

“What’s taking this one so long to come out, big bot?” a young voice asked.

“I’m not sure, Cheetor, perhaps the Protoform was damaged due to the meteorite strikes,” a kind sounding voice remarked.

Willow began to feel the other memories overwhelming her. She wasn’t Willow and had never been Willow, now she was… “Sonar Maximize!” she shouted. The strange coffin’s lid flew open on damaged hinges and the former clone of Willow emerged. She stood on powerful, lithe looking metallic legs covered in a rust colored fur. Large wings hung off of her back and her hands ended in large claws with bladed ends.

“Wow,” the younger toned voice remarked.

‘Willow’ glanced to her left and received a quick reading of the yellow and blue mech standing beside her. “Interesting,” she remarked as her Willow half began to have a nerdgasm at all the technology her body exhibited.

“Greetings, Sonar, I am Optimus Primal leader of the Maximals,” the kindly voice introduced.

Turning around she smiled slightly as she greeted this new person. He was somewhat taller than her with a mostly black tone to his armor, his upper legs and arms had white coloring with red markings. “I did not expect to encounter a Maximal Commander on this survey mission,” she remarked.

“Ah… unfortunately our survey mission has run into an unexpected difficulty,” Optimus revealed.

“Yeah! We were sidetracked by a group of Predacons, we’re fighting them now,” Cheetor explained with a frown.

“I see,” Sonar said in an emotionless tone of voice. “I guess that would explain why you’re here, Optimus Primal,” she returned.

“I’m sorry you’ve gotten dragged into this conflict, Sonar,” Optimus said frowning apologetically.

“Oh that’s ok, Optimus, this is ten times better than any old survey mission! I can’t wait to get started studying this planet we’re on even though we’re at war with these Predacons… oh do you think you could use a computer technician? Are there any other femmes around? And also, why are you looking at me so strangely?” Sonar asked stopping her ‘Willow’ babble mode.

“Ultra gear,” Cheetor commented. “Can you teach me how to talk that fast?” he asked.

“Maybe later, Cheetor,” Optimus said with a chuckle. “Rhinox and Rattrap just reported in that the Predacons got to their pod first. They need back up!” he revealed.

“Not cool, big bot,” Cheetor said. “Come on Sonar, we’d better get going if we’re gonna help’em,” he urged transforming to beast mode and racing off across the plains.

“Your flight systems weren’t damaged, were they?” Optimus questioned.

Sonar shook her head. “No… I seem to be having slight memory problems though,” she observed.

“You’d better follow us closely then,” Optimus suggested.

Transforming into her fruit bat form – Sonar gave a nod and flapped her wings to get some wind under them and continued to flap them to remain airborne. “Lead the way, Optimus.”

Xander Harris felt strong sinew forming around him, which didn’t make any sense. As his body seemed to change and muscles formed something inside of him touched upon his consciousness. He remembered rescuing Buffy. He remembered vampires and demons. He remembered a hell of a lot of stuff from Sunnydale and that was because he was allowed to remember them.

He was inside some kind of strange alien escape pod thingy and he nervously wondered what was going on as the lid slowly opened. “Relax.”

“Who said that?” he demanded.

I’m you. Well ok I’m the you that was created by the God Primus when he rescued your soul from Unicron,” the inner voice said.

“Oooook… so does the voice in my head have a name?”

At the moment I’m kind of a blank slate. It’s up to you to decide our new Maximal identity,” the voice replied.

“Maximal?” Xander blinked and suddenly his mind was bombarded with information. Cybertron, the Great Wars, the Autobots and the Decepticons. Xander leapt out of the escape pod thing and found himself standing on four legs. “Oh pit, oh pit, oh pit… what happened?” He was panicking and really who could blame him.

You and your friends were mystically cloned so that the Powers could test you.” The inner voice sighed. “And before you ask… the only reason I know this is because Primus thought one of you should at least know what happened,” he explained.

“I’m standing on four legs!” Xander shouted angrily. Noticing a small pond not far away he walked over to it and glanced at his reflection. What he saw looking back at him was something out of his nightmares. “I’m a slagging Hyena!”

Hmmmm. I can see why you would dislike this beast form,” his other half remarked thoughtfully.

“Ya think!” Xander began to pace in front of his Stasis Pod.

Maybe it’d be better if I integrated myself like your friends will do,” the other him suggested.

“I don’t think so,” Xander growled. “But I am open to any other suggestions. How do I get to my friends?” he demanded.

Sorry I don’t know, but you’ll recognize them when you find them.” The other voice shook their head. “Can you give us a name? This is getting a little annoying.”

Xander blinked and let a low growl escape from his mouth. He thought long and hard about what kind of name he’d prefer as a Maximal. It wasn’t that hard to find one. “Jawbreaker,” he announced.

I like that,” Jawbreaker said chuckling. “We’d better find some other Maximals now. We can discuss what we’re going to do later,” he decided.

“And how do I find other Maximals?” Xander wondered in a sarcastic tone. In his optics an image appeared that resembled a highly detailed grid pattern. He could see numerous signatures in the area, some of them read as friendly with little red symbols. Others were purple symbols and they registered as enemies. “Ok, forget I asked.”

Loping across the ground he rushed towards the distant firefight that he could now hear.

When we have to fight, let me take control,” Jawbreaker said.

“Sure.” Xander shook his head. “At least for now.” Charging along Xander slowly faded into the mind of Jawbreaker allowing a more battle hardened Spark to assume command of the Maximal. Breaking into a hyena cackle Jawbreaker sped up – he was eager for a fight.

To Be Continued (Angelus' Form) (Willow's Form Except she isn't Transmetallized at this point.) (Xander's Form Ditto as Willow.) (I'm thinking of using the alternate paint job version of this figure for Cordelia.) (This is Jenny, she keeps the name but get's a Gender Swap to Female Version of the character.) (This will be Giles) (This is Angel's human half.)

As for Buffy, I'm debating on which of the Beast Wars Neo Dinosaur forms to give her. (I want to give her a big/bulky form as a contrast to her petite human form... And yes, Buffy get's to be a PREDACON!) Just use the site's search engine from any of the links above search for Beast Wars Neo and then check out the pages for the following characters...

Saberback, Guiledart, Bazooka, Killer Punch, and Hardhead. I'm also trying to figure out a good name for her, depending on which form I choose I'm sure I can cook up a good name for her. So I guess this is a poll, who should Buffy be?
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