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Not human

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Summary: Xander finds out that he isn't human (Xander/Clark slash)

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredJacobPhoenixFR2158,30004210,50716 Feb 1013 Mar 10No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own either the BtVS, Smallville or the DC comics/series

Chapter 1

Xander sighed as he walked towards the Bronze, he was in a mood: Cordelia had dumped him, ‘With good cause‘, he thought. He had just been seen kissing Willow and he was curious to why he had did that, it was weird, he had never thought of Willow like that, she was like his sister.

‘Uuugh, weird!!’ Xander thought but as he walked alone he was unaware that he had gained the interest of something alien, something curious about this world.

Jor-El was curious about the energy signature of the boy: it was so faint and covered by another energy field and the boy’s signature was odd; it wasn’t Kryptonian, it was similar but something all together different that the program did not recognize and its curiosity was piqued. It began running scans on Xander Harris; genetic scans revealed that Xander Harris, while he looked human, was not human. He was part of a race that the Fortress’s sensor network couldn’t identify, odd, the species was so similar to Kryptonian physiology. It reasoned that perhaps there may have been a colony of Kryptonians that escaped from Krypton. The sensors detected Kal-El coming in so it regretfully stopped its scans of Xander Harris to see what Kal-El wanted.

Over the weeks Jor-El kept constant scans on Xander, it began to record Xander’s schedule so it could get more information on him and his activities but was frustrated by the ever present energy field that seemed to block the Fortress’s scanners and that was getting frankly annoying to Jor-El to get more detailed scans that were necessary.

Meanwhile on the eve of the Hellmouth’s opening, Xander had just been kicked out of Faith’s motel room and he was feeling a bit of shock about the fact that he just had sex. He knew he had to stop those zombies from whatever they were doing, he was driving around and thought, ‘Who bakes a cake after being raised from the dead?’ as Xander looked into the bags he pulled a can of kerosene and it began to dawn on him that they were building a bomb, he was wondering what they would blow up.

Jor-El’s sensors suddenly picked up a raise of the signature of the energy field that blocked so many scans of where Xander was, it began to record the phenomenon as quickly as it could so it would have a better idea of how to deal with these energies later on but more importantly, it thought, this might be excellent opportunity.

Xander sighed, he had managed to corner Jack in the basement and managed to force him to deactivate the bomb and was about to leave the basement.

Jor-El’s scans had proven fruitful: for one minute the energy field around Xander’s location was gone and it was enough for it to implant a homing chip in the boy’s body to relocate him as soon as possible.

As Xander went home he felt good, he had fought off zombies, sure zombies weren’t exactly vampires but still he, the Zeppo, had managed to fight three of them and he would try to find out about what happened with that Sisterhood of Jhe, as he drove off into the night he was unaware of the Kryptonian tracking device lodged in his hand.

The next morning Xander got up, he was curious about what happened so as he walked past his parents he felt like there was something coming, he went into the library and saw the gang talking about something and he asked, “So did anything happen last night? Slayage wise last night?”

“Nope,” Buffy lied, “you missed one boring evening.”

“Yeah,” Willow added, “just plain old boring, nothing exciting happened last night.”

“Yes, quite boring Xander,” Giles said, “and how was your night?”

“Oh you know,” Xander said, “Same old, same old,” and added, “I was going to get something to eat, anyone else want something?”

Oz said, “Oddly full here.”

Jor-El was scanning the beacon placed inside of Xander’s hand and was pleased as a computer simulation could be, he could use the beacon to take the boy from the town and, with the boy’s permission, begin to tests to see where he came from, after all the boy would want to know about his heritage.

As Xander was about to leave the library the beacon activated and teleported Xander away in front of his shocked friends.

Buffy screamed, “Giles, where did Xander go!!!”

Giles looked around his face clearly showing his shock, he wasn’t sure he had enough magic to detect when someone was magically teleported and this wasn’t magical.

Angel sniffed around; trying to see if who, or whatever, took the boy was still here.

Willow began to cry, “Where did he go Giles?” she asked with her lips trembling.

Oz just stared, “That was weird! If something was after one of the Scoobies wouldn’t it have picked someone else?”

Xander yelped in surprise at the feeling of being teleported away, this was too weird; it looked like he was in a place that was made out of cheap crystal. He was about to walk around when he heard a voice.

“Greetings Xander Harris, my name is Jor-El and I want... to talk to you about you.”

“Uhh, why?” Xander asked getting confused.

“Because your species is closely related to my own and I would like to see how closely,” Jor-El said as his sensors was scanning the boy, ‘It was odd, he seemed to be afraid and confused but tried to mask it.

“So,” Xander said, “why’d you pick me? There’s gotta be millions of humans for you.”

“You are not human Xander, you are another race altogether,” Jor-El said regarding Xander’s anger curiously.

“God damned!!!” Xander screamed, “I am human, I look human.”

“And again I say you are not, my race looks human but it is, how you say, ‘only skin deep,’” Jor-El said.

“So how can you prove that I’m whatever species I am?” Xander replied snidely.

“I am unsure of how to do that without you thinking it is some sort of trick on my part,” Jor-El said.

“Hmm,” Xander joked, “you could cut me open and then revive me, showing pictures of my insides.”

Jor-El considered it and said, “That is agreeable, if that’s what you want.”

“NOOO!!!” Xander screamed, “That was a joke.”

“Then don’t joke again Xander, there are other ways ascertain your species.”

“How?” Xander replied suspiciously.

“There are blood tests and many other things, if you would consent to some harmless tests?” Jor-El said.

“What kind of tests?” Xander replied warily.

“Not intrusive I assure you, please lay on the bed provided for you,” Jor-El said.

“Hey, while you are doing these tests mind telling me where I am?” Xander asked.

“You are near what you would call the North Pole Xander,” Jor-El replied as it began to activate consoles.

“What are you, demon or whatever?” Xander asked now more curious about his abductor.

“Demon?” Jor-El mused over the term and said, “No, I am an alien life form as are you.”

Xander cursed out and screamed, “I swear if these tests involve you making a weapon to kill people I will kill you.”

“The purpose of this fortress is to aid my son, Kal-El,” Jor-El said as he read the first computers data.

“And where is Junior?” Xander asked sarcastically.

“He is with his human parents,” Jor-El said as he continued on looking over Xander’s biology readouts.

“What about you?” Xander snapped, “Couldn’t raise him yourself?”

“No, as I am a computer simulation of Jor-El, his father, Jor-El has been dead for sometime.”

“Oh,” Xander said, “what happened to the guy you’re pretending to be?”

“The planet Krypton was destroyed some time ago, there are few survivors,” Jor-El said as another console turned on.

Xander said, “Damn it, I am so sorry.”

“I feel no sense of loss Xander Harris and my tests are almost done,” Jor-El said.

“Oh good,” Xander said, “I guess this is where I go home?”

“No, you will not be returning to the place I retrieved you from,” Jor-El said.

“Why?” Xander screamed, “What right do you have to keep me here?”

“My scans have recorded numerous wounds and scars on your body Xander Harris, this indicates an unsafe environment for you,” Jor-El said calmly ignoring Xander’s sputtering denials.

“So I have made the choice to where you shall be raised Xander,” Jor-El said calmly.

Xander glared at whatever it was and thought, ‘What RIGHT does this computer have to tell me where I can go?’

“If you are wondering why I am removing you from Sunnydale, it is that the energy was making you weak and would have killed you in a couple of years Xander,” Jor-El said looking at the readout.

“It’s the Hellmouth,” Xander said, “living there is bad for everyone, trust me.”

“It is worse for you Xander Jor-El said, “It is a poison to my race and yours.”

“So what race am I if what you say is true?” Xander growled still pissed off at the computer for making this decision.

“I had thought your race was unknown but I was wrong. Xander Harris; you are a Daxamite from the world of Daxam,” Jor-El said.

A/N so this is an idea that was running around my head I decided to make Xander not into a Kryptonian but a Daxamite which are similar in what Yellow solar radiation does to them except they have a weakness to lead and also if you want more information look Daxamites on the DC Wiki and keep in mind I do intend for this to turn into Clark/Xander and also going to make a few changes to the timeline I am not sure if the Fortress had sensors like that

Poll question what do you think Clark’s reaction will be to Xander and hmm should any other scooby appear in Smallville?


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