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Faith's Sister

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Summary: Faith goes to DC and finds out that she has a sister by the name of Special Agent Caitlin Todd

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Literature > Action > Author: Tom Clancy
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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, The Jack Ryan Novels or NCIS but I do kind-of own the plot of this story

Pairings: Buffy/Faith, Dawn/Willow (mentioned later)

Warnings: Spoilers for BTVS (only use of the comics is the fact that Buffy was never in Rome with the Immortal, one of her 'doubles' was), NCIS through season 6, change in storyline Ari missed Kate at the end of Twilight. Spoilers up to (and including) The Bear and the Dragon.

Faith and Buffy were waiting outside of the Oval Office for the President to finish with his morning briefing with the head of the Secret Service. Faith as usual was uncomfortable wearing a nice suit instead of her tight fitting leathers. She looked over at her girlfriend- no her fiancée and smiled at how calm she looked, even though she could never figure out how she could always look so calm on the outside while inside she was every bit as nervous as Faith looked. Faith can now tell what kind of a mood that Buffy is in, although it took her a couple of years of dating her to figure them out. Even if she couldn’t sense how Buffy felt at the moment she can tell that Buffy is a little too relaxed to not be nervous.

“Ya know, B. You really need to learn how to act calm a little better.”

“Faith, you’re the one who’s pacing around right now,” Buffy replied. “Besides, I do have a good reason to be nervous. We are about to meet the President of the United States.”

“We have met him before, B,” Faith stated. “A few times actually.”

Buffy gave her fiancée a winning smile. “At least before we had an idea of what we were meeting with him about. All that we know this time is that it concerns the two of us as civilians not as slayers.”

“This is why I’m pacin’, and not sittin’ around trying to act all calm and collected an’ shit,” Faith explained. “Who knows what he wants to tell us.”

“I know, babe. But, will you at least sit down here you’re making be dizzy with all you’re pacing,” she requested.

As soon as Faith sat down the doors to the Oval Office opened and Special Agent Andrea Price-O’ Day told them that they could go on in. When they got in the slayers were surprised to see the First Lady in the room not just the President. And to their surprise, even though it happened every time they met with him, the President rose to his feet when they entered.

The President, as usual, was the first to speak. “Miss Lehane, Miss Summers, thanks for coming on such short notice. Even though you probably have no idea why you are here.”

“It’s not a problem Mr. President. All I care about is that it doesn’t involve an apocalypse,” Buffy said. “Does it?”

“No, of course it doesn’t. If it did I would have had you bring Dawn and Willow with you,” Ryan said.

It was the First Lady, Cathy who spoke next. “Actually it has to do with Faith and by extension you, Buffy.”

“What do you mean?” Faith asked.

“Did you know you have an older sister?” Cathy asked.

“No,” she responded stunned. “Though, it really doesn’t surprise me much. Does she know about me?”

“I don’t think that she has been informed yet because, we were hoping to tell you first so you can make the decision on whether you want to meet her or not.”

Faith thought about it for a minute or two. What if she doesn’t want to meet me? How do I tell her about the slaying? What about my criminal record? Will she even want to meet me? Maybe I should at least find out what her name is and what she does for a living.

“Do you want to take a couple of minutes to think about this Faith?” The President asked.

“I don’t know,” she answered. “What do you think, B?”

“Faith, the decision is yours to make. I shouldn’t influence your decision,” Buffy said. “But, with that said I think that you should follow your heart, and do what you think is right.”

“You’re right, B. As usual,” Faith said and then turned to the President. “OK, what can you tell me about her?”

Andrea was the one to answer this time. “Her name is Caitlin Todd. She was one of the principal agents for President Durling until a few months before his death. She resigned from the Secret Service because she was seeing a co-worker which is not allowed in the Service. She then began working at NCIS under Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. As far as I know she isn’t seeing anyone. She also irritates Agent Fornell over at the F.B.I., which Pat finds hilarious. Other than that I won’t tell you anything about her unless she asks me too.”

“Well, I do have a couple of questions,” Faith said. “First off, what is NCIS? And secondly, she works with a Jethro?”

The President answered her. “NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. And for the record you are engaged to a Buffy.”

“Hey,” Buffy exclaimed. “That’s not fair making fun of my name when I didn’t even say anything.”

Faith though sat there shocked thinking about how close she came to loosing her sister without even knowing that she existed. “Where does she work from?” she asked.

“The Navy Yard.”

“How do we get there?” Buffy asked.

Andrea walked them out and gave them directions on how to get there. As they were getting to their rental car Faith turned back to Andrea and thanked her as well as asking her to thank the President and First Lady.

“It’s the least we can do for the two people who save the world more often than anybody will ever know,” Andrea said.

“I have a what, Director?”

“You have another sister, Special Agent Todd,” Director Vance told her. “And according to Agent Price-O’ Day, she’s on her way here to meet you. McGee is working on finding out her back round for you, and so are Dinozzo and Abby. Officer David is checking with her contacts to find out what they know about her, if anything. And who knows what Gibbs is doing.”

“Thanks for the heads up Director,” Kate said before she turned and headed back down to the bull-pen.

Before she got to the bottom of the stairs she paused and took a breath before continuing on. “McGee, what do you have?”

“Not much,” he said. “Faith was born in Boston. She had a lot of hospital visits in her childhood which would suggest abuse up until her mom died when she turned 13. It appears that she was in the system for a while until she was adopted by a British woman named Dianna Thrace when she was 14. She lived with her for about a year until Dianna was found dead in her apartment by Faith. About a month later she disappeared for a few months when she resurfaced in Sunnydale, CA in late 1998. She ended up in an eight month coma after apparently falling off of a roof in May of ’99.”

Tony stepped in at that point. “A few days after she woke up form her coma she walked into an LA police station and confessed to murdering two people. She was convicted and faced a 25 year to life sentence. I found two different mentions on how she got out of jail but they both follow the same time frame. The first one I found was that she escaped from prison in late 2003 and the other said she received a state and Presidential pardon around the same time. Either way she was next seen on the last bus to leave Sunnydale before it collapsed.”

Abby was the next one to go. “I took what she was doing from then on. All I could find is that she works for a company called the Watcher’s Council as a self-defense and martial arts instructor. Everything else about her life now and what this Watcher’s Council do are deemed classified need-to-know.”

Kate then looked to Ziva. “Did you find anything else?”

“No. Everyone including my father told me to leave Faith Lehane and the Watcher’s Council alone unless they approach me to offer me a job. They also told me to ask them about what they do because they don’t know only that they have diplomatic immunity in almost every country in the world. Even Iran is afraid of them.”

Gibbs finally spoke up. “So, what you guys are all saying is that we don’t know what she actually does now, and all we have is what is likely, a cover story?”

“It’s not entirely a cover story,” a lovely brunette stated from over by the elevator with a short blonde woman standing next to her. “I actually do teach self-defense and martial arts. But it’s not all I do.”

As soon as Tony saw them he got up to introduce himself. “Hello, you must be Faith. I’m very Special Agent Tony Dinozzo. It’s nice to meet you.”

“You know, Tony the first thing you should do before you try to flirt with a woman is to check her left hand to make sure she’s not married or engaged,” Kate said. “And you should also not try to hit on you’re friends possible sister.”

The blonde spoke up from there. “Wow, you struck out twice in the same sentence. First you hit on my fiancée and your friends could be sister,” she said and turned to Kate. “Hi, my name is Buffy Summers are you Special Agent Todd?”

“Yes,” Kate said. “But call me Kate.” She then turned to the brunette. “Am I correct in assuming that you are Faith?”

“Yes, you are,” Faith said. “Um, is there a place where we can talk and maybe have our blood tested? I mean I trust Jack and Cathy but I still want my own proof that we are actually related before I tell you the stuff about me that’s classified as need-to-know.”

“Don’t you need clearance from your employer before you can tell me about that stuff?”

“She already has it,” Buffy said. “We are two of the many heads of the Council.”

Abby offered her lab up for use so that she can run the blood tests while they were talking.

“Kate, if you want Abby and Ziva can join us for the discussion,” Faith offered.

“Alright,” Kate said and then the girls all headed for Abby’s lab.

Tony sat there in shock about the whole thing for a few minutes after the girls left. “Am I the only one that found that weird?”

Gibbs just shrugged, took another drink of his coffee, and said, “No.”

A/N: would appreciate feed back whether good or bad.
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