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Summary: A prophecy fortells of a leader, a savior. But, to make matters worse, Buffy and our favorite souled vamp pay a visit to Middle Earth

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: FellowshipdillardFR15614,6582158,1617 Nov 035 Apr 04No

Chapter2 :Strange occurances.


By : Dillard

Chapter 2: Strange Occourances

Note : I still don’t anything

A million questions ran through Frodos mind at the sight of the two strangers, the number one being, are they dangerous?
They certainly didn’t look dangerous, seeing as one was a girl, almost as tiny as a Hobbit.

The man on the other hand with his unnatural hair color,while he didn’t look dangerous ,it seemed he wanted to be viewed as dangerous. His black attire and his leather jacket gave off an angry feeling, but certainly not dangerous.

But how would frodo know, they were sleeping after all.

“Come on Mr. Frodo lets get going , before they wake up!” Urged Sam, grabbing Frodos arm, pulling him away.

“Oh come on Sam, they don’t look dangerous, look one of them is a wee girl.” Merry stated simply.

“ Yes, but as you just saw, they FELL OUT OF THE SKY!” yelled Sam , throwing his hands up in the air dramatically.

While Merry and Sam fought, Frodo noticed that Pippin, usually the most boisterous one out of the group , was unusually quiet.

Half way through the bickering, Pippin simply turned around , wandered away , appearing to be looking for something .He came back with a huge long thick branch.

This caught Sam’s attention. “ What are you going to do with that?”

Pippin didn’t answer as he approached the two sleeping strangers.
Sam’s eyes widened at the sight of this, and lunged forward, trying to grab the stick.

But Pippin was too fast for the plump Hobbit. He poked the male stranger on the head gently. No response.

“ Pip, don’t.” Sam pleaded with him.

“Poke him harder Pip.” Urged Merry, shooting a glance over to Sam.

And Pippin did just that, poked the male harder. At first, they thought that the man was dead, seeing as his chest didn’t rise and fall as it should. But just when he was going to see if the woman would wake up, the man’s eyes shot open.

He shot up, waking up the girl in the process. At first the man looked at the Hobbits with confusion, but then his eyes widened , suddenly realizing something and tried to duck for the shade of the trees.

The girl just looked simply perplexed. Looking at the Hobbit’s and then at her surroundings, her brow furrowing in confusion. Her male companion looked at her with the same expression, from underneath the tree.

“Who are you?’ She asked
“ I think we should be asking you the same question, seeing as you have just fell from the heavens.” Frodo simply stated.

At hearing this statement, the tiny girl rolled her green eyes. She looked over at the male counterpart and mumbled something that sounded like ‘Portal’. The man answered in return a very loud ‘Bloody Hell’

“Listen kid can you tell us where we are?” Asked the man impatiently.

“ Just outside the shire.” Replied Pippin

“And where would that be?” asked the girl.

“ What do you mean?” frodo answered back, confused at this statement.

“ Listen – what’s your name?’ asked the girl

Frodo used the alias that Gandalf had given him.

“Listen Mr Underhill, you said that Spike and I fell out of the sky , well that usually means that we fell through a inter dimensional portal, which basically means that we fell into a different world. Can you tell us what the name of this world is?”

“Oh, this is Middle Earth.” Answered merry.

The man addressed as ‘Spike’ beckoned the girl over to him, whispering something, to which none of the Hobbit’s could hear.

The girl turned back around to the Hobbit’s. “ How long were we out there in the sunlight?” she asked

“A good 7 Minutes. Why?”

“ Oh nothing, it’s just my friend has a – a skin allergy to the sun.”

The four Hobbit’s nodded in understanding. The girl turned back around to them and relayed the answer to the man known as Spike. At her response, his face turned back to that of confusion, but then, soon his confusion was gone and a smile replaced it.

“ Must be the new sun.” Muttered Spike as he stepped out from under the tree.

The woman watched with a faint smile on her face as she watched her friend take in the warmth of the sun. She soon realized that the Hobbits were still standing there.

“Oh,I’m so sorry , I never told you my name. I’m Buffy.”

“ Good day to you Lady Buffy. I’m Merry, and these two here are Pippin and Sam. And you already met Fro—Mr. Underhill here.”

“Yes, so can any of you tell me exactly what happened?’

Merry was cut short by the sound of hooves. The four Hobbits ran for cover, knowing exactly what that sound meant. Buffy and Spike,on the other hand, had no idea what was going on.

“ Hey, guys come back, it’s just a hors--- Oh god” Buffy’s pleas for the Hobbit’s to come back was cut short at the realization of dark riders.

The Hobbit’s watched on as the Black Riders rounded on them. Both Spike and Buffy stood their ground, waiting for the riders to strike first.

And sure enough, one rider did, unsheathing their sword to strike. To the amazement of the Hobbit’s, Buffy, as tiny as she was, did a feat that not even a Elf could master. The girl made it look so simple, the backward flip that she mustered was higher than the horses head and knocked the sword out of the riders hands in the process. She made it look so effortless.

Spike did the same thing, kicked the sword out of the riders hands, who shrieked in response.

Soon the riders jumped down from their horses and looked like they were ready to strike. Buffy smirked at Spike,they both knew that had the advantage when it came to this.

But to both of their dismay, the two riders conjured up a new sword from thin air. From then on it was the most volatile fight the Hobbits had ever seen. Buffy got hit on the head a couple of times from the riders sword handle, and Spike had not faired better. He got knocked unconscious.

With her companion knocked out and out numbered, one would think that someone would back down, but that certainly never came across Buffy’s mind, as she stabbed both riders easily in the stomach while they were cornering her.

“What the hell were these?” She asked

But they didn’t have time to answer because deep into the forest, they heard the not-so distant shriek that belonged to the eerie riders.

The Hobbit’s ran, knowing that they were near. Buffy kicked Spike trying to wake him up, but this action did no such thing. Rolling her eyes and picked him up.
“ You so owe me.” Was all she said before following where the Hobbits had fled.

So how do you like ???
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I don’t really care for this chapter , but hey whatchya gonna do…

I'll try to update soon.......
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