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Summary: A prophecy fortells of a leader, a savior. But, to make matters worse, Buffy and our favorite souled vamp pay a visit to Middle Earth

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By Irishsodabread

Their journey after Frodo and Glorfindel left was a long and tiresome one. All were exhausted, except for Buffy. It seemed that after having been in Middle Earth for about a month, her Slayer powers had been kicked into overdrive. Spike guessed it was because she was going to a place that was occupied by hot guys. He wasn’t wrong.

“So Strider, how much longer till we get to this place? “ Buffy asked in an overtly-peppy tone of voice that made everyone cringe.

“Not until the morning Buffy. Please, don’t be so loud, we are still being followed by the dark lord’s riders.” Strider hissed.

“Okay, okay no need to get all pissy.” Buffy was offended.

So they continued to walk. And in the midst of all the dreary and tired trudging along, Buffy could not help but feel antsy. The closer she got to this place, it seemed, that her senses and powers were going all wonky. She couldn’t understand it, but it made her very hyper. Buffy was just itching for some fighting. She needed to get her energy out. But all this walking never gave her much of a chance to get it out. She could tell Spike was feeling the same way. The nearness of their destination made him a little more edgy than usual.

They walked on into the night. Strider walked in front, with Buffy and Spike right behind him. The hobbits followed, along with Bill the pony.

It wasn’t until dawn when the group started seeing the elven city. Once they entered, gasps were heard from all everyone, except Strider, who had been raised in the beautiful city. Sam’s eye twinkled with delight at seeing the elves; a race to whom he had always daydreamed about.

Spike could not believe his eyes. This had to be the most beautiful city he had ever seen. And he had been to a lot of cities in his un-life. Milan and Prague could not compare to this. The buildings and the people, they just held an ethereal glow. There was only one other time ever that he had ever felt this much at peace. And that was when he was holding Buffy. This place had that much effect on him. His soul felt at rest as he walked through the paths. His troubled mind went to sleep at seeing the beautiful creatures passing. Their other- worldly glow amazed him. Something about this place just made him feel at home.

Buffy, for the first time in her life, felt like she belonged. Something about this place she recognized. It should have been giving her the wiggins, but it wasn’t. Not since heaven had she felt this much at peace.
They were approached by a regal looking man. Him and Strider greeted each other in elvish. The man addressed the group

“Welcome, to Rivendell. I am Lord Elrond. You have had a long journey, so I expect you’re tired. Come, I will show you all to your rooms.” He smiled at the Hobbits.

“ Oh thank god, you have no idea how tired my legs are at this point. I may be a slayer, but I’m still a Californian girl by heart.”

Elrond turned to Strider. “ You brought a woman on your journey?” He asked in an even tone

“Uh, yes. I met them with the Hobbits in Bree. They had an interesting story in how they came about them.”

“And what story may that be? “ Elrond turned to the Hobbits.

“They fell from the sky.” Pippin said happily. At this Elrond and Strider started laughing.

“Its true!”

“I’m sure master Perigrin. Now follow me, I shall show you all to you bed chambers.”

“What about Frodo?” Spike asked

“Master Frodo has been asleep for the last day. He came to us in bad shape, and I wasn’t sure if I could heal them. But time will tell.” Elrond said grimly

The group followed the regal elf. It was a short while that before they reached their rooms. Once everyone was in their rooms, Elrond addressed Strider.

“May I speak with you once you have become comfortable?”

“Yes of course.”

There was a knock at the door. ‘ Bugger1’ Spike thought to himself. He got up angrily from his bed, to which he was dreaming happily on moments before. He opened the door to a very happy and excited looking Buffy.

“Hey, you wanna go explore with me?” Buffy said with her eyes glittering.

“I don’t know pet. Jus’ tired s’ all. Hey, I thought you wer’ tired?!”

“Yea, I was. But once I got into my room, I just couldn’t sit still. Which surprises me, I was really tired before we got here.”
“Yea, I should know. You wouldn’t stop whining.” Spike said with a smirk spreading across his mouth,

“Hey! I do not whine! I just complain incessantly.” She received an eye-roll from Spike. “OK! Fine, I do whine. But you know you love it.”

“There may be many things I love about you pet. But whining isn’t one of them.”

There was an uncomfortable silence that hung in the air. Spike looked down at the ground, ashamed of bringing That up in a time like this. Buffy felt equally ashamed; but not because she loved Spike, but because she didn’t.

“So uh, are you coming?” Buffy broke the awkward moment.

“Uh, yea sure. Jus’ give me 10 minutes of so. I wanna rest for a little bit.”

“Sure. I’ll meet you over in that court over there” She point down the hall to the area.


Strider entered the sitting area of Elronds library. The lord wasn’t there yet, so he made himself comfortable in one of the sitting chairs. The feelings that overtook his senses when he came here was unbearable. Mostly because he knew she was near. It was killing him that he hadn’t seen her yet since he arrived. But he knew that he would find her eventually. He always did.

His reverie was interrupted by Elrond entering the room. “I see that the Hobbits have made themselves comfortable. As I know you have.”

“Yes, I always do. But that is because of the hospitality of the Elves.” He smiled back to the Elf. “So what is it that you wanted to speak to me about?”

“A number of things. Like the two strangers that accompanied you on your journey. Do you know if they are allies with the Dark Lord?”

“No I wasn’t able to determine that fact while they were in my company. They are strange individuals. The woman’s attire is … well different, as is the mans. Their speech and behavior is strange as well. The language is that of mans, but the lingo is weird. And the woman is hardly lady-like. She even—“ Strider was interrupted

“But is their behavior suspicious?”

“I don’t know, I can’t read them. What about you?

“I do get strong emotions rolling off of them, but they are mixed with something else. But I was only with them for a short period of time. I think maybe later I’ll be able to understand what’s going on”

“I’m sure you will. Is that all? “Strider asked.

“No. Mister Frodo has woken up about an hour ago. Gandalf is sitting with him right now. I think that now that he’s awake, we can call the council once he’s feeling up to it.”

“Yes sir.” Strider made his way to the door.

“Oh and Aragorn. Arwen’s out riding.” Elrond said with a smile.


Buffy was royally pissed. She had been waiting for 15 minutes for Spike to come out of his room. Buffy had never been stood up before and now that she had experienced the sting of the situation, she never wanted to experience it again. Not that she was calling this a date though.

She couldn’t deny that she loved Spike. The vampire had changed over the years. And it was for the better. But she just didn’t know what her true feelings towards him were yet. She had to admit, he had been her strength during this last year, especially through the betrayal of her friends. He had her back through her toughest times. And she loved and thanked him for it. She just didn’t know if it was a friendly kind of love or a real kind of love. But right now she wasn’t trying to pick which love she felt, all she was trying to do was to figure out a way to inflict as much pain as possible on Spike. Lovable souled vampire or not, NO ONE STANDS UP BUFFY!

Not that it was a date anyways.

Her reverie was interrupted by the loud clapping of horse’s hooves against pavement. She turned around and looked over her shoulder. She saw a group of Elves making their way through the entrance. All had blonde hair, something that Buffy noticed that a lot of elves had. But what really caught Buffys eye was one in the back. He was younger than the rest of them, and he had blonde hair. Buffy couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

And as if sensing her eyes on him, he turned to her and gave her a long piercing gaze. They both held it for a while, until he gave her a small smile, that made Buffys heart quicken its pace. Their overtly long gaze was interrupted by another elf tapping him on the shoulder. And just as soon as he was there, he was gone.

It wasn’t until someone tapped Buffy on the shoulder that she got out of her daze. And that someone was Spike.

Gandalf sat in his favorite chair in his room. He watched the comings and the goings of the individuals who dwelled in the city. His mind was troubled. Saruman just betrayed the order and went over to Sauron to aid him in his plans of overrun Middle Earth again.
It truly pained Gandalf that his leader, who once was so kind and generous, had changed into such a power- hungry and greedy man. He always felt he could trust Saruman with issues that were needed to be attended too. But then again, he always felt something that dwelled underneath his heart that was not as pure as he thought.

There was also something else that deeply troubled him. Frodo had just received a wound by a Nazgul blade, and although it had gotten better, it would never completely heal. Something that deeply pained him because he had grown much attached to the young Hobbit, and would never want any harm done to him.

And the issue of the ring was probably the most pressing matter of them all. Its will is growing stronger everyday, Frodo’s wound for example. It was truly frightening that something so small could have so much power over someone.

There was also the immense amount of energy he felt within the last few hours. It was primal and beautiful at the same time. There was also a sort of sadness that resided within it. But one shouldn’t be so occupied with such trivial matters in times like this.

But hopefully things were going to change once the council is called. Maybe they could address some matters that were at hand. He was quite anxious about it, hoping for something to take action.

Only time would tell.

So yea, this is the latest installment… wooohoo!!!!!!!! Review my loves.. Review until your heart grows tired…. God knows I’m tired… its freaking 11;17 and I’m tired… damn daylight savings time

Later love dolls

The End?

You have reached the end of "Quintessence" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Apr 04.

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