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Summary: A prophecy fortells of a leader, a savior. But, to make matters worse, Buffy and our favorite souled vamp pay a visit to Middle Earth

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: FellowshipdillardFR15614,6582158,1617 Nov 035 Apr 04No




Note : I don’t own anything !!

Listen as the wind blows

From across the great divide

Voices trapped in yearning

Embers trapped in time

The night is his companion

And solitude his guide

A blonde maiden his desire

With the ancient one’s strength

His power hidden until his choice is proven

His power is good , and his will is great

His strength shines through his soul

And power shines just before the Dark Lord second reign

Through this world he’ll stumble

So many time’s betrayed

Trying to find an honest word to fight

The truth enslaved

He’ll speak to you in riddles

And he’ll speak to you in rhymes

From the Valley of the Sun he will shine.

Gandalf read the prophecy once more , drinking every word in , memorizing it . Taking one last inhale of his pipe , he walked away into Elrond’s chamber . There he found the ancient elf sitting in his chair , deep in thought .

“ I hope I am not interrupting anything? “ asked Gandalf.

“ No , your not , what is it ?” asked Elrond .

“ Something very pressing, my Lord .”

“ Well go on.

Handing over the old parchment to Elrond , Gandalf took out his pipe again , out of nervous habit he lit it again and took a long intake of the comforting weed . He watched as Elronds brow furrowed as he read , his ancient eyes widened at a certain point which Gandalf was sure that Elrond was at the point that had the most disturbing message throughout the whole prophecy.

“ It speaks of a second return “ Elrond said simply

“Indeed my lord , but we have always known that , I mean you have felt a strong presence coming from the east for some time now . This must come as no shock to any one of us .” Answered Gandalf

“ But this warrior and this maiden , it says that they are not of this world . But never in all my years of life have I heard of anyone coming from a different world , surely it means a different land , not a totally different world ,cause to simple put it, there is none . “

“ I know my lord , it confuses me too . But we should be finding out sooner or later right ? The ring is no where to be found , and until we do , we are at the mercy of who ever has it now . Lets just hope it’s in the right hand’s . But ,I am going to check on the ring Master Bilbo has had in his possession for these many years . Perhaps that the one , and if It is then that’s an encouraging thing “

“ You really do have faith in those halfling’s ,don’t you ? “Said Elrond with a small smile.

“ I do . I found out that you can study and know a hobbit for many , many years and yet they can still surprise you . They do have tremendous heart , and with all the terrible things that go on in Middle Earth , I’m glad that we soul’s like them left .”replied Gandalf with a lazy grin on his face .

“ Well after you leave the shire , please be sure you come by Rivendell so we can discuss this matter .”

“ Of course . I best get going , I have a party to go to you know . “ Said Gandalf , rising from his chair putting on his cloak and his hat .

“ Oh really? Who ? “ asked Elrond

“ Bilbo’s , he’s turing one hundred and elevendy . God only knows how he stays so young looking at that age , but I suspect it has something to do with a certain ring . “

“ Yes please see to that matter Gandalf “

“ No worries master elf , I always keep my promises “and with that he turned and left .

Elrond eyes were glued to the scene outside his window. The trees were gently swaying in the soft rivendell breeze , causing

some of the leaves to fall to the ground. One line from the prophesy kept repeating in his head

“His power shines through just before the dark lord second reign “

That line scared him the most. Out of everything these ancient eyes saw over his many years , nothing scared this elf more than a simple line stating that the dark lord will have a second reign .

But then again , it did speak of a warrior , a savior . Maybe he shouldn’t fret to much , Gandalf wasn’t after all . With one last sip from his goblet , Elrond rose from his chair and left the room , leaving the ancient prophesy alone gently falling off the table and softly landing under the chair next to it, hidden from view.

************ Couple of weeks later in the shire **********************************************

“Keep it close , keep it safe “ Gandalf said with a menacing look in his eyes .

“Where shall Sam and I meet you ? “ Asked Frodo , fear clearly evident in his voice .

“ In Bree , at an inn called the prancing pony . Don’t use you’re real name , go by the name Underhiill , you understand? “ receiving a nod from Frodo , Gandalf quickly mounted his horse and galloped off leaving two very nervous Hobbits .

Frodo and Sam traveled about two days before they met Merry and Pippin along the way. And since Frodo did not know the way to Bree and Merry did , he decided to take merry along with him until they reached Bree . Merry and Pippin were willing to come after all .

Frodo kept his eye’s open for any signs of danger or what not . But soon he had grown tired of his awareness and stopped keeping his eye’s open for a possible threat . He hadn’t seen a sign of danger yet so he soon got lazy .

But soon he felt a presence in the air , it was cold , and he could feel the ring being drawn to it .He ignored it , even though the feeling got stronger .He began to become aware again , which was good , seeing as the ring seemed to be having a will of it’s own lately .

One day , they were walking along the road ,even though Gandalf stressed that they should stay off it , Frodo felt the rings will power grow even stronger than before , and at that he knew that something wasn’t right .

“ Off the road ! “ Frodo yelled

“What ?” asked Pip

“ Get off the road !”

And at hearing the urgency in his voice , they listened , running underneath a tree. Merry was just about to ask why they were hiding , when his question was answered . The sound of hooves could be heard above them causing every one to freeze . The earth even seemed to know that this rider was no ordinary passer by , because soon all the little critter’s from the earth came crawling out from the soil , climbing and biting the Hobbits . But no one could feel the presence more than frodo . It seemed that the ring was working it’s will , because frodo had a such a strong desire to put the ring on at that very moment . Luckily Sam was there to stop him . Merry threw his bag to try and divert the Black riders attention away from the foursome .

Soon the black rider left , to everyones relief .

“ What was that ? “ asked Pippin

“ I don’t know but – “ Frodo’s voice was drowned out by a loud thunder and shriek . Everything went black , causing them to panic , but just as fast It had came , it was gone . All that was left in its wake was two blonde strangers laying on the ground .


Okay this is my first story , so please be nice .

This story takes place in the fellowship part of the trilogy ( I’m going by both the book’s and the movies)

And it take’s place in season 7 in the buffy verse .

So enjoy. I will try to update every weekend ….

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