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Summary: Faith starts a new life in Metropolis. *Complete*

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Title: Metro

Author: renelf

Summary: Faith gets out of prison and starts a new life in Metropolis.

Pairing: Faith/Chloe friendship

Rating: 15 (For some swearing and references to femslash)

Disclaimer: Neither Buffy nor Smallville belong to me. All kudos to Joss Whedon and DC Comics.

Spoilers: Angel thru Judgement, Smallville thru Tempest.


Faith tapped her foot impatiently. When she'd agreed to go to college as one of her parole conditions she hadn't counted on enrollment queues. She had chosen Metropolis U for several reasons.

Firstly, she needed a fresh start in a new place and Metropolis was both geographically and culturally distant from LA and Sunnydale.

Secondly, when she was called, Faith had been training with her watcher, Evelyn, for five years. Following Evelyn's advice, she had dropped out of school to concentrate on slaying. Although she would never disrespect Evelyn's memory, Faith now realized that it was the wrong decision. Buffy was the most sucessful slayer ever, and why? Because she had family and friends. Something to live for outside of her calling. That is what kept her alive and Faith wanted that for herself. Not having it had turned her to the dark side.

She'd been worried going in to prison that there would be fights and she'd need to defend herself. Not that she couldn't beat the crap out of any woman, man or vamp that came along, but that's not who she wanted to be anymore. Her motto had changed from "Want. Take. Have." to something more along the lines of "Protect and Serve" or what Gwendolyn Post had told her the Spartan warriors lived by: "Duty. Honour. Death." Gwen had turned out to be evil, sure but she knew her shit. She had stressed many of the same points as Evelyn. Maybe that's why Faith had trusted her so readily.

Faith was startled from her reverie by a sharp poke in the back.

"You're up slugger," said the girl standing behind her.

Faith stepped forward and presented her enrollment forms.

"Let's see what we have here. Traditional Grammar, Introduction to Theories of History, and Ancient Sparta. Hmmm. Not a full load of classes, are you sure you don't want to do another one?" The enrollment administrator looked up at Faith.

"No thanks, I have...uh...other activities."

"Ok then. You're all done. Here's your room assignment and your timetable."

Faith took all the papers and turned away.
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