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Now Accepting Applications

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Summary: The Evil League of Evil is accepting applications. Open to any additions!

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Miscellaneous > Dr. Horrible's Sing-along BlogNerdgirlFR1829072102,31720 Feb 1030 Dec 10No


On with the show! As per usual, I do not own BTVS or Doctor Horrible

The death whinny, that terrible, terrible sound, rang through the ultra-secret headquarters of the ELE. The evil villains, as one, suppressed a shiver of fear. After all, they WERE evil, and appearances had to be maintained. Cowboy lackey number two fumbled with the remote control.

"Yeah, well..." he muttered, "Moving on, then. Applicant number two." He pushed play, and a brightly-smiling face appeared on the screen.

The young, blonde man smiled at them, taking a moment to look around the room. "My dearly beloved fellow Evil-doers" he began, "I do so look forward to meeting you face to face. It is destiny, after all, that one such as I should achieve membership in your glorious organization. For I am the great and Terrible Andrew! I who have faced down the likes of the Golden Slayer and her insipid minions! I defeated them from within! They thought that I was weak, but oh, NO! That was merely a ruse to lull them into complacency. And complacent they became, for I was the one to open it, El Boca del Inferno, the Mouth of Hell. Not only did I open it, I lived to tell the tale! Leaving behind a trail of bodies, I laughed in the face of the Slayer of the Vampires, the mistress of the bad dye job, and what was she thinking, that shade was so not her..." The young man stared off into space.

"So here it is, my announcement. I wish to take up my destined place in the hallowed or not-so-hallowed halls of the Evil League of Evil!"

Off the screen, there was a banging sound. "Andrew!" a young, girlish voice called, "the minis have eaten all the chocolate cake!"

The young man leaped to his feet. "Ah, man!" A small pout formed. "That cake was for tonight! Can't those bottomless stomachs wait just a few hours? Oh, oops." A hand reached down, and the screen went blank.

The board members looked at each other with traces of amusement and annoyance. A harsh neigh cut through the silence.

"Right, then," Dead Bowie nodded decisively, "Have the moron eliminated or just leave him alone?"

"Killing's too good for him," Tie Die smirked, "leave him alone. From the sounds of it, one of the white hats will probably do the job after listening to hi for long enough."

Laughter rang out, and the tape moved on to the next hopeful...

anybody else want a try? I'm leaving it open.... doesn't even have to be BTVS

This was the product of a bit of rum on a sleepless night.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Now Accepting Applications" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 10.

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