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Now Accepting Applications

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Summary: The Evil League of Evil is accepting applications. Open to any additions!

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Chapter One

I do not own BTVS, or Dr. Horrible. No money is being made.

The annual meeting of the Evil League of Evil had commenced. At their secret headquarters, the League had gathered to review the year's new membership applications. The best of the best might be accepted, while all others...well, this was the Evil League of Evil, and second-rate hacks just served to bring everyone down.

Cowboy lackey number 1 started the first video application. On screen, a shadowy figure appeared.

“My fellow villains, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be heard. I believe that I will be not only an asset to the League, but a necessity. My career in evil began in my teenage years, with the murder of my best friend. Shortly thereafter, I joined a 'club' of like-minded people who enjoyed playing with sharp weapons, and hanging out in cemeteries at night killing things. I also briefly joined a small gang, which led me to kidnap and devour the high school mascot while he was still alive.

Dating has led to some of my most evil moments. On our most memorable date, I convinced the head cheerleader to help me rob a national guard armory, making off with a rocket launcher, which was used to blow up the Judge in a local mall. I capped off my high school career with the destruction of my school. The explosives were very pretty, and definitely made my graduation one to remember, for those who survived that is.

The next few years were a bit less hectic. I infiltrated and helped to destroy a military base, ruining at least one top secret experiment. I stole a wrecking ball and used it to smash a woman through a wall. The best moment of my career, however, was watching the whole town fall in behind me as I left. Not only did I get to participate in a grand slaughter in the rebuilt school, but I got to watch it and the rest of the town fall into the so-called 'sinkhole' as we drove away.

In a final note, I realize I have not informed you of my codename. In the past, I have had many, none of my own choosing. So, with a nod to all the evil women I have loved, not one of whom is alive today, I name myself...the Black Widower.”

The League exchanged a heated glance, and Bad Horse neighed. After only a short debate, it was agreed: the Black Widower would be inducted into the Evil League of Evil.

This came from a moment of madness and caffeine deprivation. Feel free to add new chapters! Who else will apply to the League? And are they infiltrating...or serious?
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