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Vita Aeterna

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Summary: Dawn, now immortal due to the power of the key, has a vision of ten recently murdered people coming back to life as immortals in a Seattle morgue.

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Chapter Five

Brief Preview of Events in story to come:
Uncle Marty’s Memorial
The Arrival of the other two known Guardians of the Slayer, and three other existing immortals (Which will turn story into Multi-Crossover with Roswell and Veronica Mars)
Chloe and Cal’s wedding
Evil’s Immortal arrives (either Henry or Wakefield, I’ll let you guys decide in reviews)
Death of one of the Harper’s Island Immortals
Big Fight with Evil’s Immortal
New Immortal Awakens
End of Vita Aeterna
Start of next story in series, set a few years later

Chapter 5: Glimpses

Several Weeks Later

Watchers Council - Cleveland

“Thank god that’s done with.” Kelly remarks as she moves the last of her stuff into her rooms. The last few days had been long and hard, with Dawn helping the immortals retrieve all their stuff from the places they lived when they were still alive. It had been hard to go back to the island, even if it was just for a few hours, and Kelly knew that it had taken it’s toll on Nikki, Shane and Jimmy as well.

At least they wouldn’t have to think about it anymore in the future after tommorrow, she wished she could have it be over for her now, like it was for a couple of the others, but she felt she needed to go to Tacoma with JD in case he needed her at the memorial that he, Trish, Sully, Danny, Booth and Abby were having for Marty. JD had been crushed when they found that Shea was keeping an eye on anything regarding the victims of the massacre, obviously because of the missing bodies at the morgue, and the subsequent disappearance of Jimmy and Abby to Cleveland.

She put the last of the boxes down on the bed and flicked open the lid of the box, and stared at the ten year old picture of her and her mom together. She studies the framed image for several moments, deep in thought, then finally sets it down on the small bedside table that had come with the room. She was glad to be away from the island, once and for all, and that she had JD and Abby with her made her happier than she’d been in many years.


Council Training Center

James is working out, taking his aggression out on the large rubber dummy used for weapons practice by the resident slayers with his prized katana. James lived for the thrill of the fight, overjoyed by his calling to help in destroying the evil of the supernatural world. He did a series of attacks with the sword, slashing and cutting away at the rubber dummy in synchronized and well-practiced moves, unaware that he had an audience until he was finished.

“That was magnificent.” Trish commented from where she sat on the steps leading down to the basement, smoking a cigarette. She knew that her father would never approve of her smoking but he was gone, and she still partially blamed herself. It was her way of coping.

“I did nae know I had spectators.” James said, with a mixed Irish and Scottish accent.

“I haven’t been here long, just needed to get away from all the buzz upstairs.” Trish explained.

“It does get overwhelming every once in a while.” James agreed. “You’ll get used to it over time.”

“Oh, I’m plenty used to it. I’ve had to deal with it my whole life.” Trish told him, then paused for a moment thinking. “Okay, maybe not the supernatural part or the fifty some odd super strong teenage girls, but my dad was always dragging me and my sister to some function or another to show us off. I’m just tired of it all.”

She stops for a moment and looks at James. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to bitch about the injustices of my life. It was rude of me.” Trish starts to get up.

“Don’t worry about it lass. Everyone has problems, some of us more than others.” James tells her, stopping her. “I don’t mind listening.”

He pulls out his own pack of cigarettes, and passes her one, and lights one up for himself. Trish accepts the cigarette and lets James light it for her. She is silent for a moment.

“You were great with that sword, do you think you could teach me?” Trish asks after a drag of her cigarette. “I’d like to be able to do more around her, besides just act as back up for the slayers.”

“I would be honored to teach you how to fight with a sword.” James answers and Trish’s face lights up.

“Thank you.” She says, hoping that she can learn fast, and swearing to herself never to be the helpless little girl again.


McGinty’s Pub

Nikki smiled at Sully from her place behind the bar of McGinty’s as he entered the pub with Booth and Danny. She had been thrilled when James had helped her to get the job, after he found out that she had been the bartender at the Cannery on the island, and the fact that the owner had recently lost two staff-members to vampire attacks in the last month had helped speed along the process of her hiring. In the weeks since she and the others had been reborn as immortals, McGinty’s had become somewhat of their private haven. It was here that Cal finally proposed properly to Chloe, and Shane and JD had made peace, or as close to peace as those two were ever going to get. It felt like home.

“3 bottles of Sacred Turtle.” Sully’s voice requested over the general noisiness of her other customers, and Nikki quickly retrieved the order from the cooler. It had been their final tribute to Malcolm, bringing his recipe for the beer they all loved to Cleveland and selling it out of McGinty’s for a profit, which they then had Faith and Vi donate to Malcolm’s family, so it wouldn’t be traced back to them.

“Here you go.” Nikki announced, handing Sully the beers and getting pulled close to him with a full grin as he kissed her. After a few moments, and a couple of disappointed customers that had been hitting on her earlier, the kiss broke.

“How much longer until you get off?” Sully asks, picking up the beers.

“How do you know I didn’t already just get off?” Nikki retorts coyly, and Sully smirks. “About a half hour or so.” She tells him.

“I’ll be waiting.” He says with a grin and walks back over to Danny and Booth with the beer. She watched him go with a matching grin and got back to work.


Fairview Hospital

Cal sighed as he walked out of the main lobby of the hospital he was now a surgical intern at, thanks to the help of Willow who had created new identities for the group, and allowed for him to retain his credentials as a Medical School graduate. He had been thrilled at the chance to work with living patients once more, the work he used to have of cutting up corpses had soured with his experiences on the island and he was happy to be saving lives rather than speaking to police officers about blood alcohol levels and causes of death. Chloe told him she was proud regardless, but he wanted to get away from all the death, he had more than enough of it to deal with given his ‘other’ job.

Cal was broken out of his thoughts by the shrill honking of a car’s horn in the pick-up/drop-off lane that bordered the emergency wing of the hospital. He looks up to find Chloe behind the wheel of her cherry red Cadillac CTS Coupe. The window is down and she leans her head out the driver’s window.

“Are you just going to stand there all night thinking, or are you going to get in the car and come to McGinty’s with me?” Chloe teases, and Cal grins at her little joke.

“Oh I do believe the time for thinking is long over miss.” Cal chided with humor in his voice and hopped in the passenger side, leaning over and kissing his fiancé fervently to the whistles and catcalls from several of the EMTs nearby having a cigarette and talking. Chloe, now aware of their audience, starts to pull away, blushing, but Cal stops her. “No, let’s give them something to talk about for the weekend.”

Chloe grins as her forehead rests against Cal’s. “I like how you think.” She told him, pleased with his new attitude and demeanor.

“I already said, enough with the thinking.” Cal growled, capturing his lover’s lips once more.

To Be Continued……

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Vita Aeterna" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Feb 10.

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