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Q junior.

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Summary: Alternate timelines means alternate Q's, in Voyager Q has a son, but in this universe it's a daughter, and she's in trouble with her father...

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009AdrastaSangFR1864,4100139,37621 Feb 1016 Oct 10No


I do not own Star Trek, I did come up with Q junior, but hey that's just a blatant excuse for putting some more raunchiness onto the Enterprise, I mean the crew is a bit guy heavy, and while slash is fun it's just not the same. Oh and she needs a name, any ideas?

The shake-down cruise was going well, they were comfortably in orbit around an uninhabited planet making a more in depth survey than the previous starship through the system had been able to make, to see if it would be worthwhile establishing a mining colony there, when a young woman appeared on the bridge in a flash of light, lying on the floor right in front of the captain's chair, she pulled herself to her feet, using a hand on the Captain's leg to do so as a large face appeared on the screen.

"Security to the bridge." Spock muttered into the communicator on his console.

"How many times must I tell you not to mess with events that affect the universe on such a large scale?" The man on the screen asked, his black and red robes imposing.

"Clearly at least once more Father." She spat the last word out with contempt. Kirk couldn't see much of her as she faced the screen, just long red hair and a white dress that was as short as the uniforms he was always being thankful for. As she pushed some of the hair behind her ear he could see the Vulcan tips, unlike the apparently human man on screen. "Billions of lives, and you won't let me fix it?" She strode forward angrily, to place herself between the front two consoles.

"Playing with a few hundred people, a world or two even, I could accept, you're young, and I get bored at times too, but if I let you bring back Vulcan it would change the entire course of a federation that spans galaxies, I told you no time and again, a change like that would even affect the continuum." Uhura took a deep gasp, the man on the screen couldn't mean it, nobody could bring it back could they? And if they could... Her eyes met with Spock's across the bridge, the reopened pain in them made her ache inside, but they remained at their posts.

"So what? You're grounding me? No powers, live as a human until I learn to be a good little Q, that kind of thing?"

"No, Humans might be my favourite species, but clearly you have a soft spot for Vulcans, don't say I never do anything for you." The screen cut off, returning to it's previous view of the planet below.

"Of course not, why would I when you're clearly the paradigm of paternal perfection?" The young woman muttered bitterly. She sighed deeply before turning slowly to look at the crew. She seemed about to say something but the security team coming in from the turbo lift interrupted her, and as they focused their phasers on her she just growled in frustration and slammed her hand down on Checkov's console hard enough to make him jump. Kirk stood up, moving to take a closer look at the attractive and very pissed off looking young Vulcan before him,

"So how is it that you appeared on my ship in the middle of an unpopulated star system, and had a conversation with a very human looking father on my screen without us actually accepting a hail."

"I'm a Q." She said matter of factly. "Or at least I was."

"So you are not, despite appearances, Vulcan?" Spock asked.

"No. Or rather I am at the moment but not usually." She pushed past the Captain and slumped into his seat.

"That's my chair." He complained, it was only when she glared at him that he realised how beautifully green her eyes were. "We could share it if you like?" He smiled with full Kirk charm, her raised eyebrow was identical to that of Spock behind her, but his expression didn't include the smirk. She stood and moved closer to him, her eyes running over him before she got too close and they locked onto his, she smiled as they stood almost touching and his cockiness faltered briefly.

"I'll keep the offer in mind, but could you be a sweetie and find me some quarters from your lovely big chair?" She batted her eyelashes at him, her voice sugary as humour danced in her eyes. "Unless you'd like to suggest we share that too?" He felt a warmth flush through him and swallowed to clear a suddenly dry throat, but managed to reply with his usual tone.

"Well it would save on space."

"Of course I have just been put into a body several times stronger than you that I'm not really used to yet, but you're young, and I'm sure you have a good doctor, you'll be able to handle getting a little broken, right?" She winked at him before spinning behind him and slapping his ass in the same movement, making him stumble forward slightly, almost right into the captain's chair. Kirk pretended not to feel the throb of his butt as he settled into the chair and called up the ship schematics.

"Deck 5 Cabin 37 sound good enough for you?"

"I'll know when I see it." She turned to meet Checkov's eyes, as he stared up at her in a mixture of awe and fear. "Of course it would help if some charming young man were to show me the way."

"I'd be happy to, I mean if the Captain were to ask me to..." His eyes darted nervously between the two of them, Kirk smiled despite the small jab to his ego.

"Splendid." He gestured and another ensign moved to take his position as Checkov stood. "But I will expect him back in one piece." He added as they headed past him towards the turbo lift.

"Don't worry," She slipped her hand down to squeeze Checkov's ass as the turbo lift doors closed, making him jump, something she was sure Kirk saw as he watched her leave.
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