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The Child of Rao: Book II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Child of Rao...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A sequel. DCAU crossover. High school is over. Xander's adventures are just beginning.

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueCrazyDanFR182270,376117621348,77121 Feb 1011 Jul 12No

Chapter 2

The Child of Rao, Book II:
A BTVS/DCAU Justice League Crossover.

This is a piece of fanfiction. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon and the Justice League and all characters within the DC universe are owned by DC comics, a subdivision of Warner Brothers. This work is not intended to be published for profit.

Chapter 2:

“Thank god that 's over!” Cordelia said as she got out of the campervan.

“I don't think she likes my taste in music.” Oz whispered to Xander.

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Xander grinned. “Come on, decent hotel on me. We're going to be here for a few days before heading on. The campervan, while I have no doubt is comfortable, should be used only when necessary.”

“Agreed.” Oz said with a nod. “No adjoining rooms though. You and Faith are more than a little vocal.”

“Not a problem.” Xander grinned. “I'll get us some rooms. I have to be in Chinatown in two days for my first meeting.”

“Isn't that a little cliche?” Oz asked.

“You'd think so.” Xander grinned. “I go where Rory sends me for this.”

“There are a couple of places I wouldn't mind seeing while we're in town. I could use some new guitar strings.” Oz said.

“Sounds good.” Xander said. “So what all can we do in this city anyways?”

“I can tell you.” Cordelia said with a smirk.

“As can I.” Oz added.

“Come up with ideas, and we'll vote on them okay?” Xander asked the two. “We'll do some off each list.”

“I want to go out tonight.” Cordelia told him. “Something fun.”

“Saucy puppet show?” Oz offered.

“They have those?” Xander asked.

“It's LA.” Oz said with a shrug.

Chinatown, two days later......

Xander resisted the urge to sneeze as he entered the herbal medicine shop. The place was full of smells, some were old and musty while others were fresh and dry. There were a few people here that weren't human. They smelt more reptile than human. He walked up to the counter and said the code phrase that Rory had given him.

The person behind the counter looked at Xander shrewdly before nodding and jerking her head to the back of the store. Xander followed her.

“So you're the one Rory is talking about?” The woman asked as they entered the storeroom.

“I suppose. He said you've got something for me about the Scourge?” Xander asked.

“We do. Their base is hidden pretty well, but we managed to track them while they were demolishing a Thanagarian outpost. They took the alien's armory back to their base. We don't want them to have that kind of firepower. They're violent enough as it is. There are already rumors about them having a weapon that can wipe out any halfbreed demons. They don't need alien technology too.”

“That I can understand.” Xander said. “The files?”

The woman reached onto a shelf and pulled down a legal box. She lifted the lid and handed him a folder from the box. “These can't leave here.” She told him.

“I have a pretty good memory.” Xander told her as he opened the file and memorized the details. “Damn. I'll do this one for a quarter of the contract price. These guys need to go down, hard.”

“I'm happy to hear that.” The woman smiled. “When can you start?”

“Sundown.” Xander told her. “I work best at night.”

An abandoned military base near the Nevada/California border, Nevada.....

Nighthawk stared at the military base. It was well protected, but the shopkeeper had given him the necessary materials to see through the illusion that had been put up. The Scourge were.... everywhere.

He stared at his sword and muttered a short prayer to Rao.

“You called?” A figure that suddenly appeared next to him said. “Nice look.... very.... dark.”

“Sort of.” Nighthawk said. “I'm about to kill an army of demons.”

“Careful, they've got some Nth metal weapons they liberated from the Thanigarians. Those can disrupt the energy field on your armor.” Rao cautioned.

“What energy field?” Nighthawk asked.

“The one that converts energy to something you can use.” Rao told him. “I've blessed you. Energy, not just sunlight will give you strength when you wear your armor.”

“What are you telling me?” Nighthawk asked.

“Just watch out for the Nth metal, other than that.... go to town.” Rao said as he stared off in the distance. “I've got some things I have to take care of.”

“What?” Nighthawk asked.

“Some souls.... exist. Souls that I hadn't noticed before. Souls of my children.” Rao said.

“There are more people from Krypton and Argos on Earth besides Supergirl and Superman?” Nighthawk asked.

“Not exactly. I have to go fix some things.” Rao told him before vanishing from sight.

Nighthawk sighed. Somehow he knew this was going to cause more trouble for him and his friends. He gripped his sword and flew towards the base. He had some demons to kill.


“What the....” Jonathan Kent said as he saw the redheaded man wearing a crimson robe sitting at his kitchen table. “Kara!” Jonathan called.

“She's sleeping right now.” The figure said. “I'm just here to talk and ask you for a couple of favors.”

“Who are you?” Jonathan demanded.

“My name is Rao. I was the creator of Krypton and Argos.” Rao said.

“You.... made them?” Jonathan asked in disbelief.

“Whether you believe me or not doesn't matter that much. You two have done a remarkable job of raising your son, and now Kara. I have to ask you to do it again.” Rao told the man.

“You want me to raise more children? Martha and I are getting on in years, I don't know if we could keep up with small children anymore.” Jonathan said.

“There is a cavern near your property, it's hidden but its there. It's just to the left of the back forty. Inside of it, is something called a Lazarus Pit. It's small, about the size of a hot tub. Good for two uses.” Rao said.

“What the devil is a Lazarus Pit?” Jonathan asked.

“Some know it as the fountain of youth.” Rao said. “Please, there are two small infants that could use the kind of parenting you can offer. There is also one more that could use your guidance. Are you familiar with Bizzaro?”

“The clone Luthor made. Such a shame.” Jonathan nodded.

“I can heal him. Make him whole. Give him memories. Memories of the original.” Rao said.

“You can give him Clark's memories?” Jonathan asked.

“Just enough to give him a strong sense of identity. Say.... through high school?” Rao asked.

“He was a handful as a teen.” Jonathan said. “Can you make the age and look a little different? The people in town have long memories.”

“That I can.” Rao agreed. “You'll have them by dawn. I suggest you and your wife go for a soak.”

“How can I trust you?” Jonathan asked.

“You can't. Do me a favor, call Alfred Pennyworth. Ask him about Lazarus Pits. He knows.” Rao said. “You'll have three house guests by dawn. I suggest you get started.”

The redheaded man vanished from the room.

“Jonathan, what was that?” Martha Kent asked as she stepped into the kitchen.

“I don't really know dear. Go get the emergency contact book. We need to call Alfred.” Jonathan said. “Also, where did we put Clark's crib?”

“I think it's in the attic. We were saving it for when became grandparents.” Martha said. “That or the storm cellar.”

“Right, first things first.” Jonathan said. “Let's call Alfred.”

Nighthawk tore through another group of infantry. The entire base was on alert now and he hadn't manged to find the armory yet. The damned buildings had been painted with lead paint so he couldn't use his X-Ray vision to see into them.

He dodged an energy weapon's beam before slicing through the weapon and the soldier holding it. Things were heating up. Maybe he was getting closer to the armory after all. Either way, he still had a lot more demons to kill.


Jonathan Kent set the phone back down in its cradle and let out a shaky breath. Alfred had given him the lowdown on Lazarus Pits and what they could do. He also let him know about the temporary insanity that the pits could cause.

“Well?” Martha asked.

“Go get your swimsuit on.” Jonathan said. “I'm going to go get my hotshot.”

“Why would you need the cattle prod?” Martha asked.

“You'll see.” Jonathan said. “Just let me go first.”

“Oh shit.” Nighthawk said after he punched his way through a wall of a hangar. There was a large glowing crystalline mass in there. One of the nearby demons was laughing.

“This will end you!” The demon called. “Impure scum!”

“Scum or not, I'm kicking your asses.” Nighthawk growled as the threw his sword at the demon wearing a military uniform.

The sword went through the demon's head and into the large glowing crystal.

“Dammit. Too much force.” Nighthawk muttered as the area became engulfed in white light.

Justice League Watchtower Mark II, still under construction......

“What is that?” Wonder Woman asked as she looked down upon the Earth.

“Earthbound sensors are down for diagnostics.” The Martian Manhunter said. “Redirecting spacial sensors.”

“By Hera.” Wonder Woman said as sensors registered what was happening.

“Extreme heat signature coming from the ground. It's dissipating in the ionosphere. We need to get a Javelin down there.” The Martian Manhunter said. “Take Green Lantern with you. The place seems to be a military base.”

“Right.” Wonder Woman said before heading for the only working Javelin bay.

“That sucked.” Nighthawk said to himself. The energy from whatever weapon that was had interacted with what Rao had done to him, making him feel supercharged. He had to dump the excess energy and managed to bleed it off through his heat vision. “I need some eyedrops after that.” He said before taking flight. He surveyed the damage. If the blast had meant to take out halfbreeds, it worked. The Scourge were all dead.

“Hypocrites.” Nighthawk said before flying towards Los Angeles. He needed to get some rest.

Project Cadmus......located somewhere.....

The being known as Galatea looked up from the book she was reading. “You're new.” She said.

“And you're a clone.” The redheaded man said. “A weapon as well.”

Galatea tried to punch him only for her hand to go right through him. “A hologram?” She asked as she regained her footing.

“Perhaps.” The figure said with a hint of a smile. “Follow me.”

“Where?” Galatea asked.

“This rabbit hole goes further down than even you know.” The redheaded man said. “I have to show you a few things before I leave.”

“Like what?” Galatea asked.

“You'll see.” The figure said as the door to Galatea's room opened on its own.

“The guards will stop you.” Galatea said.

“The guards can't see me.” The figure smiled.

“A telepathic projection.” Galatea said. “I'm on to you.”

“Are you now?” The figure asked. “Learn that from you connection to Kara? Is there a reason you haven't told your 'father' who your sister is? Who her guardians are?”

“Shut up.” Galatea growled. “You don't know anything.”

“I know a lot of things child.” The figure said as they approached the elevator.

“Do you have a name?” Galatea asked the figure.

“You can call me Rao.” The figure told her as the elevator began to descend.

“This looks like a war zone.” John Stewart, one of the human Green Lanterns said as he and Diana flew over the military base.

“What are they?” Diana asked.

“My ring can't identify the species.” Stewart said as he scanned the bodies.

“What does that mean?” Diana asked him.

“It means they're not Alien.” Batman said over the Comm-link.

“What are they then?” Diana asked.

“Demons.” Batman growled. “I'm having Jason Blood and Zatanna come in.”

“This is a little organized to be demons right?” John Stewart asked.

Batman didn't answer.

“I hate it when he does that.” Diana sighed.

“Say, some of these weapons look like they're Thanigarian.” John said as he scanned them with his ring. “They are.”

“What are they doing with this kind of firepower? This level of organization?” Diana asked.

“They were an army.” A voice said as Jason Blood and Zatanna appeared in a puff of smoke. “The Scourge. I'm glad someone took care of these rats. They're usually pretty good at hiding.”

“What were they?” Diana asked.

“Think Nazis, but not so nice.” Jason Blood said as he examined one of the bodies. “Cleaved in half. Entrigan couldn't have done any better himself.”

“I think I'm going to be sick.” Zatanna said as she realized she was standing in blood.

“Why was she called?” Stewart asked Jason.

“Fate is busy.” Jason said quietly. “I think all of this was done by one opponent.”

“How can you tell?” Diana asked.

“The way the bodies fell among other things.” Jason told her. “One being did this.”

Zatanna mumbled something and and frowned. “I can't detect its footprints.”

“Neither can I.” Stewart said as he used his ring to scan the area. “Strange.”

“Don't make me do this Martha.” A younger looking Jonathan Kent said as his wife continued laughing maniacally. Johnathan sighed as he readied his hotrod. He knew this would work, he just didn't want to do it.

Project Cadmus....

“What floor is this?” Galatea asked.

“It doesn't matter. Let me show you one of the other experiments this place has made.” Rao said as they walked up to a heavily fortified cell. The guards weren't paying any attention to them at all.

“I've seen this. The alternate Superman lobotomized it.” Galatea said. She'd studied the Justice Lords. They were part of why she existed.

“This is also a very twisted clone of Superman, programmed as a weapon against him.” Rao said as the creature began to dissolve.

“What are you doing?” Galatea asked him.

“Shredding its DNA.” Rao said. “It's a perversion that cannot go on. A soulless beast that isn't fit to exist. I should know.”

“Why?” Galatea asked.

“Because it needed to be done.” Rao told her. “Come, we've one more thing to see.”

“What?” Galatea asked.

“Your sisters.” Rao told her.

“What are you talking about?” Galatea asked.

“What, you thought they wouldn't have backups?” Rao asked. “Foolish child.”

“Father... Professor Hamilton said I was special.” Galatea said softly.

“Oh you are.” Rao told her. “You may be a clone, but unlike Doomsday, you have a soul.”


“We're gonna need new clothes.” Johnathan Kent said as he dug through the closet. “Some of the stuff we have that fits is really out of date.”

“What are we going to tell our friends?” Martha asked him.

“Our son sent us to a nice spa. Didn't that Poison Ivy lady try that scheme once?” Jonathan asked. “Turning people into trees? Besides, haven't Lana's parents had some work done?”

“True.” Martha agreed. “All right. Let's go get the crib out from the attic. Lord knows we aren't going to be getting grandchildren anytime soon.”

“Clark does need to pull his head from his ass on that.” Jonathan agreed.

“Jonathan, language!” Martha laughed.

“Come on, you know I'm right.” Jonathan grinned.

Los Angeles.....

“You made the news.” Cordelia told Xander after he stepped out of the bathroom.

“Strange lights near Vegas?” Xander said as he put on some boxers.

“Something like that.” Cordelia agreed. “Some of the Justice League were there when the media showed up.”

“I left quite a mess.” Xander sighed. “I couldn't stick around after that magical weapon went off. Not long anyways.”

“They're all dead though right?” Faith asked.

“That base is. There might be some more of them somewhere else.” Xander said as he plopped down on the queen size bed. “Room service?”

“I ordered pizza while you were in the shower.” Cordelia told him.

“Awesome.” Xander said with a grin.

Oz's room....

“Huh.” Oz said as he watched the news while strumming on his bass guitar. “Cool.”


“The bodies are dissolving.” Diana said in shock.

“Demons generally don't leave good looking corpses.” Jason Blood told her as the news helicopters were circling overhead. “Soon all that will be left are the uniforms. Zatanna and I should go.”

“What should we say to the press?” John Stewart asked Jason.

“Just say a demonic horde was dealt with. The human nations on this planet don't recognize demons as people. No laws were broken here.” Jason told him. “Though the government may want to investigate what's been happening with their old assets.”

“We can't take credit for this.” Diana said.

“I didn't say you had to.” Jason shrugged. “Zatanna.”

“Fine.” Zatanna said with a nod. “Tropelet su emoh!”

The two magic users were gone in a puff of smoke.

“I guess that just leaves us.” Diana sighed as one of the news helicopters landed.

“That it does.” Stewart said. “Damn media.”
Project Cadmus....

“Those bastards!” Galatea swore as she stared at the two infant girls suspended in stasis.

“Check the base of their skulls.” Rao told her.

Galatea scanned the two babies with her x-ray vision. “What are those?”

“Self destructs. You have one as well.” Rao told her.

“Can you get rid of them?” Galatea asked.

“Will you forsake your controllers?” Rao countered. “Try to live a normal life here on Earth?”

“I'm a weapon!” Galatea screamed. “I'm not supposed to have a life!”

“Doesn't mean you can't.” Rao said. “I'm taking the babies anyways. Do you want to live a life with a real chance for joy in it or would you rather be a tool for a bureaucracy?”

After a few moments, Galatea answered him with defeated tone in her voice.“Get these damn bombs out of our heads and get us out of here.”

“Done.” Rao said.

When Galatea looked up they were somewhere else. “Where are we?”

“Another stray child's home.” Rao told her as the two infants in stasis tanks floated behind him.

They were inside a cave, that much she could tell, but where exactly was another story.

“Who you are?” A distorted voice demanded.

“Sleep.” Rao said in a firm tone.

“Exactly who are you?” Galatea asked as she saw the caves other two occupants. “It's Bizzaro and whatever that is he calls a dog.”

“You know, there's a funny thing about Kryptonian and Argosian DNA.” Rao said, ignoring the question. “The longer the body is exposed to yellow sunlight, the more persnickety the genes become. This clone was made from a body that had been exposed to yellow sunlight for twenty five years. It's no wonder he was a little.... off.”

“So that's why I'm more stable?” Galatea asked.

“That's why.” Rao confirmed. “You won't have to worry about this kind of degradation. Of course, neither does he.”

Galatea stared at Bizzaro as his body shrank and began to take on a more normal appearance. “Who are you?”

“You wouldn't know me.” Rao told her. “But I was the one who created your race.”

Rao stared at the alien creature that had been by Bizarro's side. “Hmm.... no signature to it. Perhaps it came from one of those worlds seeded by chance. Every boy needs a dog.” Rao said with a grin as the alien creature began to change.

“What the....” Galatea said as the reptilian creature shrank and grew white fur. “You turned it into a dog?”

“A talking dog.” Rao grinned. “Now then... what else?” Rao asked.

“The bombs?” Galatea asked.

“Right, right. Those.” Rao said before taking care of them. “Sorry, haven't really been on this plane of reality all that long. Manifesting on the third dimension is a little odd when you're used to being much higher up.”

“If you say so.” Galatea said. “So what now?”

“I take it you know of the Kents?” Rao asked.

“I do.” Galatea said. “That's where She lives.”

“That's where these four are going. You are going somewhere else.” Rao told her.

“Where?” Galatea asked.

“Los Angeles for right now.” Rao told her. “Don't worry about Cadmus. They won't find you. I hope you don't mind being a brunette.”

“What?” Galatea asked.

“Nothing.” Rao grinned as the girl vanished from sight.

“Now for the rest of you.” Rao said as the group disappeared from the cave.
Los Angeles....

“You know, when you said we'd get stuff delivered, I didn't think you meant this.” Xander said as he looked at the brunette woman wearing a tight white unitard.

“We didn't do this X.” Faith said.

“Where am I?” The girl asked them.

“You're in my hotel room in Los Angeles.” Xander said. “I'm Xander Harris. Who are you and how did you get here?”

“My name is Galatea.” The girl said. “I was just in a cave with a.... man who called himself Rao. He sent me here.”

“Of course he did.” Xander muttered. “Well sit down. We'll see about getting you a bed. Do you like pizza?”

“I haven't had it before.” Galatea admitted. “Are you like me?”

“Maybe. Yellow sunlight give you a funky high?” Xander asked her.

“You could say that.” Galatea said with a small grin. “Who are you?” She asked Faith and Cordelia.

“I'm Faith, and this is Cordelia. Welcome to the harem.” Faith said with a smirk before Cordelia smacked her on the arm.

“Don't even joke about that.” Cordelia said. “Last thing we need is for Xander to get that idea in his head.”

“Too late.” Faith said as she looked at Xander who'd already gone to a mental happy place.

“So... what is this pizza?” Galatea asked.

“Jeez girl, where you been?” Faith asked her.

“A secret government facility where I was being trained as an asset.” Galatea told her.

“Seriously?” Cordelia asked.

“Yes.” Galatea told her. “I'm a clone of Supergirl.”

“Shit.” Faith said. “You don't look like her.”

“What do you mean?” Galatea said before going over to the bathroom to look at her reflection in the mirror. “I was blond five minutes ago! I swear!”

“Did you like being a clone?” Cordelia asked her.

“No.” Galatea said sulkily.

“Well now you're not.” Cordelia said. “Simple as that.”

“Mmm..... Harem.” Xander said softly.

“Tea, do me a favor, smack the back of his head would you?” Faith asked the newcomer.

Galatea did.

“The twenty-fifth amendment!” Xander said as he regained his wits. “Sorry, high school flashback.”

Galatea sighed. Training hadn't prepared her for this.

Project Cadmus....

“What do you mean she's gone?” Amanda Waller demanded.

“Not just her, the backups, the DNA samples, everything.” Professor Hamilton said. “It's the damnedest thing. First Doomsday dissolving, now this.”

“What about the self destructs?” Waller asked.

“We triggered them. Unless she left the solar system or she got it out of her skull somehow, she and the spares are dead.” Hamilton said.

“Find her. If we can't find her body, she's still alive. Those damn Kryptonians are like cockroaches.” Waller said. “Find out what the hell happened! Our most valuable assets are gone. Years of work, wasted!”

“We can get another sample.” Professor Hamilton said. “Grow a new clone.”

“We were damn lucky to get the original samples!” Waller said. “There's also no telling if any other clones will be viable! The last thing we need is another Doomsday or Bizzaro! We'll focus on the Ultimen. Make sure things are stable with them, that the necessary genes are grafted correctly without a chance of mutation. They're our best shot to counter the Justice League now.”

“We could use the samples from the alpha group, the ones the Joker got a hold of.” Hamilton suggested. “See if we can give them more than one ability.”

“Get them stable first.” Waller ordered. “After that, make sure we can control them. Once that's done, tinker however you want. We need a win here Hamilton.”

“Yes. Ma'am.” Hamilton said softly. “Back to the drawing board.”

“Eiling is going to be pissed.” Waller said. “Get to work.”


“I see you used the pit.” Rao said as he appeared in the Kent's kitchen.

“We did. You could have told us about the temporary insanity.” Jonathan Kent said with a bit of a glare at the higher being.

“You seemed to have snapped each other out of it.” Rao grinned. “The boy's upstairs sleeping the change off.”

“The girls?” Martha asked.

Two sleeping infants appeared in a large basket on the kitchen table. “I've altered their genes a bit. They're Kara's siblings, not clones anymore. As for where they came from.... don't worry about it.”

“Kara was cloned too?” Martha asked. “That poor girl.”

“Her other clone is being looked after.” Rao told them. “You'll meet her in a while. She has some issues to work out.”

“If you say so.” Jonathan said with a sigh as his wife began fussing over the twin girls. “Getting documentation on them all isn't going to be easy. Things aren't like they were when we found Clark.”

“Luckily your son has friends with unique skill sets.” Rao grinned. “He's off planet at the moment, but he'll be back soon enough.”

“Why are you doing this?” Martha asked.

“I left my people a long time ago when they stopped worshiping me. I've only recently started taking interest in what remains of my former worshipers. So few now. It's their own fault for building Brainiac. Trusting a machine like that.... a false god.” Rao sighed. “Anyways, take care of them.”

“What are their names?” Martha asked.

“That's up to you, but I'd go with Kal-El's mother's name and maybe Kara's mother's name as well.” Rao said with a shrug. “You can sort everything out later. I have to go.”

“Why?” Jonathan asked.

“This isn't my world. I'm not part of the hierarchy here. I've interfered enough as it is.” Rao told them. “I can really only intervene on behalf of those who originated from my worlds without getting the attention of the gods here. I could fight them, but this is a fairly fragile world. I wouldn't want it to be torn in half.”

“I think you're right about the interfering part.” Martha muttered. “Although I always wanted a daughter.” She added. “Thank you for bringing them to us.”

“I know you two can raise them right.” Rao said. “I have faith in you.”

Jonathan snorted. “Ironic.”

“I know.” Rao said before vanishing from sight. “I'll be around.” His voice said to the Kents.

“You know, I'm glad this hasn't happened before. A god talking to us. Really.” Jonathan said.

“Do you want bacon with breakfast?” Martha asked him.

“You're letting me have bacon without Clark being here? Things have changed.” Jonathan grinned.

There was a scream and a loud crash from upstairs.

“Ma, Pa! There was a boy in my bed!” Kara yelled. There was another scream. “And a dog! A talking dog!”

The twin infants continued to sleep as Jonathan got up to go see what the ruckus was about.

Martha chuckled. “My mom always said I'd have an interesting life with Jonathan. Boy was she right.”
Outside the Kent Household....

“What just happened?” A young teen asked himself as he stared at the hole in his parents house and the girl glaring at him from it.

“I'd say it was your first taste of female fury. Better get used to it kid.” A voice said from next to him.

The teen stared at the dog sitting next to him. “Did you just talk?”

“What, you think you were hearing voices?” The dog asked. “Come on, explanations are probably back in the house. Maybe they can give me a name.”

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