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The Child of Rao: Book II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Child of Rao...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A sequel. DCAU crossover. High school is over. Xander's adventures are just beginning.

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Chapter 22

The Child of Rao, Book II:
A BTVS/DCAU Justice League Crossover.

This is a piece of fanfiction. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon and the Justice League and all characters within the DC universe are owned by DC comics, a subdivision of Warner Brothers. This work is not intended to be published for profit.

AN: My muse has been pretty silent on this one. While I apologize for the delay, I have been working in real life and on some other fics as well.

I've been doing some digging and I have somehow managed to get in the top ten authors on this site by number of hits. Not really sure how I'm beating Greywizard but whatever.

I started reading fanfiction because I once downloaded a moderately believable fake version of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' WAY BACK when. Don't even remember the real author's name but it was a damn fine book.

For a fake.
Any-who... that and the Xanderzone and Tenhawk started the cycle and here we are. DC has been completely rebooted and now I don't really know who anyone is so I stick with what I do know....Television.

Chapter 22:

The Watchtower....

“You wanted to see me?” White Knight asked Superman as the younger hero sat at the league's conference table.

“I did. I understand you're busy but I'd like to know a bit more of what Krypton was like before... the technology outpaced the people.” Superman said.

“Well, think Amish people with a bit of ancient Sumerian thrown in. They were big on the 'do no harm until threatened' mentality.” White Knight said. “I've transcribed a history if you're interested.”

“I am.” Superman said.

White Knight nodded. “I'll get you a copy tomorrow. I need to get back Earthside. I have to get to work.”

“What exactly do you do in your normal life?” Superman asked.

“I never said my life was normal.” White Knight grinned. “Still, that would be telling. Unlike some, I want to keep my secret identity just that, a secret.”

Superman nodded and watched the younger Kryptonian leave the conference room. He would now have a chance to learn about old Krypton, before they set themselves on the path that led to their destruction.

UCLA Medical Center.....

“How are you doing?” Harv Hickman asked as Xander entered the hospital room.

“I think that's my line.” Xander said softly. “You look like shit.”

“Well, at least someone's honest about it.” Harv said tiredly. “They've got me on a morphine drip now. Not much longer I guess.”

“For what it's worth, I'll miss you. The girls will too.” Xander told him.

“I know. Be good kid. Now go on, I know you don't have all day to stick around with an old fart like me.” Harv told the young man he'd come to respect.

Xander nodded. “I'll be back later tonight.”

“See you then.” Harv grinned.

Xander left the room and Harv turned his head to stare at the corner of the room. “You can come back now.” Harv said.

Dionysus reappeared and grinned at Harv. “Have you considered my offer?” The Greek God of wine and parties asked the dying swinger.

“I have. I get a new body out of this right? I can leave this one behind and go forth and helping those who need our.... services?” Harv asked.

“That's the deal.” Dionysus agreed. “You'll be my priest and the ultimate party planner.”

“Where do I sign?” Harv grinned.

Two minutes later....

“Code blue!” A nurse screamed as she rushed into Harv Hickman's room.

Harv died with a smile on his face.

Warner Brothers Studios.... a few days later....

“Wait... why are the power bills so low for this sound stage? Who's in this one?” A studio manager asked the accountant.

“They haven't needed much cold air forced into the studio for some reason.” The accountant said. “It's strange because before the show started, that sound stage always ran hotter than normal.”

“Bury it.” The studio manager said. “If what's happening is what I think it is, we ignore it. We need all the profitable ventures we can keep. If Heat Sink is working on that set, we're not going to expose her.”

“Understood sir.” The account agreed. “If she's working here....”

“That line of thinking could get us in trouble. Say nothing. If rumors get around, we could have supervillains crashing our productions. Imagine what that would do to our insurance premiums.” the Studio manager said.

The accountant paled and nodded. “Understood sir.” He said before heading out of the office.

The studio manager sighed. “The secrets we keep in order to make money.”

Project Cadmus.....

“What news have you got for me?” Amanda Waller asked Professor Hamilton.

“The clones are still stable and we're making money.” Hamilton said. “Not enough to get us out of the red, but we're doing better since we've plugged up some of the dead avenues of research.”

“Milo's work then.” Waller said.

“He's.... meditating. It's easier that way.” Hamilton told her.

“Meaning he's been put into an induced coma in order to keep him from going rogue.” Waller sighed. “We lose more scientists that way.”

“Well, that's part of the risk when we work with the 'mads'.” Hamilton reminded her. “Shame we can't do that with Luthor.”

“Too public.” Waller agreed. “Still... his plan for discrediting Superman has a chance of success.”

“Maybe.” Hamilton said. “With the way the things have been going, that plan may not work.”

“I know. That's why he's the one footing the bill.” Waller grinned.

Hamilton nodded. She had a point. Things were almost always better when someone else was paying.

Los Angeles....

“I can't believe the will was executed so quickly.” Cordelia said as she entered the mansion.

“It was handwritten, signed and notarized in front of several lawyers acting as witnesses.” Xander said with a shrug. “I just had to pay the estate and land taxes which are a bitch in this state.”

“At least this place has a pool.” Faith said. “That and X already knows how to upkeep the whole thing.”

“Which doesn't take much time when I can move at a faster pace.” Xander agreed. “Still... this is one of the most public private places in town. People will know we live here soon.”

“Which could either hurt or help our public image.” Karen said. “So do we each get our own spaces here?”

“We get the living quarters. A lot of this place has to be kept pristine for the parties and such that will be hosted here. It's part of Harv's will. We've got the annual holiday parties here as well as possible booking for weddings and the like. We own the place... mostly.”

“It's like taking care of Graceland isn't it?” Cordelia asked.

“Something like that.” Xander nodded. “It's part of Harv's legacy. We have to honor that if we want to live here.”

“So.... how big is the bed in the master bedroom?” Faith asked.

“Big enough to require specially made sheets.” Xander told her.

“Awesome.” Faith grinned.


“Smallville.... what the hell are you doing?” Lois asked her significant other as she watched him do... something in the main room of her apartment. He'd moved all her furniture to the walls and he was... stretching?

“It's called Vorquism Rao.” Clark said. “It's a type of meditation.”

“It looks like you're doing Tai-Chi with an inner ear infection.” Lois said.

“Funny. Someone doesn't want breakfast.” Clark grinned.

“Fine, no ribbing provided you cook. I want bacon.” Lois ordered.

“In a minute. It'll be ready by the time you get out of the shower.” Clark told her.

“Good.” Lois said before heading to her bathroom.

Los Angeles......

“Oh dear god not again.” Xander muttered as he read the script.

“Quiet you.” Karen told him. “This show is about strong women. Not strong men.”

“But I get knocked out again. If this were reality, I'd have lost like fifteen IQ points by now.” Xander said with a bit of a frown. “It's almost like high school all over again.”

“You'll get over it.” Cordelia told him. “Besides, we've only a few more weeks of shooting before we can focus on the movies we've got in the works.”

“Hmm.” Xander said. “You're not the one in a buddy cop film.”

“It's hard to believe that other guy didn't have a contract with Wolfram and Hart.” Faith said. “He is pretty annoying.”

“Yet apparently loveable.” Xander said. “It'll be fine.” He picked up the script and started reading through it again. “Still.... my character has got to be in the running for most concussions per season.”

“Suck it up.” Faith told him. “This is paying how much better than being a carpenter?”

Xander nodded. She had a point and they needed the money. With his own side projects and the upkeep of the house, they were practically hemorrhaging what income they had listed. He wondered how Batman could afford all of his toys.

Xander shook his head. He didn't need to know where the Bat got his funds. That wasn't his problem.

JLU Watchtower.....

“What have you got for me?” Batman asked The Question.

“More questions than answers.” The Question said. “Clones popping out of the woodwork, more Kryptonians floating around.... Not to mention we have all these avatars of various pantheons coming out of the shadows. The organized religions are getting antsy to say the least. The conservative Christians especially.”

Batman nodded. Having gods from the old Pantheons choosing representatives while the monotheists had no established person come forward was... troubling. There were some claiming to be the chosen of Christ, but they couldn't back up the claims. Debunkers were coming out of the woodwork almost as fast as would be messiahs were.

Troubling times were ahead. With some members of the League already acting as the chosen of the gods.... things were tricky. With some unknown government agency coming after them.... the whole league needed to be careful.

Los Angeles......

“So do you know anything about this so called 'Cult of Ares' that's sprung up within our local police force?” A reporter asked the Chief of Police.

“I would say that it's just a rumor.” The Chief stated. “Our people have been putting in a great deal of effort lately and it's been paying off in spades. Violent crime is down, drug use is down and the gangs are diminishing. The most positive thing that has been happening is that out of the last ten police funerals that I've attended, seven were due to natural causes and not in the line of duty.” The Chief said before saying “Next question.”

“Do you think the decline in crime is due to the fall of the Wolfram and Hart law firm?” Another reporter asked.

“I don't think. I know.” The Chief said firmly. “Next question.”

A certain Late Night Show....

“So is it true the three of you have moved into Harv Hickman's old place?” The host asked as he looked at his notecards.

“Well, we don't like confirming rumors or giving the press more to work with, but yes we moved in there recently.” Cordelia said with a grin. “Thankfully most of the more aggressive paparazzi died when the lawyers did.”

“Yeah, that was a very strange day.” The Host admitted. “Still, because of that, a great number of privacy laws have been enacted that have made a lot of people's lives much easier. So... since you've answered question one, how about question two?”

“Depends on the question.” Karen said. “What is it about?”

“Your relationship with one Xander Harris.” The host admitted.

“What about him?” Faith asked. “So what if we're all boning him? No one's getting hurt.”

“Okay, that answers questions two three and four.” The Host grinned as he tossed a couple of note cards towards the audience. “Next question....”

The next morning.....

“Oh come on.” Xander said as he looked at the morning paper. “We're above the fucking fold.”

“I didn't mean to make a shitstorm X.” Faith muttered.

“You can hear the protesters right?” Karen asked Xander.

“Of course.” Xander nodded. “I'm going to finish my coffee and then I'm going to go talk to those nutbags.”

“You know they don't like it when you call them nutbags right?” Cordelia asked.

“Yeah well, I don't like it when people call you three whores but we don't always get what we want do we?” Xander said before carefully setting his coffee mug on the table. He really didn't need to break the table he'd made for Harv.

Outside the house.....

Xander didn't exactly get any calmer as he walked across the somewhat expansive lawn towards the protesters at the gate wearing only his pajama pants.

“I'd say get off my lawn, but you're not on it.” Xander said as he stared at the protesters and the few reporters that had gathered as well. “I take it some of you are upset about the revelations from last night.”

“You're damn right we are!” Someone shouted.

“Ah, Steve from 'Maxim'.” Xander grinned “Still pissed none of us have interviewed or posed for your magazine huh?”

“That's not the only reason.” Steve said with a grin. “This is gold Harris!”

“Look, we're in a closed relationship and none of us are looking for any other partners. It started with me dating one and one of them being an ex of mine. Things kind of got a little tangled when Karen came into the picture, but it works. None of us could really say no to her anyways.” Xander grinned.

“Who would.” A reporter in the back of the crowd said causing a few to laugh.

“Exactly. Look we didn't exactly advertise what was going on because a lot of people would view our relationship as not only unusual but as wrong either by religious or society’s standards.” Xander explained. “We fell into this and for whatever reason, it works for us. We're happy. Overworked, but happy. I didn't come here to be an actor. I was here to support the three of them in their dream. You can check my records if you want but I started as a carpenter. After the vacuum in the business happened, I more or less got drafted into the whole acting thing. If anyone has problems with what we do outside of work, I don't care. Personally, I'm kind of leery of some of the Scientologists. I work with them anyways because I'm technically a professional. Questions?” Xander asked.

There were a rush of shouts before Xander pointed at the lady with the sign. “You... church lady. Go.” He said.

“What is it like being an emissary of the Devil?” She asked.

“Okay. That's enough from her.” Xander said. “Next question.” He said before pointing at someone else.

Inside the house....

“Not bad.” Karen said as she stared out at the gate. “Not bad at all.”

“How fucked are we?” Faith asked her.

“He's handling it well.” Karen grinned. “Now... have we got any coffee left?”

“Nope.” Faith shrugged. “I just grabbed the last cup.”

“Fine, I'll brew a new one.” Karen muttered. “I should probably buy some instant instead of brewing a new pot when I only want a cup.”

“That could work. I do tend to finish the pot.” Faith said. “Or I could brew a new pot when I do.”

“You haven't yet.” Karen told her.

“Well. I guess it's time to start.” Faith shrugged. “You haven't said anything before.”

“Communication is key.” Karen said as she looked back out at the front gate. “That's what he's telling them right now. He isn't wrong. We get along but the longer we live together, problems are going to crop up. You drink the majority of the coffee and Cordelia tends to take the hottest showers. Stuff like that. We all do stuff that bugs the others. My toenail clipping for example.”

“Damn right.” Cordelia said as she continued to read the morning paper. “Good thing Xander does the laundry.”

“He does do a lot around the house doesn't he?” Karen grinned.

“Kind of has to. I'm sort of a slob.” Faith admitted. “I'd clean up when we're not working but... you know.”

“We're always working.” Cordelia said. “Home is where we're supposed to decompress but now shit is following us here. We can't hire any staff because of our double and in Xander's case quadruple lives.” She said with a sigh. She took a deep breath and continued. “We need to just try and keep our shit together while this blows over. The new privacy laws protect us a fair bit better than the the old ones did so we're not going to be continually harassed like celebrities were back before half of them keeled over. We'll survive this.”

“Yeah but now there are going to be even more questions about our sex lives.” Faith said. “I know I shot my mouth off last night and I'll probably do it again. You okay with that?”

“We'll deal. Just don't talk about our toy collection and we're gold.” Karen told her.

“For the nights when one penis isn't enough.” Cordelia grinned.

“Or the nights he sleeps on the couch.” Faith added with a leer.

“Or the days he's gone when we're on our cycle.” Karen snorted.

“See.” Cordelia laughed. “He might be crazy for being with all three of us, but at least he has some sense.”

Central City...

“Five bucks says Harris and his harem are the White Knight and the others.” The Trickster offered the others at the table he was sitting at in the diner.

“Okay, now I know you need to up your dosage.” The Flash said with a shake of his head.

“Who is this Harris guy?” Max Mercury asked. “I don't watch a lot of TV.”

“In my day, radio was the thing.” Jay Garrick muttered. “That and film serials before the pictures. What kind of man has the energy to deal with three women anyways? Let alone three super powered ones. No way is Harris the White Knight. I'm surprised the kid isn't comatose half the time.”

The Flash stirred his coffee in thought. While it made some sense, it didn't. Superheroes tended to stay out of the public eye in their civilian identities. That was the whole point of it really. “I'll take the bet Trickster.” He said finally. “If you come with us to go see Dr. Friedman again.”

“You're on.” The Trickster giggled as he shook Flash's hand. “What were we talking about again?”

Garrick sighed and muttered something about Reagan and healthcare cutbacks.

Forty five minutes after Xander Harris' rather candid statements to protesters and the media, the news cycle changed focus when Lex Luthor announced his intention to run for president in the upcoming election.

His views on marriage were just one of the many topics he covered after his announcement and he was a firm believer that no one should come from a broken home. What defined that home he wasn't ready to say just yet.

Some took his announcement in stride. Others had raged at the thought of the man in the oval office. Others.... well they had expected it.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Child of Rao: Book II" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jul 12.

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