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The Child of Rao: Book II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Child of Rao...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A sequel. DCAU crossover. High school is over. Xander's adventures are just beginning.

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Chapter One

The Child of Rao, Book II:
A BTVS/DCAU Justice League Crossover.

This is a piece of fanfiction. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon and the Justice League and all characters within the DC universe are owned by DC comics, a subdivision of Warner Brothers. This work is not intended to be published for profit.


“Okay guys.... let's get this sort of conspiracy out of the way.” Xander said as he sat at the library table. “What research have we got on possible methods of acquiring superpowers?”

Jonathan perked up and began his list. “It varies. There is an increasing number of people being born with powers that develop over time. The proof of of this is The Joker's Royal Flush gang that fought the Justice League in Vegas a while back. There are also those who received their powers due to accidents, chemical spills, exotic radiation and the like. The primary example of that is the Big Bang that happened in Dakota. The majority of it was eventually reversed, though a few managed to regain their powers. The most prominent ones are the teen heroes Static and Gear. The cure still exists so their powers can be neutralized should anyone get access to it.”

“How many people were affected by the Big Bang?” Oz asked.

“The full number was unknown. There were close to two hundred known Bang Babies counting the ones known as the Nightbreed. Those became extremely photosensitive and had to remain underground during the day.” Jonathan said. “That's not counting possible meta-humans that left town shortly after the event.”

“There's a possible cover right there.” Oz said. “I've been doing some cultural research, the two alien invasions have drastically affected some of the more insular communities. The Amish tradition of Rumspringa has taken a huge hit. The outside world is huge and scary now. That means fewer of their people are venturing out into the modern world.”

“I like it.” Xander said with a grin. “What sort of powers did the Bang Babies develop?”

Jonathan rattled off a list of known powers that had been demonstrated by those affected in Dakota.

“Right. I've got an idea.” Xander said with a grin. “Three costumed identities. I'll be running myself ragged but it could work in the beginning.”

“I've seen the other two.” Oz said. “You considering the Amish idea?”

“That I am.” Xander agreed. “If you take flight and some of the extra stuff out of the equation, I'm just super fast and strong.”

“Something that could be explained by the Big Bang.” Oz nodded. “Rumspringa ends with close to ninety percent of the youth to rejoin the communities.”

“Right. The downside to all this that I'd have to make these disguise spells up from what Rao has given me. The Kryptonians, the early ones anyways, didn't have much in the way of illusionary magic. Nighthawk is going to be a complete set of armor that covers the face, but with the White Knight, the hair is going to have to be longer and I'll need ivory white hair, eyes and skin as well as an altered facial structure. “ Xander explained. “I can come up with the layered spells, but I could use you two to more or less spell check the glyph work.”

“Can't you ask Rao?” Oz asked Xander.

“He contacts me, that and because this is the Hellmouth, his presence has to be limited here. He can't do much more than what he has already. Not on the Hellmouth anyways.”

“Why?” Jonathan asked.

“He helped to make Earth a nexus of.... well just about everything. The Earth is a nexus in the universe, and it's also a nexus of alternate earths and hell dimensions. The whole Free Will thing has given rise to an infinite number of parallel worlds.” Xander explained. “The creator, the.... High Father of all gods in this system... is distracted by viewing everything at once.”

“Why would Rao do that?” Oz asked.

“The god of this system accepted those that helped to corrupt Rao's worlds. Because of that, well... Rao wasn't happy to say the least.” Xander sighed. “I can understand, but not totally approve.”

The other two teens nodded.

“So.... what's up with your Uncle Rory?” Oz asked Xander.

“You mean the network?” Xander asked.

“Yeah.” Oz nodded. “He wants you to work for him right?”

“Another reason for the multiple costumed identities. Ones that can't necessarily be tied together. Nighthawk is going to be the one that gets things done.” Xander said.

“So you're going to start taking contracts?” Oz asked him.

“Only for bad demons, and maybe people. They'd have to be really, really evil with loads of evidence against them though.” Xander said. “Rao's people usually dealt with threats in one way, they killed them. I won't always have that luxury.”

“The other heroes won't like you killing supervillains.” Jonathan told him.

“I know. That's why I'll only kill the ones that there are contracts for. Some of these guys have rap sheets a mile long, but they haven't killed anybody. There's a difference between being a career criminal and being a killer.” Xander grinned.

“Still... what have the girls said about this?” Oz asked.

“They don't know about the fact that Rory might get human contracts. I think Faith would be okay with it, although I'm not sure about Cordy. She's a practical girl these days, but I don't think she's that practical yet.” Xander explained.

“Hhmm.” Oz said. “Hold off on the human contracts. Work those in down the road.”

“What he said.” Jonathan agreed. “Now about this.... spell checking? What have you got in mind?”

“Let me write some stuff up, now.... what are doing for dinner tonight?” Xander asked them.

“I vote ribs.” Oz offered.

“Seconded.” Jonathan said.

“Ribs it is.” Xander agreed. “I'll see if I can get Rory's recipe for his special sauce.”

The apartment complex....

“How much is this place?” Buffy asked as she lazed out by the pool.

“Not too bad. Counting utilities, it would be about the same as dorm fees at the UC Sunnydale. It's a five minute drive from campus.” Amy told her.

“Wow.... do you think Xander would let me stay here if he decides to leave Sunnydale?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah. He might. He's got a six month lease on this place that he'll have to extend by the end of summer.” Amy said.

“Hmm.” Buffy said. “It is halfway between home and the campus. That could be a good compromise.”

“Well, as far as I'm concerned, if we're leaving Sunnydale, you can have my room.” Cordelia told her.

“You guys... the world... I can't believe there is so much crazy stuff out there.” Buffy said. “Makes me glad this town is safe from most of the human crazies. Can you imagine what it would be like if some of the evil guys out there knew about this place? Maybe the Mayor did the right thing to hide the Hellmouth like he did. I mean he was evil, but still.”

“Girl's got a point.” Faith said as she sipped her soda. “I know some of those mystics out there would take advantage of this place in an instant if they could.”

“Ladies.” Xander greeted as he walked up to the pool. “How does everyone feel about ribs tonight?”

“Will there be extra napkins?” Cordelia asked him.

“Yes and dental floss will be provided as well.” Xander grinned. “It'll be worth the effort to get the sauce out from under your fingernails.”

“I'm in.” Faith told him.

“Same.” Buffy agreed.

“Excellent. Amy?” Xander asked the last girl.

“Sure.” Amy shrugged. “As long as it's not cheese, we're good.”

The scrapyard.....

What the hell is that?” Faith asked as Xander finished twirling around something she couldn't track with her eyes.

“The Chinese call it a flying claw. I modified the meteor hammer design.” Xander said as he handed her the weapon. It was a fine chain that had what looked like a raven's claw on each end. “These are going to attach to my greaves once they're done.”

Faith gave the meteor hammer an experimental twirl and it got stuck in a car. “Shit.”

“They take practice.” Xander told her. “Hence the twirling.” He took the weapon back from her and grinned. “Check this out.” He said. The raven claws closed in a tight grip.

“Nice.” Faith said. “So what can you make for me?”

“What do you want? Animation takes work and some blood.”

“I want to be able to fly. Those Thanigarians.... the design is cool, but maybe something a little... rougher.”

“Instead of feathers, scales?” Xander asked her. “I can do that with chain mail. More like bat wings?”

“Sounds cool.” Faith said. “I could really fly with those?”

“With the right spells on them, you could break the sound barrier.” Xander told her. “More work for me I guess.”

“Come on X, you know you like swinging your hammer.” Faith smirked.

“Fine, but this is only for active superhero type stuff. If you do this while doing regular slaying.... things might get harder for you.”

“I know, last thing I want is Batman on my ass.” Faith said. “Still... wings would be cool. Maybe form into a protective cloak when they're not being used.”

“I'll make some preliminary drawings later.” Xander said. “I've got some more forging to do today. I can maybe come up with some ideas tonight.”

“Cool. Oh, B wants a sword too.”

“Of course she does.” Xander sighed. “Tell her she'll have it tonight. Swords don't take long.”
The apartment.... a few days later....

“Nice look.” Cordelia said as she stared at Xander. His face was a little different, his ears were smaller and shaped a little differently. Adding the fact his nose was bigger and the beard covered a fair amount of his face, the hat and the homemade clothes.... he looked like a different person entirely.

“Thank you.” Xander said with a different voice. He touched a leather bracelet on his wrist and the disguise vanished, leaving him dressed in his normal clothes.

“That was different.” Cordelia told him. “Very different.”

“That's sort of the point.” Xander told her. “That person's name is Isaiah. No last name other than Smith. He was shunned from his community after coming back from his Rumspringa changed. He was a bystander in the Big Bang. I double checked everything. The bus depot was within spitting distance of the gas cloud that happened in Dakota and they lost their security footage that night.”

“You've thought this through haven't you?” Cordelia asked him.

“Not just me.” Xander told her. “Oz and Jonathan have helped too. Apparently building character sheets for role playing games help a lot when trying to construct identities. Rory is working on getting the birth certificate and social security card for me.”

“So this one is going to be a guy without a secret identity?” Cordelia asked.

“He won't need one.” Xander said. “The other two are just going to be 'full time' heroes. I'll be a trust fund kid once Oz gets some funds transferred over to something Rory can work with.”

“The mayor's stuff?” Cordelia asked.

“Yeah. That man had money everywhere. With the secret funds and the black market sales of everything we looted from his house, everyone is doing well enough for the next little while.” Xander said. “You have checked your account lately right?”

“No. I have money in there now?” Cordelia asked him.

“You do.” Xander agreed. “So.... you ready for the trip to start next week?”

“Depends, are you going to be accepting contracts from Rory?”

“I am. He's found an old army base that the Scourge have taken as their own. He wants me to eliminate it.” Xander said.

“How big?” Cordelia asked.

“Big enough.” Xander told her. “I'll take care of it once we hit Los Angeles. I need to start setting up contacts with Rory's network anyways.”

“The demon network?” Cordelia asked. “The ones who want to coexist?”

“Yeah, them.” Xander nodded. “Come on, Faith is wanting to test out her wings after sunset.”

“I want a superpower.” Cordelia muttered.

“You could possess a metagene.” Xander told her. “We could see if you have one.”

“Exactly where do those come from?” Cordelia asked him.

Xander shrugged. “It could come from the descendants of demi-gods back in the day. Maybe humanity is evolving. I can't tell you where it comes from. If you have it, we might be able to activate it.”

“Descended from divinity. I like the sound of that.” Cordelia said with a smile. “It's a better theory than any other I've heard. Can you really check?”

“I can't, but I know someone who can.” Xander grinned. “We'll have to do it away from here. He doesn't want to get noticed just yet.”

“Okay.” Cordelia said with a nod. “Sounds like a plan. If I am a meta-human.... what would that mean?”

“You'd have special abilities. Your appearance might alter permanently and there's a chance your powers could kill you in the long run. If you had those, you might feel a moral obligation to help people.” Xander told her.

“A lot of risk.” Cordelia sighed. “We can check, but if it doesn't pan out... no big deal right?”

“No big deal.” Xander told her. “Being human, just human might be the hardest way of life there is.”

“Says the alien.” Cordelia grinned.

“Exactly.” Xander chuckled.

That night....

“Whoo!” Faith said as her wings took her higher. She could literally feel the air flow over them like they were actually a part of her.

“Nice huh?” Xander asked her as he flew circles around her.

“It really fucking is.” Faith agreed. “Now I just need a kick-ass costume and a mask. I'm thinking one made from a demon's skull. Horns and shit.”

“You know, you're really picky.” Xander told her.

“What do you think though? Nighthawk and Nightflyer?” Faith asked him. “Think it works?”

“It does.” Xander agreed. “Now I just need to come up with some battle gear for Oz. I'm thinking a spiked mace and some leather armor.”

“Seriously?” Faith asked him.

Xander grinned. “He asked. Plus he needs something that will fit when he transforms.”

“Xander Harris, Tailor.” Faith laughed.

“It's a good skill.” Xander defended. “Plus all my stuff is guaranteed to be durable.”

“True. So how do I get down?” Faith asked him.

Xander sighed. “It's never easy.” He muttered.

Faith cackled before flying downwards and executing a barrel roll.

Rory's garage.....

“Here you go.” Rory said as he handed Oz a set of keys. “One classic overcab campervan. It sleeps four if you're not shy.”

“Awesome.” Oz said with a grin. “Thanks.”

“Don't thank me.” Rory told him. “In the glove box is the contact information Xander is going to need for the network representative in LA. He has to meet with her in two days. Are we clear?”

“Got it.” Oz said with a nod. “He's going to be doing some dirty work isn't he?”

“Very. Stay clear if you can. The Scourge will lay waste to anything they feel is beneath them.” Rory warned him.

Oz gripped the keys in his hand a little tighter. “I'll stay clear.”

“Good. The tank is full, and all the necessary papers are in there, including Isaiah Smith's stuff. Keep him grounded kid.” Rory told Oz.

“Will do.” Oz said as he got behind the wheel of the campervan. “Nice. Beaded seat cushion.”

“Only the best.” Rory told him. “Go.”

Oz went.
The apartments....

“I can't believe you guys are really going.” Buffy sniffed. “I'm going to miss you all so much.”

“You're going to move in as soon as we leave aren't you?” Cordelia asked her.

“My mom's car is full of stuff on the other side of the building.” Buffy said as she wiped an eye. “You guys be good. We'll be looking for you on the news.”

“Just keep our shit in one piece would you? We might come back for some of it.” Faith said. “Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do B.”

“That isn't much.” Buffy grinned.

Faith laughed. “True.”

“Just keep my place reasonably clean.” Oz said to Jonathan.

“Will do.” Jonathan grinned.

“Also, don't be naked on the furniture.” Oz told him. “I'll know.”

Jonathan and Amy blushed while the others laughed.

“Call.” Buffy said to Xander.

“I promise.” Xander told her. “Hug?”

“Hug.” Buffy said as she gave him one.

Leaving Sunnydale.....

“What have we got?” Xander asked as he opened the glove compartment and pulled out some papers. “Nice.”

“Turn on some music would you?” Faith called from the back.

Oz put in a CD.

Xander looked at the shorter teen. “Gwar?”

“Traveling music.” Oz said with a smirk.

“How long till we reach LA?” Cordelia asked.

“Driving five under, about six hours.” Oz said.

“Remind me to pick up some books on tape.” Cordelia said before heading to go lie down.

Xander couldn't help but grin as he opened the file Rory had left for him.

The road ahead was full of possibilities.

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