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Flickering lights

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Campfire". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Possible futures of some of my stories that I wrote, along with possible stories, more to stop thinking about them then to add them to the body of the story itself.

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Miscellaneous > Surprise Crossover(Current Donor)dogbertcarrollFR1575124,32044909456,14022 Feb 106 Jan 14Yes

Flipping Channels

(Yeah I know, bet you wish he'd finish Sitting don't you? :P)

“You've reached the Goddess Helpline,” the prerecorded message said, “a representative will be with you shortly.”


Ranma looked at the headset and examined the English international dialing instructions again, trying to figure out where he'd gone wrong.

Angry cursing behind him made him spin around only to come face to face with … himself?

The dark haired young man stared at the shorter red headed girl before they both jumped back and assumed fighting positions.

“Copy Cat Ken or a mirror clone?” they both yelled at once.

“Well that rules out mirror clone, they don't get all the details of my life,” the two said.

“And Ken doesn't know everything I've gone through, but he could have bought an info packet from Nabiki...” they both chorused.

“Can't be the splitting incense because that version of me wasn't half as cute,” Ranma said bluntly, causing the female to blush.

“The Gemini water!” he said wincing.

Her face went pale and he quickly caught her before she could fall.

“We'll find some water and test it, I could be wrong,” he pointed out.

“I don't think you're wrong; it fits the facts too well,” she said, near tears.

“Then we'll see if the open water kettle can fix it,” he declared fiercely. “Hell, for all we know just being in a warm bath together would do it.”

“What?” she gave him a strange look.

“The Gemini water splits us into two people so splashing one without the other getting wet probably wont work and we probably need to have as much contact as possible while it's happening. I figure a hot bath is the place we're least likely to be interrupted.”

“Unless it’s the Tendo's,” she snorted, feeling a bit better.

He laughed. “Yeah, so any idea where we are?”

“Somewhere in America probably, it’s not cold enough for Britain.”

“Well lets go find a love hotel,” he said, unaware that she had frozen in place and was turning very red.

“L-love hotel?”

“Yeah, America won’t have Co-Ed furos, so we'll have to borrow a tub,” he continued, unaware of his companion's reaction.

Ranma recovered quickly, lengthening her strides to keep up with her male half's longer legs while mentally berating herself for thinking what she had been.

The absolute confidence the two exuded along with their way of kicking small demons who bothered them, launching them several blocks away, assured they had no real problems.

“We'd like to rent a room for a half hour or so,” Ranma said in Japanese, placing a 5000 yen note on the counter.

“I have no idea what you're saying but we don't take foreign currency here,” the balding clerk in the stained shirt said.

“Miss Hinako never prepared me for this conversation,” Ranma complained, “and I'm pretty sure the few words in English I do know would just get misunderstood anyway.”

Ranma tried adding an assorted mixture of bills from Japan and China to see if it would change anything, but the manager just shook his head.

Three medium sized green scaly things roared as they shattered the glass door leading into the dingy lobby.

Ranma sighed and left Ranma dealing with the clerk as she booted the first monster so hard it smashed into a second one and sent them both flying across the street and through the window of a liquor store.

The third monster showed he had some brains, or a huge alcohol addiction, as he ran out the door to chase after the other two.

The manager looked at the pile of foreign currency and took a token amount out of the pile before digging out the key for the suite reserved for the Mayor's friends.

“Here you go, I doubt you understand a word I'm saying but the room is on the first floor, just hang a left when you … step over the remains of our glass door,” the manager said cheerfully, deciding to close the office for the night and hide in the back with all the lights off and the doors locked.

Ranma looked at the key and turned to his female self. “Well I got us a room.”

The lights went out as the manager disappeared into the back and the sound of many locks being engaged was heard.

Ranma slipped the rest of his money into his subspace pocket. “They are a bit skittish around here. Look for room number 13 and let’s see what the status of our curse is.”


Spike sat with Dru curled up in his lap and watched Silence of the Lambs. Halloween was commercial, but it gave him the chance to spend a rare quiet night at home with Dru, watching comedies so he was happy.


Angel groaned as he was forced to save Cordelia from the chaos on the streets. The last thing he wanted to deal with was her flirting while he tracked Buffy down.


The Oracles looked at one another, “This was not foreseen.”

“The chaos level is much higher than expected.”

“We must locate and remove the excess.”

AN: Typing by Godogma. I came up with this for the start of a YAHF with Xander and Willow both dressing as Ranma.
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