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New Kids On the Block

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Summary: Summary: Xander, Buffy, Dawn, and Nox (Dawn’s twin brother) head to Forks, Washington. The Council had heard stories about a different breed of vampires that live there so Giles sent them to keep an eye on the town.

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Chapter 4

Nox or Nyx Greek goddess and personification of the night beautiful, alluring powerful in her own right; while not a woman the human Nox was no less alluring or beautiful than his name sake. Edward sat in his French class pondering the human that had started to capture his attention. Twice he had encountered the boy and twice he had been rendered dumb incapable of any real thought or rational action except to stare fixatedly. There was just something about that boy. There was something about both him and his sister but Nox was the one that really drew him in. Edward couldn’t put his finger on it and he couldn’t read Nox’s mind so that added to the frustration. He had to admit he liked being able to see into the heads of others. Knowing what people were thinking gave him a slight rush. It made him feel like he had some control over them. So when he met someone whose mind he could not read it frustrated and enticed him. That’s part of the reason he had been drawn to Bella, the fact that he could not read her mind. Nox’s mind however was not like Bella’s. With Bella he couldn’t read her mind. When he tried to reach out and touch it, it was like nothing was there. With Nox it was more like he was being kept out, the way you’d keep a person out of a room by shutting and locking a door. The very idea drove him crazy. He was like a man thirsting for a glass of water and having own right in front of him that he couldn’t grasp, and he had tried. Since seeing Nox in the parking lot he had tried to get into his head but the harder he tried the stronger the door, shield seemed to get. The other thing was that boy made him yearn. Edward hadn’t even gotten a good grasp of his scent yet but just the physical sight of Nox had him craving. There was no way a boy like that should be aloud to just walk around freely. It pained him though to realize that this boy brought out feeling that Bella didn’t. While Bella was a pretty girl and smart there were days he questioned what he saw in her. Like he said she was pretty but so were a lot of girls. There was nothing really that struck out to him about her other than her scent. She was rather plain as Emmett had put it, but if Nox had been in her place Edward had the feeling he would not feel the same and that’s what pained him. He loved Bella, but that boy, Nox. Edward shuddered as a knock was heard at the classroom door.

“Sorry to interrupt your class Madam.” Mr. Fleur the principal of Forks High chirped happily as he opened and entered the door. The rest of his words were lost to Edward for as the door opened, it hit him a scent that had his eyes dilating and darkening; like a tsunami crashing over a small island it washed over him. His head swam to the point he had to grip his desk or risk falling onto the floor. The scent was not sweet; no it was earthy like incense. Like frankincense and Myrrh. It was so exotic and different Edward wanted to take who ever belonged to that scent and grasp them close. He wanted to bury his nose in their neck their hair. He wanted to lick bite and taste them to see if they would taste just as amazing as they smelled. Watching as Mr. Fleur motioned the person into the class Edward had his desk splintering in his grip from the anticipation of finding out who the person was, and for the third time that day he was beyond all rational thought or reaction because standing at the front of his French class of Nox.

Twenty minutes earlier

“Here you are dears. Your schedules, locker combinations and numbers, planners, and maps of the school as well as a slip that I need you both to have all your teachers sign and returned to me before you leave for the day. Also before you go the principal would like to have a short word with you two. His door is right over there.” Both the Summers twins groaned as they made their way to the door that had principal etched oh a plaque nailed on it.

“Mr. Fleur.” Dawn giggled as Nox read the name plaque. “You’ve got to be kidding me; the principal’s name is Mr. Flower.”

“Just knock on the door, you can criticize later.” Knocking firmly they both waited for the ok to enter.

“Yes, ah the Summers siblings do come in. You’re not in any trouble or anything I just want to have a few words before you run off to your first class.”

“Isn’t that what principal Fluty said to Buffy before he was all I’ll be watching you.” Dawn whispered into Nox’s ear.

“More or less.”

“Great.” Nox smirked at his twin as Mr. Fleur ushered them into his office and shutting the door. They both hated principals offices, nothing good had ever come out of being in the principal’s office for either of them. So they didn’t have real high hopes for this meeting being any different form pervious experiences.

“Now let’s see, Nox Elijah Summers and Dawn Grace Summers.” Mr. Fleur read off from their dossier as he motioned for them to sit. “Very interesting names.”

“Thank you sir we try.” Nox had answered for the both of them boredom coming through strongly as he looked lazily around the room. Mr. Fleur had gazed over the manila folder at the tedium tone to see Dawn fidgeting, nervousness and excitement radiating off of her in spades while Nox held a detached curiosity as he looked at the odds and ends of his office.

“Yes well I see here you both are exceptional students but both your grades seemed too had dropped drastically at one point before picking back up to normal.”

“We both had gone through a rough patch for awhile with our home town becoming a crater among other things.” The distant tone held a trace amount of sadness in it as Nox once again answered for the both of them.

“Sunnydale wasn’t it?” They nodded. “Yes we had heard about that I’m sorry for any loses you might have had, but it is good to see you both are ok and in one piece.”

“Thank you again sir.”

“Now, now called me Mister Fleur both of you. Sir makes me sound old and stuffy.” Dawn laughed her unease and being replaced more by excitement and Nox let a tiny chortle of his own escape. Closing the files and clasping his hands over them Mr. Fleur gave them a genuine bright eyed smile.

“I know everyone goes through tough and rough patches in there lives and I don’t know what kind of experiences you have had with principals but trust that I will not be holding anything over your heads. I can say truthfully that you both have a clean slat here and that my door is open if you need any assistance or need anyone to talk to or if you selling those chocolate bar with the nuts in them. I love those. Now if I am reading your schedules correctly.” He typed a bit on his keyboard and doubled clicked his mouse. “You Mr. Summers have French, and you Ms. Summers have Biology. Let’s see if he can get you both off to class with out getting lost.” Standing and leading them back out the door Mr. Fleur personally escorted them out of the main office and to their classes.

“Goodbye you two and I hope you both have a great time here in Forks.” The secretary at the front desk called merrily after them.

In the hallway on the way to Dawn’s Bio class which was in the same building as the main office Dawn leaned in next to Nox so that Mr. Fleur wouldn't hear her.

“So what was going on with you and Dracula junior? You looked pissed.”

“Nothing, I just didn’t expect to see him.” The good mood that Principal Fleur had imparted in him from their little meeting was slowly dissipating as Dawn talked about Edward.

“Nox you know I can tell when you’re lying.”

“No you can’t.” Looking around at the different posters and flyers on the billboards they pasted Nox was too busy comparing Forks to the twice destroyed Sunnydale High to give Dawn a disbelieving look to match his words and tone.

“True, but I know you’re lying now. I have never seen you as animated by anyone or anything that was not slayege related, and that’s twice now that one guy has done it. Back at that diner you were practically glaring a hole through his face.” Thinking back on the episode in the diner and the one from the parking lot Nox silently admitted that Edward got to him, really got to him, and it was more than him being a vampire (which no matter what Xander thought he knew Edward was one) or him reading his mind. No it was something else. Back when they had been in the diner and he had first locked eyes with Edward he had felt something. It wasn’t any of that first love bullshit either. It was a feeling however, a tightening choking feeling in his throat and chest. And when Edward had tried to read his mind he had panicked and had thickened his shields considerably. A little too significantly if the violent jerking motion Edward did was anything to go by. But to have let Edward into his head would have been like letting Edward into himself. A persons mind was like their soul in Nox’s opinion and he was not ready to let anyone into or be apart of his soul again, not after Connor. So he freaked and forced him out, and he freaked again today and ran away.

“Back at the diner I was suspicious of him, and you should be two. He is apart of that vampire coven, nest we were sent here to watch remember?”

“Ok whatever, but I know there is something here deeper than what you’re telling me.” Snorting Nox gave his sister a light punch in the arm and a hug before letting Mr. Fleur take her into her first class to introduce her.

Continuing on into another building it was just him and Mr. Fleur.

“So, you and your sister are quit close?” Mr. Fleur had broken the silence not really comfortable with it Nox guessed.

“Yes, we're twins and have been through a lot together.”

“Twins that must get interesting I’m glad and disappointed you’re not identical.” Nox nodded and smiled but quickly returned to his somber mood. There wasn’t anything more to his growing obsession with Edward. No secret underlying ambiguous subconscious meaning to it. He was just being cautious because one Edward was a vampire and two he was of a breed they never faced before. Nox mentally mused.

“Plus he can read minds so we need to be that much more cautious.” They neared a door where Nox could hear a woman with a husky raspy voice call out roll and students answering in French.

“Ah here we are Madam Voldman’s class.” Knocking and entering Mr. Fleur excused himself as he spoke to the French teacher who Nox could see was a tall woman in her late fifties who was aging very well. She had dark reddish brown hair that was starting to grey which gave her a distinguished look and deep laugh lines. Her eyes which were green sparkled as she looked into the hallway at him. Mr. Fleur motioned him in the same way he had done Dawn earlier. Not even half way in front of the classroom he froze in disbelief cursing what ever power that was. Two seats back from the front and dead center sat Edward.

“Hell, Fucking Hell!”

Author’s Note: Connor is the Connor from Angel. He and Nox will have a past together but will not be making an appearance; however, he will be mentioned here and there.

The End?

You have reached the end of "New Kids On the Block" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Mar 10.

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